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Andy Brice
Successful Software

Doug Nebeker ("Doug")

Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

Nicholas Hebb
BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Why I Like Web Apps: $3,650 in September Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (40 comments)
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About us/Company page: personal or not? Jack Lampka (6)
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Anyone know of a good reputable company to do Software videodemo Anonymouse (8)
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How do you A/B test a purchase page? Anonymouse (5)
I now require an email to download the trial Sam H (9)
Is online activation so bad? Ramon Elias (14)
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How much to charge for Source Code Ksa (7)
Paying by Cell Phone? Gili (6)
A review of “The Web Startup Success Guide” Pietro Polsinelli (3)
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How do you send/receive files between computers? Lewis Tian (11)
Webspark - New program similar to Bizspark Gautam Jain (8)
Verification for Domain Registration Fherry (6)
License renewal reminders Anonymoose (8)
Inspiring companies Javier (39)
How would you send 7000 email an hour? Floyd Price - www.componentworkshop.com (10)
37signals valued at $100 billion Doug (13)
Motivation or Torture Sam H (14)
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Building a product that requires consulting Thorsten (1)
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Designing to what the customer wants? En-jay Hsu (2)
How to check our website loading time? Mosh (14)
Anyone using cloud services for development/testing? dmitriy ryajov (9)
I didn't know how bad shareit's service is until now. Edwin (9)
Read this if you use SVN for your site! Vitaly (12)
If You Think Your Webdesign is Good, Think Again! MCoder (11)
My uISV failed. Any questions? Where to now? Lodgey Tecque (23)
Blog: on the same domain or separate Jack Lampka (11)
Is it a good idea to use "plus" as postfix to a product name? swift (3)
What do you think of this demo video (6 mins) ? Justin Vincent (13)
Help validating my idea... dmitriy ryajov (9)
Which project shall be next? Franco Graziosi (0)
Buying a UPS for a small office Andy Brice (21)
Multilingual SEO Dima (2)
Why do edus think they should get everything free? Frank Edwards (10)
Good idea or scam? Patrick From An IBank (6)
Testing tool consultutah (2)
As a mISV, how do you manage customer support and sales data? swift (10)
PR and Traffic, This Way! MCoder (7)
Plimus support not replying to my tickets Antony (8)
Launch fast even if your app is minimal? Bonita Applebum (18)
How not to do an upgrade Drew Kime (7)
MonoTouch? Colin (9)
Online Backup solution with API BlueSkies (2)
How to setup Licensing system for Boxed Software on CDs? Anonymouse (5)
Please can you review this homepage & messaging Justin Vincent (12)
What are Your Sales Like in 2009? Website Photo Gallery Guy (6)
microISV sales index Mark Walsen (2)
Everyone should have gone through this at one point. JJ (14)
Site Review and Marketing Advice Liam McLennan (10)
The 2009 Softletter Free Use (Freemium) and Trial Access Survey rick chapman (0)
Casual Testing / Feedback Exchange Between Developers ? Sam H (7)
Some of you did get Plimloc? Ramon Elias (2)
Cold Calling for Vertical Subscription Service SimonH (7)
"So, what do you do? yow (15)
Construction Industry dagda1 (11)
Contacting JOS job advertisers as a supplier John256 (8)
uISV Idea hitechnical (10)
Optimizing web pages for iPhone iMonad Software (6)
Do you trust Dropbox to sync your source code and docs? Edwin (13)
OpenGL Availability hitechnical (2)
Selling an iphone component Mike Weller (12)
Client-Server Windows App on EC2? Joe Landau (3)
A fair commisson plan xdavidx (5)
Trial versus feature limits for WindowTabs Mo Flanagan (13)
Contacts within the hosting community? Jonathan Matthews (2)
Worried about swine flu? .... There's an app for that! S. Tanna (5)
Review my App - TweetMiner Justin Vincent (2)
Software to automate buying ads online? MBA Student (8)
Beat the pirates! Anon this time (11)
Component Guard Robi1 (6)
Need help validating my idea... dmitriy ryajov (10)
Website Builder sites Patrick From An IBank (3)
Month #3 - 200 downloads and no sales Martin Currie (53)
Amazing Web App, but where's the Revenue? Andrew Gibson (9)
Barcamp Dan Murphy (2)
Amazing G-Phone app nj (4)
Payment processor suited for B2B SaaS? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (4)
Installer for Standalone EXE? Alen Dombaj (13)
Story Writing Software hitechnical (23)
How to look for regional channel partners (ISVs)? Pallav Nadhani (6)
Need suggestions for my software and website Flash Lyric (4)
