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Bob Walsh
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Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

10 Mbps upstream from home office ? Sgt Thursday (39 comments)
anyong Using Xenocode to create .Net 2.0 apps without framework? anon (12)
Any way to "webify" a desktop application? Mr. Analogy (33)
Credit Card Orders by phone B2B MicroISV (13)
Generic autocomplete software [suggestions wanted] Pete (9)
mISV style CRM-Sales Automation-Marketing Automation needed! lostincrm (11)
Microsoft Partner logo Phillipe (7)
Are there any best practices for managing uploaded pictures? Gus A. (6)
Successful web-based business/consumer application Leon (9)
Does Empower include SourceSafe licenses? TN (12)
Direct Advertisment 101 AdSelling (10)
When to put up a company web site Anon for this one (10)
Amazon Flexible Payment Service Karl Winkelmann (3)
No market when no competitor? Nick (19)
Bundling SW with HW vendor - discounts? CJN (6)
Recommendations for software to run a software company? Joe Landau (6)
SEO - Does this proposal sound OK? SeoNewbie (15)
Make a product or consult? Bob (4)
Managing managers Carrie Cobol (13)
Visual Studio 2005 Still in 2005 (11)
Source Control for Dreamweaver? NewISV (7)
insecure online updates Vee (1)
Advice for a company name Sevenoaks (21)
Best first-run experience I have ever seen Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (24)
How Hard Could It Be?: Good System, Bad System Vee (12)
How to simplify version control?  I use zip backups now :) anon (36)
Multiple-Versions Same Codebase Genaius (7)
Which bank do you use? TomEUS (6)
Hold'em or fold'em? Wasted Years (13)
Berlin: ESWC 2008- Early Bird Registration ends July 31 David Boventer (0)
Logo design contest results DanB (8)
Web-based timer for performance testing / timing / etc. Steve (6)
C# + Javascript = JS#? Is there a market here? Steve (11)
First Credit Fraud - Then I Got a Weird Call?? SCAM! OP-More Profit!!!! (12)
changing NYS 1120c name? Andrew Badera (1)
Paypal "Buy Now" links and buttons - security issues? WannabeTycoon (9)
Giving away USB device to techies? Jay Bee (8)
Plimloc ready for implementation? Information deficit (7)
Writing a wrapper for someone elses app??? Samuel T (9)
Other forums Leon (2)
windows vps isvman (15)
Designer recommendations? Andy (26)
Moral question again Thank you for listening (21)
Software company looking for Business Development Support Sudha (7)
Trial Days Ana (11)
Giving away product to bloggers and others for PR Rensy (8)
One YEAR trial? Derek Illchuk (1)
CSS question Adam (17)
Have product idea, concerned about market (10)
Chances of Success? Ama (14)
In Prison and want to start a MISV State Guest (29)
How do you calculate the ownership percentage? Don (10)
Legality of collecting user login info? (6)
Tether Phone to laptop or use Mobile Card B2B MicroISV (5)
Contracting - do you prefer short or long contracts? PonderingAnon (16)
Partnership Structure Scott (13)
Received Empower kit, but where are the product keys??? TN (12)
Windows dedicated box with backup for <$200/month Alex (7)
New Software Company: I am building it...Who will run it? Randy Austin (6)
Plimus are cool. rex (4)
Crappy Code Larry (1)
New pricing announcement azrul (8)
Recommended type of bank account for online transaction BOS Regular (7)
Need help creating an application John Barkhouse (34)
Yahoo Toolbar Affiliate Pondering Yahoo Toolbar (8)
My first software: Seeking comments/suggestions from fellow ISVs Harry Freeman (22)
FTP software product idea? BOS regular (12)
New to the "Work by yourself" New ISV (22)
What diagramming tool do you use? Anon for no reason (17)
The Joys of Customer Expectations Fernanda Stickpot (10)
Protecting DB structure for on-premise / self-hosted model zumachamp (11)
Posting a project on Elance - revealing too much? The Anon (4)
Beta Tester Discount tryy (7)
