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The painful job Andrew Shkuropiy (17)
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Where do I get legal copy for my software? Sam (7)
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High-Profit business and pain Zino (11)
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Joel - you're nuts Steve Wiseman (50)
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Starting an mISV - How to best legally set up the business? Josh McFarlane (14)
source code/issue tracking hosting RC (9)
Does your boss know about your mISV? Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (23)
Pimping inane content for AdSense dollars H. Alger (6)
Purchase Price for Source Code Anonymous For This (11)
Salary Vs Royalties uNoob (17)
Advices for the 1.0 version Mauricio Macedo (7)
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Marketing a web application Anthony Papillion (7)
Source code and postmortem Andrey Butov (2)
Post Card B2B Marketing Robert Lerner (14)
Does anyone see the Cell Processor as relevant to their future? Flow (9)
Retail & Onlines Sales Ryan Smyth (10)
Offshoring? Curious? (23)
OSS -- wow -- i feel sorry for the guy been there..done that. (26)
What shareware/etc have you personally bought? Patrick McKenzie (32)
How many orders per month do you get? Anon (15)
not so long tail outback (24)
Insertable blog Anon (11)
CRUD software - what isn't it? PHDude (18)
How to proceed with a suspicion of illegal license Marc (16)
Where are the real mISVs? Not for this post (23)
Reasons for lousy download to purchase conversion rates MB (30)
How to secure a web app from cracks? Vignesh Swaminathan (3)
Reviving an old project with customers Johan Beyers (4)
PowerHires website redux PHDude (1)
Browser detection using google analytics PM (11)
Boilerplate Indepdent Contractor Agreement? Yair (4)
Release of BudgetSimple to JoS Phil (8)
website specification John Zing (3)
Am I banned? Sevenoaks (20)
Office Politics Manes (24)
Languages. Zino (16)
What will Apple do with the Mac once Vista comes out? Rodimus (39)
Opportunities in the Lotus Notes space. Jason (14)
Thought for Food Tapas (not Topless) (22)
Virtual or Dedicated hosting? edddy (17)
jos forum remakes anom (5)
Self Initiative nvictor (11)
Internet marketing targeting non techie people. Stéphane Riopel (14)
Study on Google's click fraud prevention Gerry Smith (3)
uISV: Security through obscurity? :) DEBEDb (8)
Good web stats programs? Ali (14)
Armadillo Cracked Anon (38)
Nontechnical managers review technical job Victor Ronin (6)
Specialty Paper ~Eric (10)
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What to do with the projects that are "almost completed" Vadim (6)
Delphi's future to be decided in weeks. Bob Walsh (27)
wiki Lenny (3)
Registration key generation and verification Derek Pollard (11)
blog content blogger (11)
Product renaming - part II Brian (21)
Be paid to write open source Neville Franks (12)
How to choose the default port? sdani (9)
time savers Andy Brice (38)
Howto spread the word? ByteMerchant (11)
Offering 'Software as a Service' Sergio (11)
How to find beta testers? Erhard Smit (9)
cybercafe cost/profit breakdown, please advice Orick of Toronto (27)
Searching a Business Model Anon (6)
search API's Ezrie (4)
online scheduler/calendar Z. (6)
version control (CVS) on windows Z. (12)
Knowledgebase component for my site - do you know any? Greg (5)
Ignore the competition Michael Mathy (15)
Open Source Business Models - Is this an exhaustive list? Anders Vindberg (24)
Professional web for your uISV for $50 (not a spam) Greg (15)
Web and graphic designer all in one, in the ATL area... Geoff M (1)
postpartum depression (though product is not released yet) anon for this one (9)
What is the average visiter time on your website? Anon (3)
Recommended graphic designer... Andrey Butov (9)
free program now, shareware later Dan (9)
Privacy statement private (1)
Customer list Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (14)
SuperWaba For Mobile Development Impressionable (3)
How to give feedback Johan Beyers (2)
This great forum just got better /A (24)
Should I give away my source code for a contract? anon to protect both sides (18)
Good design == many visitors ? nvictor (11)
A new type of Software Piracy Adam M(UK) (12)
Good programming game? Doug (11)
Presentation / download recording product you know of? Bystander (8)
