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Business Factors and Software Design Mark Tutt (11)
What's your refund/chargeback rate? Grown fat with decadence (7)
Anyone Used Ted Finch Consulting Service Before? Ben (9)
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the end of misv (9)
Software golfki (7)
In the market for a new laptop, where do you look? Need A Laptop (28)
Proposals for b2b product sales Anon (4)
Issue/Bug tracker synchronizer: a viable product? Vladimir Dyuzhev (4)
Graphic artist for cd cover & dvd wrap sheet sought businessCard (4)
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OPS: Good idea? Volker Kopetzky (3)
How do you create the EULA for the software? 12345 (8)
What's your oldest anon (10)
Free SaaS Webinar on May 14th rick chapman (0)
ChatSpring Beta Goes Live! Starr Horne (ChatSpring) (13)
Backup my site Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (9)
Conversion downloads / purchase Ana (7)
Windows 2008 and 2003 Server = VERY INSECURE servers, beware! Teo (15)
Is it worth it to get listed on Capterra? Webber (5)
Software search (or idea for me) Massimo Gentilini (4)
Fast shared hosting Erhard Smit (3)
It's all my fault anon (6)
Game library licensing Glen Low (7)
Working as a Student Developer Student Developer (2)
License check (phone home) Anon for this one (9)
Adding search to a website John (6)
Hosted Source Control Services? Joel Marcey (18)
Speaking of SEPR (and AdWords) ... Drew Kime (6)
Looking for high quality + feasible software ideas prenue (4)
Does this product exist...? my name is here (5)
Now I'm A Believer, Thanks BoS! (14)
Wire Transfer EJ (12)
Godaddy for VPS/VDS? Carp (9)
Good PR/Marketing Firm That Can Help mISV Sell SaaS? Anon for this (6)
Can you test this for me please? alexandar (5)
PERMANENT EXCLUSIVE resellership in Arabic area... Anon99 (18)
How many copys of your bestseller anon (9)
new app, 3rdparty DLLs, and the competition (18)
mISVers with a non-programming day job? zrox (8)
Recommended SaaS Forum? SaaS Wannabe (0)
Niche press release services. Value for money? arturo (4)
What Has Happened to GoCRMSoftware? Need CRM (5)
What do you think about this kind of software? MonRu (6)
How to find initial clients for consulting? thinking (5)
Impressive game monetization model Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (23)
Personal Safety Erin (19)
Business of Software Forum FAQ Andy Brice (22)
How did you create your app Documentation? Examples? anon (11)
Developing Windows Apps on a Mac - Fusion/Parallels or BootCamp? Developing on a Mac (13)
one time purchase - niche market - is it sustainable? Justin (26)
What do you think about this web site ? Anon for this week end (10)
UK Multi domain hosting - heartinternet ? S. Tanna (8)
Management Topics Quest (1)
Suspected fraud - void or let it go through? Aaron (9)
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one company or multiple companies? Contractor (5)
Figuring Out How Much to Invest in Your Product Alan Colburn (14)
Ideas for website Jrunner (10)
When to bail out? observer in a leaking ship (15)
Apple ADC Select - Hardware Discount Nilo Menezes (14)
What is a good computer software/hardware support forum? Forum Finder (5)
Is there a similar forum to BoS? Forum Finder (14)
PMP - opinions? Martin (12)
Software Protection / sorry to bring it up again Ed (15)
Suggest a good place to find great talent Anonymous for This (6)
Finding a job as a .NET developer Mohsen (10)
KDE gains 52 million new users MonkeySpank (10)
EEE as an eBook Reader Developer (6)
For Delphi users strugling with ideas alexandar (28)
How to politely refuse giving out phone number? Sorry, anon for this (18)
Getting It Out The Door! Ryan Smyth (9)
Please review my site and software Fedor Vlasov (5)
Selling Multiple Software Products And Multiple EBooks Anon for Now (5)
Charging for customizations Artie Ziff (14)
Lets forgive Alexander Bear (15)
Java, Groovy, and JavaFX RT (11)
Yahoo Search Marketing - Am I missing something? arturo (5)
MAC market compare to Windows for your niche anon for this (13)
Strange request from potential customer anon but you know me (13)
Distributing shrinkwrapped .net apps over the net (8)
Free while in beta really works? anon for now (5)
What program do you use to track (billable) hours? ShyAnon (6)
