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Little Changes With Freakishly Large Effects Patrick McKenzie (18)
Most restrictive possible copyright notice Anonymous mISV (6)
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Need help findind a WinCE developer to write USB driver(s) Kyle Lutes (5)
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Taking advantage of publicity? Ted Graham (5)
How much to charge for late payments? Gili Tzabari (11)
New product released. Ask for help. Jason (12)
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Establishing a Partner program with VAR Parisian Developer (1)
Good books on incorporating in hong kong (or other countries) Guillaume Maury (4)
How long have you taken to write your product specification Parisian Developer (9)
In which categories in dmoz ? StepH ~ Tijmoe (7)
How are you testing your obfuscation? anon (3)
needs & customers outback (9)
Visual Studio 2005 .pfx file password locked. what to do? Stuck (3)
dongles - was locking to a single computer lurker (7)
Is locking the license to a specific PC really so bad? Magnus J (37)
Required benefits winconfoozled (18)
How to track install/uninstall ? Magnus J (5)
How does the stock market work? nvictor (19)
Whitepapers - Do they matter???? Ryan Smyth (4)
I want to start my µISV, but need some advice Noah W. (5)
connectivity for WFH Jason (3)
Public relations agency Tim Weiler (2)
Icon editor recommendation George W (12)
Cautionary Tale: Read your employment contract! Joshua Hayworth (22)
Running VS 2005 from external Hard drive. Porta (12)
my support plan & questions anon for now (2)
Product evaluation matrix: is it a good idea? Antony (17)
Upgrades forever or untill version 2.0? HTML (13)
I need an HTML Editor Contol to use in my WinForms app. Help HTML (8)
How can I buy this forum? Tampin (20)
Best 3 'useful websites' about MicroISV that you read often? Need Help (13)
Suggest a "documentator" Pietro Polsinelli (1)
Does the Adwords inflation put you off Google Checkout uISVer (1)
Getting Things Done - with what software? Trying to GTD (23)
Vonage Alternative? Denis (17)
Google Checkout available in the UK Andy Brice (16)
How big is the MS Office add-on/soultion marekt? I'm a average coder (8)
LLC - now or later? anon for now (19)
Screenshots on B2B software product sites? Scott Meade (13)
Is it worth upgrading sysmem to Vista for a development machine. Vista? (16)
What do you think of heatmaps? track everything (9)
How do you automate your accounting? Nick Hebb (14)
Do you use a chatroom? anon (2)
Strange payment patterns 007 (1)
Academic/Student Discounts? anonastudent (10)
Legal Issues Building Music Sharing Software anon (7)
Targeting the Mac platform anon for this one (7)
Highly customized UI/C# (have a reason to post it here) slow joe (21)
Delete email oldRaymond (3)
Should I Drop the Online Demo? Scott Meade (34)
Software Development Royalty/Profit Sharing Rob (11)
Outsource blog posting Phil Gates (16)
Opensource cms for news site martin (10)
First sale! Plamen Parvanov (16)
How do your customers upgrade their app? small shop (11)
What to do when the power goes out. nimrod (28)
µISV Builder about yahooand google... StepH ~ Tijmoe (8)
Another ISV blog Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (5)
Product idea. Antispam/antiphising solution. Your opinions. Anon (12)
What to do with MISV? Struggling (26)
Made in USA logo a differentiator? xampl (49)
Product idea, is ti worth? anon (10)
Best Time to Submit Our Story to Digg (or Reddit)? FreeSoftProvider (7)
Support options Siddharta Govindaraj (5)
I'm buying TestComplete, advice needed! Verilog Simulator (11)
Outsourcing to Mexico Anon for this (9)
Help a programmer become a sales person Alex (26)
Is it worth boxing a product ? John F (9)
Anyone attempted to set this up for their mISV? Intersting (4)
Free Event:Office Live Review for MicroISVs,Redmond,WA,21-May-07 Michael Lehman (9)
phone calls VeryBusyPersonButNoPhoneCalls (17)
Search Engine for Static pages Nilesh Jethwa (5)
What to do this a 3 years old Open Source free library StepH ~ Tijmoe (4)
Posting Our Own Story to Digg/Reddit/Etc. Is It Ethical? Wondering (9)
Valuing a company based on no. hours worked Regular, but anon for this (20)
Order fulfilment for h/w + s/w product 230 Volts (6)
unsexy capital sources in Romania we like to dance (11)
What is a good margin for a broker in subcontracting? y0mbo (18)
The start of a custom search for micro-ISVs Bob Walsh (17)
Do Linkback Contests work? Alfie John (6)
Ruby on Rails IDEs Mehrzadsoft (12)
About "Microsoft is dead", by P. Graham... StepH ~ Tijmoe (19)
Do you have phantom customers? MeToo (9)
What cool geegaws to buy with $125k? Donald Duck (30)
Better support option? j2e (2)
"Analyst" on Wall Street WalStreet Wanna Be (3)
Estimate for a new product (6)
How would you select an offshore AND onshore vendor? SmallCompanyGuy (4)
Where can I find a content reviewer? proofread (7)
Desktop blog app? MR Smith (12)
One main blog, many product forums? one more hat to wear? sure why not. (10)
Printing Schemas/Large Format Printer Mark Tutt (7)
London Internet Cafe / Bar ? (7)
Good Site for Having Business Cards Printed Anon for Now (17)
The old masters SH (12)
