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Virtual White Board Lee (11)
Anybody using the non-mainstream languages for their web-app? Bot Berlin (23)
Software Chargeback Blacklist Software Developer (15)
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Starting a contracting biz, how to hire? contractorwannabe (7)
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Independent contractor and taxes Michael Vogt (5)
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Distribute Ms Office Compatibility Pack Along With Our Installer JoS reader (4)
12 months auto updates tied to registration. Blank Mind (6)
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Euro Account in the US Trygve Inda (8)
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My blog Yury @ Xtransform (8)
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What do I charge for my software product? David Hirt (1)
How Not To Run a Beta Test Ken Cooper (9)
uISV Web Application Design FenceSitter (4)
FTP or WebDav as a local drive Peter G (7)
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Is confirmed opt-in worth it? Chilli (12)
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Good Idea? ! (30)
Posting prices on your web site E-Tech (2)
Shopping cart - please help to choose Dmitriy (3)
New product feedback requested Mark Rogers (9)
Software Sales Commissions - How much? anon (11)
Is there a correlation between better UI & gfx design Chipster (11)
Need an office in Santa Monica barry (4)
mind mapping software stephenzhu (17)
64bit VMWare on a laptop, how? Steve (5)
Online Payment Processor for None Software goods CHarles P. (3)
Software Maintenance Pricing KR (5)
Ratio of web visits to phone calls Doug (2)
Vegas Conference LookingForAConference (3)
selling/licensing source code tadpole (2)
Google's insane lust for money - shaking down customers BruisedMicroISVer (20)
Hypothetically Mac speaking... Bob Walsh (17)
Google Adwords Campaigns and non-English language countries Bill K (2)
How much to charge for a custom feature request? Tony (16)
Do I need to Blog? Michael Schenkel (7)
Sales Slump My competitor is here :D (14)
Do you believe in giving discount for competitive upgrade ? Chipster (12)
Q: When to start a support forum ? Norbert Klamann (8)
Communication on future product features Chipster (8)
Which tool do you use to measure & analyze your web traffic ? Chipster (6)
payment processor suggestions + sending automatically reg key Chipster (5)
Getacoder.com: buggered businessmen Mailbox is full (5)
.NET 3.0 for uISV heherson tan (10)
Web Site Feedback - Take 2 Saurabh (11)
Startup: Blogs, Essays and Funny Articles JBP (0)
Don Dodge on VC Valuations, etc Entries of Confusion (5)
Need some advice, i just released my first commercial product Veetosoft (30)
Beta or 1.0? blender (5)
Micro ISV web hosting requirements? ImHere (6)
Is the x86 ISA going anywhere? Michael B (13)
Competing with Microsoft coco the clown (12)
Implementing a 30 Day Trial Clay Dowling (10)
Content Management Jessy (7)
Up selling, cross selling and all that Steve (2)
Regarding my ongoing project Goran Burcevski (9)
Increasing the visibility of a specialized, niche web site? Philip (5)
Choosing an e-business web host JAK (9)
how much do you put up with from difficult customers? Contractor (10)
Distributing web apps w/ VMWare SH (9)
The temptation to "educate" IE6 users. Floyd Price (26)
why we still use vb6 Alex (16)
EnterpriseDB RK (3)
Is anyone using Wordpress as their CMS Andrea N - Direct Access (10)
New Website Service feedback Anon (16)
Customer complaint coco the clown (6)
Discussion Forum Creation using Fogbugz PM (2)
uisv owner how do you develope your program from vision to a I can't go from vision/idea to paper (8)
Starting uISV, What blog/community/bug tracking? Tom (2)
No time to maintain... Thinking of selling joseph (9)
Anyone tried interactive demonstrations over the internet? Mr. Analogy (12)
Interesting AdWords changes Dave Collins (10)
C# .NET CMS System for user published articles Grinder (7)
