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Mac Mini as a Server I wish I could say (9 comments)
.NET Reactor Adam (14)
My 30-Day Project Launched Steve McLeod (12)
GUI Design is my weakness....best option? Anon for this one (16)
Anti-piracy measures - what do you actually use? Jxtps (5)
www.alpine-investors.com Anon (4)
How to make your app auto updatble? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (7)
The Joy of Virtual Servers anon for this (16)
We released a new version today Saurabh (5)
Legal ramfications of using JPEG2000 in one's product? Gili (10)
Is there anything that would intrigue to come back... Ivan Trajkovic (8)
Consultant passing off Anon (10)
Intellectual Property Protection?? Unsure (8)
SEO Tips and Strategies newagesmb (6)
bank wants my software on server for multiple users - how much? HowMuchForLosingControlOfProtection (5)
Selling software outside the "Western World" MB (21)
Selling to Japanese companies Must be anon (12)
Bankrupt - what should a contractor do? Ron (10)
How to structure partnership Family Guy (6)
Looking for feedback on my 30 day project USP ProjectIffy (5)
Another chatroom idea scheming worker bee (10)
License file with customer name + current year? ZeFred (5)
OCaml in commericial software Curious Caml (10)
Time consuming marketing - What do you do? Shakatak (9)
What to do if your app is cracked? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (18)
What about "Software Business Body of Knowledge" Maksym (6)
WWJD - What would Joel Do Part II I wish I could say (3)
Going back to work after a "sabbatical" Shakatak (12)
Annual Percentage of Bank Loan or Other Funding Maksym (10)
Best affiliates and resellers for B2B products B2B MicroISV (2)
Smart customers vs stupid atza (13)
Stupidest customers qesutions complains Not Now (30)
PayPal IPN notification broken now? Dominic (5)
Stupid Customer George (37)
Post-funding tech spend Andrew Badera (12)
Where Do We Take This Product Next? Brian Briggs [Mission Expert|SWOT Expert] (4)
what does the 30 day chanllenge prove? PITA ISV wannabe (15)
Moral Question dog breath (18)
Tax Questions Anthony P (6)
other company trademarks Wondering (4)
Anyone got the link to the AOL google search data leaked? Fill (1)
Naming your pricing plans .... Anthony Presley (14)
Medical software AlexT (6)
Tampa Bay Area, USA MSIVs Anon (6)
English Grammer Not Now (30)
Extracting email from web... Albert Tollkuci (20)
How to find out what code caused an exception? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (14)
Launch: Introducing Task|Mate Andrew Stewart (20)
Subdomain mapping in TypePad and Godaddy Hite Vyas (1)
Copyrights and Trademarks Tim Haughton (1)
WWJD - What would Joel Do? I wish I could say (18)
retail distribution in the US Piyush Patel (2)
How are you monitoring the blogosphere? Ben Mc (11)
User blames my app for every PC problem he has Dominic (12)
click-to-call software Josh (9)
.net 1.1 or .net2.0 (in terms of availibility) Mike (23)
Not making enemies - crisis of confidence. Let's just call me Ron (16)
Google Question Antonio Louro (4)
Anyone with 2Checkout and had a worse week than usual? A Non (3)
Selling source code - licensing Nigel (4)
Books! For sales and marketing. Grown Fat with Decadence (12)
Website review - imsense.net Rohan Almeida (6)
Free Google AdWords Consultation Dave Collins (4)
Emulating Unix servers (Solaris 8+) on a Windows desktop Pete C (2)
Firebird Question Dan H (11)
Receiving wire transfers in your country Anon (12)
BrotherSoft illegally listing my freeware. Anon (5)
Why am I having a bad week? A Non (14)
What is most expensive application which sells on this forum? atza (12)
Direct Mail Campaigns bi tool (11)
Google Is Teasing Me Tired Of Mind Games (3)
B2B MicroISV Success Stories and Advice MB (6)
Press release distribution services Cosmina Stefanache (Fanurio Time Tracking) (6)
Finally decided to do it Albert Tollkuci (1)
$100K+ software? Doug (17)
Evaluating an idea... need feedback please A budding mISVer (11)
Need of Call Centre Softwares Carolina Mosbah (2)
Site review request: Infogenium.com Andre Oporto (7)
Copyright infringement? Tom H. (11)
What are my Database options? Randy Austin (19)
Download Trial to purchase time frame n! labs (8)
Is anybody making real money with a mISV? Sniffing Glue (56)
How do you fight free software competition (21)
30 Day Challenge - The Final Stages Phillip Flores (3)
domain name opinion anon (11)
Postmortem of a failed ISV JN (1)
