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Andy Brice
Successful Software

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Jonathan Matthews
Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Fair equity for first technical lead who is not a CTO Jason Wentler (47 comments)
Open Source Dual Licensing as a business model Dual Licensor (15)
Download to Install Rate Steve (5)
DBMS choice: please save me from going insane Dmitriy (11)
Town &| Country farmboy (10)
Advertising Revenue Model Jim Verzino (9)
Mac Styke Icons Anon For This (3)
I made my first sale - in 1999! Grown fat with decadence (14)
My Site Was Hacked! Mauricio Macedo (24)
Day 1 of "Unemployment" =) Ryan Smyth (4)
Selling a Misv Operation? Anon (6)
CVS/SVN Hosting - what do you think ? Sourcecode (14)
Please review my website Neo Syne (10)
Web app versus Desktop Lateral Coder (13)
Micro ISV apps for the I-Phone Ixion (13)
Will you buy "One Minute Manager"? Alex (6)
Adding PayPal might increase your sales Norman (12)
I don't 'get' RSS mISVfit (27)
Encryption what is legal , and what is not Lateral Coder (15)
Native executable generation using xenocode. Is there a catch? vb6er, trying delphi next (23)
list of os, program and temp files vinny (8)
Would you share experience on software business with ex-employer WantToStartUp (18)
Thunderbird email client sound on mail notification? ThunderbirdsAreGo (11)
Open Book Salary OP (21)
photo & video hosting for blogs msmith (4)
My editor wants your online productivity secrets. Bob Walsh (39)
People Are Definitely Ripping Us Off... (14)
Backing up source AND binaries? Doug (13)
Made 30+ sales of DesignerVista Software Kumaravel Somasundaram (15)
Putting yahoo, aol, msn nicknames on contact page look amature? anon (2)
.NET app and stealing isvman (16)
Backing up your source code online Tim (19)
Made the JUMP! --- X-STATIC About it! Ryan Smyth (18)
How to secure source code IP? no excuse (24)
Business Plan Writing Style anonone (11)
101 (mainly free) Tips to Improve Your Web Presence Matt Kerry (0)
Change is needed TFish (6)
google cache and copyright outback (8)
YCombinator Startups Anindya Mozumdar (17)
Domain Name Selection - Help/Advice Needed George (12)
Salary recommendations: first hire! Atlas (27)
From Oxford to Silicon Valley - The opposite of mISV Web two point ohhh Dude (5)
Bidding on county/municipal contracts March27 (7)
Selling my business Sellit (9)
ASP.NET forum/script library Doug (7)
Hidden Text and Google and me Crazy Eddie (33)
New Ubercode Trial Pack Will Rayer (4)
If I build, would you buy? Easy Build Automation Thomas (23)
Java for desktop application Swinger (20)
Drop ORDB Spam Filters Ryan Smyth (4)
AdSense Question Junior (6)
More software awards fun Andy Brice (14)
First Sale! Feels Gooooood Brian Manley (20)
Income from Google Adsense Andy Brice (19)
Where to search for candidates? Mike M (21)
Search Engine Speed to List Ryan Smyth (10)
3 months (!) notice Harald (26)
Berg Soft or Berg Software anon19 (18)
where can I find royalty free images for making website template Weby (6)
Big Buttons on Web pages Jim Chapple (15)
volume discount unit breakdown and percentages Befuddled by Discounts (2)
Monetising on uninstallations NaN (10)
HPC mISVs? ISV Developers (6)
A proper 2 week resignation notice? Money makes the world go around (123)
Multiple products in one website? Lewis (4)
UPDATE: Your Emerging ISV Sales Is Not Rocket Science (6)
VB6 text boxes and Chinese Windows Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (12)
Review site software One for all (0)
Motivations of programmers that blog Wanna-try-blogger (22)
Is Tucows really 10 years behind on approving free lists? Encrypto (9)
SEOInc.com M.J. Schenkel (9)
Forming a business with a buddy anon I guess (9)
Porting my Win32/C++ to Mac jagga (13)
Is this about page convincing? TN (27)
Best Knowledgebase FAQ Support Systems? David (6)
Different prices targeting different areas Edwin (9)
Getting paid for customers requests NaN (13)
For those of you who do open source uNoob (12)
Suggestions/Comments On My Company's Site Paradigm Developer (7)
SWREG payment processor question Steve Li (18)
Web site changes - what do you think Steve Li (13)
Average income for .NET developer Mohsen (16)
Luminotes Feedback (for Dan Helfman) BenjiSmith (21)
it would be nice alexandar (6)
Freedownloadscenter question alexandar (5)
Does DevExpress.com staff work on weekend? anon (7)
Web app for prioritizing features? Doug (4)
Need feedback/suggestions on mISV website Steve Li (10)
W-8BEN - International Tax Withholding Ethan (2)
