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Andy Brice
Successful Software

Doug Nebeker ("Doug")

Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

Nicholas Hebb
BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

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Buy Now vs Checkout buttons Steven Lee (6)
Language Translation Help shashark (4)
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Trademark infringement Aspiring One (8)
Content Management System (CMS) in .Net Gautam Jain (10)
Trying out my first real landing page Mo Flanagan (12)
March was the best month so far mthadm (7)
Adwords - using translations of english keywords. Jim Chapple (4)
don't use google checkout bob samson (16)
Do you charge for an on-demand report on your web application? Muffin (9)
Is your "off-site" backup connected to the Internet? Saurabh (0)
Announcing version 2.0 of the site KPMoore (8)
Screencasts - what would you like to know? Bob Walsh (20)
Pricing for different Operating System Mosh (15)
Your website, Share-It & Google Analytics linked together Eugene (3)
Sending Large Files -- Who developed that app? Joel Marcey (10)
Capturing email address without "Registration" Glen Cooper (9)
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Beta-release and updated web-site Thomas P. Boesen (4)
Bonded mail house? Bruce Sharpe (0)
open company bob samson (5)
Free hosted charting, seeking comments Larry L (7)
PhoneGap provides an interesting layer on top of iPhone Web Li-fan Chen (decaffeinated) (6)
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E-Mailing/Communicating with Customers George Stivenson (2)
Great product. Great feedback. Bad traffic? Adeel Raza (5)
Is database schema covered by the GPL? walter byrd (8)
Triangle microISV Meetup is tomorrow (Wedn., March 25th) Jon Chase (0)
Domain name: received a strange email Alain Bocherens (devsoft) (9)
Calling Home For license check Prefers Not To Register (9)
Digital River up to their old tricks? Andy Brice (19)
English proofread services Javier (7)
Etiquette for requesting a product review Mo Flanagan (5)
MBA vs Startup Dave Concannon (11)
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6 Months and few sales John S (14)
Wash. Post article: iPhone apps that make $10's of K's a week CC (12)
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10 Business Lessons From 'Battlestar Galactica' walter byrd (5)
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Niche market vs. competing with everyone else Mark1a (12)
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Anyone at EclipseCon in Santa Clara next weeks Torsten Uhlmann (0)
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Software for creating web screenshots Jeroen V (11)
Good comercial site template for software site Mario Montoya (5)
VB6 to Java migration. Any options? C.R.Patiño (5)
kids surfing protection software , does it worth getting into it Meir (11)
Site Review Martin Bradley (7)
Free licenses for feedback on product and website Cristian Pascu (17)
Daily Automatic Email Tips Maayan Porat (3)
Any payment processor that supports a "buy credits" model ? Peter R (3)
Experience with PayPal? dhimes (12)
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Fixed Bid vs. Hourly Ryan Wilson (29)
Web 2.0 & Digg & Quality of Users Ama (9)
Free Windows 7 training in Chicago (Oakbrook) Patrick Foley (3)
Business Credit Card Michael H. Pryor (9)
Does B2B mISV need E&O insurance? B2B (4)
Do accountants need files in QuickBook format? walter byrd (16)
How to sell enterprise soft? Eugene Karpov (7)
The Name Game Alan Szlosek (8)
Translation of word ( Micro"ISV") Ulrich Ottosen (5)
OS X License Key and Auto Update John Whitington (4)
Recommendations for online help system? Jon Vaughan (8)
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Business insurance recommendations? someone (6)
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How many visitors are needed? webd (18)
Personal Project Feedback Kevin C (3)
Selling to companies with red-tape Fat Bird (12)
Merchant Fees - Interchange Plus - American Express & Paypal Michael H. Pryor (7)
Forum chicken and egg problem Mo Flanagan (6)
Any Issues showing other Apps in your Demos / Doco Sam H (4)
Google Adwords and Goal tracking Jim Chapple (5)
who have experience with "Operating Reserve Account" in Plimus? Frank Lee (2)
Marketing advice for unique product Hiding from my customers (6)
New website and product - I need your feedback A. Perdereau (6)
What tools/services would you recommend to a new startup? Bob Walsh (38)
OEM bundling Doug (7)
Volume Pricing Discounts : How much? Anon this time (7)
Custom book printing - good idea - way beyond my ambition Matt Randle (9)
A new community Mosh (4)
New shop - No offers. Ulrich Ottosen (10)
Do genuinely profile (vertical) LCDs exist? Steve Bennett (6)
moss's pricing for slicehost is half of what you pay to slicehos Saurabh (1)
Good Download Sites Alen Dombaj (13)
Giving away the old version to win new paying customers? Zviki Cohen (6)
Recommendation Requested For Website Redesign Joel Marcey (8)
Release source if company fails? Anon User (15)
Web Development and Hosting Best Practices Scott Muc (7)
SaaS ... Program?  Product?  Service?  Application?  Other? Anthony Presley (7)
Web-site critique needed EP (11)
SMTP email servers for Newsletters Virgil (5)
