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Successful Software

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What do you do after your product "depleted"? Aaron (7)
The Enterprise Market (9)
My Micro-ISV Story Covered Caller (28)
Product Pricing and Salesmen vladimir (6)
Expose the model? Nothing But Tsuris (6)
Preventing Consultants from Working With Your Software Astonished at Short Term Thinking (6)
OpenSource vs. Commercial software applications Anonymous Monkey (12)
Web 2.0 Startups:  What are you spending on hosting? startupguy (6)
Tips on protecting one's turf? Fred (16)
oISV (Organisation of ISVs) Ryan Smyth (13)
Google launches video AdWords Nick Hebb (7)
good example of landing pages Andy Brice (17)
Advertising software model Joe (5)
Please test drive our product. Anthony (8)
Web-based Email List Manager (preferably free) Phillip Flores (10)
Why don't like HTML e-mails ? nvictor (31)
FTP Synchronizer software, need your opinions. Lewis (13)
The problem with open source web templates Andrew Rowley (8)
New product - beta testers invited Andrew Rowley (26)
Contract venues (3)
Empower Program - Office Address requirement sansOffice (9)
Great example of Guerilla Marketing JD (3)
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Best Stats app? MCJ (13)
Periodic meetings at the company's office George (14)
Canadian merchant/payment solution Almost H. Anonymous (6)
Senior users: UI guidelines Vladimir Dyuzhev (25)
$9.99 or $10? Brian Moeskau (16)
Template EULA or customer support agreement (4)
Coupon codes Aaron (23)
Holding Page and Data Protection Act (UK) Would Be µISV (2)
On pricing a subscription service Mike Swieton (12)
Releasing a product. Chris goCRM (11)
to post or not to post ! Chris goCRM (9)
How to price a software platform and then the solution?? Sree Surya Kumar.G (10)
How do you get press coverage? Jean Moniatte (14)
Offering support for your startup mISV Doug (12)
Opinions on Joint Ventures?? Geoff M (4)
I ran across an awesome book on SMB's Bored Bystander (9)
I'm developing bad management skills nvictor (12)
Testing niche markets Erhard Smit (1)
Google AdWords and UK VAT payments Andy Brice (11)
xpost: use a skill matrix with a resume? ted (not bill) (6)
To offer free version of not? Anthony (11)
Best autoresponder parsys (5)
Microsoft Express Editions (Computer Buyer) Chris goCRM (7)
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Benchmark for ISV earnings anon for this (17)
Anybody knows good Indian IT lawyer Prashant (3)
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Market Research for ISV's ISV neophyte (3)
RSS feed - worth adding? Michael (6)
Convention Goals - Post Mortem Mike Johnson (4)
microISV wiki - wikimedia or Wetpaint? Bob Walsh (7)
Marketing - When to cut losses? Shannon [PayLoadz] (5)
Contracting agencies Fred (9)
Application Idea: Web-based MS Project TS (9)
ISV or degree? Sage (12)
Reviewing a product sensitively Slightly nervous (6)
EULAs vs Support Contracts Andrew Rowley (1)
Hosted subversion Doug (5)
Creating/selling scraping software Researcher (5)
Writing Desktop microISV apps now: language of choice? Bob Walsh (57)
Obfuscator? Mark R. (8)
Recommendations for a localization service? David Ing (3)
1&1 Hosting ? Hosted Exchange ... anon (13)
Geek Squad - Interesting Article Lenny (0)
An anonymous mISV blog - warts and all...? The Choosen Hairy Irish (10)
Accounting For Intellectual Property I'm Not An Accountant Either (5)
A Guide for Developing Windows Shrink-wrap Software in Java Imminent (16)
Opensource wonder Victor Ronin (14)
Logo/Website Design Sav (5)
court-ordered notice about Google AdWords Account Jessy (12)
S-Corporation accountant Steven (4)
Sale - Today Only!! [everyday] - hmmm Shannon [PayLoadz] (13)
consultant negotiating with headhunter over rate Hoang Do (14)
Is search working? Brian Moeskau (2)
How to deal with licensing/payment for outsourcing Z. (18)
Our marketing efforts Shannon [PayLoadz] (14)
Input on Simple Agreement Chris Lee (13)