Done my homework - is this home page better? TN (29)
Do-it-yourself corporate tax in Canada - advice? TaxUnsavvy (2)
Penetration of .NET Framework .NET deployment (37)
BOS as hangout for pirates ? Impressionable (18)
Having no sales after releasing a new version and rising price problem (11)
First product released! please review Dan H (15)
Need Guide to CSS Luke Miller (12)
Crazy Egg heat map Floyd Price (20)
A/B testing of order page alexandar (8)
A tricky marketing question Greg (7)
Friday fun: customer service stories Jon Chase (7)
Longest GoDaddy Support Ticket? transferus interruptus (6)
Key Gen follow up (11)
Best language for networking component To C++ or to C# is the question (21)
Interesting take on piracy - "ignore the pirates" Patrick Foley (27)
my failure, need opinion ? (22)
Just launched Introspectrum - feedback wanted Craig B (9)
Freeware feature-limited version to promote paid version Alexei (5)
Implementing a registration system Ethan (8)
Crazy Egg and Analytics Rob (11)
Job market in Canada? yoyo (6)
Closing the loop - Maximizing user feedback for a new product Jon Lundberg (6)
Tax advice for LLC vmrao08 (9)
Can't buy/download from outside the US? Astronaut Dude (14)
World Domination Begins TODAY! Brian Manley (29)
Collecting Customer Testimonials Rob (18)
MicroISV Directory? BenjiSmith (9)
Open Source way of making a living Lateral Coder (44)
PO Box for business mISV (18)
Assigning an account manager? How to reply basementBased (10)
Remote-Hosted Forum or Hosted-Forum? Noble D. Bell (4)
Register a US company to increase trust, opinions please Anon (5)
Future Graduate silvermonkey (8)
Free stock photography sites Cosmina Stefanache (8)
Press Release - How long will it take to get published Kumaravel Somasundaram (4)
Payoneer Debit Cards? Richard (Tudumo) (3)
iconshock.com complete 6month access to all icons worth 500$? Iconic (6)
Frustrated by registration key implementation methods anono (8)
Free trial or money back guarantee? Jon Chase (11)
Need feedback/suggestions for silverlight effects library Steve Li (7)
Maintaining Accounting/Help Desk current. Luke Miller (3)
Screensaver Idea Wondering about Screensavers (4)
Selling a product in the US and not being fluent in English? Ivan (12)
Dynamic IP Hosting j8a (4)
Asking for feedback on a landing page Drew Kime (16)
How to avoid sales break when releasing a new version? sales break (5)
Time limited demo vs. crippled demo n! labs (20)
Fear of failure?  Fear of success?? Aaeeeeiii. (18)
Payment processor in Europe? Shareware author (17)
How to search for ideas Victor Noagbodji (5)
Price rise experiment, day 26 Sunil Tanna (9)
Living the mISV Dream! Micro ISV! (13)
On buying business domain? Rolf (6)
From a business view, does PHP make more sense than ASP.NET? Praveen Angyan (15)
Google AdWords & Analytics "data sharing" program Dave Collins (6)
Pitching Bloggers. Subject line? Hitting the bricks (9)
Google support jz (6)
Which demo video software? ES (11)
adwords geo-targeting Thomas (4)
My Site managed to get to top 15 of google results. How <10? Markito (Bye) (8)
Microsoft Heroes Happen Here: Live or Memorex? Karl Perry (11)
Best way to hire programmers? Chris (48)
Web Based Accounting Software Neville Franks (24)
Update google analytics code to fix inacurate stats issue? wha (4)
Ecommerce CMS Matt (8)
Joe Jobbed... Spammer using my address TD (16)
Is this business in business? Nutmeg Programmer (3)
How many visitors do you get for every $1000 in monthly income? Statick (11)
Anyone notice an unusual slow down in sales? n! labs (24)
Update on redesign Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (10)
My customers want to become affiliates and sell my app. Good? Cami (9)
ROI for google adwords....Optimal Return? Anon (4)
Anyone using Maximizer for CRM? Mr. Analogy (4)
Actual Pricing Vs WebSite Pricing anon (1)
Braindead S-corp tax return question Dan S. (18)
I got my first sale! Dan Helfman (Luminotes) (31)
Shorter emails = more effective? Joshua Volz (15)
Software Resellers Business Software (2)
Plimus and Google Analytics John W. (4)
OT/2 Resident and non-resident forming a company UK - possible? Anon for this (2)
Andrey Butov - Yahoo and ABCNews.com have article on Spam Patrick From An IBank (1)
UPDATE: Your Emerging ISV Sales Is Not Rocket Science (10)
Sleek splashscreen.  Need assistance. Splash (6)
Plimus withholding payments Thomas (7)
Setting up a call center Peter (8)
press release service? Robert Lee (13)
Google Search and Multiple Domains Gemini (1)
Version numbers Tim (15)
HTML / CSS cleanup services? Doug (5)
Plimus Chargebacks Anonymous (3)
