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Andy Brice
Successful Software

Doug Nebeker ("Doug")

Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

Nicholas Hebb
BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Dealing with dust Nicholas Hebb (13 comments)
Sent emails treated as spam Anon (1)
Software Protection System - what do you use? Voltage Spike (9)
Preventing "Robots" from message boards Patrick From An IBank (14)
Auto response software anon this time (10)
Finding a Partner Grinder (9)
Education Specific Online Collaboration Software Daniel (13)
Buyer’s guide to development outsourcing Joannes Vermorel (7)
Interesting Steve Jobs/Bill Gates interview stuff (3)
Firefox crashing with Google Analytics ColinM (3)
Google site maps and renaming web pages Hot Fudge (7)
Color picker tool? Patrick From An IBank (9)
OT C# question about ADO.NET Chris goCRM (2)
Any mISVs in South Korea? Ryan Smyth (4)
Database Security Website updated - feedback? Herve Roggero (3)
mISV meeting in Reading UK nick swan (6)
Give Marketing Ideas Zeeshan (13)
Differentiating from BIG competitors Nilesh Jethwa (Dashboard Designer) (5)
What part do luck and timing play in creating a successful busin Anthony (15)
Using PIC MCU for mISV Merv (10)
Important SEO information ... Steve Moyer (6)
Standard software and customer-specific releases Anton (10)
Is OSS creating users with entitlement issue? . (16)
Overwhelmed by competition Undisclosed (29)
When is a MicroISV no longer a MicroISV MicroIsvMaybe (11)
graphics -- free/cheap resources Patrick From An IBank (11)
$8,000 a month with a Flash Game? Eric D. Burdo (9)
Is buying a mISV an option? I am looking to buy Asif @ Cubex (31)
What do you think about buying used software? microISVer (11)
Another BOS meetup :-) Limassol, Cyprus. John Morad (3)
How important is Focus for a small business? Yellow (8)
Just a great free productivity tool Antony (10)
BOS Micros ISV meetup in Paris/France Tarek Demiati (5)
Please explain Google Ads fraud Being dim (12)
Sharepoint 2007 Hosting Rudolf F. Vanek (3)
Commercial Online Malware Scanning? dek (4)
How to find an outsourcing company for micro-ISV type of thing? misv_outsourcing (8)
How are you tracking file downloads? green bean (15)
C# productivity Grinder (36)
Comparing Payment Processors - anything available? Looking for help (6)
would anybody  favor the tool? greentea (6)
A conundrum: overcoming the bias of engineer-speak (25)
Thought about selling part of your microISV? Alfie John (9)
Is there a "light" windows word processor that can do tables? steve (22)
How to contact OEM Marketing Bods Looking for help (0)
Mac and Linux Development Ian Sinke (8)
Regnow down? regnow user (2)
Web traffic analysis tools - recommendations please? Pete (9)
How to discuss business idea with current employer? EmployeeWithTheIdea (24)
effect of GoogleCheckout badge on CTR Andy Brice (5)
softwaresubmit.net Parisian Developer (11)
Do you send out CDs? JB (5)
Announcing the software product John (11)
mISV who only sell software and do not develop them Parisian Developer (6)
What is really important about Mono? 230 Volts (24)
Naming a product Ian Sinke (12)
Effective banner design? Joannes Vermorel (6)
Winforms or C++/MFC/CodeJock, Future? Grinder (15)
Speaking of Usenet marketing SM (10)
Marketing: Usenet Usenet lurker (18)
Confession of a copycat Incapable of original thought (24)
UI Vote (from your input) Chris goCRM (12)
wxWindows vs. MFC Mike T. (20)
flowcharting library outback (12)
Seeking funding Ben Gordon (11)
Is it really ALWAYS wise to release early ? Parisian Developer (32)
PopBox! Product Release John S. Reid (15)
Podcast interview with BoS regular Tony Edgecombe Andy Brice (11)
Interview with Adam Lasnik SEO Strategist at Google Cosmina Stefanache (0)
Would like your suggestions on a web 2.0 website Zanzibar zeus (7)
how do you compete with OSS? . (25)
charge for remote assistance of what? me&myself (2)
Suggestions for a tool to track investing returns vs indices? Ted Graham (6)
A demo version or full-functional trial version? bookworm (12)
If you use Amazon S3, can you help me with a test Saurabh Dani (1)
UI Vote... Chris goCRM (26)
Cheapest way to keep in touch with my customers JB (8)
Is It Ethical To Release A New Product At Version > 1.0? microISVer (40)
Regional resellers Antony (1)
New service/website - Quoozle.com Mike M (7)
Why it pays to kick the tires of prospective employers Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (23)
