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Bingo Card Creator

Should my product blog be hosted on my site? George (10 comments)
question for the bloggers Andy Brice (20)
Comping Good Clients Anonymous Consultant (9)
Does the group do product reviews? anon (4)
Why cant software be like other industry? WSS (38)
Partnership question not usually anon (14)
Looking for Free and Immediate Press Release Service Nick Hebb (5)
How are you protecting your .NET app? smallFry (19)
Obfuscation and licensing issues(PHP) Eriksson (8)
How much should I charge for custom request? Bad Estimator (5)
*ing Greedy Google Bas... Ryan Smyth (24)
How do you manage your digital documents (smartly)? Documents Nightmare (21)
Thinking through how people will use your app Bob Walsh (8)
Can I really get full income from my ISV? New_Worry_ISV_:-) (12)
KISS web design - part 2 Tihy (18)
InfoCaptor website Nilesh Jethwa (5)
Google Apps: Does it have a "mailed-by gmail.com" header Mailman (2)
News website - looking for feedback... Mangrova (6)
Should I pick up the old almost dead project? leiju (7)
Schedule C - uISV specifics Albert Kennis (11)
Sales completely stopped. WhatHappened? (16)
Moving a trac repository Ted Graham (2)
Your experience with Venture Cap and Incubators Li-fan Chen (4)
Why don't more people start startups? MT Heart (40)
mISV accounting too dumb to know? (16)
What is the best way to use online store?? New ISV (3)
Raising money to go fulltime? Ted Graham (16)
Ideas for 10th Anniversary Celebration Marcus Tettmar (7)
MyNewCompany.com - Anyone use their services? Eric D. Burdo (12)
Should i use Ruby on Rails ??? A. (13)
Good free accounting software for my MicroISV? Will start a MicroISV (17)
Developing by Delphi Abolfazl Mahmoodi (16)
Is it worth going to this event? zanzibar zeus (9)
Adwords quality score? Clicker (2)
C++ Socket library? anonymous (10)
Should I Not Write My Own ECommerce? John S. Reid (11)
Work Time and Ownership Ryan Smyth (14)
Free proposals are a high cost Anonymous Consultant (7)
Develop Joomla modules? walterbyrd (3)
Traffic boosting George (8)
Privacy Policy/Terms of Use... garbage, or necessity? e-Tech (2)
Plimus or ShareIT integration ? Chen (4)
Growing Pains Shannon (16)
Best method for distributing product anon (3)
Evaluation Agreement sent by BigCompany tetrageek (17)
MySQL for a mISV product Parisian Developer - (mISV WannaBe) (21)
Goodbye to Plimus - maybe. Duncan (30)
Reading from Proprietary File Format Daniel (15)
Email Marketing Abolfazl Mahmoodi (1)
Need a good captcha generating php script SWEN22 (6)
Software Documentation Abolfazl Mahmoodi (11)
Which Google Earth Version to Choose? GIS MISV (4)
Last chance to have cake, eat cake, and jettison plate to space Li-fan Chen (7)
Delphi for PHP... 1 day trial? DanB (13)
PayPal alternatives for email invoices? farmboy (4)
Web Site Header opinion sb (6)
Shopping Carts - recommendations please Elmer (14)
How do businessses perceive open source? Bored Bystander (31)
Should I be pissed? Anonymouse (19)
Can mISV Outsource it's development??? New ISV (19)
Online project-auction sites - advice needed Boris (1)
Marketing without spam Anon for this (15)
Custom Icons - Recommendations shocked and horrified (19)
Liability insurance? 2112 (6)
Flash Development Tool Suggestion Phillip Flores (7)
employment contract anonymous (10)
comments or no comments new_blogger (16)
Brainstorming on Protection Mechanisms Parisian Developer - (mISV WannaBe) (16)
A Backup Person Dan the man (5)
Is SaaS the future of our Software Business? John Morad (49)
Using affiliates to sell your software. Quentin Brown (8)
Paypal holding my money. Is this normal? Alex Choo (15)
What webDev language to learn? Lingo (16)
Mobile Phone App Platform Selection Help Please MikeHogan (3)
Questionaire generator for freedback Help (1)
Can a mISV be successful with a service instead of a product. David Hutchinson (13)
Affiliates script setup for my software aFFi (10)
Which is the best day for new releases? Plamen Parvanov (11)
Writing a book as a strategy to get more exposure for your site Stefan (5)
Independent software interfacing with other company's device QdK (5)
Participating in open source project jammy (1)
Infrastructure required for Digg kind of service Hello (4)
Do you actually bother reading EULAs??? (31)
