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Successful Software

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Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

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Native Windows twitter client Silver Surfer (7)
Legal entity for products Jeff Schoolcraft (5)
First sale of PC Desktop Cleaner, and some questions. Javier (7)
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URLAgg (feedback requested) Jeff Schoolcraft (5)
How long before visitors hit the back button? Andy Brice (9)
Where to search for marketing partner? Dominic St-Pierre (6)
Is Google wave a massive threat to isv's providing collab tools? Justin Vincent (9)
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Anyone else going to SIC this year? Andy Brice (7)
Product vs. Company Site Ttocs (12)
1 tweet = 10x downloads Mo Flanagan (41)
How much would it typically cost to purchase a parked domain? DDL (30)
12:30pm / 3:30pm and other mysteries of the world! Bob Frances (6)
When is old, too old? Craig Snyder (25)
Which country to incorporate in? TheAK (8)
Company naming after your last name? TheAK (14)
TrialPay Interview Nico Westerdale (0)
Is there a market for a streamlined Fireworks alternative? Craig Saboe (7)
Graduated. Decent programming job. What next? James D (12)
Is there a market for a ticket migration tool? Torsten Uhlmann (3)
Any suggestions for business Credit Card? Advanta closing accts. Mr. Analogy (4)
Web versus native app Germán Arduino (12)
Plimus is down... Patrick (7)
Startup Idea - Bayesian include engine for Twitter Justin Vincent (18)
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iPhone App and Sales Tax Jason Moore (10)
Anyone has experience with print advertisement? mthadm (8)
Talking to your competitors Corey H Maass (11)
irish domain names bumperbox (1)
Can you please give b2b misv examples? m.y (8)
Pricing model Mosh (1)
Startup Ideas Justin Vincent (7)
New mISV & New Producet: Seeking Feedback Chris J. Karr (7)
Startup Idea - 6 Degrees Of Separation Game Justin Vincent (7)
what percentage of users have .net installed Nir Dobovizki (yaTimer Time Tracking Software) (7)
SaaS: customers want NDA? How much to charge? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (6)
Should I reduce the product price? KevinRich (12)
State Sales Tax Calculation: How do you do it? Crimson (11)
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Software Video Demos Question Krishnan (5)
so tired someone (17)
How to track view of flash-demo with Google Analytics? Roman Rudnik (1)
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using Twitter to announce new versions of software? NickCEO (6)
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The Pros and Cons to Single Sign In gengstrand (7)
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AdWords Editor headed for retirement Dave Collins (3)
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Machine Man Jason (3)
Could you be a customer to a Middle-east based company? Hiding from the World (10)
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Product feedback, Take 2 Ray S (6)
Opinions: Product Name? BenjiSmith (11)
My first product - using tips from BoS Martin Currie (26)
Mac vs. PC Conversion Rates Jaquet (3)
Release your eBook whilst you're writing it? Ian Ozsvald (10)
NDA John Long (7)
Visual design is _all_ that matters! Doug (17)
Looking for a Mac microISV mentioned here... Bob Walsh (3)
Planet MicroISV... is it time for it to come back? Glenn Rice (10)
Is this a sign the jobs market is really tight Jim Chapple (5)
New product idea for startup NP (6)
kids industry,does any one know it and can tell about it abit Meir (9)
AdWords bounce rate / conversion rate targets Mo Flanagan (6)
Feedback on my product website Cristian Pascu (13)
Building a Product Website BenjiSmith (13)
Pricing calculators Steven Lee (9)
BitsDuJour Feedback After The Fact KPMoore (6)
Best choice for new mISV (2009 edition) John Moody (9)
SnapConfig 3.0 Xml, Registry, Ini and More Sajid (5)
Triangle microISV Meetup is today (Tuesday, May 19th) Jon Chase (1)
Affiliates with FastSpring Sam H (9)
.com domain & product specific domain? I'm Anonymous (4)
Were to sell your products? TD (7)
Suggestions for a copy Stray__Cat (3)
Why aren't these products making good money? Justin Vincent (18)
Ideas on how to post on competitors' forums? Not Saying (8)
Mentioning customers in a private conversation B2B (14)
Subscription service - handling upgrades / downgrades Tomas Kohl (5)
Cheap telephone system for a school? Suggestions? Peter Cunningham (6)
New Product for ISVs Ray S (2)
Location based content service app, any comments? Wahid blip (6)
Potentially self-destructive product idea Nit (6)
Do end-users buy business-productivity software? Marcin Coles (8)
Third-party SMTP service? Felipe Albertao (2)
Product Strategy for BRMS Michael Dausmann (1)
Trademark in USA Fherry (1)
Advertising to Revenue ratios Martin Pilkington (19)
Need marketing advice! Will Rayer (7)
Subscription, billing & payment management for a SaaS/PaaS ISV PaaS ISV (1)
New product feedback Rob Monie (11)
Does anyone use Amazon EC2 to provide SaaS? steveneo (4)
What else to improve my site? Brad Robinson (11)
Who builds the corporate website? PA (7)
What qualities should a new comer to the micro ISV world have ? Omar Mefire (16)
SourceGear's recent mailing Ewan McNab (3)
WHich service to use to hire somebody to harvest customer logos IJ (12)
software updates: no right way? Victor the Python Artist (16)
Why truth does not sell? Stray__Cat (5)
Phone support GXT 4 life (13)
Recommendation for company who offer SEO service Fuwa Fung (4)
