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Andy Brice
Successful Software

Doug Nebeker ("Doug")

Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

Nicholas Hebb
BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Should I add my keyword to my home page URL? Mark McLaren (9)
GNU Library License question Wayne (15)
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Where are your downloads? S3? Anon (12)
What Kind of Dev Machines Are You Buying? Christopher Hawkins (48)
30 day product challenge feed I. Hate. Integers (12)
Listen to a SaaS Seminar I gave on May 14th rick chapman (0)
Retrieve products details form the web? anon (5)
Will this affiliate strategy work? anon (4)
Poll: Which converts better on adwords: search or content networ n! Labs (4)
Quickest eCommerce/DRM setup ? Impressionable (2)
Selling to small businesses Budding mISV (20)
Anyone here start a non-niche, non-mISV software biz? SmartYoungAnonPoster (12)
Need Source Control - but which? Anon because Ashamed (29)
OpenID and others Tim Haughton (8)
What is flawed about Google, Yahoo, FaceBook, and Others A New Web? (19)
Tracking overtime? Simon Jones (15)
Ian's first 6 months, great post! (5)
PAD - 450 or 2000 char desciption more popular? Grown fat with decadence (2)
Selling a small software company MorningCoder (10)
ASP.NET Hosting with Task Scheduler support Zmurfin (12)
Logo Specification + Review Tarek Demiati (7)
online degree in computer science Mark (20)
New Trading Laws in the UK Jim Chapple (26)
"No malware" verification (12)
Managing support tickets Intellectually Stimulating Vocation (11)
Partner Programs On the verge (5)
How to remove a crack/serial page from Google Ryan Wheeler (4)
uISVs and education Whats in a name? (7)
ASP.NET/SQLServerHosting Anon (9)
OCR component for .net anon (3)
Working at Home sb (8)
How much time can you commit to your Micro ISV Project ? Tarek Demiati (13)
Business of Software LinkedIn group Neil D (4)
How do I get out of this project? Never working for small companies again... (21)
Paypal fraud anon for this one (8)
Tax Rates in your country for ISV bob mm (13)
Thanks BoS (Sales Figures)! Anon for this one (11)
adwords analysing software? ANALize (5)
FTP mapping to a drive?  any free solutions? FTPee (10)
Free webbased servey form creator anon (6)
Thinking of moving my ISV to Canada, advices please Anon (24)
work experience vs a degree Mark (12)
Hosting Recommendations for Multiple Domains !Steve (7)
why do teachers say desktop app = web app login n! Labs (8)
How Google is robbering us politely-explained frustrated (18)
Gap Avoidance Algorithm in Seating Plan Charlie Chaplin (15)
Hosting your web app yourself (rather than using a hosting compa Steve (38)
Sudden increase in google adwords CTR clerkenwell (11)
email from user using trial version, are Sony Vaio laptops slow? OneManAndHisComputer (12)
Google conversion tracking underreports conversions? n! Labs (2)
NYC software consulting rates? Andrew Badera (4)
Google == Napster ? Drew Kime (1)
Anyone in US has their msv set up offshore? Anon 4 this one (8)
Online help or not Erhard Smit (3)
Paypal issues for subscriptions Jivlain (1)
New ftp search engine ES (4)
How close do you live to your means? Dan (18)
Balancing your family time with your mISV work time Nathan Ridley (32)
How often does your software fail to phone home? Mark McLaren (25)
Site/plugin for simple user registration P (2)
Buying software from Amazon MT Heart (6)
Great (new?) Google feature for ISVers Grown fat with decadence (6)
Adwords To Lol Over Scott Kane (5)
Anyone from Czech Republic here? Anon (7)
Adwords for test marketing SV (5)
Visualising data - Is the Eurovision song contest rigged? Andy Brice (18)
Free Software in exchange for quality website feedback Giacomo 'Peldi' Guilizzoni (7)
Software registration/key site P (6)
Yahoo warnings about download sites Barry (7)
Website comments Ilija Studen (11)
Adwords - there is no logic!!! n! Labs (8)
I really like GetClicky.com but is there an alternative service? anon (3)
SSL certs for Google Checkout - Recommendations please? Pete C (6)
