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Bingo Card Creator

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How to make some money with a freeware? Robert Lee (14)
Best book on SEO and landing pages Rensy (11)
what USB Stick Drive do you use for your mISV? Help me choose anon (6)
Low conversion rates for iPhone apps? xampl (4)
Adwords Alternative? Single Point Of Failure Rizal Firmansyah (5)
Homepage Download link: button or blue-underlined text Steve McLeod (7)
Has anyone sold their services on eLance/Guru/Rentacoder? Benj (11)
Which software protection software are you using? Lewis (15)
1,000th customer Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (24)
Updates aspiring uisv (2)
How many months did it take to reach 10k per month? Clari (14)
Can't connect to my website - but others can! Mark McLaren (5)
Needs Some advice for this one Kevin (12)
VPS recommendations MT (19)
SubCloud launched! Randy Rizun (16)
If you outsource, how to define "good" documentation? StephenK (14)
How to Convert Video to iPhone? Mike Yi (0)
Is my payment processor deflating sales? webapp (12)
How do you get hired into management? Michael B (18)
Micropayments Michael Johnson (8)
Print Screen with Ragged Edges Alan Colburn (7)
Any run-the-whole-business apps out there? Doug (10)
Inspirational Dr.Albert James (PHD) (19)
PainlessSVN released Hector Sosa, Jr - PainlessSVN (15)
A good freeshare and shareware download website Bell (1)
http://www.kunaki.com/  for CD fulfillment? Experiences One of the many Steves (4)
YouTube Music Downloader mike (6)
Am I squandering my domain? Anon for this (7)
Lessons on Customer Diplomacy Carrie Cobol (16)
Is there a market for scripts? veteran sysadmin (8)
Examples of great evals Lou (7)
Decoding audio files - need to pay? Licensing Horror (16)
Email before direct mail or skip the email? Joske Vermeulen (20)
What's in a Product Name? Ian Barton (15)
Education for Small Business Owners? yoyay (7)
Managing your ideas? John Adams (18)
Using Linux Daily Tim Smith (14)
Question on Joel's E71 phone Bob Thomas (6)
Full time job performance after starting Micro-ISV Ray Smith (22)
Google MapMarker, what happens to wikimapia now? wikimapia-eater (1)
Animated Gifs or Flash Video for Website. Rensy (10)
Use competitor's name in landing page? Product comparisons Rensy (10)
CD Duplication One of the many Steves (11)
50 Ways Your Web Site Is Discouraging Conversions basildon (11)
New To Web Development, Need Advice Nick Koranda (9)
How is outsourcing bad? Oal (46)
Nice Article on Job Satisfaction Mark McLaren (4)
Best public souce code repository Nicolas Cadilhac (6)
Sold the product for $100.000, but still need YOUR help/ideas. Anonymous for this one (21)
Shredder Recommendations TownDrunk (5)
Changing Product Name AJ (8)
Screenshots script recomendation? anon today (10)
whois.domaintools.com knows you month traffic? anno (2)
A Great Idea for the Taking anon coward who doesn't look at pron (12)
How to generate ideas John Adams (15)
How much muscle does a dev box really need? Frustrated by hardware (24)
Anyone seen Scour? Drew Kime (3)
Google ads on your website - promoting your competitors ? Kevin Walshen (14)
Conversion rate and Downloads Low Conversion (5)
Laptop or Tablet...that is the question Nick Koranda (12)
Good GUI tool for syncing local and remote mysql data anno this time (6)
Suggestions for building a new pc Karl Perry (11)
Move from Win32 to Qt? monstrak (24)
Best wiki for the support section of my micro-isv Mario A. Montoya (5)
All about .Net and installers Jitesh Patil (10)
What % of Sales Anon for This (10)
How not to do customer service for your mISV Dr.Albert James (PHD) (30)
Anyone received donations after making their shareware freeware? John King (13)
Best online calendar - Boo (4)
Google Conversion Tracking of Downloads Mark McLaren (12)
New to this, doing something wrong Chad Adams (34)
Any market for Silverlight components ? Dev S (14)
Low Bugdet mISV? First time mISV (23)
Need Help With Product AJ (34)
Epsilon Award Nomination phase ending on September 4, 2008 David Boventer (0)
