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Bob Walsh

That's me. I bugged Joel into letting me be provisional Chief Cat Herder of this brand new, still in Beta BOS Wiki*, and for my sins, I got the job.

Contributor Name:
Bob Walsh
Company Name:
Safari Software, Inc.
Company URL: 
Company Size:
MasterList Professional
Other info:
Co-moderator, Business of Software Forum
Co-host, The MicroISV Show
Presently have 2 books out: Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality and Clear Blogging

Run a microISV blog at 

*This wiki is built on FogBugz 6.0 which as of May 30, 2007 was VERY much in beta. Joel assures me that no matter what we won't lose content, and that it's on his very best servers

, but expect the occasional outage.