Gotta fix this website -- update Simon (9)
Rosetta Stone Software. Really Useful? OP (13)
wrong admin contact for my domain name - what can I do? Family Guy (5)
question about pad file Anon (1)
chargeback - a specific question Saurabh (7)
Need lots of 'test images' for my super image editor b8a (7)
Sales update -- Doing pretty well Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (10)
What is the best way to keep my program up to date? Samuel T (7)
Beware of Uplinkearth or a lesson in customer support The frustrated one (6)
Installed to intranet or hosted? Neal Mitchell (9)
Search engine spam Joe Knapp (1)
Selling a product, lock and stock. Anon Today (11)
Pricing survey results Paul Farnell (10)
Pro Forma NDA Tim Haughton (4)
The Death of Software Patents? Joe Knapp (16)
How to use Javascript Image Processing fucntions in .NET 2.0? anon (8)
The Softletter 2008 CTO Compensation Survey rick chapman (7)
Product Key Generation Hosting StuckOnKeyGen (7)
Domain name pick need a name (9)
Comodo's free software business - Is it possible for MicroISV? . (4)
Indie Fever - Paper on the Mac Software community Martin Pilkington (2)
Should I write in resume about my Micro ISV Maksym (8)
tips and tools for SEO Anon (4)
What is the anatomy of a "software development house" Michael B (2)
Contact form for B2B John Whitington (2)
chamki (instead of robosoft) Hitesh (4)
Web Host Review Dev S (4)
A pitch to BoSers Random dude (25)
WebLight 5.0 Beta Released Joe Ferguson (4)
How large setup package could be? Nick (5)
Anyone selling close to 10 copies per day? How to get there? anon (37)
Accounting for VPN Luke Miller (7)
System requirements fun Anon to protect the guilty (8)
Mediacenter grid service: anyone using it? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (1)
Four letter .NET domain worth anything Nick Koranda (28)
Secure Hosting CloseMinded (1)
Killer customer service tips? Paul Farnell (15)
An experience on attempting to purchase a game funked (15)
where do you host your server? Tommy (10)
Finally, Version 1.0 released. What do you think? ImagingLuminary (33)
Should I sign my PAD file? Tightwad (2)
Good Tradeshow Sign/Banner Designer? Simon Huntley (2)
Map Acquired Mailing Lists Gary Phillips (5)
Please recommend some Wiki software Ray Mannion (16)
Unsucessful uISV want out, need help Dan H (25)
We Will Develop Website Offering Custom Music CD. Need Info. Mike (8)
Price Increase From 34.99 to 39.95 More Profit!!!! (11)
Site errors Mikael Bergkvist (20)
Information Organizatino Tool LGC (5)
License Service Or Application OpenMind (1)
Logo Design : Opinions please Tim Haughton (28)
Joel says 100-200K per developer, can someone explain? (21)
Shareware Industry Awards 2008 Winners Ryan Smyth (11)
C-Corp or LLC for software development Kenny (5)
My Product is being googled for reviews basildon (3)
When did you hit "success"? PatrickC (5)
Desktop vs Web apps revisited edddy (12)
What next? Andrew Badera (3)
New homepage Etienne Tremblay (4)
Mind maps and microISVs - oh my! Bob Walsh (23)
Name Administration, Inc. Anon (4)
GeoIP pricing Anon for this (13)
Richard Stallman at BoS beta nerd (50)
In defense of the 30-day challenge. Michael Johnson (18)
my email service provider says I should not use their server Kuba (9)
Electronic Fund Transfer billing Alex (2)
23.95 vs 24.95 - any difference? Anon (17)
How important is design? Mikael Bergkvist (21)
Microsoft offering better pricing on SLPS mISVfit (6)
App name already used pondering (13)
Moveable Type Last 5 Entries Mark Nemtsas, Timesheets MTS Software (0)
How do you roganize your week? Samuel T (11)
Script to break down the Google Search Network referral string? CJ (2)
Is this a mad idea? Mikael Bergkvist (15)
Google Content Network Bidding - Worth it? NotAMarketingGenious (3)
Trademark question uNoob (25)
Online Account for Cutomers Mark (2)
How is this free icon set licensed? anon (17)
Hounddog takes spam to a new level Mark Gladding (4)