What Do You Do While Waiting At The Customer's Office? microISVer (12)
How much daily Impressions is a good volume on Adwords? KeywordMan (2)
Paying Bloggers for Reviews? Franklin (7)
Advice on Silicon Valley contracting rates dot for this one (12)
Mastering Dev Tools: Visual Studio (2003) Lyndsey (11)
Google Alerts for Customer Service Michael H. Pryor (4)
Mobile office rxs (8)
Your favorite Email client Noagbodji Victor (26)
Managed VPS or managed dedicated server Anonymous Coward (10)
what Windows OS versions are you supporting? Mike S (9)
about program development Ivars (7)
Project Management Software Recommendation Michael (13)
Where Did Opera Get Their Money From? Wondering (7)
No idea for your mISV? Please start hosting "ScrewTurn" Joannes Vermorel (9)
Training your wannabe partner - which books? Joannes Vermorel (3)
Herman Miller chairs Brody (16)
Advice needed on seeking a job in Phoenix Gili Tzabari (6)
A google like web page simon pang (11)
Simple Tool to test GUI YouKnowMe (7)
potential Customer wants the source code. FreshGraduate (15)
Google Analytics Tutorial Geetha (2)
Timer with plugins for FogBugz and OutLook 2007 Leonardo Carlos Prada (0)
Licensing: Maintenance Program & New Licenses Jos. Schlitz (4)
Maintenance Pricing JB (7)
Aussie uISV / payment processors? RobJ (12)
If they don't call you back: you're not hired, right? Noagbodji Victor (11)
New product name or Lite and Full. Chris goCRM (23)
How long time it took you to move to a reall Office? Thinking_About_Moving (7)
Anyone know a food free or cheap FTP deploy tool? Nathan Ridley (17)
Considering a full-time Micro ISV Experiencing the Peter Principle Daily (23)
How is Google Checkout penetration? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (7)
Looking for a website design company James (8)
how much information to collect about your users? Patrick From An IBank (6)
Public Release of our Site Search product Saurabh (6)
Plimus is Down! Mark_Cyprus (18)
Good tech companies to work for in India? Arsalan Zaidi (14)
Permissions & Vista Anon (11)
How is the market for PIM software? PIMp (11)
Web Software, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly gemini (8)
mISV making a living selling to Linux users? Doug (21)
Microsoft Empower / MSDN Contents May 2007 Very Satisfied Microsoft Customer (9)
uISV's based around UK (Reading, London) Nick Swan (10)
Employing Paid Intern Before Incorporating? Towering Interno (5)
Asteroid Jane Demo Andrey Butov (8)
Pirated Software (3)
Listings on Tucows and Download.com David Foskey (6)
Some last minute stuff (input invited) Nathan Ridley (10)
Social Contact -- uISV's in Tucson? Tom McNamee (3)
Setup my own webserver raja (6)
Scary stuff... Not me (5)
Light Weight CRM (10)
Corel Draw Alternative For microISV? microISVer (20)
Got offered a job today Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (30)
UK postal rates change Andy Brice (13)
What do you do when ..... Duncan (23)
Is it normal to have a high exit rate from the blog page? Hector Sosa, Jr - PainlessSVN (15)
Chat & Whiteboard Software Deborah Miller (4)
Good Blog/Website To Learn English? mISV (10)
name for the new product share & collaborate (10)
UK Co taking US$ payments - paypal or google? Orson Kart (4)
Pricing Schema Lewis (11)
Increasing price from $9.95 to $19.95. What do you say? ASP (9)
paypal issues Nick (12)
Open Source good for business? Conkerjoe (22)
Free Support - Maintenance Peter F. Frampton (3)
Making an old pc a server GotServer (18)
Ubercode Trial with Htmlhelp API Will Rayer (3)
Are demos everything for conversion? Kermit (10)
Does MS Empower offer Expression Blend/Design? blankety blank (11)
Server Hardware Lurk Master Flex (21)
security software nanoisv (6)
The Age Question M.Syne (17)
Non-disclosure agreement FreshGraduate (13)
Can Anyone Recommend a Good Link Building/Baiting Service? FreddieK (8)
Reality Check Grinder (18)
Trends in support Gz (12)
Does this software have the market potential? Huang Jason (22)
MicroISV with products for Windows mobile platform Piyush (6)
VC / Funding Question Nick H (14)
MySQL Documentor - New Product - Please review Nilesh Jethwa (7)
Redirecting web pages help Steve (5)
Opinion on Attending Consumer Trade Show JoeA (8)
Software for creating podcast anon (1)
Whatever happened to that project / app..  HELP.. HurtingBrain (2)
time estimation of Tasks jack (9)
SEO - Is there A Way for MicroISV? FreddieK (25)
Chinese software resellers Anon for this (7)