Contractor, need hardware. Tax write off? Brad Heller (7)
One big successful product or 10 smaller products? Rob (14)
any suggestions for name for a command line app? Saurabh (13)
Code signing certs, renew or buy new? Bill (11)
Recommended books on Job search,resumes,interviews Ray (7)
'pro' version namimg. Mike Tanner (9)
No longer inspired at desk Damn this desk (22)
WebLight Beta Released Joe Ferguson (6)
Bundling GPL'd software monstrak (13)
Art, technology, business = developers for SweetClarity iamronen (10)
How to Easily Make Flash Demos? Product Recommendations? Steve (8)
How would you compete with these guys Jiggly bums (14)
How to start getting assignments.... Zarir Karbhari (2)
Does this idea have marketplace ? Irwan Santosa (11)
Putting up a "dummy" website to test a product idea Jason Hiltz-Laforge (8)
how long till iconshock.com processed my order? Molly Lee (3)
Surveys (6)
Contracting Questions - Term Definitions Eric D. Burdo (10)
BdBrandProject Scott Kane (4)
What Instant Messaging software for internal corporate use? TN (21)
Current Opinions on ComponentSource Tim Haughton (7)
IT Consultant - Am I Professional or Skilled ? seanx (27)
Online Project Managerment software? Poh75 (11)
Do you put software manual online? Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping Software (11)
software Feedback needed ? (12)
Webservice availability Robert the Robot (8)
Google Country Search Engine SEO Challenge DanielC (4)
Reliable Linux discs? (17)
CPA in Dallas Susanne Stein (1)
Magazine covermount CD Steve (13)
POP and IMAP library Steve (10)
What is the easiest way to manage my source code? Old timer (33)
Back for seconds Mikael Bergkvist (17)
With Gavin's blessing, I'll be doing the Micro ISV Digest Bob Walsh (6)
.NET Framework... Zarir Karbhari (5)
Indicating a new and improved version on your website basildon (2)
Anyone used WebFusion for hosting? Rachael (7)
Being Shafted As A Contractor Mr Angry (35)
FastSpring Reduces Pricing To Just 5.9% + $.95/Txn (or 8.9%) Dan C Engel (39)
Safest place to store software license data in XP Vista and 2000 Mike G. (14)
Screencasting ScottK (11)
hiring an intern anon (11)
Fighting chargebacks with credit card authorization Alex (6)
I think I need an agent Vincent Chase (8)
Affiliare, How to ? Snacky (3)
Two Must Attend Conferences/Fairs? Shalin Jain (5)
I'm Going to Buy Vostro 1200. Any Opinion? JoS Regular (4)
Consulting & IP Andrew Badera (15)
Distributing product keys to resellers and bundlers CJN (5)
Starting a Podcast Sara C (4)
Breaking into multiplayr online gaming (28)
CAD or CAE Developer EJ (2)
how to structure an organizational license Alphabet soup (4)
Support application (web app) Ana (5)
Software for creating image buttons Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (7)
US reseller and EU VAT Yanic Inghelbrecht (11)
Contracting - Co-worker (FTE) to approve my billing ShyAnon (11)
If you want help, tell us about yourself Stephane Grenier (33)
Feedback for beta release of Backup4all 4 Claudiu Spulber (4)
MPL or GNU - using modules in commercial application Ivan (11)
Price increase from $34.95 to $49.95.  Will it Kill my sales? anon (7)
Who deal with Chicken and egg situations The Egg Vendor (7)
Contest at 99designs, need advice for choice. Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping is as Effortless as Typing (9)
to e-junkie or not to e-junkie? anon (5)
Adwords Economics nobdy (5)
Is electrical knowledge helpful to a software entrepreneur? Future mISV owner, currently student (36)
B2B pricing (again) Joske Vermeulen (7)
European Work Ethic Ama (51)
Anyone know of a similar service to vtdemos.com? for mISV video? DemoNeeded (2)
Here are my visitor stats.  What country should I improve? Statsman (14)
I should have trusted my gut instinct Bob Walsh (27)
Having extreme trouble with Paypal Anon desperately in need of help (13)
Apple buying competitor's product Mac Man (43)
Ad copy Princess (4)
Icons aspiring uisv (1)
Good examples of usage of the Ribbon Control In Software Anon (15)
Good way to Save Money When Starting MSIV! John Wright (27)