UI Feature: Requesting help MT (8)
ADA / Disability Compliance for Desktop Software anonymoose (3)
How to force myself to work? anon (10)
DesignContest.net - Anyone Used it? Crazy Eddie (9)
Patrick, Did You Manually Create... Lurker (13)
Google Analytics shows keywords sources that I cant find Confused (4)
Thank you (Was "Help test beta release") Lisp bigot (4)
XP vs Vista - how many visitors use XP and how many Vista OS Nick (18)
How do you tell a user you're not going to fix a bug? CJ (14)
Anyone working on or just created a new Flash Video DEMO? HELP anon (4)
Too greedy? Anon consultant (14)
Forced upgrade Joe Knapp (29)
URL of misv here that did Product Flash Demo for other MISV? anon (10)
idea for misv project - translations search engine bumperbox (6)
Launch of Sendible.com Sendible (6)
website domain vs. company domain in email addresses Dmitriy (6)
opinion on brand name not-yet (7)
beta released: please review product and website Aflava (5)
.me domains ScottK (15)
Is it cheaper to build stuff twice? PeterR (26)
Selling my on-line service, how much? Anonymouse Datter (10)
License Code VS License File Jim Duffy (10)
First time user experience of your product MrCoder (11)
Launching our new product: Spice! Tim Sullivan (36)
Do you think poor English can hurt my business? Douglas Tosi (10)
Lawyer sues Google over unfruitful ads Mike S (18)
Anybody used SoftReseller.com ? Sinky (1)
Epsilon Award 2008: Nominations have started David Boventer (0)
Outsourcing interface design mrinspire (11)
Pricing of iPhone Apps Ethan (17)
Software as a Service (SAAS) framework decision. Mayur (7)
Story of the Ribbon Nat (15)
open source business opensourceman (9)
Looking for a product - uISV idea? Doug (12)
I been looking for business partner, hard to find. John T.P. (8)
Not getting feedback - Can you hazard a guess? basildon (19)
Open Source technologies of commercial Hite Vyas (25)
Unbelievable Emails from Plimus Sales Lost Customer (22)
Getting Help Anon for this (8)
Advertising on FaceBook MT (11)
$!*# Softonic Anonymouse (2)
Product Naming and Website Structure - Crisis Tim Haughton (14)
Patent management software? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (8)
Anyone used http://www.pintexx.com/ PinEdit 7.0 for winform? anon (0)
Billing by iteration? John Moody (6)
MicroISV sites anon.. (4)
Software as a service idea (11)
Google Analytics _trackPageView() dilemma Nick Hebb (5)
accused of copyright theft LittleBitWorried (60)
New Software Org Chart Anonymous (12)
Apple iPhone Development Questions Rob (20)
Optional online activation MT (10)
New Homepage - Is it a step in the right direction? Mark Gladding (20)
New Fangled RibbonUI Tim Haughton (12)
This month sales lowest in last 3 years Gautam Jain (23)
Sharing some numbers Giacomo 'Peldi' Guilizzoni (15)
GoDaddys Express Email Marketing - Works? Web Marketer (5)
How to create a product tour like this site's? Anon (8)
Did a 3D Product box increase sales? Anon (14)
Trying out Bits du Jour Jordan Sherer (7)
Anonymous client & cash Alex B. (33)
LLC partnership Alex B. (8)
What Inspired you to start your 2nd product? Moving Forward (13)
Misv home office network configuration Neo Syne (13)
Adwords book Ideophoric (2)
Merchant Carts.. Adam (5)
Software that monitors your child on the computer? Please email me: (8)
Is SSL blocked or unsafe in Thailand? Rowland (2)
Product Review Exchange Almost Anonymous (14)
Contract Project Opportunity - getting help WannabeTycoon (11)
My payment processor is letting me down... Frustrated uISV owner (9)
Amazon WebStore Brian/DC (1)
Lots of money vs lots of time Anon consultant (30)
Negotiating revenue sharing for SaaS Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (2)
Product Versioning Strategies Tim Haughton (22)
mISV's with unfortunate names... anon (16)
Health Insurance Another-uISV (13)
Knowledge areas in which you wish you were more proficient mISVfit (12)
Monetizing Google Data/Apps Son of McLovin' (5)
