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BOS Wiki Guidelines

  1. Don't spam.  Blatant marketing is fair game for anyone else to edit and you may not like the results!

  2. The default is how Wikipedia does things, but we've got nicer formatting.

  3. Anyone can edit anything, including reverting a page. Check your facts, back up your opinions.

  4. Before you add a page, make sure that one doesn't already exist - check the Main Page, do a search.

  5. Stay civil and be kind.  Attacks against another person are inappropriate.

  6. Read before you write.  If you're new here, we suggest that you read the forum for a while before you start posting stuff.

  7. Contribute! The more we put into this wiki, the more we all get out of it.

  8. This is a community for people involved in the operation of a software business, micro, small, mini and big.

  9. Don't post job openings.  See the left sidebar on the forums for a list of other groups.

  10. Stay on topic.  Sometimes we delete something simply because it's not even remotely related to the Business of Software.