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Andy Brice
Successful Software

Doug Nebeker ("Doug")

Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

Nicholas Hebb
BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Free license for blog entry / tutorial / success story Aaron DC (11 comments)
A temporary change of focus... Andrey Butov (17)
Anyone else red flagged by McAfee Site Advisor Flow Chart Geek (15)
Apple is too expensive. Victor (51)
Release Early, Release Often versus Release Late, Release Rarely David Duey (31)
Site Review: e - a Collaborative Text Editor for Windows Alexander Stigsen (16)
Some thoughts about free software Lewis (23)
Free Educational Version Chas Emerick (17)
Why are Americans so keen on CDs? Andy Brice (48)
What does it take to become a consultant? William Tate (14)
Software Ready Help me Sell It. MagicPixels (9)
MySQL Database Replication Service? Chad (2)
Do You Manage Your Web Server? Annon for this (20)
Sending money to Brazil (19)
Windows 2003 Server vs x64 Bit Edition anon (5)
How to describe some services? daibatzu (8)
VS.Net Service Pack 1 - Finally. Jeff Mastry (7)
Sales Management for Windows Mobile device? too lazy (5)
Handling very small payments cja (20)
U3 worth a look? Bono's Bald Spot (12)
Web application interface design Vidar (5)
Pricing (vox pop) JonS (12)
Tax Club -- large tax prep service? J delphiki (8)
Is membership to ASP worthwhile? Erhard Smit (6)
Bob in Cambridge Andy Brice (22)
Help me name my product Dan (46)
My dilemma Stefan (19)
Google Ads on FogBugz based discussion forum iUnknown (3)
Software for outright sale including source code Azad E.S (5)
Do you support Window 98? Ryan Smyth (25)
SE Submission Service Erhard Smit (2)
Frustrated with Users - How do you cope? (13)
How Much Do You Make? TheInfoCollector (7)
Curious... Anon For This (26)
Time Tracking App Svc Provider Redux Anon For This (10)
How do you figure out hosting requirements? Richard G (9)
Site Review: SmarterTasks Teddy Lindsey (9)
How Do You Beta Test? Paul Levine (9)
Payment processors for web apps? Johan Beyers (5)
Free email domain list Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (19)
Professional Voice-Over Recommendations? Jeff Mastry (19)
Any book about google adsense? Victor (6)
A few Rookie Tips Ben E. Beta (9)
(Technical)Setting up multiple subversion repositories Z. (6)
Anyone remember that game? jz (14)
Selling small desktop utilities for FREE anon for this one (29)
Trust, empowerment, micromanagement: RE: "Two Stories" PUIZ, András (4)
Feeling Pessimistic this weekend about my mISV Is it a Science or just hard work? (21)
Is it a good idea for a microISV to outsource their work? Wahid (7)
recommended book outback (2)
Kiko went for $258,100.00 Orick of Toronto (17)
Marketing Budgets anon for this one (8)
Web Server Logs Robert Lerner (4)
What do you use to manage software requirements? Andre (24)
To Freelance or Not !!!!! Mohamed ElZahaby (11)
OutSourcing and Freelancing in Egypt Mohamed ElZahaby (2)
Source code - who owns it, client or developer? Long time reader, first time poster. (25)
Guy Kawasaki Entrepreneurial Lecture (video) MonkeySpank (4)
Tell us a secret anon to protect developers (9)
Pricing Andy Brice (9)
Who wants to be a guinea pig? Nathan Ridley (2)
Great startup success video of several web 2.0 ceo's Robert Hinojosa (1)
Self Employed Mortgage Jon (13)
I have to embarrass Eric Sink... Bob Walsh (17)
Licensing an SDK Boris G (0)
Marketing web apps Coman (3)
Any advice against this idea? Philipp Schumann (6)
Fully hosted apps and sales tax implications Mike (4)
Small piece of a big number business plan works! Crimson (9)
Temporary/Random Download Links C.T. (12)
Converting clicks into leads K Jones (9)
How to handle file download Patrick McKenzie (14)
Determining need for a product without giving the game away AndyS (15)
Is it possible to incorporate multimedia into .CHM? NB (2)
Some advice on *Useful* review info CyrusB (5)
Feeling sad pulling the plug on old product. :( Azrul (19)
knowing how much to charge Rick (5)
Box Shots or Screen Shots...? Ethan (10)