Unfinished orders on avangate -big surprise!! surprised (6)
Launching app in a month -- any contemporaries? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (23)
Are Resellers worth it for merchants? Doug (2)
Ads on the wall street journal SoftBall (1)
Good HTML drag and drop panel framework? OP (9)
How long till google catches a link of my site from another site Backit (5)
Website revamp n! Labs (4)
How do you manage your mISV bookmarks and research information? HelpMeGetOrganized. (14)
"Copy That Doesn't Suck: Developing the Consultant's Web Site" Don Wallace (10)
The pain! The suffering! The need for a new ISP! Bob Walsh (25)
Are Affiliates Worth it for Merchants? Stephane Grenier (8)
How do you increase your quality score on Adwords Frustrated Adwords user (11)
Website review (lightweight scrum tool) Boris (1)
Structuring a working relationship / partnership.  Advise needed David Chmura (15)
Google makes fools of us no name for this (31)
Citrix and .Net Winforms applications clerkenwell (6)
AdLandmark? anyone use them? bob mm (1)
MS AdCentre misreporting conversions? Andy Brice (2)
What do you think of BPM market? Interesting to sell BPM (10)
Need to-do list, stored online but viewable from system tray Nathan Ridley (12)
What is Z-Billing? How is it compared to PayPal? OP (2)
What's your biggest mistake? Hate Mistake :-) (40)
Website review (a special kind of bug-tracker) Lorenzo Bolognini (11)
BaseCamp vs DeskAway. I Hate Price War Hate pricewar (16)
Moving hosts, what do I need to consider? James T (4)
Something For Free Scott Kane (4)
Plimus Euro Vendor Accounts EU Vendor (7)
podcast: Open Source Business Models with Dirk Riehle Rafael Chaves (0)
Website review. Barry (6)
PPD & PPA bob mm (7)
Website Freshness and The Big G Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (9)
Starting a Consulting Firm Parc (5)
Should I be angry Partner??? (34)
Puzzle Publisher released n! Labs (6)
Appropriate amount to spend on insurance (12)
Looking for good Help Menu Products Randy (9)
About site design Mikael Bergkvist (15)
ANN: New blog from the BitsDuJour boys Nico Westerdale (0)
What should a logo say about a software company? Joel K (13)
Office Art - How to find good framed art for the workplace? Christopher Hawkins (18)
What's the Going Rate for Web Applications Developers? Bill Thoen (12)
How many mISV's have USP? Erhard Smit (9)
Service for AdWords, AdCenter, and Yahoo ads? Steve (2)
Control who installs software Ana (6)
Conversion funnel percentages Pre-Marketer (7)
Just a quick one regarding Content Canvas Nathan Ridley (7)
European Software Conference(ESWC) 2008 - Infos updated David Boventer (3)
Spanish Speakers: Please Test my Localized App Peter (3)
What accountants are other software businesses using? Michael H. Pryor (6)
Google says my site is spam, deletes it from their index! Wtf? Bored Bystander (28)
Affordable phone service Jon Chase (17)
Request for comments on my website n! labs (17)
Moving averages for revealing sales trends Dr GUID (6)
How to estimate a market size? Op (7)
Is it a must to start a company? Anon (10)
PHPList and danger of being marked as a spam source AnonForThis (2)
Any opinions of BestCoders.co.nr? BaSco (2)
Thirty day product challenge: taking registrations I. Hate. Integers (9)
del.icio.us bookmark button on your mISV website. anon (5)
Are merchants protected from a credit fard fraud anon today (8)
$37,000 in Indiana. What can I do with this? (30)
Drinking beer whilst coding.. Steve (the other one) (10)
Selling design documents to your open source project Anonymous (5)
Lunarpages down? Anon (8)
Give software free or charge to gain momentum? Anonymous (13)
DeepTrawl 2.0 Beta 2 released Jonathan Matthews (3)
Dharmesh, congrats on the $12 million funding! Iqbal (6)
Is it legal to buy this marketplace software? Government related (2)
Experience with Plimloc (Softanchor)? Peter (4)
MicroISV Sites That Sell - e-book review Dan (5)
Anyone tried Stomper Site Seer? Chuck Rival (5)
Placement Targeting or Keyword Targeting? OP (0)