Good text for why there is no phone number on the site James M (15)
Project software Monique Stover (SeaGreen Software) (7)
Discovering a comprable product....partnership? Joel Marcey (13)
Client ditched my application for competitor's Thanks for listening (5)
Do your competitors also frequent BoS? Derek Pollard (10)
Search engine optimisation and KEI for blog Hite Vyas (1)
Blog software to use for micro-ISV (15)
Is it time to call it a defeat? disappointed mISV (60)
There are mISV sites that sell.. & ones that make you laugh laughing ISV (8)
Google finally thinks im relevant n! labs (4)
Beware Softonic Download Scam James Stewart (4)
PayPal and license key delivery Steve (10)
Registering a domain with targeted keywords Luis (1)
FireFox 3 caching old setup files - workaround? Nick Hebb (3)
Adding an include to point to a third party library st (4)
Phoenix, AZ area microISV's Alexis Christoforides (1)
Creating homegrown floating license server? Steve (5)
Trying freelance software development… Willing to take a chance (4)
Relaunched our similarity-search based on JOS feedback-Thoughts? ESER (1)
Advice needed for an ex-mISV'er Kevin (3)
Hurray! Launched my new App. Looking for feedback. Jitesh Patil (15)
Can I spider your site? Michael Johnson (7)
Selling extended maintenance doesn't work for me. James M (8)
Bug / feature tracking tool Jeroen V (8)
Software for web 2.0 startups Positively Anonymous (6)
What to do with users asking questions but are out of trial time TN (15)
Download traffic from chinese ips Alex (7)
Product presentation system on my site.  opensource options? Jake (1)
How to decline an unwanted meeting offer? Anon (15)
What's your USP? Yanic (8)
First 30 days n! labs (20)
FrankenPoint AKA SharePoint (20)
Starting a new company for a different product David L. (5)
Commercial Software Requiring a Database Jeff (18)
SEO Expert Zarir Karbhari (3)
How to motivate your partner? Michael (10)
Shareware fees repackaged as support fees GPL with a Shareware Twist (8)
Developing a B2B web site jack (2)
Software market analysis / statistics regular lurker (3)
How many projects have you started and not put online? James May (16)
Multiple domain names pointing to one site, bad idea? SEO newb (10)
Advertising (7)
Any experience with Amazon merchant account ? mthadm (13)
Feedback on our new algorithmic recommendation engine? eser (7)
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Aarti (11)
Made some changes. Barry (14)
Yeay first sale Steve (12)
Possibly opportunities for tools to manage/run open source... Ajay Soni (11)
Do you buy from other mISV's? A guy on the forum (20)
Attempting partial exit tomorrow Anonyman (10)
Fog Creek compensation article update? Petros Amiridis (0)
After Creating Videos for your product Jitesh Patil (10)
Support Forum or Email Support + Faq? Noble D. Bell (8)
Conversion Optimizer - A tale of caution. Ethan (4)
Please critique new web service - PostalMethods Adam M (18)
Canadian SR&ED tax credit Christopher Wells (9)
Expose your under working dev. plan or not? Edwin Yip (3)
Which way now? Obtained domain containing No1 search term Orson Kart (2)
Convertion Ratio Zarir Karbhari (5)
Is this a good idea ? Anon (7)
A new formula for wealth Bruce Chapman (8)
Does anyone use AT&T Natural Voices for demos? Erhard Smit (8)
Launch: Balsamiq Mockups 1.0 Giacomo 'Peldi' Guilizzoni (22)
Software Proposal sample, template Jackie (2)
American Express Platinum Card - Worth It? Anon for this one (9)
Working for Google Not Now (8)
Website Feedback Gavin (9)
how do you prevent crackers? Contractor (23)
Beaten by crackers! Virgil (13)
How did you discover your money making idea? Observer (16)
Anyone using zoho.com or zoho crm ? Lucius B. (5)
Rejected Proposal used to Design System xie jun (11)
Would this register as a bounce on google analytics getting bounced on (1)
Selling bulk licenses or site licenses Wannabe MicroISV (3)
Gmail blocking outgoing messages as spam - Need alternative (14)
license disclosures newbie (6)
Hire out website design vs. do it in-house? Anon For This One (11)
Online demo with voice Doug (4)
Creating Videos for your product Jitesh Patil (12)
Predicting how fast it will take off. Andrew Stewart (12)
Rails Mentality vs. Perl Mentality Shlomi Fish (2)
Israel as a home for mISV owners Gili (24)
Need your advice on databases Steve (28)
Controlling Text data entry anon for this - but you can email (3)
Reducing work hours Steve (12)
Where to find company info (Germany) Full disclosure! (10)