Sharing and Protecting Intellectual Property mISVfit (6)
Digital distribution in US online retail Jason Kiwaluk (0)
Why don't designers work with source control Shabda Raaj (17)
How do you find an idea for a new product? Shabda Raaj (13)
Offering Different Prices To Different Regions Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (2)
Adwords has been working, I want to try Yahoo PPC. Any coupons? anon (0)
anyone see a non-compete like this? anon (22)
Interesting business blog Joske Vermeulen (3)
Major redesign/business decision - seeking perspectives Doug (15)
Do you link to your blog from your business site? (4)
Light Box WL (2)
How to punish customer for chargeback? Anon for this (29)
Database version control Sumeet (6)
Amazon supporting spammers? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (2)
Competing with an old employer JTaft (8)
Boring businesses that need mISV software and/or services? Mich the Niche (19)
Biz Software or Games macandcream (15)
Experience with DRM-free? Gingerbread Man (12)
Book "From Program to Product: Turning Your Code into a..." Kevin Dahlhausen (6)
Subscription management + payment gateway woes Grant Webster (5)
Looking for an outsourced SMS license activation soultion... Johnny W. (4)
Recommended Books on Web Analytics? mISVfit (3)
Domain Name Registration & Privacy Protection Alan Colburn (7)
Hiding Website Pages aspiring uisv (5)
Need Test Machines online Another-uISV (12)
Question I posted on my Blag, Asking this Group Sara C (1)
Game developer reveals piracy survey results Magnus J (11)
What happens if you experience massive growth? Ama (28)
Google apps Sigh (12)
May I use icons from Windows in my app? Jov (14)
Windows mail server recommendation? Doug (14)
Need to buy a development machine - What Specs? AJ (29)
Finding a lawyer to write a letter of collection Sandra Erb (5)
outside the US with Delware LLC, need US bank account USBankAccountforDelwareLLC (5)
Finding a Web Hosting Solution Josh Moore (11)
Linux programming still a bit green (8)
Scan pdf for database migration Marlon (13)
New Startup idea website launched Chris C (15)
How to get SMS msg on cell when a paypal payment comes in? anon (5)
What nice looking forum software asp or asp.net based? John S (5)
Trying to find application interface designer jz (7)
Looking for the guy with the image enhancement s/w. Michael Johnson (9)
Online store options for new business. Another business newbie (4)
Need advice on mailling list service provider Robert Lee (9)
Resellers Nilo Menezes (6)
Google AdWords Cheat Sheet Dave Collins (3)
Need an example. From Garage to Big Time in India JJee (9)
Poll: What programming language do you use for your apps? Gingerbread Man (90)
Tips for Encouraging User-Generated Content on My Site? Jeremy Liles (7)
List of cool web tools for ISV's Nick Hebb (2)
Include shareware program with PC Plus Magazine cd Gary Tarr (6)
Trojan in my app? Adam (20)
Are We Poorly Thought Of? Tim Haughton (6)
How to hire an idiot Andy Brice (31)
Logo design - Would love to hear your thoughts! Pascal (29)
anyone use IconShock icons in their software? anon (6)
Idea clearance Gingerbread Man (24)
Bits du Jour looking for Freelance Writers Nico Westerdale (12)
HowTo: Desktop App Licensed as a Monthly Subscription... Mark (10)
Investigating competitors Anon for this one (5)
need feedback on (company) start-up idea rohit t (19)
Suggestion wanted for setting up Support System Stealth (4)
What is your microISV? Danger (8)
Perfect idea for the right person Gingerbread Girl (19)
Partner offer follow up Mickey (2)
Considering offer 2 price points Peter Gadzinski (10)
How many off-shore contractors/employees do you have? anon for a reason (23)
How many years till your mISV allowed you to quit your job? Ranger (18)
"I Am Rich" for iPhone - Genius XlToC++Conv (27)
Email provider How do you fuck up email? Seriously. (29)
Patch This Patch Less (3)
How do you determine your position on Google for your keywords? James (10)
SMS gateway in Europe Thank you for listening (3)
Version numbers vs. features strategy Nick Hebb (16)