Mailing Paper for marketing effort Wondering (5)
Only2Clicks. Will This Startup Survive? Not Optimist (11)
Google Adwords CPC vs CPM. Please Share your Experiences. Marketer Wannabe (4)
Referrer-to-Conversion Tracking Using Cookies Ethan (12)
WordNet allowed for commercial use? Mike Lamper (4)
Download to sales ratio. the truth (4)
Be Sure to Hide Your Data Before Go To US. Is it True? Proudly not an American (46)
Is it ethical to use PayPerPost service? Advertiser (8)
Thirty day product challenge I. Hate. Integers (17)
uISV - scope of first product Dravidian (9)
crossplatform contender? outback (10)
Enhanced online email Dror (8)
mISV Idea, or Exists? Greg (16)
Handling group purchases Deborah Miller (6)
Going to establish a new startup in Bali. What do you think? Not in Bali (13)
Experience with Umbraco CMS? TFI Friday (8)
Still possible to put adwords on a specific page or website? Adwords newbie (0)
Subscription Web App on CMS? GPL, Sue Me, Hmm... (5)
Motives to uninstall soft Ana (7)
Looking for a WordPress web designer Torsten Uhlmann (2)
Adwords Campaign for your app crack searchers - 9% CTR anon... (16)
How to best blog anonymously? Blogger (17)
International taxes MCote (5)
Braintree Payment Solutions Oliver (5)
Adwords - feels like not a reliable solution TaKo (15)
3rd edition of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X now out Martin Pilkington (30)
Problem Non-competitive clause in the webdevelopment contract Becky (21)
Cannot open Regnow? godwar (4)
Best nation to do business (no need for public social services)? ShyAnon (52)
Anybody used Joomla! with Lunarpages' basic plan? Edwin - desktop mind mapping software (4)
What's your dream CMS got in it that the others don't? Nathan Ridley (15)
Does Yahoo PPC work for those who have decent Adwords results? anon (9)
For the record! Nathan Ridley (29)
Any microISVs/startups in Toyko? Bob Walsh (7)
explain diffs btw swpal, ejunkie, fastspring newbeedoobeedoo (12)
I'm new to bulk emailing... need help and general info. Jon Larsen (18)
Does your webhost publish CPU usage caps? Drew Kime (9)
.net vs. .com domain for dev shop eek (11)
Very serious SSL and SSH security vulnerability Starr Horne (ChatSpring Live Chat) (8)
Silverlight 2 for a company website?.. Dmitriy (16)
Microsoft Empower - Advisory hours Doug (5)
found this cool little cute button maker its free and webbased. anon (4)
Is Regsoft going to die? Robert Lee (12)
Found an alternative of e-junkie Robert Lee (8)
Software protection and licensing - do you have a better choice? (18)
Web hosts to avoid Dominic (27)
New software marketing blog from FastSpring Dan Engel (5)
Merchant Warehouse -- your experience? Oliver (1)
Applets are back! Gili (19)
How to solve your marketing issues and finally sell some product Nathan Ridley (111)
International shipping software Dave (9)
Iam looking for a way to copy protect my svg templates glovejobs (3)
New mISV, Please Review. ScottK (28)
uISVs? .net 3.5 SP1 + WPF 20mb download Steve (20)
Affordable copywriters ES (2)
Step in the arena: new born uISV Alain Bocherens (devsoft) (19)
Let me tell you why you have to have a remote backup Edwin - mind mapping software (10)
MSIVs Get A Real Job!! John Wilkins (52)
Using a paid service to Digg your site. VERY unethical Digger (19)
Digg submission service Get featued on Digg homepage. True? Whatever (2)
Thicktraffic.com. Do you know this company? mISV (0)
Anyone use directory & social bookmark submission service? BM (0)
HubSpot Experiences? ISVer (13)
Do we have to pay to get Service Mark? BM (4)
e-junkie, 2checkout development opportunity bumperbox (5)
Banner ad within software as revenue model Jim Verzino (6)
Need Advice - where to host my key generator and how to protect bob mm (11)
e-junkie down heads-up Andy Brice (28)
Best examples of software demo vidoes? Anon Fot This (3)
Inspiring Anonyman (13)
Non-western customers - extra support overhead? anon (12)
SerialShield SDK Serge (2)
Can't stop Google crawling my folder! Daffy (6)
Licence vs lease Bill Jenkins (6)
To which languages do you recommend me to translate my software. bob mm (20)