Looking for Technical Books Alex (4)
Upgrade fee = maintainence on software MicroISV (6)
requests for proposal to small business anon (17)
Market a product or sell the source code and rights? Dominic St-Pierre (6)
logosamurai Anthony (16)
Product Website and Company Website Organization George (3)
CodeGear first vendor to use the MicroISV term Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic (11)
Am I getting too much of direct traffic BillyM (10)
Plimus vendor support is going worse? anon for this (16)
SaaS stack Josh (19)
robosoft...does it work? robosoft potential client (7)
Should i switch to new Google analytics code? benefits? anon (3)
Subprime mortgage crisis, does it have an impact on you? Bill Holt (17)
I dont Understand Adwords John Wilkins (2)
Do people subvert Google Adwords arturo (9)
Client-side processing ClientCoder (18)
Open Source + Small Businesses == Viable? Open Source Junkie (28)
Web AND Desktop product? Steve (5)
I'd like all customers to be like this one alexandar (9)
Freelancing and starting a mISV I need a Mentor (9)
Business on the West Alex Abramovsky (13)
Marketing idea for a tiny desktop enhancement tool anon now (12)
Build a SaaS site in an hour Benjamin Curtis (8)
Putting a price on a web site Chuck P (12)
Please let it be the last topic about "ALEXANDAR" alexandar (10)
Microsoft: "Software is Dead, Long Live the Web" Ethan (14)
Which graphics software Torsten Uhlmann (13)
java is spreading fast calvin (18)
Customer Suggestions Software--recommendations> Joe landau (0)
Business edition for B2C product? Anon for this one (6)
Publisher wants program for 40,000 circulation newsletter Anon for this one (4)
Two completly different products Doe (5)
Too many email addresses. What do you use for registrations? Too Many Email Addresses (8)
Product Idea: VOIP Support Call Management AnonymousCoward (15)
Best Source Control System for Visual Studio 2008 for uISV SCM Needed (32)
Help Needed - Looking for UI Designing Software Phillip Flores (11)
it's weird out there Andy Brice (20)
native EXE from C#.NET code isvman (12)
Organising an open beta (2)
Take it Easy on alexandar Steve McLeod (23)
Attractive Windows apps - a guide? Doug (15)
How do you manage different product editions? Erhard Smit (14)
Total ashamed because of shareit extended download alexandar (5)
What is the legality behind imeem, youtube, etc? Gili (8)
Please recommend a good html documentation creator software HelpMeHelpThem (8)
Legal issues on business of music notation software not a guru (4)
Launched my first for pay product Dennis Bottaro (13)
What is your office space rent as a percent of revenue? Anonymous for this one. (8)
Site redesigned completely how to make the switch from current? SelfProclaimedGFXGuy (4)
Still Struggling with Ideas... AnonymousCoward (9)
Online Promotions M.J. Schenkel (1)
Google tyranny alexandar (13)
Copyright removal license Anon (9)
Qt or Java? n! labs (25)
Study: Free Open Source Software Is Costing Vendors $60 Billion Don't Fix What Ain't Broke (39)
Health Insurance and mISVs? Anon for this one (31)
Any market for LAMP consulting? walterbyrd (7)
Startup School Video Michael H. Pryor (16)
Mac Version of App: DIY, Pay, Partner App Developer (15)
Font on Website for Company Title Website Builder (6)
Company and reseller wanted signed agreement for shrink-wrapped MicroISV (8)
Alexa Indexing "Thank You" Pages?! Anon For Now (4)
Microsoft certificates MCSD vs MCTS ? Ray (15)
How to invest $200,000 Joe K (51)
Borland used Bear Stearns to try to sell Delphi Did Borland blunder? (7)
Open Source Web Analytics ColinM (1)
New record- 315$ in 24h alexandar (25)
Which pad file creator alexandar (3)
Big products vs small products rice (25)
Old Website Sold More Software ISVMan (8)
Enterprise edition pricing An ISV (4)
Managing your organization Engineer&Manager (3)
How long do you wait for a reply before chasing new customers? Bill Smith (8)
Typepad or hosted MT Saurabh (4)
Software translation tools? Andrei Belogortseff (9)
What Beta Testing Services Are Still Around ? Impressionable (2)
Dedicated hosted Server Jack A. (6)
Apple Design Awards Scott Kane (3)
Web host migration checklist Nick Hebb (4)
Static site generator instead of dynamic CMS? Edwin (15)
TODO... scaring... Serge (8)
Google Website Optimizer ScottK (0)