anyone get their application into the store? anon (7)
choosing: D vs W outback (13)
Sales increased 2.7x compared to March 08 and prior. Here's Why. Tweaki (14)
When do you take holiday? Not Now (22)
soon another data point in the web app vs desktop app debate n! labs (15)
Want to assist on a new web 2.0 site? (www.software-monitor.com) Mike Wilson (6)
web service terms and conditions andrew stewart (3)
Soliciting More Feedback! BenjiSmith (2)
Learning GUI design (Unimpressed with OS X) Doug (14)
Fed up with Mac, curious about Windows Fed up with Mac (35)
Cutting down contracting time - customer disagrees PonderingAnon (18)
No freebies for would-be crackers n! labs (7)
Please help with pricing strategy delema. Anon for this (9)
Inadvertent 30-day app. Michael Johnson (6)
photography idea feedback andrew stewart (6)
Summer drop in sales... no name with name (5)
Good purchase page examples? anon (0)
GUI Helper GUIdo (6)
Of price testing and ethics Tim Harding (3)
New Project or Productise a working application Andy Stewart (5)
Secure file sharing services? Dravidian (13)
Shopping card with paypal as processor? anon (5)
Technologies to use for E-learning application Hite Vyas (3)
When do you work? Not Now (23)
Introductions, niche markets and a new product for writers Tim Harding (7)
Selling .NET libraries/DLL as a product/Service Anon (8)
Google Analytics Site Overlay Barry (14)
One app a day farmboy (12)
Place for Logos ? Bruce Chapman (9)
Selling a class library as a product Smiley (17)
internet marketing career lee007 (6)
robots.txt out your search pages Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (6)
source for mailing address data Jason (1)
Help with FTP issue again. Figured it was active/passive issue anon (4)
Acquisition/Licensing technology for Micro ISVs Another-uISV (2)
Blogging With Day Job Questioning (9)
Adwords Click through growth clerkenwell (0)
Plimus breaking custom payment pages? Dominic (7)
Do you use a CMS? aspiring uisv (17)
Debugging while sailing the Pacific Islands Mark (51)
Manage multiple Gmail accounts Ryan Wheeler (3)
License Manager for Windows AND Mac? Got Mac? (9)
Nonrefundable/Guaranteed Payment Options? Nate (9)
Does this service exists? No (5)
How to package my software on a cd and a box to sale on ebay anon (7)
Looking for a registration wrapper for my app Dscheste (4)
How fast does Google index BoS? uNoob (3)
Looking for service billing options -- need to manage trials,etc Mark L. Smith (2)
B2B Pre-summer sales jump? (3)
FYI: Yahoo domain renewal cost up 250%. uNoob (26)
Publishers: do you prefer pay-per-action or per-per-click? Gili (5)
e-junkie alternative looking (9)
Market a free product Barry (6)
MSNbot repeatedly crawling my site today underSeige (3)
breaking out on my own anon for this post (17)
motleysoft? anon (4)
Whose sales figures would you like to see? Grown fat with decadence (7)
Too much enthusiasm is bad for B2B. Dmitriy (13)
Organic search vs Adwords? TN (8)
Complete downloads vs started downloads Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (5)
H1 transfer! Any JoS readers own companies that do H1B? Anil (14)
Product feedback needed (early beta) Can (3)
Plimus and Japanese support Ryan Ginstrom (5)
past info overload: assessing relevance, importance, urgency new_biz_guy (5)
Please review updated web site/product Simon Shutter (13)
The hourly rate for Senior .NET Developers in San Diego Ehealth Solutions Consultant (12)
Did a website redesign increase your sales? Frank (8)
Adwords seems like a rip off. Google burned. (18)
Now this pisses me off Not saying (13)
Just Passed the 175,000 mark this month! Thanks Everyone! PDFFILL (26)
Business with friend's fiends Rix (11)
Should I sell an unrelated product or stick to the main? Cyclops (10)
How to send updated application to 500+ customers? email unexpirienced (10)
Google sitemap problems Alain Bocherens (devsoft) (3)
How to run a software/web company? Operations and Roles?? Imaster (20)
Cashback for new 1and1 customers The Luggage (5)
Please test my shareware project gvozdok777 (15)
A Free Version Of Stylizer Is Out...New Site Launch Too Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (7)
Set up Affiliate Program... Affliate Man (3)
USA online stores gvozdok (13)
Wiki for Manual Alexander McCabe (2)
OOT - IncBizNet.com: Joel was born in 1989? Iqbal (9)
Hits from very general search terms from search.live.com Andreas (8)
whats 6000 pageviews per month worth?  Can I profit from it? anon (8)