opinion on a new business ideia anonynous guy (18)
Refund and Product Deactivation George (33)
Rental costs as percentage of revenue Firas (6)
Volume Pricing Question CantSayOnThisOne (10)
Found my first knock-off anon (6)
I want out of the Puzzle business n! Labs (48)
Ever been sued? The Original Henry (9)
Corporations require MSI-based installers? Dmitriy (19)
Truth about TrialPay and whether it really increases sales. clueless (7)
Sales and Licensing Solutions Bob Lancaster (3)
web technology you are using for your website paul (30)
Weird Traffic Pattern...How Are They Getting Here? Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (8)
Is the iTunes App Store a BIG opportunity for uISV's Anton (17)
Worth attending trade show? Mike (10)
How mercenary are you? Anon (23)
Maintenance (support & updates) price modi (7)
Money back guarantee badges Anon (12)
Evaluating the effectiveness of a Marketing Campaign SF (3)
food diary desktop software jonniefromoz (17)
Inspirational demo producer (14)
A/B Testing for .NET Naba (6)
Simple algorithm to prevent password picking on a web site. Anon (6)
Licensing Sorry for the Anon (4)
New competitor product states they are at v5.4  :) They riped me Anon (13)
The wrong way to do 30 day trials Desktop programmer (18)
Google keyword tool Jonny Rein (4)
GUI Design is my weakness....best option? - follow up Ron (37)
Trade Show exhibit stands - any recommendations? David Chmura (5)
Adwords conversion optimizer (1)
Share your twitter handle so I can follow you! Starr Horne (ChatSpring Live Chat) (14)
Chargebacks and Upgrading to Next Releases anon (18)
Product Pricing: Opinions Please Tim Haughton (13)
Found this super cool Icon Search site. Read license for icons Anon (6)
Pricing and Licensing Question Dev S (9)
Software in a services company ISV on my own (2)
Insulting the Competition in adwords (13)
First 6 months profits - Just Broke 1000! Software Profits (8)
Again - Another irrational Non-compete agreement Jamison (20)
Any Experiences on NearlyFreeSpeech Hosting? Adminio (2)
mISV Dilemma: do or do not SteamGlass (8)
Release and Deployment of Java Code? Anon for this one (4)
Patrick: Differing Front Page Content Mark Nemtsas (4)
Maybe a product idea Anon (13)
Verdict: Not going to phone home, but intranet check. regsaurus (16)
Getting Wholesale website traffic Samson Thomas (8)
ECCN: Export Control Classification Number B2B MicroISV (3)
Can Google "Take You Back To The Past?" Brandon Doyle (4)
Customers think we're psychic Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (19)
Company buys one license, several people use it, what to do? Anon for this (22)
Apartment Rent as a Text Break? Samson Thomas (13)
Saas, could free take over this market? (17)
Partner offer? Mickey (12)
Optimized (SEO) vs unoptimized press releases Cosmina Stefanache (Fanurio Time Tracking) (3)
Are you using MSFT Partner Channels? (3)
Successful IT Companies with no underlying Intellectual Property forThis.Anon (5)
The Market for Accessibility Tim Haughton (3)
Is this normal atza (13)
My software requires phone-home. Dilemma. regsaurus (21)
Good idea for a product, entirely webservices API based product? Breakout and be Free! (5)
How much should I be giving to Google? n! Labs (11)
Fixed-fee contracts Gili (12)
What would you like for your Windows Mobile Device? Anon (4)
SEO Help(redirection) Pdf Software (1)
Does Google Adwords penalize the "the long tail" ? Mr. Analogy (3)
If no one goes to your thank you page, how do you track sales? n! Labs (5)
Is an mISV the right way to go? DRL (10)
a consenus of free trial extensions - when 1 month becomes 3 OneManAndHisMicroISV (17)
Will anyone be interested in buying a PIM greated twards mISVs? NewGuy (6)
What should your download button say? Dowe (7)
Submit-Everywhere.com vs Robosoft Anon (5)
"I get knocked down.." anon for this (14)
Business Mindset vs Development Mindset Mark Tutt (18)
WrappedApps Cyclops (8)