Anyone using Delphi for PHP? Clay Dowling (18)
AJAX file download (6)
what are some Must Have Payment Processor services? Proc (9)
Please recommend a software UI design company for me. Eric.T (4)
How do I get the word out to my market? Michael Sica (2)
Changing a File Download Link Simone (10)
Rec: SEO analytic tools (no ads, just SEO) seo novice (12)
non-compete? submarine competition (6)
Who are my competitors? Ashkan (8)
choosing a product name what's in a name (18)
Great UI VS Powerful Feature? Eric.T (9)
What does mISV mean? Quentin (7)
looking for free CS courses.. Contractor (7)
Ryan Carson on starting a new application AMerrickanGirl (2)
J2EE or .NET (28)
Where to post an article related to the product? wysiwyg_coder (3)
Golden Rule: One guy will always fail...not! a boy and his misv (23)
ThinkingRock, Good Personal Organizer? NeedAnOrganizer (5)
installs, updates, keys & fees confused (4)
Blackberry Questions New BlackBerry User (4)
Feedback Wanted After Massive Site OverHaul Alfie John (8)
YANMI ~ Yet A New µISV StepH ~ Tijmoe (8)
Taking my µISV with me to Europe dual citizenship (25)
web host - using a VPS? (6)
iPhone VoIP? nvictor (11)
The best 'fusion' platform?!? Boris Yankov (16)
Good Software Escrow Agent? Any Recommendation? Rez (4)
anyone selling Java based products? Dave (15)
thank you for purchasing.html and paypal ? Puzzled (13)
a question of ethics ethical delima (17)
Competition mISV wannabe (11)
Silly question about obfuscation horse face (2)
Where to go for interface design Cyclops (2)
What's Your GMail Label Convention Look Like? Wondering (11)
What is your experience with offshore outsourcing? walterbyrd (21)
Customer Trust Dilemma (12)
Suggestions of order management software Andrea N. - Direct Access (6)
If architects had to work like programmers... Jeff M (2)
Bad English Mathai (17)
Why not? Me too. Dennis Crane / Dr.Explain (11)
Seeking Accounting Software upgrade from MYOB Aurora fatjoe (0)
To partner or to go it alone? Leery Loner (12)
free version w/Ads? (4)
Graphics and Design Outsourcing on designoutpost.com Albert Kennis (7)
Why Indians Are Not Buying? Kaka (23)
knowing which search term a client used when purchasing software (8)
My Micro-ISV Story Thus Far B.Doyle (18)
Landing page design - Opinions needed Josh (11)
Geek Marketing Contest - $5,000 Prize Angelo (2)
Sharing desktops with chidren Jon (22)
Want to find Coworking and Shared Offices in Toronto Li-fan Chen (5)
My ISV experience MeToo (17)
pay per action vedo (3)
Is 6 the magic number? Peter Muys (11)
Start to develop a software Mehrzadsoft (10)
Where do you store your Audio/Video files? gemini (8)
Animation & Content anyone? Asif @ Cubex (7)
Selling a Commercial License of your Software ranger (3)
How are you checking your spelling? misspeled (9)
Development Machines Dan Donovan (20)
Google Web Toolkit - Anyone Used It? BrianM (7)
A Suggestion for Bob Walsh -> a PodCast with Guy Kawasaki Parisian Developer - (Misv WannaBe) (8)
Do I need an authenticode cert for every product? anon (8)
Price Expectations - web app vs. download David Larsen (14)
A brand new technology. Your opinions needed. CTO (14)
Google Website Optimizer ian (3)
does taxtime = low sales? UncleSamos (4)
using firebird in delphi mehrzadsoft (6)
web site - expressionengine (10)
Trying to get open source assistance... ideas? Nathan Ridley (16)
$19.99 or $20.00 Eric (33)
ideas...ideas...ideas... woulda coulda (10)
Adwords, Skyscraper ads and site-targeting. Curious George (2)
More on licensing schemes (3rd party only) fly on the wall (1)
Website and new features in product Nilesh Jethwa (4)
Google too successful for it's own good? Scott Meade (18)
My software protection scheme quiet (12)
Guessing how much my competitors could make, seriously leiju (3)
Incorporating in Ontario, Canada outOnMyOwn (3)
How do you cash out? high roller (12)
Tell me about online freelance nvictor (5)
adsense? anon (6)
Finding an accountant Jamie Wright (1)
Sales stays about 15k per month Eric (14)
Micro-ISV Requirements Management tool & Learning from failure Andre Oporto (11)
Paypal as only payment option. Payday (11)
Cracked Versions and Customer Support Frank (17)
Download Sales Tax Albert Kennis (9)
Ineternet desktop app firewall issue. Firewall (5)
Website tool Joeinmi (3)
How to spend $50000/yr on marketing Anon for this (26)
Anyone else on a process kick? Grizzled Veteran (21)
Question re: filing of LLC anonymous_coward (11)
New Product, please review Ted Graham (17)
Moving to Egypt - What the cost of living there ? Sphynx2007 (10)
Is pricing model correct for this product? KonstResearch (mISV) (5)
What tools should I use? Err (2)
Customer maps Jon (8)
You are getting published. Quentin (9)
Revenue sharing for social news? Zack (5)
FREE GOOGLE DSL?  Anyone heard of this? Pooper (21)
Registration Key Length Jumpalong Jim (20)
Sales up 100% Peter Marshall (23)
creating tar.gz on Windows machine. Anonymous Coward (13)
need free firebird ebook Abolfazl Mahmoodi (6)
Broken Links Devrim (4)
Good File Shredder Application? mISV (8)
Bill for dowloads too? Anonymous (7)
Has anyone tried TemplateMonster.com? Verilog Simulator (6)
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