Payment arrangements with major corporations... (7)
Consultant dilemma - late payments Consultant (18)
Anyone built an advertising site/piece? Bot Berlin (2)
Bob Walsh's book samples jz (13)
Online schedulers Z. (2)
Help!  Customer email overload Doug (16)
Anyone tried out New MSN ad centre? Piyush (5)
SAAS vs. Windows apps for use by ISV's? Jim Begley (11)
Project management for diverse group Ben Mc (8)
MS Empowerment Login Link anon - cause I feel stupid (11)
customer skills levels Andy Brice (26)
Gambas - VB like rad tool. user (1)
FB 5 and Desktop apps Bob Walsh (20)
How do you handle Auto-Updates? Grasshopper (13)
Mailing CDs Ram Shriram (19)
Wish List - Software Delivery Service Shannon [PayLoadz] (7)
Getting into retail stores Software Owner (26)
Provisions for checking the # of licenses J (8)
Billable rate vs. Salary D. Lambert (5)
CRM - Customer Relationship Management Anonymous Monkey (17)
Can I make a space invaders clone? UfoBusters (18)
another site, newsminator like feed application Bot Berlin (2)
Slow Summer Sales Rick (10)
Avangate - an alternative to Shareit Jimmy Davis (7)
Working at a Startup vs. Going off on your own Anon (16)
Showing software price on website Jim Duffy (12)
Trial Period: 15-Days, 30-Days, Or...? Trevor Lohrbeer (17)
White noise at work - studies? A Regular Contributor (13)
Parent process trapping crash Anon (10)
Working with (not for) my old boss... Scott P (15)
How do you manage your incoming E-mails? Terrell (16)
Development with IIS and being online all the time. Sajid Khan (16)
Do you allow your ads on AdSense sites? Mike Stephenson (14)
Is this is a good deal? Software Owner (23)
Getting Legal Advice for a NFP venture Josh McFarlane (1)
Perfect Table Plan: Dear Mr. Brice, Cory R. King (43)
How do I cut interviews short? microISV owner (25)
Do we let VC's keep copies of my pre-release software? anon for now (7)
Best Practices to find out if there's a market for my product ? MicroISV WannaBe (8)
Tool for AdWord Geeks Shannon [PayLoadz] (6)
Convention Goals. Mike Johnson (5)
Video Review Request Ryan Smyth (11)
Stock/Profit Sharing Plan for small software company? CuriousInNYC (6)
Process monthly payments and mISV web 2.0 Patrizio Rullo (32)
mISV or uISV? Brian Moeskau (15)
Would you buy SaaS from a foreign country? B. Mayfield (7)
dealing with competition mISV-to-be (24)
Buisness Skills key to success in IT ~Eric (16)
Advertising that works Claudiu Spulber (4)
Naming Products Burned (10)
No more niche in gaming industry. nvictor (34)
Are there any uISVs selling web based services...? Another uISV (12)
How freeware can be a big problem Ben Mc (18)
ISV and Money Bot Berlin (15)
blogging and competitors outback (14)
New Ubercode Beta Bill Rayer (4)
Google Trends is worth knowing about. Bob Walsh (10)
www.co-pilot.com Tarek Demiati (1)
Free software - how to make money Brad Thomas (10)
Is location important Wanna B ISV (17)
equity share A B (9)
Google trends: cracks and serials Adam (14)
Names are not easy (company/domain name) Arik (28)
To teach or not to teach Victor Ronin (18)
Legal issue of outsourcing newbie J.K. (20)
Purchase Order process Ram Shriram (17)
Who were you? Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (33)
creative funding for  mISV Mohsen Saad (4)
I have to wear a uniform Back in school (47)
Asking upload/dld sites to remove illegal file Claudiu Spulber (11)
How to start your own Micro-ISV #2 Brad Thomas (16)
Using Google Map on realtor site realtor dev (7)
Where do old source code go Peter (21)
Selling source and rights to pay bond Desperate (6)
Should non-software companies develop software Aaron (27)
how long to launch new business Jonnie (4)
Where have you been advertising for free? Bot Berlin (10)
Hosting your own servers at home/office Doug (16)
Babies and home based mISVs Andy Brice (45)
Webex-ish recommendation? Deane (15)
I have been appraoach with an opportunity mrdev2u (9)
Enterprise Web 2.0 mISV? Sanjay Bhatia (10)