Overly zealous spam filter Thank you for listening (14)
Dedicated vs Shared Web Hosting Performance - An Example Derek Pollard (10)
Idea for a website, need opinions V (6)
Outstanding German Translator Michael Rainey (5)
Age makes any difference when dealing with people? JS (15)
please advice on Canadian (shared) hosting company Vladimir Dyuzhev (8)
Autostart download on page enter?  Has it increased conversion? Anon (9)
How obsessive are you? shhhhh (15)
Exploring launching a consulting business Anonymous Entrepreneur (7)
Instant Latex n! Labs (9)
Deploying Enterprise Intranet Product with Server Component Mark (4)
straight out of college.... Manesti M (14)
Excel business model template - help! Pete C (2)
Will program work on Vista Ah that Vista... (17)
good place to find a decent web designer whistle (7)
Testing your webpage in different browsers George Stanton (3)
Done the new site! :) Ryan Smyth (12)
This week to build great Help file. Anonyman (3)
What was your inspiration? Just wondering (17)
Starter App Rookie (9)
b2b Marketing Podcast mother lode security (3)
What's your favorite SQLITE GUI tool? Anon (5)
Does PayPal send you a 1099 IRS in USA? Anon (4)
Currency converter Web API Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (7)
Product ideas alexandar (4)
How are you minting your money? Desktop programmer (10)
Why I deleted my PAD file CJ (8)
the other 90% (11)
Building gaming site legality Jackie (9)
A refreshing lack of professionalism Thank you for listening (16)
Marketing Methods apart from Adwords and Blogs Andrew Stewart (2)
Adwords blocking Joe Knapp (6)
How do i ask SHI to be my reseller? Not Now (10)
Help test beta release. Lisp bigot (6)
website analysis Albert Tollkuci (8)
Odd Discount Policy Tim Haughton (10)
Letting user choose the price for the product Gautam Jain (11)
vps & licensing vps-virgin (1)
How many of you are minting money due to subscriptions? alhamdulillah (3)
Word of advice to any potential iPhone developers Martin Pilkington (9)
which way to go?.... Manesti Mbonu (6)
The typical revenue The Cynic (10)
Cheap APS.NET hosting services? Please name a few. anon (15)
Inadvertant 30-day app released. Michael Johnson (5)
Def of ROF? Duh (6)
which web tech to go with for the long term new_to_web_dev (22)
How much discount for resellers? Tom (14)
IP Geolocation Tim Harding (6)
Why are SHI so inept, flurry of emails over imaginary problems AnonymousMicroISV (11)
Sell software business Anon (17)
Listing Customer Company Names on Website Not now, folks. (9)
Service that provides stock quotes coal miner (4)
OPOS Printers jason bruns (9)
USP.. Is it enough (when competition is on the web?) Desktop programmer (28)
Problems sending emails to hotmail accounts Dominic (5)
How is Alexander? Bear (19)
Content Provider recommendations elder (4)
keywords in search box blogger (3)
Interesting Web Server stats Doug (13)
Scanned document manager Freewheeler (8)
Units per day for B2C desktop apps Tim Haughton (22)
How not to be evil? Mikael Bergkvist (6)
Currency Choice Andrew Stewart (16)
Logged into phpmyadmin and my database tables are gone (9)
Congrats Dennis! ColinM (2)
Attending SIC conference? Peter Gadzinski (7)
PAD file errors Joe K (3)
source visible, bad for biz? new2biz (21)
Buying Online Through Product vs Through Browser MarkS (14)
Download sites and links... anon for this (3)
File Hosting Service George (1)
Submitted Email Addresses - How to follow up? jon (11)
New Demo Video -- appreciate feedback PA (14)
New version launched - getting closer to $1,000,000 goal Rizal Firmansyah (30)
Your competitor's accounts Ron (7)
Launch: ManicTime 1.0 Andrej Fiser (12)
Source control question Grown fat with decadence (8)
Writing "terms of use" Anon (11)
Software company valuation Vidar Langberget (11)
Is the Yahoo Directory worth the cost? Cheapskate (11)
Really curious Manesti Mbonu (12)
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