how long of a string can I pass with a URL with php.? php (7)
Another angle on piracy Onlooker (14)
Is "Keep It Simple, Stupid" still a way to go in web design Tihy (19)
Thoughts on SaaS as a business model walterbyrd (5)
Any Business Magazines Recommendation ? Parisian Developer (mISV WannaBe) (13)
Opening an incubator office 2112 (8)
Google analytics Goal Tracking help please. Gigi (4)
Most reliable online backup service no downtime (5)
How do you become PCI compliant for an online ISV? Ben (12)
Best Merchant Account for micropayments? Gili Tzabari (8)
COCOMO 2 estimating tool VKM cant wrestlet (8)
multiple currencies AUser (8)
Which format do you prefer when reading blogs? Scott Meade (5)
Free Sales ebook Nigel Edelshain (0)
The Right Balance? Denis (10)
Starting a uISV - w/out Internet at home Eric D. Burdo (36)
12 million on a 1 dollar solution? Quentin Brown (12)
Please suggest marketing: pay for one get two? KonstResearch (9)
Chat application Anthony (6)
Spell Checker for the code sdani (4)
How accurate do YOU find compete.com? Mr. Analogy (9)
Taskbar Task Time Tracker? Looking... (12)
Custom software company - any PM/accounts tools advice? Martin (6)
Liten Up Infomercial Shannon (1)
Market size for Excel addin? Ted Graham (12)
Visual Studio 2005 under Vista Brody (9)
Starting new Software Company (ISV) John Morad (15)
Dual monitor setup suggestions Andrea N. - Direct Access (23)
What do you sales look like?  Why did my sales stop? Puzzled (8)
Poll: Your app - desktop or web? digging (62)
Native Mac apps One Sku (20)
The Magical Sales Guy Cyclops (8)
Competitive Tax Regimes for ISVs ThankfullyIAmNotAnAccountant (17)
The "virtual environemnt" threat to ISV's Jorge Santos (17)
Aquire a Domain Name Andrew Robinson (17)
Google Launches Pay Per Action Ads Stop PayPerClick Scams (21)
mISV products for Linux Desktop OneMist8k (20)
3dx game installation requirements Alex Cohn (4)
mISV in the UK p.o. (32)
Do you use Data Base Marketing? Quentin Brown (9)
New Website.. Comments please Conkerjoe (7)
PM/Collaboration Online Tool Suggestions? Looking... (5)
Limits on trial software Jumpalong Jim (10)
Price? Kieran (4)
Where can I find Research into Platform Market Share? Martin Brown (1)
Thank you for supporting shareware? Frank (8)
Good E-Mail to RSS Service? ISVer (9)
Customer Self Service Web Software Jim Duffy (3)
.Net logo ? George (3)
"works with vista" logo program - what a mess Anonymous coward (10)
Vista - Some useful tools Pete (9)
Basic SEO Question: Product and Company Blog Considerations Scott Meade (9)
Ask Google AdWords Questions to an AdWords Qualified Company! Dave Collins (2)
Where are you storing offsite backups? no downtime (34)
How do you keep your momemtum high when you're alone in the dark Parisian Developer - (mISV WannaBe) (20)
ASP.NET Reporting tool. Any recommendations? Unreported Anon (7)
My first microISV steps, looking for advice Magnus J (4)
Advice on composing documents noob contractor (2)
Product/Consulting Company website structure A (2)
Comment request on my video tutorial Andrea N. - Direct Access (10)
eser.org - What do you think of my new forum software? eser.org (8)
Any old iron, Any, any, any old iron Quentin Brown (11)
Where is ALi (phplazy) (1)
How do I maintain my competitive advantage? Gili Tzabari (17)
Advertising on Download.com and other trial download sites Adam Jacobs (8)
remove "created with camtasia" logo Dr.ISV (10)
Dollars per thousand lines of code? Patrick McKenzie (25)
Twitter Nick (4)
Anyone using Flash for client application? Don S (14)
Business Idea: Customer Support Augmentation for mISVs Anonymous for fear of reprisal (15)
Switching ISV mail to GMail, what about sending? Ted Graham (11)
Old Product in a New Box Rajeev Gopal (2)
How to apply for a US patent from Europe? AnonForNow (5)
release of interest in side-project from employer Ted Graham (5)
Are there any ISV's here that sell ERP, CRM type of products? Erhard Smit (4)
Is using paypal a bit noddy? Anon for now (26)
Let me write your software for FREE realcoder (15)
Sales in March? Tony (10)
Questions about online video demo's NickB (11)
Selling the business ownerAnonymous (5)
TED Videos Boris Yankov (0)
Acceptable user tracking? (8)
go Microsoft PPC! not normally a MS fan (2)
Quickbooks Alternative? Andrew Robinson (11)
Copilot Terminal? Donald Duck (2)