Overcoming Risk Aversion Del Fuego (15)
*Serious* lake of motivation in my day job Bored bored bored (20)
Developing a Product -- Find Out About a Competitive Product Working Hard (16)
When to throw in the support ticket towel? anon4now (7)
Anybody using these? ColinM (3)
Bugs in old versions No soup for you! (12)
Running a UK Ltd from abroad Anon (6)
Re-Branding Deal - Should I do it? home_gym_guy (15)
Gotta fix this website! Simon (12)
**NEW** Schemax Calendar Simon Shutter (9)
How to get more pages indexed by google? Duncan Lurant (5)
Inbound links for link exchange campaign. M.J. Schenkel (1)
VAT number for US business ? gKathire (7)
How should I deal with a competitor who wants to aquire me? Mike (29)
Compensatory damages for technical support contract Radu094 (21)
stackoverflow.com Rob (20)
Who is my "Primary Customer"? (5)
Any program can pull sales data from shareit? Edwin (9)
A word of warning Duncan (32)
the users does not search any help Ana (11)
Conversion Optimizer - Inactive for Search Ethan (2)
Avangate question noname (5)
Is my registration process/insatllation easy enough? Whiteboard Online Developer (10)
BitFactory softinstall (3)
Customer Wants A Refund John Wilkins (24)
Clickable, web-based demo? ZeFred (10)
Goodbye Plimus, hello ??? anon (18)
Which conference would you choose? Monique Stover (SeaGreen Software) (5)
Book Holder For Desk Crink In Neck (5)
Case Study: Psystar Brian/DC (10)
deploying SAPI5 application no name for this (3)
Top software products for a small business Dror (10)
Finally out of beta and into the wild... Ken Kaczmarek (26)
Best in Class Books For Outlook/Office 2007 Programming and WPF? Book Finder (4)
Service Provider for answering the phone ? Lucius B. (2)
Documentation of help Ana (7)
Marketing and surveys Bob (9)
My First Solo Startup Anshuman Mishra (13)
Customers live in price bands anon for this one (8)
Affordable beta testing Martin Fouche (4)
Just isn't selling Jeff Ritchie (27)
CRM and accounting operations -- what do you use? A Good Start (11)
Anyone used Documentation Doctor services? TN (3)
.Net control for winforms to show HTML Code properly formatted.? HTML (7)
What webhost did you use when you started out? Webhost Searcher (21)
Internet to Grid, thoughts on the impact? Mr. DC (4)
Verticalize a horizontal product = success? Wondering Wilson (15)
fastspring Jack A. (15)
Do you need a host before having someone build your website? Need a Website (4)
Company name the same as product name? Anon (6)
How many photos for a website?.. Dmitriy (9)
Flash based animation/games engine Budding Animator (3)
Consulting Companies in a recession? Stealthy (2)
Eric Sink - Evil Mastermind campaign? Doug (10)
Career advice anonfornow (9)
What name for the 'dev' section of your uISV website? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (1)
What is a good/ok flash demo video size? Erhard Smit (12)
What questions to ask when joining a startup? Anonymous for this (18)
Started up! Web site feeback? Alexis Christoforides (6)
Amazon Ec2 becoming more and more attractive Dror (15)
Inexpensive exe wrapper to add license and trial functions Ready to Release (14)
Heads up, watch out for this adwords spam Steve (8)
Top referring sites for downloads BillyM (3)
Building and Hosting A Website Software Developer (5)
Are you taking enough risk? Alex (6)
When did you last take a holiday? anon (8)
Give some tips and tricks on how to meditate and relax... Near Burning Out (19)
Digitally Signing An Application—What Are Your Experiences? Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (13)
For a typical ISV, is SEM/SEO Enough? wondering (16)
Good Package of Icons? Website Builder (11)
Virtual offices Wannabe MicroISV (6)
New Web Search Idea Gemini (8)
Babble Pages - for search engines? Osmyn (3)
Plimus - slow handling of "pending" orders? Ilija Studen (22)
ISV Proceeds for 1 day go to charity CautiousISVOwner (9)
Apple and its monopoly JackDaniel (28)
protecting mail messages?!.. Smith Powell (9)
Looking for a partner who knows how to make software marketing Intellium (10)
Software Requirements App ct (9)
Jumping ship with recession looming legless grasshopper (18)
What kind of affiliate system is SEOBook using? Bob Hoffman (5)
Anyone using payloadz.com?  Any success? Mike G. (3)
