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Naming Advice Mauricio Macedo (7)
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Business card readers/scanners Steve Marion (5)
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Standard hours for business owners Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (20)
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Can I use "Getting Things Done" as a tag line ? MTM (17)
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how long did it take you to develop your software? Contractor (22)
Well, it took me a year... Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (23)
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Hosted SMTP Solution? Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan (4)
Will screen resolution continue to increase? Victor N. (22)
Mass mail to existing customers / service Trygve (5)
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Little Story about Employee Share Offers Anon for this one (11)
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Business Owners – do you allow “buy ins”? TomEUS (the windows mobile guru) (9)
Office Space Wanting my own company (34)
Shotgun vs. laser Derek Illchuk (10)
Testing and Feedback service (4)
Do you publish a roadmap? (14)
Tell your competitors what you do Michael Mathy (10)
has the weak dollar helped American ISVs? Contractor (5)
Finding out keywords used by my competition Scoopex (11)
What happend to Fogbugs on Demand Small Business Edition? Vladimir Dyuzhev (3)
Employee Pay Business Owner. (33)
The GTD Process Victor N. (10)
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Am I publishing another image processing software? Fransiscus Herry (6)
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Internship programs or temporary jobs in the States Anon (7)
Copying another site's terms of service language josh (7)
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Subscription Pricing Model Phillip Flores (12)
Recurring payments provider in UK ? EnglishPerson (8)
Please recommend bug tracking AND helpdesk software for ISV TN (17)
To be a successful MicroISV ... Ray Smith (13)
Any suggestion about Real Time Web Report for retailer James Choi (3)
Anyone using MS Business Contact Manager? Goldmine replacement? Mr. Analogy (1)
Good Elastic Hosting Jim Martin (20)
US Doller Depriciation Piyush Patel (10)
POLL : Do you do your own accounting or you outsource to a compe Codex (14)
A mISV opportunity? J. Smith (8)
Do you have (want to have) a toll free number? newbieISV (11)
Why so many in Toronto? anon (4)
PSA for AdWords Content Network users Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (3)
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No place like home; is there a place like basecamp? bankstrong (6)
Building a uISV brand? Brandon Smiles (14)
.ca domains & DNS Lee (4)
Anyone know of a software delivery app for microISVs? Rob Walling (9)
Billing + customer management software for my mISV selling SAAS? microISV (4)
microISV survey - comsumer more profitable than business? Andy Brice (7)
Introduction new software in USA James Choi (4)
Gotta love Google Adwords! The Royal We (6)
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revoking a software licence not even properly purchased microISV (12)
I need new books! Chris Stewart (8)
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>30 days money back guarantee? Johnny (17)
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Indian Programmers ?? WTF ?? MohitGarg (23)
Best Website Uptime/Downtime Monitoring Service? OP (14)
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Replace an Access "Backend" Paul the Database Seeker (20)
New product idea Andrew Morrow (25)
Hiring web designer/coder Trygve Inda (3)
Hiring a good programmer Hopeful Manager (35)
Local regulations beyond belief Why (14)
How much do assembly programmers get paid? Aspiring programmer (19)
What to Choose? C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietor john h (36)
Disclosing the upcoming product features A newbie blogger (11)
uISV large or small app? Martin (7)
GMail for Enterprise. Worth It Compared to GMail for Small Biz? Mailer (15)
Is it better to have a separate blog for a MicroISV product? Pedro Estrada (2)
Webhostbackups.com Backup Solution. Any Experiences? anAdmin (1)
Paypal put my order on hold! anon for this (7)
Marketing / advertising ideas Matt (4)
SSL Site Seal Certificate. Do We Need It? smallISV (11)
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DON'T DO IT! Your Micro-ISV Competitor (21)
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Most imaginative discount offer? IanH. (2)
Software box shots Paul Farnell (1)
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*Amazing* consultant web site Bored Bystander (4)
one month update saurabh (6)
Can a microISV become a company with over 1 mil$ in revenues? Mite (25)
Training Issue sam (4)
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Web Application Revenue Estimation john h (11)
Incorporating a startup john h (6)
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Code Cleaning Company? phil jones (14)
Can I run MAC on VM Ware? NeedToSupportMac (14)
Using International Call Forwarding. Is It "Ethical"? smallISV (16)
Best Java Obfuscator ? Impressionable (11)
Falling short on a customer request -- almost looks like spite Derek Illchuk (9)
New Project... Too Many Ideas (7)
Click fraud Anon for this (6)
Payment from client company's debit card CJ Singh (10)
Add-ins as a business... Jason Hiltz-Laforge (14)
Term for shared office like Office Suites Plus dood mcdoogle (5)
Micro ISV survey results - part 1 Neil D (11)
Virus False Positives Ethan (4)
Digest Anniversary Gavin Bowman (0)
Blog or other marketing before a product exists? Christopher Wells (8)