is citydeska  failed product? anon (15)
Replacement for IBM Access Connections anon for this (1)
Scheduling Windows tasks AnnonyMouse (0)
Good Strategy to Upgrade My MicroISV's Drupal Website? Drupaler (4)
Protecting My MicroISV Day Job New Hire (7)
MicroISV Web Resources Phil Wright (6)
Silly installer question AnnonyMouse (9)
Copilot Billing Issue & Idea Lee (5)
Plimus and orders from Asia Denis Dmitriev (4)
Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen, So Here's My Idea... Idea Guy (9)
Corporate Malfeasance: accounting frauds nvictor (8)
A micro-ISV app that would sell millions. Bob Walsh (18)
When to halt development? anon for this one (12)
Deploying a java application Trace Modeler (5)
Looking for basic payment processor... anon for this one (8)
I know, ask a lawyer... Anon for this question (11)
Audio Device Selection widget? Michael B (2)
Selling The Rights To My Software Application Jim (11)
Just Saying NO to Google AdWords filedude (11)
MS Certified Partner for µISV microscopic (4)
MicroISV Podcast Interview Phil Wright (3)
Selling the entire development Storyteller (14)
Odd slaes track.  Any idea why? Momoney (5)
Reaching MicroISVs Geetha S (12)
My uISV story leiju (16)
Misv E-mail Setup - Should I get a hosted Exchange server ? Parisian Developer (mISV WannaBe) (19)
(Legally) dodging the taxman?!? Jimbob (17)
Monitor CPU/Memory/Performance on a shared Windows host? Ted Graham (2)
Alternate to Quick Time Lee (8)
Have you ever seen anything like it Conkerjoe (6)
How to write an exit/buyout clause? Programmer (14)
Blog tools? Trygve Inda (8)
Legality of not charging value added tax to European customers Frank (30)
first application :-) Claire Rand (10)
How to get RSS from website without RSS? RSS4 (9)
Going into Retail Ryan Smyth (1)
ESWC 2007 and Firefox David Boventer (2)
WebBrowser control opopup window Please Help (3)
Adwords assistance please Adwordalizer (11)
Breakdown of the Fogcreek team Ben Richardson (3)
DigitalClock or not DigitalClock KonstResearch (13)
Interesting? marketing campaign(SFW but maybe gross). DanP (23)
First Sale!!! Geoff M (31)
Credit card processor to integrate in Java Application? Elmar Schraml (3)
What tools or workflow works best for blogging or writing? Li-fan Chen (4)
Please share your favorite references for writing blogging needs Li-fan Chen (1)
WebEx was bought for 3.2B (14)
Too much success Sucko (25)
Question on mISV in Spain or Portugal & info on mISV in Poland Witold Dudek (7)
First step is done, now the rest. Peter Muys (11)
Hosting forums anon (2)
SaaS CRM for small-medium business, How Much? Smacko (7)
How not to achieve business success (rant) Ben Bryant (52)
East Europe Outsourcing Milan Petrovic (8)
What was your biggest reason for starting a mISV? -Rob (25)
Does any mISV from India visit this forum? Donald Duck (12)
Best and least expensive payment processor as an alt to PayPal Payday (3)
Godaddy Answer to my questions Parisian Developer (mISV WannaBe) (2)
mISV in Belgium? Trace Modeler (14)
Application size dilemma, help? sanouy (10)
disable website while update webbie (9)
Google Adwords: watch out for "Search Network" Mr. Analogy (12)
Let's play a little game CarlosM (13)
anybody from Pittsburgh? Nilesh Jethwa (2)
Splash screens and screen size Tired and confused. (15)
Anyone list on Capterra, Business.com, or Kelly.com? Nick Hebb (6)
Fear Loathing and Taxation anon this time (13)
Adwords Numbers Frank Reiff (4)
PayPal IPN scripts Andy Brice (17)
New WinForms Product Anon (7)
Any mISV from France ? Parisian Developer (mISV WannaBe) (24)
Any other misv/it people in London? NewToLondon (7)
Recommendation for hosting & registration in the US Jez (30)
PayPal and multiple-currencies anon (4)
How has your service with GoDaddy.com been? anon (16)
Selling to enterprises Siddharta Govindaraj (9)
Java vs. PHP consulting No flamewars pls (6)
Data you'd like to see in Excel? Ted Graham (8)
Cheap SSL Certs Snafu (6)
Is this infringement? outback (8)
Thinking of quitting my Misv…. Anon for now. (22)
Adwords Bug? Greg (15)
SWREG becoming more and more vendor hostile? Frank Reiff (18)
Proprietary or open source? WWYD? Michael B (10)
How can i control the contents of IE browser website externally Web (4)
Would you buy a great outliner program ? EccoDude (28)