Bundling and exporting OpenSSL very anon (3)
PCI-DSS Level 4 Merchants? Brian/DC (2)
ISV Businees Models David Duey (13)
Has any used the SQL server 2005 reporting services in apps? Clark (6)
Box Shots shareware programmer (12)
Failing Faster David Duey (10)
Site update Patrick from an IBank (9)
The Colour of Web 2.0 Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (4)
Should I quote my rates? Tim Almond (6)
Icons for Applications Ryan Smyth (19)
No time to blog? Hire someone... Flow Chart Geek (13)
Pitching to US Retailers Anonymous (7)
Localization software? shareware programmer (12)
Technology behind this site Phil Kow (9)
Who got Kiko? k (14)
Python + Java Integration (was 'Leveraging opensource project') Chas Emerick (1)
Should I outsource sales and marketing? Anon (13)
Would you pay for a widget? MCJ (11)
Establishing business in US for non-US residents Max Ischenko (11)
Tax Minimization (17)
Good licensing component for .NET Glen Cooper (7)
Summary of the SCO trial for law-challenged? TheFred (13)
Minimum Profitable Prices for Software Ryan Smyth (19)
Serial Number Generator shareware programmer (7)
another saturated market? outback (20)
Health care coverage for self-employed? Hockey Player (4)
How to get domain knowledge. Daniel Vaughan (11)
New price for old customer One of You (6)
Suggestions for Pricing a Report Phillip Flores (7)
Will you pay $5 to read a qualifed resume(for employer)? Asif (8)
My name as domain name (24)
Am I right to expect royalties Alexandre Z (24)
VC fundinmg proposal submission regarding new kid on the block (14)
PrinterFriendly software NZ (4)
Software Notebook: Microsoft in buying mood TripleDots (3)
Thanks hackers! its just funny (5)
Marketing, Sales & Dating - Jumping Hurdles Neville Franks (13)
Will you pay $5 to post your resume? Asif (21)
Matching Software - is there a market? Regular Poster, Anon For this (7)
How to reinstate a corp in MA? Dmitry Skavish (5)
area check outback (1)
Idea for applicatino developers TheFred (9)
Website Review Patrick From an IBank (23)
Crossing the Chasm with Web 2.0... Seamus Brady (6)
Press Release Distribution: PRWeb v. PRWire v. Businesswire blah, blah (2)
micro-Web2.0 business plan Curious Implement (10)
Uk postage rates change on Monday Andy Brice (8)
how do you come up with a product idea? TripleDots (21)
Beta release of DeepTrawl Jonathan Matthews (14)
Contract/subcontract agreement template Z. (5)
Looking for a CRM with billing capability Torsten Uhlmann (8)
Off topic - Leasing Car - for those who have S Copr anon (9)
.NET CMS product op (7)
Graphical design advice for website Boris (16)
Contract to sign Bring in the lawyers (20)
per project licensing olpa (6)
ipworks subscription Ashley Reddy (2)
Quotation Permission David Duey (5)
PDA / Phone Recommendations (for business!) Chas Emerick (16)
Microsoft feature omission policy - calendar et alia Peter Vanderwaart (10)
Hosted Forum Provider... Ken (10)
Cross-company product bundles. Andrey Butov (2)
A random code app ... Anon (26)
Leveraging on opensource projects - different issue NoName for this one (13)
Jim Sachs finds mac buy ratio 100 times PC for Marine Aquarium Li-fan Chen (11)
Leveraging on opensource projects NoNameForNow (5)
Can VPC or VMware help with my laptop woes? Stacy Murray (12)
Colocation recommendations? ...again. Phil (11)
Help with a new company name! Mario Alejandro M (10)
Announcement Patrick From an IBank (23)
UI "fake" designer ? Steve (28)
Free submission tool Julian (7)
PHP best practices? Alan M (UK) (16)
Commentary: does it "dilute" the company blog? Chas Emerick (4)
Catch bugs and generate logs Sheldon S. (7)
Web 2 company for sale Mike Gale (10)
ISDEF Conference Z (2)
Software project for share - WinCTI Studio Jason (2)
Web 2.0 site for sale: the Kiko.com calendar DriverMax (13)
spanish.domain.com or domain.com/spanish or cookie? edddy (13)
Starting side-business Nate Kohari (8)
Health Insurance - Self Employeed And Denied Coverage anon for now (31)
Trial download / web site visitors - Conversion rate? C.T (9)
WestHost opinions Scott (10)
Automatic Order Fulfillment Impressionable (8)
