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Andy Brice
Successful Software

Doug Nebeker ("Doug")

Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

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What do you use as Customer portal software? dani (12)
Do reporters do this on purpose? OneMist8k (8)
Regional Mapping Software? James Higginbotham (5)
Other small/micro business blogs? farmboy (7)
Is Joel secretly getting his MBA? Cowardly and Anonymously (12)
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Going on your own Michael Vogt (16)
PopBox javascript image magnification close box John S. Reid (12)
Nice little idea somebody could do Nathan Ridley (8)
Lawyer Nick (14)
UI Layout - What's best for microISV Albert Kennis (8)
demo / beta version licensing (5)
Colocation P (3)
Database hosting (4)
Translating Software Into Non English Languages SpeakLoudlyAndTheyWillUnderstand (22)
Is it OK to put limitations on how you interact with software? ThMoJe (23)
New Google Analytics Interface Craig Welch (12)
Logo design software Nid Mark (11)
Political Web Development\Promotion ian (18)
Newly released. You guys can have a sneak peek :D Nathan Ridley (20)
Google buys FeedBurner Noagbodji Victor (7)
A web app for t(w)een girls...would it work? anonymous for this one (16)
Silly Outlook question (2)
Vista wont allow program files\appname.exe to be updateed Security (5)
Your opinion: Innovation through ICT PassionateMarketer (1)
Spending approval limits Alex (5)
Email signatures - legal details required??? ..just cos you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.. (13)
Experience with Avangate Brian Briggs [Mission Expert|SWOT Expert] (1)
Free business idea Alex (8)
How much should I charge? Jason (9)
What e-commerce for the Spanish marketprovider? Game programmer for this one. (8)
Providing the Source Code Sam (13)
How to follow leads? Nilesh Jethwa (Dashboard Designer) (5)
Cause of Google Analytics Avg. Time on Site of 00:00:00? Tom Rath (3)
PHPNUKE. Would you share your experience? Fransiscus Herry (15)
Serviced Office in New York Jack Murdock (6)
Conversion tool harry smith (2)
Hah, 4 sales in first 20 days leiju (28)
ISV experience with Affiliate Marketing? David Koelle (12)
DotNetNuke hosting Zaibar (2)
Windows Firewall disable on application setup? Security (4)
Looking for GUI inspiration Cyclops (10)
Freeware Licenses? Freeware at First (10)
Mac OLE SDK Denis Dmitriev (3)
Commercial model of Web 2.0 sites? Rahul A Shetty (9)
uninstall utility anonymous (1)
MySQL dashboard - Free and more features Nilesh Jethwa (Dashboard Designer) (0)
Site review and special offer Patrick From An IBank (26)
Compiling performance Jorge Santos (13)
CD/DVD Cataloging application for sale Nasko Krachev (1)
PIM's Neville Franks (4)
Munich Area uISVs ? Anon (2)
uISV meetup in London or Paris? Will Rayer (3)
Please help me with my website layout ANewGuy (18)
Casting a wider net, get more traffic Atli Björgvin Oddsson (TimeSnapper) (16)
Freeware or opensource Flash animation tools? Flashy (6)
Any good way to deal with bad spam filters? 2112 (8)
Webdesign style help please Ideatheif :) (1)
Wiki, Sharepoint, or Something Else? Joshua (9)
More Google Checkout Teething Troubles Vincent Burroughs (8)
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Lets say you can see your competitors financial details. Astala (7)
Multicore OS 230 Volts (4)
Email Reliability Frustrations - Any Advice? Ryan Smyth (18)
Want to learn Arabic to enter middle east market. Any Ideas? uISV (13)
Minnesota mISV's? Voltage Spike (6)
Need a database modeling tool (possible product idea for mISV) Don S (8)
Sales tax on web service? sloop (6)
Handing off our bread and butter to subsidiary or partnerships jde (10)
Data Backup Strategies Grinder (14)
Ingres vs. Oracle/SQL Server RK (4)
New Development PC Leonardo Carlos Prada (29)
exporting strong AES Mike S (4)
Microsoft Empower ISV program RK (23)
Designs & Logos you like Anonymous (5)
Poll: 19' TFT monitor of your choice Antony (12)
Why is it Open-Source OK but uISV you you're fired! Joe (14)
Merit Increases Bart Park (38)
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