Plimus through customers eyes Anon (5)
Non-US mISVs ES (3)
Ripping AdWords vs Google's Terms of Service Gili (1)
Possible for foreigner (not US citizen) to register trademark? Not US Citizen (4)
Article by Peter Bright on Windows v. Apple Beluga (14)
Rental Property website *just launched* Feedback please :) Alfie John (15)
Shareit upload mess anon for this please (3)
coolest guy & the bingo guy, share your price increase results? always anon (10)
Adwords troubles... anon for this please (6)
Competing against another MicroISV Alex (14)
Is www.site.com/index.html?s=mysource same as www.site.com anon (1)
Which is harder: PhD or start a successful mISV PhD or mISV (35)
Scrooge marketing from Coding Horror LazyEight (11)
Advice on equity arrangement Not usually anon (6)
reseller purchases at non-business rate for airplane manufacture MeAndMyISV (10)
Google Free Campaign Optimization -any expiriencies? noname (2)
What do you think about download.com ppd? Robert Lee (7)
Google App Engine solve 1 thing but cause another? Li-fan Chen (8)
Dilemma: The Community Asks to Open Source FreeCommander Not Marek (16)
does anyone do software services? Contractor (5)
Landing Pages: Display or Remove Navigation Elements? anonymice (4)
Harder to Monetize:a web app or desktop app curious george (11)
Searching for Web-Based Software Marketing firm OP (5)
Advertising for desktop applications? Gili (8)
Which license to use? Nick (6)
Download links on blog posts Anon (1)
VistaDB LGC (13)
Nice video on AdWords techniques MB (7)
Pricing for occasional users of enterprise app ant (14)
a/b testing on pricing BMT (1)
Building a CRM Consortium Consortium (2)
Building Your Own Open Source Library Mike (12)
Online storage service Sony (1)
Performance based outsourcing regularly anonymous (9)
Do You Trust Indonesian mISV? fromUntrustedCountry (19)
CRM that doesn't suck Unhappy CRMer (19)
First line technical support staff Grumpy Dude (14)
Bug Tracking Software recommendations? Neville Franks (28)
Just made the jump sloop (17)
Boosting Sales (Outsourcing?) Adam (7)
Market for JSF / Web Components rgdm (5)
Support and Maintenance fee lapse - how to handle Mr Boombastic (21)
Few downloads Ana (17)
Any mISV from Thailand? Thai (6)
Rizal, how's your image-compressor.com business doing? mISV (19)
mISV from China which has Successfully Entered Global Market? notFromChina (6)
Support response time Tony Edgecombe (16)
Our product RecentX on GAOTD (Contd...) Gautam Jain (9)
MISVs in countries where people don't like to pay Anindya Mozumdar (13)
Directories or Folders? ES (7)
Should I join the ASP? Dominic (16)
How to fight procrastination Shareware Developer (93)
Suggestions re: license manger? powerless (10)
Advice wanted on buying a parked domain nagoff (9)
MS Access -- Is it used for applications anymore? Noble D. Bell (20)
Has Anyone Here Done an A/B With The HackerSafe Logo? Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (12)
"Solo Entrepreneurs: Big Bucks From Tiny Computing Startups" Bob Walsh (30)
how strict about businesses, software on computers > licenses MicroISV (13)
Website feedback, please? Peter Gadzinski (12)
Can anybody recommend a package for analyzing web statistics? Bart Park (10)
Which website is good for finding reliable freelancers? Neo Syne (7)
Has anyone used: hostechsupport.com ? JoinTheSaaSer (2)
Advice on good Livechat software suitable for smallISV? liveChatter (5)
Embarcadero Signs Agreement To Buy Codegear Scott Kane (27)
How can I control dual monitors with command line? Help (7)
Wordpress Question ScottK (5)
Best CV you have ever seen phrm (9)
DeepTrawl 2.0 Beta 1 Released Jonathan Matthews (15)
AdWords changes Monday (3)
2CO Free Vendor Accounts Offer Iqbal (2)
Good sms gateways suggestion? Clickatell? OP (6)
OT: is this feed broken RDJ (5)
Our product RecentX on GAOTD (And some experiences) Gautam Jain (7)
Source for playing card images?  On a budget. frustrated (8)
SEO: Long articles or short? Anon (6)
Quit or continue. Now I'm confusing! Hoochie Zhu (38)
what is White Label?  Got offer for white lable transaction. anon (5)