What percentage of your customers are female? Patrick McKenzie (11)
Derek, if I were you... Derek I (45)
Quickbooks Architecture Brian (9)
SEO for two domains hosted on same virtual server. Suggestions? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (7)
Shipping from the USA to Canada -what are you doing? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (14)
Chasm Crossing Bret Helm (4)
UK VAT options VAT-free (10)
Perl Module - Artistic/GNU dual License  - Commercial Use sdani (3)
New product name, but non-competing domain already exists... OriginalPosterBoy (8)
Tips for porting Windows-based software to Mac OS X... MacBreak (12)
Limit customer base, use xtra cycles to provide great service nardman (5)
Professional storefront/e-commerce website development questions Geoff M (10)
Systems software microisv stntprg (22)
Password management in server environments CodeClarity (8)
OISV Anybody (11)
Examples of one person microISV's with thousands of customers? YoungHov (17)
The VAT man cometh VAT-free (24)
Learning to Program (Java) ... New2Programming (9)
Motivating Programmers Anthony Presley (29)
Support and ticketing system out-of-the-box boris (12)
Competitive Tactics anon for this one (18)
Would buy AMD right now if I had the money Michael B (21)
Include Runtime with Download? Ben E. Beta (14)
Customers and Permission, Follow-up Hamid (11)
Windows Explorer extensions. Easy to use or not? Pavel Vasilevich (7)
Lazarus Forum (JOS Clone) Updated Clay Dowling (8)
Opinions on Frontpage 2003 to Create Storefront Bret Helm (8)
another perspective on OSS outlook (29)
looking for agents for our software in european market vivianhuang50 (11)
features for rss reader (6)
New company name already exist in US newbieisv (13)
3rd Part Component Supplier Being Silly Anon for now. (25)
Profit sharing with employees? Nathan Ridley (27)
GNU General Public License Images in your commercial app? glenc (11)
User requirements needed for webapp to collect Stats for uISV. jboeglen (4)
landing pages part III Andy Brice (16)
Growth rates Doug (4)
Conflict of interest for contracting Z. (18)
Holy Cow -- #1 on Google! embarrassed (12)
Web Server Logs sdani (2)
GTD Internet Service GTD Wannabe (5)
What do you think about ROR (Resources of a Resource)? Pavel Vasilevich (3)
modern-but-common desktop application features JC (12)
Testing Web Applications Nathan Ridley (10)
GRID computing, Virtualization, Softricity Help wanted Bert Tate (12)
Quoting/Referencing from various sources Aaron (2)
launch update Patrick from an Ibank (5)
Selling Cross Platform Products Neville Franks (18)
Your opinion about my site/products Milos (20)
Product Positioning vladimir (1)
The Idea generator farmboy (12)
Attracting and helping Resellers Doug (7)
Web forum on Windows system admin stuff? Jesse (5)
Turn-around Time for B2B Product Sheldon S. (8)
legal awareness Vivek Murthy (3)
How to write in plain English Andrea N. / Direct Access (5)
Simple Project Management Software Looking For A Good, Simple Project Management Solution (12)
Affiliate marketing Doug (6)
Here we go Ian...your idea applied YNR (10)
Making mass downloadable software using DirectX Sajid (11)
where to find good developers? Andy Brice (36)
The trend toward complexity Mike Stephenson (20)
idea: service to proofread one's blog posts Max Ischenko (11)
Question for Nick Hodges Flow (1)
Using Google Analytics Urchin (9)
Ideas for a new product... John Fitzpatrick (17)
Customers and Permission Gavin Bowman (9)
Advertising Programs for Free Software Erhard Smit (8)
$500 B2B product sales anon for this one (8)
Revenue from AdWords / Overture white@ (5)
Not big enought TripleDots (7)
Comments/suggestions for new website Ezrie (6)
How many customers require support? white@ (9)
Bob, Did you end the bookmark pain? Nick Koranda (10)
Calculating the cost of Web service white@ (8)
AOL dataset fallout Art Wilkins (20)
Are you a good explainer ? Victor (11)
2 men startup, problems with partner lovehate (25)
request for feedback on new product Carlos (12)
Do I Have the Right Attitude? Bret Helm (18)
Anyone use Skype for International? shareware programmer (22)