Marketing Success and Failures! Chappel (5)
US Tax and Non Residency Tim Haughton (15)
Advice on giving copyright of developed code to clients B Roy (20)
Strange comment on job posting? Anon this time (27)
Salary to gross income ratio Albert (20)
What to do next? Anon4This (3)
Getting Custom Hardware Built Software Guy (10)
Getting Some Value from Download Sites. Andrew Gibson (7)
Product Name Change & Download Sites Jack R. (6)
Analytics Data Model BenjiSmith (23)
cheap places to set up micro ISV for 6 months NewishMicroISV (21)
What is "Conversion Rate" exactly Jeffrey Dutky (5)
Sales followups. How many? Salesman (5)
Thin Ice Mark Gladding (25)
Idea: Software to read snippets on a PDA WinMan (6)
Not all AppStore sales are great Michael (15)
how do you backup hosted sql server? Ben (10)
The Fear of Competition Cyclops (32)
What problems need solving? Igby (12)
Have product, not finding much interest... Matt Craighead (33)
Should I report paypal income with taxes? Aussie Student developer (10)
Email Issues with Google Apps mISVfit (6)
Visual studio toolbox left menu icons dissapeared now controls? anon (7)
Lite Version of Programs - Anyone successful? Code ReUser (12)
Startup: Tax exemption on hardware purchase in the U.S. ? (9)
Next steps to launch prototyped product? CAP W. (6)
The Softletter 2008 SaaS (Software as a Service) Survey rick chapman (10)
Remote Demo with RDP or xx? Donatello Salvatore (10)
blogging for market research: free or hosted entrepreneur (12)
Guidelines on billing clients for source code, etc. B Roy (4)
Looking for a DRM solution for my software 24H software (7)
the future isv_wanna_be (16)
Guru.com proposals Andrew Badera (10)
PayPal donation Jeroen V (14)
Tax liability Anon (7)
Is there money in developer tools? anon. e. moose. (33)
WebCam Software Luke Miller (1)
Track activity on computer - Big Demand? Code ReUser (7)
Would this be legal? Taz (12)
Why would not want to use this product ? Zarir Karbhari (15)
Recording customer payments with Paypal fee involved WannabeTycoon (9)
Some ideas to build product on Flash technology? Flash developer (6)
US customer won't pay until I complete a W8 BEN form, help! Phillipe (18)
How to track activity on computer? To keep productive Traki (11)
Micro-ISV for sale Ted Graham (5)
Should I release my source code? Conflicted (7)
Basic open source DSP library for vc++ Peter (1)
commercially creating MP3 files Josh Moore (8)
Selling software(source)+website For sale (23)
iPhone application sales - First month TownDrunk (34)
Software escrow escrow (15)
Shareit - WTF? Adam (14)
Bill Gates Microsoft Ama (21)
B2B app, site and product review Mariana (2)
B2B sales cycle studies. Looking for quality studies / numbers (6)
Commercial Web Mapping & API Anon (7)
What about Press Release ?! ImagingLuminary (13)
Paypal Adam (6)
Recommend any motivational books for uISV? Andy McNab (7)
Asset Tracking- how to keep tabs on all of your business "stuff" Michael H. Pryor (5)
Changes in Banking Software K (11)
Issue tracking - Outlook not sufficient Another-uISV (14)
Payment for ideas Ideas dude (16)
Is the US the new India? trent (19)
Where to list a micro-ISV for sale? Ted Graham (8)
An Idea on How to Increase Sales Ranger (8)
Mirosoft Office SharePoint 2007 dilemma anon for this (15)
Is there a site that sells Icons individually for few $$$ each? anon (11)
Text To Speech libary recommnedation Speechless (2)
Medical software truqos (20)
harassed by former employer or company done contract work for OutOfMyOwnNow (12)
I love Europe (esp Germany) GT (11)
Ways to take datd out of a computer Zarir Karbhari (14)
Getting Users to the Good Stuff Al C (8)
Are your consumer software sales down 10-20%+ since April/May? Dan Engel (24)
Testing web site in multiple browsers - how? Feeling embarassed ... (13)
finally meeting partners at VC firm Andrew Badera (12)
McAfee Site Advisor Jim Chapple (7)
How would you start a software engineering contract whore corp? Breaking Out of the Rat Race (16)
Multiple Products - One Site Anthony Presley (9)
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