Google Analytics showing inacurate stats? Cami (2)
Delaware companies by Internet Nilo Menezes (6)
Most cost effective way to buy large amounts of Euros from USD? Iron Man (21)
Are you interested in hearing about stuff like this? ISV Developers (1)
What business activities do you do with your mobile device? Oliver (5)
All your eggs in one ... server? Doug (9)
SEO and Mod Rewrite.. Anon Ranter (6)
Releasing first product - please review the site TN (13)
dollar is worthless Thomas (30)
Front Page Flash Banner for products Needbanner (3)
Software for Developers and customers to interact portal Software Guy (5)
Sample Web Development proposal/document Software Guy (1)
Response to request from user of key gen'd license. (20)
Google selling SEO services? ScottK (4)
how to implement spellchecker into the app? Cami (7)
I've had enough - looking for opinions Temporarily Anonymous (24)
informing current customers about a new release Bobby (7)
Working 11 hours a day, is that even realistic? Gili (47)
Increasing customers' trust in a uISV Dmitriy (20)
Good markeing idea or potential spam Jim Jones (17)
Testing on Vista. Bugs? action (16)
Outsource marketing. coder (15)
Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror to Start a Micro-ISV Daniel Plaisted (3)
Starting to employ marketing people Amir Helzer (8)
Nice from Digital River alexandar (9)
Tools for the job always_anon (9)
Different products on same website? Gromit (6)
Is Paypal better than resellers? Robert Lee (11)
An interesting observation about download buttons Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (12)
PlanetMicroisv.com Gets a Face Lift. Floyd Price (37)
Does this app exist? not a guru (21)
Concern for Windows Developers? Sebastian Dwornik (29)
Free user servey option to ask users where they found my site? Cami (6)
First sale? Ana (36)
What's the difference between Technet Plus and ActionPack? TechNetOrActionPack (1)
B2B Deployment : How to keep IT administrators happy? mISVfit (9)
In Praise of Virtual Machines mISVfit (6)
Broken "2600/day" on a site - which numbers to trust. Michael Johnson (10)
upgradable hosting isvman (11)
Day 19, price rise experiment Sunil Tanna (4)
Facebook Group for ISVs ISV Developers (8)
Automated Accounting Sebastian Dwornik (7)
Tudumo launch report Richard (Tudumo) (4)
Old freelance project back to haunt me sushidude (10)
Balancing sales today with sales tomorrow Derek Illchuk (4)
A (hopefully) unique and useful resource for all mISVs. Praveen Angyan (17)
possible lawsuit threats ciju (27)
Question for Patrick (McKenzie) Victor Noagbodji (5)
starting your own software empire Ray (31)
Software for tracking users on your site (not Analytics)? Jon Chase (5)
Bluetooth Advertising Software oleg.shastitko (8)
great graphics i want to draw like them (8)
Looking for license Marius Slyzius (2)
Dangerous ground for payment processors James (15)
do you use icons from istockphoto? Saurabh (4)
Patents and software Rookie (11)
Image and Branding: Individual vs the Company George (6)
e-junkie down again Martin (14)
Piracy: File-Sharing of Cracked Version George (16)
Offering Support Just Starting Out (4)
ShareIt as a payment processor? Cristian Prieto (12)
Critique my first venture into mISV land JSinTX (28)
Something interesting to read Victor N. (1)
Good time to start up a social network business? Hite Vyas (13)
code signing problems (11)
Software leasing and online license check model NewbeISV (4)
how to get listed on Windowsmarketplace.com alexandar (2)
Is there Flash component to upload images and create gallery? Cami (2)
Google analytics - Enable Benchmarking??? statick (2)
RegSoft joins SWREG in the "Let's scam uISV customers" crowd Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (37)
Upgrade Wording (or Workflow) O.L. (3)
e-junkie down again! Anon (4)
Stand alone software to keept track of mISV info and activity? newguy (7)
google checkout - requires java script. Jose (2)
Eval extension in exchange for feedback Joe Janson (2)
Using customers' logos on my site Tony (6)
Multiple Payment processors? alexandar (5)
ET - It's for you.  Phoning home? Scott Kane (21)
Is it Legal? Franklin Elroy (13)
Bad Ethics (from Coding Horror) GNU World Order (6)
Best smartphone for sys-adminning? Starr Horne (ChatSpring) (10)
Do You Use A Shopping Cart? (.)(.) (4)
Reliable and fast Streaming Video Service anyone? Antonio Louro (4)
e-junkie site down? Derek Pollard (25)
SEO software joske vermeulen (5)
Zip Code City Database? Me (10)
Giving Beta link to non company emails? NOOP (6)
uISV customers and admin privileges Rachael (18)
"The Momentum" Sales Strategy ZZZzzzz (7)