Good Self-Employed Periodicals Problem Solver (5)
Freeware or Shareware Advice John (5)
Patents Terry (7)
Questions about Point-of-sale systems. Matt (5)
New DLL for .NET - Registration John Wilkins (3)
Anyone know market well want to cooperate with me? Jefilo (3)
Discount campaign Ana (4)
How to get more downloads? Paul (7)
Anyone herad anything about this ISV software distribution? anon (7)
A letter from client, is it agressive? Anon (12)
AppPacker product suggestions Steve Li (8)
Pascal Interested Onlooker (15)
Duplicate file finder software market NoName (15)
Does Anyone Know Of An FTP Synchronizer Program? Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (15)
Doubt about names Ana (7)
Office equipment for mISVs Li-fan Chen (17)
Possible Software Biz Idea Phillip Flores (5)
Free Single .exe compilier (34)
Company blog - reveal productivity secrets or not? ShyAnon (10)
Offering two product editions Anon (6)
How to charge for technical support - B2B product Anon (12)
What's wrong with asking people on this forum for software ideas Finding Ideas (30)
uISV URL Refresh Time uISV_URL_Collector (18)
SugarCRM vs. vTiger Chooie (1)
Learning a foreign language to market my products? Antony (13)
mISV physical address and phone InvisibleMan (13)
Command line vs GUI pricing (10)
What is the cost (ballpark) of a company logo design? LogoNeeded (19)
Sales tax... Matt (11)
Google Analytics Bounce Rate vs. % Exit Rob (1)
Regnow and Clickbank EcommerceGuy (4)
should I offer money back guarantee BillyM (18)
External Source Control Repository - Do you trust it? Matthew (6)
PayPal in Germany Anthony (14)
Great Free  DB component for Delphi alexandar (5)
Opinions wanted: xt:Commerce Antti Kurenniemi (0)
Reached $1000 per month for the last 3monts how to get to $2000? NeedCashToBurn (19)
Winstep Xtreme experience at Bits Du Jour Jorge Coelho (3)
Good MicroISV sites from an SEO perspective Alex (1)
sales fluctuations Thomas (7)
what, how long and how much to get a software patent? worldsSmallestViolin (12)
Order page problem: need help with repro Steve Li (15)
Do you try to google customers? Part 2 anon (10)
A quick timesaving tip Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (15)
Patent Problem (Ship sank before it sailed) Nick (24)
Google ads appearing on Yahoo IanH. (2)
Code Signing Certificate Lewis (2)
securing sensitive ids in code, security by obscurity? Dotimus (7)
Does "Google Site Stats" turn off custommer M.J. Schenkel (2)
To get opinions from users Ana (7)
Do you try to google customers? alexandar (20)
Potential customer wants to know how many sales I had so far Anon for this (11)
MultiPack Licensing Dan P (1)
Revenue per sent email (6)
PEO/Employee Leasing? Anonymous Coward (2)
releasing beta without affecting sales DasGupta (2)
Free Trial button on homepage link to downlod page? or setup.exe anon (16)
How long before your Google AdSense pin arrived? Joe (1)
I'm sure you know ways to improve our website David (25)
First Business Meeting New Business (6)
Sales: What's wrong? Steve Li (25)
Bundling Database with App DatabaseMan (16)
Need Antivirus Software AVNeed (18)
Looking for marketing books ADoss (13)
Web 2.0 and DRM Lessons from SOUTH PARK?!? ;) Ryan Smyth (22)
Site and product review? Olexij Tkatchenko (7)
Releasing Beta version Thomas (3)
Google Quality Score Steve (5)
Printable Manual Piyush Patel (13)
Percentage of woman buyers alexandar (10)
Product Launches (7)
Writing a business proposal Anonymous (2)
CVSDude Stephane Grenier (25)
Independent + Security Clearance Clear Me (9)
Remake of popular game from 80s Martin (20)
What customer care software Torsten Uhlmann (5)
Is there a thread that lists all of the BoS Regular's Products? Curiousity (3)
myUSCompany.com Eugene (9)
Does this landing page seem trustworthy? Greg (8)
Interesting thing alexandar (3)
New prodcut review please! Lewis Tian (16)
Is there a market? Cyclops (14)
Next idea: Time Logging Application Torsten Uhlmann (28)
What do you use for software protection? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (8)
Software downloads (9)
SWREG and eJunkie: Should I stay or should I go? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (12)
To butt or not to butt? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (8)
Google App Engine Richard (Tudumo) (11)
ocr today ocr (7)