Anybody have experience with visitor ip dhimes (10)
can something *this* simple make money? anabayan (22)
New Product! A.J. Pantoja (15)
state taxes? xdavidx (4)
Did your sales slow down again? Anonymouse (14)
mp3 files on linux web server Serge (3)
Connecting to my home desktop whilst on vacation Steven Lee (18)
Testing Viability of Profitability of a Software Product OneNerd (11)
Formatted License Keys Adriano Ferrari (9)
where to find statistics on applications people are buying Meir (2)
Anyone tried TrialPay? Charlie77 (5)
components of an ecommerce platform steve bardis (1)
A different unpaid invoice situation BrianL (19)
what kind of company can bring down google? steve bardis (33)
A License Question and a BDJ Announcement KPMoore (4)
Call for Streaming Video Service Provider Recommendations Plone Glenn (5)
Payment Gateway/Processing Company Suggestions? Chaim H (5)
EU wants software makers held liable for code Appraisal Mind (14)
Do Adwords really work? GXT 4 life (11)
Business is not about being right William Speirs (11)
Neophyte marketer seeks advice on creating the ultimate company. Jim Kerr (11)
Prospect asking about companies using my software. I only have 2 via nueve (10)
Questions for Google? Bob Walsh (10)
How long before Google starts displaying your ads? dhimes (4)
Improving the Docs causes more service requests Scott (10)
Is source code an asset of startup? Bob Johnson (39)
Hand holding customers - how to stop tired (19)
Is there such a thing as an installer for PHP apps? Drew Kime (10)
Naming stuff (chart feature in my app) Karsten (7)
A new name... Patrick (7)
How big is your market? Ben Mc (8)
Spams in forum Serge (7)
Any scope for private Analytics? Dev S (15)
Software for Maintenance Contracts and Updates Luke Miller (2)
Worked on JoS Site feedback - take 2, is it better now? uwf - WorkWolf.com (9)
New product website - comments appreciated Jay Cincotta (11)
Recommendations for online catalog site? Hiding from my customers (7)
Google loves twitter? Hiding from my customers (5)
Machine learning and other worlds in software? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (2)
Hosting company out of business Arethuza (3)
How Do You Identify Expertise? gengstrand (7)
vizidesk.com invitation? Hiding from my customers (19)
handling an unpaid invoice Jason (19)
Create subdomain for each tenant? Adel Khalil (9)
Any suggestion for promoting this new product? Edwin (10)
Generating keys for the product Gautam Jain (7)
Pricing for online product - up front, or bury deep Jason Glover (12)
Payment processor for Japan? MarcoB (6)
Build or hire? Lorenzo Bolognini (14)
Made my first sale! Robert Ringham (8)
Changing IP address HelloWorld (4)
Ratio of bug fixes to new features Jonathan Elling (6)
Want to learn new programming language - which one? Michael Vogt (15)
Pros & Cons of submitting to download sites Edwin (11)
How do you get trial users to answer a survey? Zviki Cohen (9)
Web site for people to share expertise? Mark1a (1)
MS BizSpark: 12 000 startups and ISVs served in just 6 months Julien (6)
Conversion Rates Improvements with Code Signing Certificate Max Schneider (3)
Did the planetmicroisv pass away? Dennis Crane (4)
BDJ tracking Monique Stover (SeaGreen Software) (3)
Feedback needed on download package for ASP.NET upload component Chris Hynes (3)
Charging more for a commercial license Patrick (7)
Code Signing Certificate EP (2)
Bits Du Jour Sale Results and Analysis Mark Gladding (4)
Is this a silly idea? A "hook up" site for founders? Ryan Michela (9)
Software Development Agreement Jason Cross (5)
micro-ISV Financial Model Chris H. (7)
Redesigned website -- comments appreciated Patrick (8)
Questions for Guy Kawasaki? Bob Walsh (3)
Good solution for recurring charges Dror (7)
How do you manage payments for subscription plans Maayan Porat (6)
Today it doesn't feel so good... Steve McLeod (9)
Any ideas on how to copy FTP User accounts from cpanel? Anonymouse (0)
FlairBuilder's first version released Cristian Pascu (5)
MD5 instead of Code Signing Arcada (11)
Good hosting in Canada? Arcada (3)
Banks going under, deposit insurance GXT 4 life (8)
Mint like software in the UK? uwf - WorkWolf.com (10)
New MicroISV - another wireframing tool Peter Severin (15)
Google XML Sitemaps Steven Lee (5)
Great reason to be an mISV Jason Glover (15)
Optimizing for conversion within your software Terrell (2)
Good product page edddy (8)
Was your WinLicense protected app cracked? Gautam Jain (2)
Product Idea and Prototype Thomas P. Boesen (2)
Some Conversion Stats Bruce Chapman (2)
Facebook Opens a Door and Startups Rush In gengstrand (3)
Churning out feeler projects Derek Illchuk (11)
Leveraging Customers to Support Each Other gengstrand (4)
looking for Beta Testers Stray__Cat (4)
Where the money is? Vladimir Dubovoy (8)
What do you look for in a developer: The results and thanks Dan V (1)
Tech Question: Digital Certificates Mark Nemtsas (4)
First Sale! - plus some stats Adriano Ferrari (35)
Copied by Chinese gov, what do you do? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (14)
How you treat your customers makes a BIG difference.. Mark Andrews (4)
New Product: Java License Manager Jason Nichols (24)
P.O. Box for home-based business? Anon Post (9)
Consult gone sour.  Take the money and run? DLarsen (14)
'Tick box to agree to terms before download' Good idea? Bruce Chapman (12)
Google Analytics API Simon Shutter (6)
Agile in Real Time? Ryan Wilson (4)
USA download sales site collecting VAT from European customers Drummer (11)
Do you use unit tests? If so how much coverage? Justin Vincent (9)
Startup Accounting RobertS (7)
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