Why such a crappy Adwords conversion rate? n! labs (6)
McKenzie (Patrick) vs. Gates (Bill) n! labs (34)
Using Google Adwords as a Focus Group Cyclops (10)
Service That Evaluates Websites anona (5)
Iphone SDK Floyd Price (29)
Is 500 the magic number? 439 so far (4)
Catch the Best on Bits du Jour Benjamin Curtis (2)
Decision making for MuISV Karsten (7)
tech support charge for bug? dilettante (20)
it IS POSSIBLE to build a website within 1 HOUR! Sebastian Dwornik (5)
State of the Computer Book Market Joannes Vermorel (3)
how to talk with resellers? stephen0928.vip@gmail.com (3)
Is It Dirty To Split Test Your Price? Staying Anon (19)
Logo redesign -- thoughts? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (29)
Price rise experiment, day 14 Sunil Tanna (5)
Wanted: GUI graphics and design Sebastian Dwornik (4)
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for 508 compliance Neville Franks (2)
Microsoft announcements at MIX Patrick Foley (10)
Private Business Valuation website Daniel Howard (3)
softwareceo webinar dotEnablers (3)
Dedicated Server 2 Doug (23)
Help with writing the License Terms in the EULA Eastern Europe Developer (7)
Options for purchasing older version of MS Access Grinder (2)
Semi OT: native English speakers - how do you pronounce RIA? TN (8)
Ask.com refocuses on women users uNoob (11)
Ruby on Rails hosting Mahmoodi Abolfazl (17)
Piracy Feedback - Volunteer Response Scott K (16)
Moving from shared hosting to a virtual host. Any guide? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (1)
Adding new items in web page menu no name (9)
Google Cash Key Ajit (7)
SEO Mahmoodi Abolfazl (12)
test marketing musician's software products in Germany Mark Walsen (6)
mISVs watch out! You're about to be automated out of business! Bored Bystander (14)
How many pages on your website? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (25)
Separate website for a Product George (5)
Private Placement Corporate Stock Service Daniel Howard (5)
Is leasing software a good practice? Yiannis Burkels (15)
Sample license agreement or contract for B2B B2B Wannabe (8)
Software submission service Alex Fletcher (3)
Input on newly designed site. Praveen Angyan (10)
Input on E-Commerce M.J. Schenkel (5)
UPDATE: Your Emerging ISV Sales Is Not Rocket Science (5)
Dedicated server Claudiu Spulber (11)
Getting ready to roll-out new website design - comments? (22)
Software sales cartogram Pietro Polsinelli (0)
Using one product to advertise other products NaN (7)
Another Seven Day Startup Brian Manley (18)
annoying "extended download" option at shareit no name (4)
New employer requiring prior non-competes? I'll be anonymous this time (27)
Anyone use DevExpress XtraGrid component in their software? Flavio (4)
Disclosing Salary History To Recruiters Dan Benjamin (48)
How to find the size of a market? SmartYoungAnonPoster (17)
planetmicroisv.com Floyd Price (8)
Is that water shallow or just deceptively deep? Mr. DC (15)
Selling on amazon. my name is here (3)
customizing Priority in bug/issue tracking tool (2)
Yet another product update: Dr.Explain 3.0 Dennis Crane (3)
Changes to GotVMail Luke Miller (8)
Basic (cheap) Web hosting Patrick From An IBank (9)
Google Analytics Reliability engine (6)
Tracking Blogs Kieran (8)
Video Analysis Software Developer (10)
brainstorming no name (22)
how to extract keywords from log files? learning marketing (4)
Use of Microsoft product/suite names... Carp (3)
binware . (5)
PHP Framework ideas? anon19 (7)
How To benefite from Weak US Dollar? Anon (11)
How to slowly change corporate culture? jdt141 (8)
Live and Ask - the best search engines? SE (28)
Starting a business from another country rice (2)
How to find job in Swizterland Mr.Fondue (12)
Retirement Plans for MicroISVs? RetirementFun (6)
Email Hate Rant... Ryan Smyth (18)
BingoCardCreator site update - Please rate v4.0 Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (41)
Products for Salesforce App Exchange Anon for this (1)
Ths customer isn't always right Tony (13)
Email Software Question TheMailman (17)
Detecting the country by IP Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (16)
Bingo Card Creator site updated -- Thoughts? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (41)
Look for Content Filter Proxy/Router Lee (4)
How to recruit developers from Eastern Europe? sorry anon this time (6)
Developer offering free time... James "Smiler" Farrer (1)
Sending Emails to Customer After Order alexandar (5)
Results of the price rise experiment, so far. Sunil Tanna (11)
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