Satisfaction in battle with Large Corporation Anon this time to protect my rep (9)
Potential market share for this idea Torsten Uhlmann (8)
General question about e-commerce, Adwords, SEO, etc Bored Bystander (2)
Avoiding the phone PhonePhobic (27)
XML vs SOAP MeNon (6)
Joomla template good for shareware website? Edwin (1)
becoming affiliate Thomas (4)
First Product Launched! Josh (13)
Twitter Ben (13)
Just Launched! Lari at 7thGate (14)
Help > About Widget Maker 2.0 Tim (3)
self-producing software CDs Mark Walsen (11)
Help with ideas for creating a business plan (11)
New office: hard floor or carpet? Karl Perry (21)
Natural Language Software ? (22)
Tool recommendations (target the customer) MeNon (1)
How To Monitor Hosted Web Stats ? Impressionable (6)
Amazon Ec2 A Coder (18)
Does trialpay really work? Thomas (3)
Vista locks Visual Studio with temp file access issue? anon (4)
An interview with no technical questions? A. Job Hunter (17)
Amazon S3 Tools - JungleDisk, S3Fox, etc. mISVfit (5)
Can you remember the web site that sells psd's of box shots? Tim (4)
Amazon affiliate addon for Firefox Chris Doggett (7)
Books on dealing with Venture Capitalists? Donald Adams (8)
What color icons would you want? Susan Pichotta (11)
Ikea for office furniture? Kyle (28)
Google changes trademark policy for UK and Ireland GoogleSceptic (5)
Two Product Editions in One Download - Pros/Cons? mISVfit (10)
nice article on google adclicks PKS (1)
Which mail application do you use? ItsME (32)
Current Vista Penetration Levels - Web Log Result? Scott Kane (22)
Customers not receiving order email Tor Martin Kristiansen (16)
Three questions re: User Forums To Forum or not to Forum (9)
Vote: Small business administration Services or CachBack Alex (4)
cold calls -- how to grab attention? Peter (10)
Thanks all! (Well, most of you at least :) Steve (13)
Spanish Translation Please! Peter (10)
Bounce Rate... Steve (5)
Customer ordered twice... Steve (16)
Ethics of making a Bingo Card Creator? Steve (72)
License management application Steve (6)
MicroISV's with multiple products and audiences. Mark Roseman (2)
Throwing the Google 3rd party Search &Content monkey off my back MicroISV (4)
Don't use Goa Winforms Cyclops (6)
About Time Attendance Software normanwu (6)
Where to get those $100 stainless tables Calacanis mentioned? Christopher Hawkins (9)
I've had it with doing tech support tired (17)
I clearly have no sense of business not_an_mba (11)
Need a new web host Jim Lamb (6)
app to control dual monitor views easly. CuriousG (5)
I need a good app / folder / shortcut launcher that looks good. anon. (8)
Getting help to do Ad on download.com stephen0928.vip@gmail.com (4)
Automated phone answering service CJ Singh (6)
Web site design for a mult-product site Joe K (11)
Credit Card Processing Pricing SCADA_Guy (11)
Tucows mentols Alexandar (2)
Vista blocking creation of Temp file in .net ?  Just stared doin anon. (4)
How easy is in your country to be a mIsv ? Francesco (19)
credit card fraud out of control? Andy Brice (30)
app installation folder under vista isvman (20)
Vista User Time Manager vista user time manager (7)
Twitter..? Ethan (11)
Question for actionpack subscripter regarding Windows2003 64bit Jack (5)
Market for web-apps that integrate with quickbooks? walterbyrd (5)
Personal Planning Software? (5)
You're Going to Die Laughing! Ryan Smyth (9)
Response to arrogant customer (51)
Subscription Payments CCler (11)
licenses for different number of users. What? How? Anon (4)
What tool do you use to package your software? JackDaniel (37)
Have you tried outsourcing development? Overloaded (12)
new oss web collaboration tool ISV Prime (2)
How do we scale our expertise? Alex (4)
Split / Multivariate Testing Tool (4)
Market for command-line forecasting tool? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (9)
How do you study? the OP (8)
SQL Partition Manager Yuriy Gavrishov (0)
How to make widgets alexandar (5)
How many hours in a day? TFish (19)
Setting the correct price for my application… Alain Bocherens (devsoft) (14)
Testing Web Site: how to prevent it from being indexed (10)
Need some Software Marketing suggestion Ted (6)
Prototype is ready. Should I go further? Gromit (13)
New Product Launch BillG (19)
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