PAD file problem Alain Bocherens (devsoft) (6)
Managing customer-facing sales processes 1.5 Man ISV Losing Little Precious Hair (7)
Just released new SlickUpload version Chris Hynes (4)
Any tips on improving conversion directly from the trial? James (10)
Add a signature to a PDF file Neville Franks (12)
HyperCard Clone for a mISV product Atkinson is my hero! (14)
Source for playing card images, front and back? GameSellerToBe (7)
What MS licenses do I need to host ASP.NET/SQL 2005? SaaS'er To Be (13)
Bob, how's your safarisoftware? Do you still maintain it? Wondering (12)
Product exists to push to another product? Doug (5)
Contracting - billing questions (incl. first days on-site) ShyAnon (16)
2Checkout. Do you still love it? WantToSignUp (4)
List of Internet Marketing Company Suitable (in Price) for mISV? Not Bob (7)
Are you ever too old to start a mISV? Planning for the future (29)
new mISV: reviewers wanted Paul de Bugfriend (31)
What do you do with your uISV income? MartinC (10)
how to handle customer like this alexendar (3)
New product interface... second edition :) Virgil (17)
Custom Branding Anon (3)
Our own forum or use getsatisfaction.com? BM (9)
Offer upfront sale and software as service? j2e (4)
500hats.com and 47hats.com SaaSer (10)
Bob's consulting service for SaaS? Any experiences? SaaSer (9)
Using business/website name with PayPal Steve (2)
Code Signing Certificates naan (6)
Adwords works perfect. will yahoo payclick work as good? Clicky (5)
What would it cost to build this site. Technical Startup Partner. (27)
No MicroHoo or Yahoosoft or..... Joel Marcey (14)
new product idea, pls review alexendar (8)
Companies that waste money on ad words Scott (6)
Webmail for clients? Suggestions? Michael Johnson (5)
Potential customer as asking for discount 25% alexandar (12)
Procrastination and GTD software Blank for now (19)
Anyone in Boston BenjiSmith (7)
First month sales ~ $1300 - congratulate me! Sorry but anon (28)
how to deal with customer wants refund alexandar (25)
Software patents and British virgin island or Belize Thomas Merlin (8)
Contractors: indemnification clauses - will you sign? Bored Bystander (36)
Anyone recommend http://www.getclicky.com/? over google analytic CuriousG (4)
backup software for home computers michael (15)
How to handle bad reviews Greg (8)
new click tracking for new analytics? HOW? anon (3)
Does this tool exist? working on my dev tools (0)
Why won't Google take my money? Kasper (11)
E&O insurance VariableMunger (8)
Upgrade/support price for exciting customers Anon (8)
Trial Version of Image-Related App Limitations - Suggestions George (17)
Just Curious: PHP, RoR, Asp, Asp.Net Noble D. Bell (21)
Programming jobs statistics Ray (11)
Contracting - friends / co-workers (FTEs) asking about your rate ShyAnon (15)
Anyone using Ribbon? Anon (18)
Google Yahoo deal means higher prices (3)
How do I autostart download when user gets to the download page. anon (10)
How do mISVs handle major customer issues? mISV Newbie (13)
Is there a market for this? Ted (10)
"Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups: Who's Doing What When?" walterbyrd (14)
Re Terms Of Use for Subscription based website Simon Kendall (2)
Free Copies of Software for Blog Reviews? Anon for this one (6)
Feedback on New Website Improvements CRM (6)
MS Digital Locker Marketplace Serge Iouriev (0)
More SEO goodness James (7)
Anyone using Quick License Manager? Marcelo Rojas (2)
New product and new website. Please share your opinions... Virgil (16)
Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups: Who's Doing What When? johny chango (7)
Licensing Models ;) Ryan Smyth (0)
Adding a product , changing website Antonio Louro (2)
Free license for every person dugg our launching story. Ethical? Ben Mari (12)
SEO questions Al (6)
Anyone used reviewme.com before? Benmary (2)
Looking for Startup Advice: Interns / Hiring of College Students Mark Freedman (30)
Just how far will crackers go to get an app for free? anon for now (12)
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