What happened to ChatSpring? Web dude (7)
Anyone used Xenocode for their .Net distribution? Anonymouse (7)
Feedback on my beta website would be appreciated! elstensoftware (7)
Good places to promote/sell my company's services? John256 (7)
Asking my customers to answer a poll: Should I offer a prize? Mosh (5)
Compensation for Finding the Buyer in an Acquisition BlueSkies (10)
Stop the Madness Called Email gengstrand (8)
Web apps are smarter! Anonymoose (33)
Very Happy Programmer's Day to All! Dmitry Leskov (5)
How do you mange things with a working wife and kids? qrious (17)
Licensing for ASP.NET vs Windows Forms Prefers Not To Register (0)
How to handle request for trial extension Prefers Not To Register (8)
Today is a good day to backup Clusterflock (5)
The 2009 Softletter Telesales Compensation and Efficiency Survey rick chapman (0)
Torrent marketing iMonad Software (2)
ZiZee.com: Worth building upon, or find something else? ZiZee (9)
The Marketing Genius of Spotify Mark McLaren (1)
startup therapy someone (12)
New product and website - please review Milos (9)
software for market RestlessOne (8)
What would you call this? Web dude (19)
SwiftCD alternatives? Antony (2)
Anyone using RingCental? Luke Miller (6)
Charge for preparing a quote? Bruce Chapman (17)
Do you wait a while before issueing a requested refund? Patrick Hughes (7)
What is a criteria for a good web hosting provider? Dima (14)
Piracy Bill Conniff (13)
Looking for good SPAM Assassin service Mosh (6)
Would you bash me for this product idea? Torsten Uhlmann (10)
Apple Event and the iTunes App Store... Floyd Price - www.componentworkshop.com (1)
Evaluate my idea please - Chartify Chartify (4)
What happened to CodeSpaces??? IanH. (6)
Best way to register expiring domain name? Clusterflock (7)
Desktop software with a subscription model Anonymoose (9)
Where can I find list of software sites accepting PAD submission Edward Nance (3)
contracts to sign for shrink-wrapped software Robert Dobbs (16)
wish to hire assistant from India - what do you think about it? NickCEO (28)
Revert: Store.co.za TFish (0)
How can you invoice a customer as an individual? Anthonyb (9)
Dream URL - I have it! Now what? Patrick From An IBank (6)
Cost strategies David Seruyange (3)
how users expect desktop applications to look like victor a.k.a. python for ever (20)
1&1 customers - have all your sent emails disappeared? Andy Brice (1)
Payment processor for SaaS Jordi Cabot (10)
Recommend law firms for bullet proof ToS & Privacy Statement PleaseBringBackAnonymousPosting (3)
How are you maximizing your Adwords campaigns? Ben Mc (2)
Product idea – sys admin tool, viable? B2B (6)
Adwords Voucher Mauricio - Pleke (4)
Is there a directory of web app directories? Andy Wright (2)
Epsilon Award 2009 for excellent software: Voting has started David Boventer (0)
Domain name recommendation Wayne Wong (24)
Make my Blog Famous MCoder (20)
Doubts about the new buy page Peter Severin (9)
Mapping the Genome of Collective Intelligence gengstrand (0)
eHow Yoey (2)
How to promote a great but unconventional application Andrea D'Intino - Yellow blue soft (33)
Pricing a Java library Rani (9)
Website revamped aiming at improving the conversion rate Edwin (27)
Web Apps vs. Desktop Apps (Not That Thread Again!) Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (31)
Monitors Dan V (7)
Pricing issue Marcus (11)
YEAH! We're #2! Anonymoose (12)
You opinion sought on my domain name David Pinn (6)
Advice for marketing around the App Store? Jon Hjelle (9)
I need to research what DNS is saying Drew Kime (10)
Backup server solution Gautam Jain (3)
I am in lots of doubts. Please help! TonyW (12)
Competeing with free software mike baker (24)
Product Naming and SEO Question Glen Cooper (2)
Validating educational license? Zviki Cohen (14)
Can anyone recommend a domain name acquisition service? Frank Edwards (3)
Great read for entrepeneurs Doug (5)
IronLogin Lite "soft launch" results Doug Martin (0)
Looking for 'non-spammy' filehosting for trial software download Alex M. (7)
New pricing tiers Jonathan Matthews (20)
What did Bob Walsh choose ? Omar Mefire (8)
"per developer" pricing: how many developers is typical? yow (11)
"per server" pricing: how many servers is typical? yow (4)
Snow Leopard and Java mthadm (9)
New product released: IronLogin Lite Doug Martin (13)
Epsilon Award Nomination phase ending David Boventer (0)
w9 and credit app? nj (3)
Anyone having trouble contacting .Net Reactor support? Anonymouse (8)
Help improve my comic ad Sam H (4)
Changing from paid to free, only pay for support? Dan Cooperstock (12)
Need your opinion - toolbars in an idea the_slow_road (4)
IMPORTANT for DELPHI developers  !!! alexandar (3)
Flex App protection and usage Arcada (5)
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