Web Site Feedback Saurabh (10)
Need your opinion on two domain names Praveen Angyan (17)
GoogleCheckout just took >10 hours to clear a payment Andy Brice (2)
Bad press is good press? ZZ (7)
uISV - Testing the waters Olegario Tevez (10)
Post-actions following 47hats/Bob's review, advice needed Nicolas Cadilhac (4)
RTM! Jason Dong (13)
Ask yourself some questions about your SaaS idea! Steve Moyer (1)
Are my expectations from Customer Service too high? Anindya Mozumdar (10)
Wondering about Closed Source using either LGPL or GPL libs Sonny Crockett (20)
Good microISV web sites InspireMe (6)
Advisory Board for mISV The Night Blogger (8)
Renting a Server (yes, we've already covered this). my name is here (14)
Data Mining JAK (9)
For Eric Sink Fans rick chapman (7)
White Label/OEM and EULAs Doug (1)
Thirteen Simple Rules for Speeding Up Your Web Site Steve (6)
my story: how I stumbled upon a profitable web business Max Ischenko (5)
Charitable giving DanB (6)
Website Feedback, Take Two Ken Cooper (4)
This may be useful Sellathon (9)
Selling online, book recommendations Steve (1)
Encryption in software Ben Mc (8)
Difference between a Reseller and an Affiliate? mojonez (1)
partnerup.com prameshi (4)
Value proposition  by Programming Language/Platform (8)
What Documents Do You Frequently Have To Create? Humbledore (5)
Average document size sdani (6)
Facebook Application Development Ethan (Declan Software) (7)
Backlinks=Zero. What's wrong? Linda Godsw (10)
How to connect to a website server from a desktop app server (10)
Renting a Server Plamen Stoyanov (6)
Commercialize open source project Hidden (11)
Software Consulting vs mISV vs Software Development RK (4)
$5.00 discount or 10% discount on a  $34.95 license fee? Pricetag (10)
expenses for out of town travel Jason (4)
Is there a tool to see if your emails look like spam? Nicholas Hebb (12)
Question about big projects and databases QBYNEWBER (5)
Testing for software test candidates? Karl Perry (2)
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). Is it worth it to be followed? Ben (12)
Best example of search-destroying SEO I've seen yet. my name is here (12)
Delphi PHP oder Adobe FLEX? Michael (8)
Tool to record small demos to animated gifs? Steven Spielberg (4)
use of windows vista icons in commercial software. VI (4)
taxes junior (6)
Poll: What language do you use for your uISV? Anon for this one (32)
Marketing advice needed Pavel Chuchuva (2)
Mac based uISV Anon for this one (14)
Best structure: LLC or others-for new micro-ISV website Swaminathan Saikumar (6)
Microsoft Team Foundation Server JohnFx (9)
Should MicroISV Partner (to some extent) w/ Website firm ? Impressionable (8)
Product released, feedback welcome Daniel Plaisted (6)
A Question About Article Marketing Rocky Mountain mISV (2)
VisualHint's web site reviewed by 47hats Nicolas Cadilhac (5)
Protecting your program (intellectual property) Dmitriy Gorbachev (4)
Implementing Try Before You Buy shareware Clay Dowling (8)
customers - you've got to love them! Andy Brice (19)
Setting up source control neo (6)
Now Amazon has a payment service for us. Saurabh Dani (7)
Beta testers for a graphical editor Yanic Inghelbrecht (11)
Is it possible to license an ASP Software? bennyb (6)
Not providing trial downloads... Sanjay S (21)
Adwords blacklist question--asking here because... my name is here (4)
Looking for reliable host for asp.net application neo (7)
"The Flip Side of Entrepreneurship" Ken Kaczmarek (14)
Feedback required for English Premier League Predictions Site Aman Sahani (18)
18 month development time & then failed? Looking Back (25)
Windows based microISV: Delphi or VS.NET/C#? Sven Johansson (27)
Problems in need of a computer sol'n Mike (16)
Domain-specific wiki engine Harrison (6)
Resources to Pitch to VCs Anon for this (6)
Software Protection PM (17)
Feedback on new site. Sarat Pediredla (19)
Learn without going to a business school Victor (19)
listing on amazon junior (3)
Starting a μISV: Mac or Windows? Sven Johansson (43)
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