Desktop software and internet connection requirements.  HELP anon (13)
How many visitors are you getting per day? anon (6)
should I try to turn this into a product (7)
old hardware at the hosting company anon today (5)
Under 5 computers .... Zarir Karbhari (7)
any experience with Administaff? Jason (3)
Never go into business with a friend Derek (20)
Indian tech and business school names monkey god chairman afraid to ask (29)
Platform to use for intranet app? nal (6)
WHAT IS GOING ON WITH PLIMUS??? Inconsistent contact / billing i bob mm (18)
Pair Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Anon (6)
Screencast critics wanted Mark Gladding (10)
Nice to have money..... anon and this likely will be delated..... (26)
Web-based HyperCard Clone Brian Manley (5)
PairNIC vs NetworkSolutions Anon (11)
Have you tried gramlee ck (5)
Do you use Trialpay? Cosmina Stefanache (3)
Download bandwidth spam Anon (20)
My first sale John (10)
Minimum laptop screen resolution for developers? moronica (17)
Yahoo and Installshield Michael Mathy (10)
List of mISV's? Erhard Smit (2)
Pls Review Our Download Portal Site, Thx. Allen (10)
SSD drives for development DanB (9)
How do you remain productive? Tired one (21)
Bootstrapping a small publisher Anonymous (9)
Managing multiple email accounts Dravidian (14)
Please Review xFit: Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand Jason Ryer (10)
Advice on Software to create CD Auto Run Menus Janice Kuhn (10)
Java Interview questions / puzzles? Simon Jones (28)
Make sure your software is foolproof clerkenwell (9)
A probably clients want me to rename my exe to svchost.exe (23)
Mail Portability Gili (13)
VMWare running on Mac with Windows XP Noble D. Bell (12)
Google Sued Over AdWords by Customer Gene Wirchenko (5)
google cpc < 100 % new visits = click fraud? n! labs (4)
How many support requests emails you have now in your inbox? bob mm (7)
Silverlight 2 Beta 2 comes out this week... Steve (28)
Software menu...? Rudy Kroska (4)
When and what to charge as independent contractor? Max (2)
Congratulations, you now accept Paypal Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (17)
Early product and site review Erhard Smit (11)
Raising Venture or Anon - Maybe a good idea! (8)
Product Licensing Michael Johnson (7)
can't build something of value on the desktop? uisv_wannabe (23)
Increasing the quantity for a processed order Order fiddling (2)
What I did few days ago for fun,and I'm happy alexandar (11)
Non-software ideas? farmboy (3)
How to (gu)estimate a software project duration? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (8)
ecommerce consultant themonster (3)
Hosted .NET Reactor license generation DVB (5)
Anyone making close to ~$10,000 with a ~$50.00 product? AspiringISV (21)
Looking for problems Peter Kelvin (5)
Feedback on New Project Concept BenjiSmith (9)
Accounting Software Recommendations? Steve (15)
Switching from a Developer to a Product Manager Alex Kroman (3)
RAID in new development machine - worth it? jz (23)
Curios: How much Adwords budget? Rizal Firmansyah (6)
Some Blog Log Stat's Scott Kane (2)
How can my wife help? ES (11)
Discussion with Co Worker BBB (16)
Feedback request: Source code search add-in for Visual Studio Richie Hindle (8)
BOS rundown. Michael Johnson (6)
When did you go full time mISV+? Steve (11)
Does anyone use shared hosting for their uISV? StartingUp (15)
Something like Google Checkout for Germany Steve McLeod (3)
Google Apps - Email (IMAP specifically) mISVfit (12)
Plimlock - any experience? Kola256 (4)
FTP alternative for Windows VPS / more secure Steve (8)
What do you think of my 30 day challenge idea? Steve (17)
To do B2B sale in the EU do you need a VAT number? James (9)
Negotiating with Domain Squatter? Steve McLeod (24)
Didn't quite take 30 Days... Jason Kester (11)
app open source to publish software's help Ana (5)
3th version of the website needs review Edwin - visual mind mapping software (6)
How do you come up with your software idea? JackDaniel (13)
Open development process VS Closed (for MivroISV) Oliver Kiel (7)
monetizing registered but unused domains Jason (6)
Tracking your Software Success - from Trial to Buy Mauricio Macedo (6)
Do B2B sales slow down in the summer? yet another anon (3)
Going Full Time Andy Stewart (12)
A great piracy tale Victor Noagbodji (1)
UI Design Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic (9)
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