Writing an article for another web site Jose Leon (5)
How to refer to (USA) "lower 48 states" ? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (21)
Anyone outsourced to china? George (39)
SAT prep sites Z. (8)
How to make your software fantastic by asking and listening Li-fan Chen (9)
How long until I will be ready to start an mISV? Blake (24)
How to start your own Micro-ISV Mohsen Saad (6)
How to make an application time-limited New to the game (25)
College choice. nv (19)
Texas Ranch House: microcosm of entreprenuership? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (4)
Majorly screwed by web host, need your thoughts Need a new home (32)
uISV and killing software anonymous coward (13)
Learning/practicing python... Blake (12)
Do you use sales people? Matthew Choinski (9)
Free version feature set PA (10)
Help Request: Test First 60 Seconds of Movie Robert Lerner (9)
When you are billed at X and paid X-D what is fair? StartingOut (24)
web app software movie demo..help? Kevin (6)
Purchasing a boiler-plate EULA Mammon (12)
Custom localized version cost Amanvir (6)
monitors for developers: 30 inch or two 24 inch? falcon (22)
I18N Done Bad Imminent (7)
Qt Small Business license el (15)
Decision-tree software for customer support Adam M (3)
Good e-commerce books needed nvictor (2)
Indian market inquiry Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (29)
Client extranet Jonnie (6)
Product Documentation sdani (5)
User name in installers Jason (4)
Product Launch!  At last! Feedback desired ... Pat Fitzsimmons (37)
First real sale.. Mike Johnson (17)
Freelance Consulting - Hourly Rates??? Anon (14)
What can I use instead of Genesys/GoToMeeting that supports Mac? Amar Rama (1)
Giving "exclusive right", is it ok? ergo (11)
Financial news about the software and web business - where? Newsminator (3)
What should I do? Sevenoaks (15)
My cat Tones does not respect the fact that I'm working Josh (30)
Why are they frightened? nvictor (10)
Cross-platform (Win/Mac) selling experiences? jhop (6)
Online Developer Communities Jason Sankey (12)
Get +1% out of your software Dennis Crane (11)
Favorite closed source app that helps your ISV? Newsminator - tech news headlines (25)
developers for sale Martin Kulov (7)
Alexa/Google rank - how does your product site compare? Andy Brice (43)
Component Source, XTras, and other Distributors Wondering about Distributors (6)
forum effects trying_hard (6)
Source control for 1 person Ram Shriram (37)
Shameless Self Promotion & Potential Marketing KC (4)
Finding the best software and web conferences Ben Mc (9)
Is It Worthwhile Internationalising My App? Imminent (21)
Promotion to user groups Dennis Crane (6)
Online Presentation Creator - community sites out there? Bot Berlin (9)
Favourite open source app that helps your ISV? Adam (27)
finding a business partner (12)
Are customers ready to pay for online applications? Steve Kickert (13)
How to find the "professional" companies? anon (13)
Selling to Morally "Virtuous" Companies Ari Berdy (29)
selling to morally dodgy companies Andy Brice (69)
A resource for interface ideas. Bob Walsh (10)
Real job control for Windows or UNIX Mark L. Smith (10)
Does anyone process checks/MOs? Brian Moeskau (9)
Software Idea -> I want to write on the web page Nige (8)
Micro-ISV Tip #4: Microsoft Office Marketplace (cont'd) Nick Hebb (6)
Creating a strategic partnership Partner with me? (0)
Product Review Request Ryan Smyth (16)
New Forum Guidelines Bob Walsh (13)
Re review requests/deleted threads Bob Walsh (10)
Free web hosting ? MS Empower checks for a URL ... Patrick From an IBank (10)
US company uses W9 as an excuse not to pay PO Burner (12)
Rule of thumb self-employment multiplier? anon (12)
Redesigned based on your feedback... Matthew Choinski (9)
Selling a mISV..... how? Mick (7)
Premarket AdWords farmboy (7)
Equity and role partitioning in an early-stage venture NNL (9)
Can your site work with client-side scripting disabled Simon (7)
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