Application Service Providers still in fashion? Asif (4)
A New Freeware I'd like you guys to comment about Aviv Cohen (10)
.US domain names? Mitch & Murray (from Downtown) (20)
Prosper.com - Funding for MicroISVs? Anonymous Lender for Today (14)
Yet another PHP framework Vesselin Atanasov (12)
Good, cheap web based accounting package Ashley Reddy (15)
Website creation "wizards" GNU World Order (9)
Who buys web applications? Umair (13)
Still, painfully, trying to decide on a way forward from VB6. Bob Walsh (76)
PC World September 2006 - is it in the bookshops now? Ginger (5)
What are your hobbies Atul (59)
Whaaa..? Borland resurrects Turbo w/ Delphi and C# RAD for <$500 CL (33)
Test Automation? Aaron (13)
Book Review - "Develop your own web accounting application ASP" Bhar (3)
Software Consulting Contracts y0mbo (5)
Sanction and Outsourcing RM (12)
Simtel affiliation offer DriverMax (9)
Your thoughts on Leopard? Boris Yankov (37)
selling your work, without giving it away rick (12)
Firefox and IE rendering PA (23)
Any German AOL Users? Ryan Smyth (6)
Borland Replacement Scott (17)
GTD - New Productivity Tool glenc (10)
Nine things I learned about writing software documentation Andrea N. / Direct Access (25)
Just went into beta with my first SmartPhone product Teddy Lindsey (4)
Please, some input g (21)
Flat Panel/Dual Monitor Display Question DanP (20)
Lots of low-paying or a few high-paying customers? Ali (14)
software box graphic Steve Schapel (20)
"Tip of the Day" on startup, value to the customer (18)
Any suggestions for a good HEADSET for a standard phone? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (10)
The how to.. Mikael Bergkvist (19)
Released Direct Access 1.0 - Use words as global commands Andrea N. (22)
Chargebacks: when a customer is indifferent to their mistake Derek I (14)
blogs outback (11)
How to sell maintenance agreement? Garth (10)
Google AdsenseRevenue v/s Alexa Rank iUnknown (3)
I have a multi-person LLC - do I go 1099 or Corp-Corp? Bob Riley (5)
uISV Opportunity For Helping Programmers? Mark Jerde (10)
Business Intelligence - any pointers? sdani (5)
Advice for purchasing a domain name from someone else? glenc (6)
Online free dating forum.  Could it work Bot Berlin (26)
Open source business failure: Pervasive Software 42 (9)
microISV's: How do often do you "switch hats"? Flow Chart Geek (14)
Measuring Profit & Loss - and other stats Andrey Butov (9)
Marketing a software training institute Jacques (4)
European Shareware/mISV conference, November, Cambridge,UK Andy Brice (20)
Offline sales farmboy (8)
Best time for advertising Claudiu Spulber (7)
Closing the deal The company owner (13)
A spanking new uISV - Part I SingleOwnerLLC (9)
What's your 'Elevator Pitch'? Rachel (16)
how many of you build your microISV in hope to get buy out? TripleDots (15)
Open Source Failure Case GNU World Order (26)
How to choose between W2, 1099 & Corp-to-Corp for Consultants... Linda Coleman (7)
Appropriate chargeback action? JonS (15)
Declaration of (Job) Independence JD (3)
legal search outback (5)
Project Managerment resources DevToPM (10)
Nice article about supporting customers Musical Bliss (3)
Fixing prices in multiple currencies MB (10)
SIC Review S. Housley (3)
Selling an open source complimentary product Making money from open source? (21)
Family / Friends wanting to build web sites Mike (13)
Pricing a new product: better to start too high or too low? MB (25)
Optimizing Google Adwords Tom Rath (14)
Can I make a game, like writer writes a book? nvictor (15)
human resources management application kf (7)
I need a push ... or a warning Marc (19)
We've just released. Thanks! Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (21)
Smartphone Application development PM (8)
You hurt Joel's feelings!!! Rachel (15)
Reverse Engineering AdWords Ads Mark L. Smith (4)
Firefox Extentions: Is there a market for it? Business Ideation (11)
Cant Stay focused Anymore IT_Ranger (27)
McAfee Karl Perry (8)
Recommendations for paid network tech support? Bob Walsh (14)
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