Web Site Ranking and Domain Name Expiration Date Michael Mathy (8)
101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger Neville Franks (7)
i found Essential PIM and its got a portable version  :) Stu (10)
A theoretical question: Would you rather... Derek Illchuk (27)
Customers threatening to write a blog post about you Anonymous (32)
1-800 distinctive ring John Kaiser (5)
Software base web site advice B Lonc (10)
is plimus a good payment processor? PayDay (11)
Botlist Alpha released Bot Berlin (0)
Can you earn a living selling $20 Software? Anon Ranter (65)
Time tracking for small shop AMS (7)
Best way to archive emails locally? Rowland (2)
The perfect Desk Layout? OneNerd (7)
legal agreements when selling to big companies microISV (25)
opening a US dollar account with a UK bank Andy Brice (17)
Poll: What is your title? Antony (18)
Falsely-flagged spam emails Nathan Ridley (12)
[Article] Reviewer's Guide: Do the Job for the Journalist Eugenia, SoftPressRelease.com (4)
My first shareware Leonardo M. Ramé (12)
Ok. whats for Round 2? Round2 (6)
Bad experience with PayQuake (Merchant Account Provider) Vince Harron/Flash Card Manager (4)
A business in computer security AnonForNow (13)
Which Affiliate to Use as a Merchant Bob213 (9)
best MS License option for dev tools? Jason (9)
V 1.0 finally Siddharta Govindaraj (14)
How much project work do you do? JOSHangout (6)
Digital Candle, Digibuy, BMT Micro anon for this one (2)
Rasing prices Anon (25)
Advertised Price and Taxes Nilo Menezes (5)
What was that link? Doug (7)
Any suggestions on a *weaker* title than "President"? Mr. Analogy (26)
Site5 is a Bust Site5 = Bad (4)
Help! Need to learn what WebSphere DataPower is all about Peggy Landan (5)
Why do search results jump around so much? kiwis are cool (4)
Dun & Bradstreet Grinder (12)
Went to BestBuy. They all have Vista. Noagbodji Victor (17)
Search engine processor 230 Volts (3)
Quick Survey: How do you make decisions? Matthias Winkelmann (16)
Downloads vs Actual Installations Antony (2)
Desktop Application that can run on a USB Pen Parisian Developer (13)
Do you trust Google Checkout for large monetary sales? Vincent Burroughs (4)
porting from Windows to Mac Mike S (18)
Renaming your app ... or ... about the kiwi Ian L (7)
Good example of a help file Steve (8)
Are you becoming more of a businessman? Meriza (10)
a very cool video chat tool laolai12 (1)
Spam Anthony (11)
Travel costs for demo Battling Jack (14)
resellers and partners Nick (2)
New Website feedback appreciated Philip Oldaker (10)
Site Review Request Chris Exline (5)
how do you protect redistribution of exe? Anonymous For Now (2)
Target downloads page with Adwords links? (I wonder how much of my clickthroughs are total frauds?) (4)
Wait a minute - where'd that bird come from? Crimson (9)
Is this a Viable Marketing Tactic? GadgetSpaz (4)
How much tech do you discuss in your blog Bot Berlin (6)
Windows 64 bit support Doug (8)
How much to charge for horrendous commute Steve Hirsch (20)
197 new users, 3 sales daily BOS reader, rare poster (13)
Multilingual website - language selection Antony (7)
We are looking for qualified writers! Nicole Ornelas (12)
Sad Story of Software Competition Zeeshan Alam (6)
Hosting a community site at home Bob the builder (7)
Can you accept your employee to start ISV? How_ (15)
Product website Or Company website? Getting_Ready_For_A_Start (7)
Setting multiple currencies with 2Checkout and PayPal Steve (7)
Company in India illegally reseilling our software Anon (15)
Product Management Vs Project Management Happy Singh (4)
sharewareradio.com Andy Brice (7)
How do I find my search engine position? anonic (14)
Our Children...as the graduate and the IT world Clueless (17)
Building Explorer website feedback. Siki (5)
Is there a business model for my blog? anon for the time being (9)
Anyone tried the "book revenue" business model? Don S (13)
A strategy for your mISV web forums? Joannes Vermorel (14)
Help with support level contracts with big guys Bagpiper (4)
Seth Godin's new Book Geetha (6)
Survey Software Anon (5)
Customer-friendly licensing Bret (3)
Anyone still trying to ignore Vista? Boris Yankov (34)
How much coffee do you drink a day? :- ) John Morad (52)
Sales agreement for exclusive rights for new territory Gz (3)
Help a Mac guy reach the Windows market Trygve (15)
HELP ME! I started to love Office 2007 m-ISV (13)
Price points Steve (15)
Outlook Rant Sneeker (3)
How much support do you offer? Duncan (17)