FYI - Market share for O/S's, 'Browsers, etc. Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (10)
Annoyance as mISV selling world wide Anon for this one (15)
Digital Signage smalltalk (3)
4 hrs a day on sales & marketing, doing what? The company owner (10)
New WebSite - Your feedback is most welcome! Representative (21)
Troubleshooting software @ remote locations sw (3)
Hire 1 girl and 3 guys fresh out of school -recepie for disaster anon for this one. (33)
Getting together for drinks Andrey Butov (17)
Product name Christopher Wells (17)
donet nuke or drupal? TomEUS (9)
lesser known vs mainstream technologies ivegotmumps (13)
business checking nathan (11)
Market Research - How do you know if it will be a good idea Ben Hall (7)
"British" English vs American English Would Be µISV (49)
ShareIt and coupons (4)
VAT and ShareIt (21)
A final plea - measuring downloads Adam M(UK) (26)
Interesting elevator pitch for contract programmers Max (16)
support models Al (2)
How many Micro ISV out here work from home ? I hate my job and want to start a mISV - Should I ? (16)
Outputs of dispersed teams Bert Tate (6)
Wow, source control makes a difference Johan Beyers (28)
Advice: Software Customized or generic Ben Hall (11)
Has anyone used Visual Build Professional? perry (6)
why 1.0? outside_the_box (16)
Are we in a high stress business? Stressed and need a change (10)
July Slump! shareware programmer (11)
To beta or not to beta… David Duey (9)
Scheduling Software Mark (9)
rec for ecommerce solution like Yahoo Store. Orick of Toronto (8)
Business proposal For Custom Application developemnt (6)
a minor pain that needs solving Andy Brice (23)
Are their companies that do this? Joshua Volz (3)
Tutorial for developing soft+hard systems? Sandro Pinnotey (5)
SIMPLE news letter website/service/software Doug (15)
How much time do you spend on SEO/marketing? Erhard Smit (12)
Failure of a MicroISV Orick of Toronto (28)
Anyone using QT? Anonymous (17)
_Shift: paradigm Derek I (15)
Being a uuISV, easier in Windows/.Net than in Linux quick learner (13)
Drinks for MicroISV owners Andrey Butov (14)
Using DotNetNuke to bootstrap a portal dev. netdude (13)
Not exactly a microISV... jbfan (5)
Curious: Filename of your setup file? Johan Beyers (13)
New uISV Product: Job applicant management PHDude (21)
Google and differential search results Will Rayer (8)
Direct Sales Experiences Mark Tutt (5)
How to adapt and thrive in a world full of FREE software? George (26)
What happened to Spekkit? Christopher Hawkins (12)
Open source: driving the profit out of the software business River Raid (31)
uICV without company (14)
Adopting Office's Ribbon UI for Future Product? melon_helmet (15)
Business contacts and small talk Anonish (9)
A sentimental moment. Andrey Butov (23)
Odd pricing points Andrey Butov (5)
MicroISV Marketing Metrics – am I crazy? Anon for this (11)
Measuring Development Performance of Programmers Gavin Kendall (15)
Marketing books? Luis (8)
At least they`r not panicking Somewhat Distrubed (8)
Software as a service - hype or real? ... (9)
Flash site and seo new kid on the block (22)
Offline to online in a niche? Flow (2)
automating research and analysis tasks for financial firms _ (3)
Bob, Eric - Number of copies of your books sold? Amanvir (5)
Google weirdness Bill Rayer (6)
Does this business exist? Michael B (13)
Campus-sourcing? Pat Morrison (21)
How does it work? Licenses, Payment Processors Anonymous Monkey (8)
My first sale Patrick McKenzie (18)
Pesky language issue (8)
Following in the steps of Bob Walsh Andrey Butov (6)
making an extra $500 per month. without programming. (32)
mISV mentoring Erhard Smit (11)
DB strucutre diff tool JC (3)
All I want from the Empower program... Kyralessa (8)
Protection: Anyone used Activelock? Gerry Smith (3)
Download metrics and red flags Doug (14)
Contests? Ian L (3)
Best weapon against cracks: open-source Open Source Pays (29)
Stolen testimonials - what to do? Vadim (18)
Cracks uncovered – i.e. how it works and why protections does no TomEUS (30)
For the starving ISVer Michael Johnson (30)
Advise on client funding for product we own Sonny Newbie (10)
Using Amazon S3 hosting for youtube like clone Ezrie (6)
Net Neutrality ~Eric (6)
What's being cracked? farmboy (17)
crm + license manager AC (1)
VMWare: Server vs Workstation Adam M(UK) (9)
Consulting fees Stéphane Riopel (15)