First release Ruslan A. (16)
Alternative Microsoft download links? Reluctantlyregistered (1)
Recurring billing problems/questions Almost H. Anonymous (3)
email marketing--with tracking Joe Landau (3)
Got one star on download site Andrea (7)
Download-to-registration ratio. How are we doing? Peter Woodford (13)
CALL FOR HELP - Plimus Customers James Stewart (3)
Preparing for Launch - need a few tips from you all? uwf (5)
How to approach this "reseller" Jim Jones (16)
Software for tech support??? AJ (4)
American Company - Information Kit Nilo Menezes (5)
My second product released. Need some feedback... Virgil (14)
Seeking Advice for Version 2 Steve McLeod (5)
CV writing tips for freelance developers? Harald (2)
More about Google Joe Knapp (23)
Need your advice on starting up a SaaS business Muffin (16)
Taking my shot just like everybody else Bart Park (8)
Google Checkout Price Hike Mike Wilson (9)
Project Management software for outsourcing? Gili (10)
Looking for survey software to get the opinion of employees... Frank Caputo (5)
Google Checkout will soon blow NaiveBayesian (3)
Promoting web sites Germán Arduino (5)
Will The Non-Stimulating Stimulus Bill Effect CAD/USD Exchange? Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (8)
Hash File Check > Reliable? The Rich ISVer (5)
The first 95% is done, and I can use some feedback kurt Huber (18)
Windows Sidebar gadgets to promote? AlexD (2)
Knowledge Management solutions, anybody? Documentation Doctor (9)
Affiliate programs Nate Reed (1)
Product Concept Feedback Request. Loren Charnley (13)
No installer for small standalone EXE ? Javier (15)
What kind of installer for Mac software? TN (12)
First product questions TheLurker (5)
SoftwareCEO Marlon (1)
How to setup in-house CD creation Nicholas Hebb (12)
Using software for illegal purposes: who's responsible? Dmitriy (12)
Quick Poll: Desktop or Laptop Noble D. Bell (33)
The Collapse of the VC Ecosystem & What It Will Look Like Post R Furqan Nazeeri (21)
bank account needed for US LLC, but in UK Robert Dobbs (1)
Code signing, what about X2net? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (11)
SoftwareMarketingResource.com is Back! Nico Westerdale (6)
Free licenses of PasswordsPro Germán Arduino (2)
WWW.UPLOAD.COM :Payment Option on existing customer Fherry (3)
Force oneself to work by paying yourself on hourly-wage basis? trosox (9)
No sales for 3 days, what is wrong? Charlie77 (9)
Advice on selling software through current employer orangutan (9)
Invite others to try your software, why it would work or not? Virgil (5)
Continued : 'Help on getting the first sale!' Prefers Not To Register (6)
Advice on selling consulting-ware business - part 2 Hiding from my customers (2)
Switching to SaaS Michele Mottini (3)
Anyone with experience using EZ Publish CMS? Hamish Setter (1)
Help to create keyword list for SEO Roman Rudnik (10)
Update for you all Kevin Moore (9)
"What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?" Joe Knapp (8)
Product Idea Alen Dombaj (9)
Impossible to compete with free software Robin (39)
Architecture Simplification - My experience, yours? uwf (10)
...RSS Feed Reader ? ... Omar Mefire (6)
Name to choose Mike Kent (7)
Help on getting the first sale! Prefers Not To Register (18)
Would you shame a payment processor here? Mark Nemtsas (9)
Register .biz, .us, .yaddayadda domains as well? dood mcdoogle (3)
Pay for RSS feed? Hiding from my customers (7)
ASP.NET based license management server? Doug (1)
Using another companies product name in your product name Sam H (5)
Adds in desktop apps? Jonas Linde (10)
New MicroISV product/site: Comments are welcomed! Germán Arduino (17)
What to do? Phillip Flores (6)
Advice Needed Phillip Flores (7)
Advice on selling consulting-ware business Hiding from my customers (9)
features vs benefits and benefit 'levels' discussion Joe Ralblock (8)
A Tiger Team of sorts Ryan Michela (7)
Part of product as a tool. Appraisal Mind (6)
MSDev plugin - project viability and invitation Tim J (3)
Writing good specs Nate Reed (6)
SEO: big site updates or spread them out over time? Joske Vermeulen (5)
software channel survey Delia Ene (0)
Another unusual recurring support query Steve McLeod (7)
MS SQL Server goes down... Donald Adams (8)
Email Format ian drake (9)
Discussion/Forum software Emil Hajric (9)
Is it normal to request programmers to be on call? webd (28)
One year and counting Jason Abate (10)
New mISV product/website: Advice and suggestions welcomed. Matt Conrad (4)
Qt 4.5 finnaly relased (under LGPL) +Qt Creator 1.0 Appraisal Mind (8)
What is the best credit card payment company for online services Meir (11)
Any one tried Cappuccino Robin (2)
Price increase experiment going well Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (18)
Cheapest, easiest way to go solo? Nate Reed (5)
VS 2005 or VS 2008 on 64-bit? Noble D. Bell (10)
Product announcement: Cleaning Planner Plus Joske Vermeulen (16)
...Browser Extension (Add-On) Attilah (8)
...Should I go .NET or MFC or others ? ... Attilah (22)
Feedback on an idea Liam McLennan (12)
Your choice of forum can make a difference Bruce Chapman (7)
ScrumChum Beta Program Michael Bowman (1)
Feedback for latest creation ian drake (6)
Naming conflicts - what can I do? Patrick E. (8)
Live chat effectiveness Azrul (7)
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