TechRepublic are effing spammers Locutus of Borg (6)
Quarterly tax - US pampe(red) (5)
How many developers do I need? CJ Singh (22)
Antair company status Andrey Butov (10)
Suggestion for affiliate network Andrea N - Direct Access (6)
Letting users upload mp3 clips to my server Haa (5)
Micro ISV Survey: Results Full Name (3)
Magazine advertising Stuart T (6)
mISV who also does freelance jobs - Online presence JazzCat (5)
PR Firm? Annon for this (9)
EDS' early retirement offer: harmful? CodeClarity (7)
mISV & Blackberry Codex (13)
Interview with MicroISV Owner Kevin Hoctor Paul R (4)
Web-Wx / Go To Meeting competitor? (11)
Suggestions on my new website? eser (8)
Locating previous Vality, Inc. employees John Singer (5)
Selling the dream Antony (13)
Best Practices of IT companies RK (6)
how to contact the website distributors? stephen0928.vip@gmail.com (2)
Article: "How to price your web application" Paul Farnell (7)
Advertising slogan Stanislav Kuzmin (15)
Print your invoices on orange colored paper mathew johnson (5)
Size of Website - Does it matter or what Elvis Presley (10)
What is meant by selling by "Quote"? Nilesh Jethwa (10)
End User Software Factories - the future ? Stevie (46)
Collecting Telephone Numbers (continued...) Cyclops (9)
uISV site feedback request Etienne Tremblay (10)
How many licenses have you sold for the first year of your mISV? Fransiscus Herry (20)
Antair Releases BlackBerry Call Screener Andrey Butov (14)
OnGTD: How to set TBird to check email only at specified time? mISV-want-to-implement-GTD (7)
Productivity tracking: 3 Lists Joshua Volz (14)
Phone Calls? Phil (9)
New to Business NewToBusiness (9)
website redesign - need some opinions before i get too far Patrick From An IBank (19)
Do you collect phone numbers? Nilesh Jethwa (23)
Micro ISV minimum ROI? farmboy (24)
Should I compare with the competition? HowToCompete. (13)
Web App vs. Desktop App - Making a profit The Royal We (24)
Power of Bloggers - Part 2 Still Anon. (4)
Jaxtr Victor (2)
Web development infrastructure help CJ Singh (17)
Web hosting service for my website. diane (11)
deducting medical insurance from taxes for a 1 person company Contractor (6)
Where to find great non-developers? Bankstrong (11)
Legitimate key loggers for hard-to-track bugs? Karl Perry (9)
Using our own "private label" name server. Is it worth it? TheNS (15)
Do you have to buy some rights to launch your online business? Victor (11)
Resigned to mild price increases Sales Figures Included, so Just a Business Owner (9)
Filekicker.com down? down (2)
Software Development Process… Decoded Alac Mathew (18)
Mass TLD lookup Arethuza (4)
MicroISV survey: a quick reminder Neil D (7)
Electronic Software Delivery Loco (7)
3 silly questions regarding Shareware for MacOS (3)
Translation / Localization: Testimonials? Duncan Werner (5)
Ingram Micro Ben Gordon (4)
Need (Negative) Feedback For Our CSS Editor—Pessimists: Go Nuts! Paul Young (26)
Second product out Nicolas Cadilhac (11)
How to find the size of a market/what the competition is doing Pete (10)
Interviewing... Delaying Offers anonymous_coward (9)
website update now! waiting for the new version of software stephen0928.vip@gmail.com (10)
Localized versions - Warning: many questions inside :-) Loco (8)
Slippers Nick Hebb (24)
Spam Extortion Nilesh Jethwa (16)
How am I doing? HowAmIDoing (10)
offering medical insurance to corp to corp contractors Contractor (16)
How to validate a small business account? Hari Rajagopal (1)
VPN Client software Jaap (5)
Google/Yahoo Maps Terms of Usage: too restrictive? Vladimir Dyuzhev (9)
What should I do next? Bob (8)
how to find a part-time micro-ISV administrator one-person micro-ISV taking a trip (11)
Partners Private Agreement Ubercoder (7)
Data Center Standards Lee (2)
Component pricing: per developer seat -OR- per deployed server tiny bubbles (13)
Resources, sample contracts, agreements etc. Martin (6)
Sales from China? Gautam Jain (18)
Micro-ISV, the corporate way? AverageMidget (19)
Hiring A Marketing/Sales Rep Jim Duffy (5)
Training customer support staff DLarsen (4)
Reflective Surface Web Graphics SCADA Guy (6)
Distribution and Bundles Anon (2)
Comparative stats of Adwords, Yahoo Overture, MS Adcentre Piyush Patel (4)
Price plan explained to customers Nicolas Cadilhac (7)
Feedback on my new product Thomas P. Boesen (13)
Request for suggestions to improve my new site Robert Bunn (23)
Seriously, how DO folks find contract work for an mISV? Jeffrey Dutky (8)
MicroISV site feedback request Pedro Estrada (11)
If your website name has two words use dash or at least reserve? AceLondon (6)
how we gets the project of software development Naren Malik (15)
Role of mISV owner RK (6)
Resume cartoon S.Wilson (8)
Is there a market for efficient GIS algorithms? Maxim Wirt (9)
Web stats package Stuart (6)
My product has been cloned Anon Poster (20)
The Value of Recognizing When You're Wasting Time steve (17)
Simple bug tracking software BugMe (17)
I'll try to be more specific this time, sorry... Pete (7)
Google Charging Me For My Own Blog Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (19)
Sales tax on programming services provided? Dodo (3)
microISV web site, menu design? Steve (3)
hey check this site bluetooth desktop message sender application gonca budak (4)
Looking for a new home for forumtrackr.com /A (2)
What tools do I need for marketing? Pete (10)
We've just been "podcasted"... Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (2)
Increasing sales of Site licenses anon for now (9)
MicroISV survey Neil D (10)
What's my position based on sales? mISV 2 (6)
Adwords and purchase conversion Bump (2)
Pricing product RK (4)
How important is voice-over in product demo? Gautam Jain (7)
How much is an mISV worth? BuyME (10)
Pricing problem... (Are we too greedy?) Paul Young (20)
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