Me vs Crackers anon for obvious reasons (27)
Stealth Mode Startups? Anthony Papillion (12)
Study: The Outsourcing Boom Is Over Innovative Solutions (14)
Should I write a Report Writer Kevin (14)
Ownership transfer but no reselling Cameron (5)
Would starting a Micro-ISV leading to job openings? Jim Crandall (10)
Cost per Click(CPC) vs Cost per Acquisition(CPA) Keith Maurino (6)
Changing from consultancy to product The company owner (5)
New product idea - support for .htaccess in IIS Dan (14)
Is Michael Sanford still here? Steve Moyer (8)
Using 'home remodel' analogy with consulting clients? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (10)
Work/Home time jbfan (33)
Product name starting with an A: Good idea? Johan Beyers (16)
how to find your prospective clients budget. jonnie (11)
Acquire rights to software from another company. Rob (4)
vacuum or research outback (13)
IP Rights - How to develop a product while employed. Jeff (19)
Do any of you MicroISVers participate in standards processes? Graham Thorpe (2)
Mechant account, outside U.S. Leonardo M. Ramé (3)
MySQL Licensing Information - From another discussion Dan Hirsch (27)
Joint marketing arrangements? Dave C (8)
Kx Systems -- Advice needed. (2)
How to keep team engaged in down time NoSoupForYou! (16)
Feature requests AND bug tracking AND customer support - how? Dan (13)
Marketing plan: Did I miss anything? Johan Beyers (21)
Beta is online, what now? Johan Beyers (30)
Micro ISVs, full-time jobs, and the cowboy style Code Blue (23)
Why do you do it? Rachel (18)
Reseller Discount Can't say for now (9)
Registering a domain is not same as buying? Nitin (17)
How would you segment consumer and enterprise software firms? J V (3)
acknowledgement of delivery Zino (7)
Hosting reccomendationa for mISV Ezrie (13)
uISV: a post-mortem Michael B (36)
Percentage of revenue from new customers versus support The company owner (8)
New Software Business Name (24)
How does Overture's CPC compare to Google's for your keywords? Nick Hebb (12)
Is click fraud figured into your ROI? son of parnas (14)
Programming at Starbucks Rachel (49)
Quasi open source licensing and making money. Matt Estes (25)
Product name as two separate words or both combined into one? Prashant (8)
Support for Internal Apps through Consulting Moving On (7)
Has anyone tried this type of lunacy? Andrey Butov (23)
Product Beta (Part 2) Michael Johnson (11)
Various posting names hmmm, can't use either... (10)
To build from scratch or use some existing solution? TomEUS (9)
Project Management Software All-in-One Requester (6)
Is Vista an opportunity or a threat for mISV? Dejan Grujic (9)
Employers and intellectual property anon for this (23)
First time entrepreneurs and their experiences First Time Entrepreneur (15)
Forums readers (8)
Microsoft Early Access Program Announcement/Invitation Michael Lehman (18)
Do I have any recourse?  My software was cloned Robert (43)
microISVs in the UK - is anyone making money? ken (33)
Windows IT Pro Magazine Albert Tollkuci (6)
download site "reviews" Andy Brice (14)
Feedback from evaluation users Richard Brookes (10)
A call to action, mobilization of a part-time workforce? jboeglen (20)
Product Activation codes; chargeback fraud? Almost H. Anonymous (12)
Delivering activation codes? How fast does yor processor do it? Florin Craciun (7)
SMPP .NET Component Albert Tollkuci (11)
Where can I find info on sale taxes like VAT,etc Jorge C (4)
Anyone tried "forced delays" on trial software? MB (23)
Developing standard software barrue (7)
long tail of software DotNetNoob (7)
SaaS support/pricing model Dan Hirsch (6)
Web product source code Katerina K. (11)
Marketing complicated software Andrew (11)
Software to create animated gif's Neville Franks (11)
Previous versions of product fo free Newbie (15)
What business could a database guru start? DB Guy (14)
Asking a User Base for New Product Idea Phillip Flores (10)
Join the Feedback Club Doug Porter / Tiger Privacy (22)
Curious - Do you podcast? Ryan Smyth (15)
vertical maket DotNetNoob (5)
Web Development vishy (6)
Google news (21)
product sales website carlos (2)
Pricing Variations – Per Somthing vs. Per User tom (5)
Need suggestions on how to get new software projects Gyan (3)
On money back guarantees. Stéphane Riopel (9)
Free File Hosting @ OISV Ryan Smyth (3)
a game based on a card game that already exists _ (14)
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