I need to design and print Software Box, any recommendation? John Morad (6)
Putting the 'personal' back into PC 230 Volts (10)
What should be considered when buying rights to a product Anonymous For Now (3)
Brilliant little uISV webapp Patrick McKenzie (19)
Talking avatars as a sales tactic? DanB (8)
Google Analytics with Plimus Brian Briggs (3)
SAP to buy OutlookSoft in latest shot at Oracle (0)
The 100+% Money Back Guarantee Shannon - Athor of PayPal Hacks (14)
First sale after two years no Larry Ellison (15)
Taking on investor in software startup netdeveloper (5)
Customer support Maxim Gannutin (4)
WaterCap - new approach to text CAPTCHA Pavel Simakov (12)
PHP Integration with word press Parisian Developer (5)
Wordpress users - E-mail add-on required. Neville Franks (14)
Leading examples of software web sites Steve (18)
much improved MySQL isv partner program launched Ken Kaczmarek (7)
Invisible Software Licenses (4)
Voice Over Software Dannyboy (7)
Copyright on city name Dannyboy (19)
On Productivity : Sleeping Less and staying sane & healthy Tell me how to sleep less and be more productive (26)
Detecting banned serial numbers--dialog or webpage? anon for this one (15)
A programming blog nvictor (15)
Any tool to make caret big? Donald Duck (19)
VS 2005 as USB u3 compatible program u3 (3)
Software to take notes on screenshots and save as pdf help (3)
Upgrade pricing Some isv (3)
Silverlight gibberish? Explain Expression then! Plain English helps us all (14)
Cutting back on our dependance on Search Engines Geetha (7)
On Productivity: How to Improve our Reading Speed? m-ISV (13)
Online demo instead of download B2B Dude (6)
Google Ads Have No Sense (pardon the pun) Alfie John (7)
How to register my product. JB (2)
To hide or not to hide (a 3rd country based mISV) T.J. (19)
free mail sender Mehrzadsoft (3)
Top 5 Skills an Entrepreneur should have Parisian Developer (27)
my first attempt at selling software nate d (9)
Promote your software at Giveaway of the day - how it works Andrea N. - Direct Access (9)
New Data Archive and eDiscovery Laws Hudson Lyon (2)
Can I have an address in the US without setting up a company ? Parisian Developer (8)
Standard payment terms Morgenhund Aminhotep (3)
sound effects Anon (3)
IDE in your browser Anon (6)
Alexa Rating? OneNerd (6)
Does your MicroISV have a 'business' blog? Gizmo (9)
If you have five minutes with the folks driving MicroISVs Li-fan Chen (19)
Advertising on JoelonSoftware? Sve (4)
Any one use the bitsdujour SEO SpyGlass? DanB (3)
Is this a good idea for a mISV copycat product? Anon Anon (7)
Should I quit using MySQL and use Postgres Bot Berlin (16)
Licensing your source code jz (2)
Google bad for innovation in software - wasting their time Doug Bendict (14)
To show or to hide the price in the front page Nilo Menezes (14)
Calculate Trial Date even if date format is different. DateMe (10)
SSL Certificates - My recommendation Neville Franks (7)
VMWare Workstation VS VMWare Player VMW (3)
What software for forums? ASP (12)
Bye bye, cube farm Mike S (18)
Crazyegg or Clickdensity? anon (2)
How do you manage PAD file in 2 languages Parisian Developer - mISV Wannabe (2)
Web 2.0 color palette iQuickdoc (0)
Man Days Calculation. Any Ideas? mISV (22)
A free online tool to draft your help files Dennis Crane (Kaizen for ISV) (11)
More Advice Needed Conkerjoe (11)
Association Of Shareware Professionals Conkerjoe (11)
Textile or BBCode? Nathan Ridley (10)
Finding a tech partner... steve (5)
where to begin? considering consulting (3)
1-800 numbers Johnny (21)
english terms: licence vs license etc Andy Brice (33)
MicroISVs and Sliverlight... Your thoughts? Michael Lehman (46)
Get Your Software Beta Tested For Free Paul Levine (17)
Sales Goddess has finally smiled! Nilesh Jethwa (21)
New .Net component, new web site, beta testers needed Nicolas Cadilhac (4)
New York Times new section on small business Michael H. Pryor (1)
When to call it a day Anon (15)
"We" or "me" ? Want_to_be_polite (23)
MIX07 Session/Breakout/Panel videos now starting to come online Michael Lehman (1)
Does 2Checkout handle purchase orders? Nick Hebb (9)
Accessing the user's address book from the desktop? Ted Graham (2)
New look for my website StepH ~ Tijmoe (22)
Contracting On The Side Regular Poster (2)
Plimus recurring payments? SH (5)
Prospect asked for some case studies Antony (16)
Product and Website Advice Requested David Foskey (14)
A different sort of mailing list? Musician (5)
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