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Suggest and idea, get a free license... Andrey Butov (10)
Good Co-location anon (1)
Did You Bribe Someone In Order To Sell Your Software? Sorry, Anon For This :-) (18)
Marketing for a payment processor Florin Craciun (5)
Are you intimidated by the alleged speed of other developers? Worried I'm slow (25)
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Google Addiction anon for this one (9)
Web Analytics - Does it work for you? Efe Aras (3)
Overseas Purchase Orders Ram Shriram (9)
Team Documentation/Communication in open source projects Anon for this one (7)
sick of working. help me make 1 million dollars ebusiness man (18)
Talking yourself out of success. Lenny (22)
Contracting in Canada Nige (9)
Followup to "How do you manage your incoming E-mails?" Terrell (1)
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Developer withdrew from partnership, which way to proceed? Anonymous mISV (17)
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Fonts anon (13)
Product Beta Mike Johnson (2)
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Conversion rates Statistics Don't Lie (15)
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Profiling based on search queries? mellon_helmet (2)
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SEO articles and websites.... oxff (11)
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Released Printer Friendly for Firefox Andrey Butov (5)
uISV QA (and bugs) not a QA guy (7)
Digital River to buy esellerate Florin Craciun (1)
Doing it fast versus doing it right... steve (22)
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Getting Your Software Into the Big-Box Retail Stores Steve Moores (8)
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POLL: How big is your company? not a lawyer (14)
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Target Linux as a supported platform? XPlat (17)
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Reasearch Business TrippinOnIT (9)
How to deal with customers who are late in paying their bills Rajesh Narayan (12)
OISV is not live, I subscribed several times and got no reply X (21)
Dashboard, What Does It Mean Anyway? MicroISV Newbie (15)
My ISV isn't "legal." Is that bad? anon for this one (29)
Offer Enterprise Software Demo Version? George H (4)
wish to freelance in PHP bundy (7)
Selling to retail stores Claudiu Spulber (6)
Web based Micro-ISV management system? Looking... (5)
Odd experience setting up a UK merchant account anon (7)
enterprise software sales and marketing LR (5)
Big money possible? anon (21)
[OSS] Possible to make as much $ as a closed-source company? Fred (23)
Interesting Cringley read on Google click fraud. Crimson (12)
web traffic statistics for a URL by country /A (1)
Business Decision - What would you do? another programmer (15)
Anyone aware of free resources for artwork? Crimson (9)
Need advice on a buissnes model phrm (6)
Adwords conversion rate Erhard Smit (19)
Website name and SEO vladimir (4)
Large managed hosting customer PWills (9)
Tracking offline sales and invoices Doug (7)
Taking mISV to a larger level by a partnership TomEUS (2)
Importance of keeping a day job? Roy (23)
Google Analytics - Cool Stuff another programmer (6)
Good news regarding VB6 and Vista Adam (4)
More granular bookmarking.... Mick (4)
I have a MicroISV, but I can't program anymore. What to do? George (9)
Another uISV resource Brad Thomas (4)
Free software plus affiliate program Brad Thomas (2)
who do you admire most in the industry? DotNetNoob (17)
How to communicate employees of firing someone Annonymous for this one. (16)
.NET 3.0 James M (18)
Hotfixes versus point releases Jacob Thurman (9)
Thanks for InnoSetup PA (9)
Speech enabled web Sevenoaks (6)
problem with Empower Product keys Jason (1)
Net Neutrality debate goes to Senate Scott M (19)
Online Event Planning? mellon_helmet (5)
Source Code Bonanza Michael Sanford (14)
LF - Desktop Notes App ML (13)
release early - especially babies Andy Brice (25)
SEO Tools - Worth it? Ryan Smyth (6)
1 visitor, 1 sale :-) Adam (21)
A Saturated Market? mellon_helmet (5)
Checking Credit Brad (3)
Feedback Wanted for Ubercode Trial Pack Bill Rayer (10)
OISV Launch Ian L (19)
EBay - a valid channel for a uISV? another programmer (16)
Contractor or Employee ? Wondering (16)
Do Good Business Application Developers have to be geeks? ...are you sure you belong here? (19)
Put big a$$ price tag in front page? Azrul (8)
30 Days : 30 Ideas BenjiSmith (22)
Wrong salary.  Guess again. Kyralessa (36)
What's wrong with that? Greg (10)
Handy SERP monitor Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (5)
How do you get a small stream of beta testers? Ana / Tiger Privacy (8)
Extending Patent Question Patent P (21)
Software certification Rob D. (7)
Patent infringement Anonymous (25)
ACT 2 GNU World Order (1)
Watch your domain name expiry! another programmer (21)
Dealing with difficult a manager nvictor (16)
Google Browser sync for BoS/JoS J (13)
Grabbing my domain name ideas I. B. Robbed (9)
Customer References Ram Shriram (4)
Launching a Web 2.0 Project Anthony (4)
On My MicroISV Business Card, President Director or CEO? a Confused MicroISVer (25)
Defining your micro-ISV product. Bob Walsh (18)
Looking for ideas for my first web-based product! Ali (28)
Working as a 'remote' developer Mike (10)
What games for girls ? H2O (35)
Free or Open Source Point of Sale application for Shop? MicroISVer (9)
Any UK ISVs with business indemnity insurance? Adam (6)
Google to Offer Spreadsheet Sajid Khan (18)
Amazon.com listing - Worth it? a guy (14)
Blogs and Comments vs Articles and Forums Carl (11)
Software Marketplace for Authors E Smit (6)
Domain Name Confusion daibatzu (10)
Discussion Mailing Lists Arethuza (7)
incase something goes wrong outback (24)
Desktop Management Solutions and MSI LR (4)
Getting programmers involved in new projects Pleading the fifth (28)
Point of Sale application for Restaurants RestoPOSBaron (15)
ModernBill + ModernAuthorize? Mike Swieton (3)
Accepting online payments from "difficult" countries, ie Ukraine Robert (8)
Ever been sued or hassled? Adam (12)
Promoting products through blogs Amanvir (8)
Click Through Rate / Take Rate Vincent Serpico (3)
Avanquest/BlueSquad Anon (7)
the pareto principle/ car washes/ business strategy Noel Trolsky (10)
Which Shareware Directory works? Zeeshan Alam (3)
Price Increase Zeeshan Alam (7)
ISV Tax Consideration Anonymous John (27)
landing pages redux Andy Brice (39)
Design better calling cards nvictor (5)
Pricing - Upgrading Plans Upcoming Product (13)
licensing or selling to a larger company? anon (2)
Thoughts on protecting from piracy sdj (36)
How much do I charge? scott johnson (15)
How do you explain analytical features Sanjay Bhatia (11)
MSI installer packages Doug (16)
RegSoft vs ShareIt vs ... anon (1)
Need Education/Training Ideas Almost Unemployed (5)
How is company ownership typically given out? Carsten (33)
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