Getting in touch on the road ? Ziggy (9)
Fill out a form before downloading the demo Maverick (17)
When did you moved to a normal office ? Jeiro (10)
Microsoft recognises the value of piracy workingHard (4)
If I told you I love you would you hold it against me. Quentin Brown (19)
Implement VNC into your app? VNC? (14)
Make It Big In Video Game StormBringer (15)
Studying Federal Taxes for an LLC Albert Kennis (4)
SEO : How do you build links? Sudoku (7)
License question on .Net framework 2.0 redistributable anon (3)
Request for review and...How do I sell a "TiVo"? Andrew Lyric (9)
Building a software team, and the support staff. nimrod (16)
On choosing a good domain name? nvictor (13)
InstallAware good? DanB (3)
Direct Access 1.5, email automation tool released Andrea N. - Direct Access (6)
Task management software for larger teams Dave (3)
MS Outlook Alternatives Conkerjoe (13)
Tradeshow after action report.... Geoff M (11)
Good Entrepreneur books Contractor (15)
does making something to cheap hurt sales? Contractor (8)
Are online RSS readers legal? another angle (5)
Mac version of .NET app.... Geoff M (11)
Are you upgrading your screenshots to Vista? (6)
Is it worth spending money on adverts for beta products Anon (3)
Selling software to the rest of the world GoEarth (7)
Do I need a blog for every product? one guy in a room somewhere (7)
Good Domain Name Registrars in New Zealand? JD (2)
Is giving away product for free, good idea? Nilesh Jethwa (5)
Price tag on front page??  Bad idea? Tagme (10)
Can a mISV enter an already established market Anon (14)
earning money via internet in usa nvictor (5)
Contracting and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Jason (4)
godaddy down for hours... need a new registrar Mark Sahn (11)
Changing PayPal subscription auto charge (5)
LLC or Liability Insurance, or both? (18)
Hits vs Views for Download counts anon (3)
I found a bug in my library g (10)
free zip library or a command line based zip tool for commercial Zipper (12)
Choosing a Blog Platform For Podcasting Ryan Smyth (5)
On line sales tools - recommendations please Elmer (4)
Stucko makes me LOL Dr.ISV (9)
Project manager tools Small time leader (19)
Audio Conversion:  What can be done about MP3 / AAC license? Sebastian (8)
Why sales stop? Salesman (8)
Do you often get contacted for custom work ? StormBringer (5)
Looking for heaven...or am I? Pete (5)
Any traffic benefit from blog platform? DavidLarsen (3)
JIRA Pricing, crazy or genius? Ian L (14)
How to deal with an ungraspable bug (11)
I need beta testers.  Where can I find them other than JOS? Stucko (20)
The Business of Software Quentin Brown (33)
Business Checking without an Address Albert Kennis (5)
Seth Godin recommends Bob Walsh's book. Cool! Dr.ISV (13)
Resell rights for website templates? Help. is it legit? Stucko (7)
does it matter where you start your software company? curious (16)
Is your product a luxury or necessity? Nilesh Jethwa (16)
Putting your competitor name in the adwords Ron (18)
Google - Front page 1 day and gone the next Michael Ferry (7)
How do you get people to come read your blog? Conkerjoe (14)
Hitorigoto - Or the art of talking to yourself. Albert Kennis (14)
Resume entry for TS job stoneyowl (6)
Check illegal name in a US Company Name Krey (14)
Which software do you use for your mailing ? StormBringer (11)
.cc domains Anonymous cow herd (6)
Future of Computer Science? Inspired by Nikola Tesla (22)
Is there a Freeware HTML Editor tools for commercial use? HTMLer (9)
WebOS and developers Mikael Bergkvist (11)
Who should we interview next? Bob Walsh (41)
Salary question, contract to hire stoneyowl (3)
adword ROI for download file? adwordisgod (0)
Front page Digg for doPDF Mike M (4)
Website Redesign Mike (8)
How to structure a partnership? AnonForNow (26)
Job title for Startup's first employee? Dan Myers (32)
Managing software deployment risks. K (6)
Quit after 3 months, how can I spin this? Anon for this one (25)
Web Design company for Misv Jez (11)
how to pump adwords? adME (5)
Support Engineers K (4)
I'm #4 on Google! Colin M (12)
"Windows VISTA supported" picture, allowed or not? Gunnar Drager (5)
Using Lightbox for screen shots Nick Hebb (16)
Adwords on multiple click from the same user GooglePlex (4)
Analytics Nick (11)
What resolution should a Demo Video be? Demonstrate (7)
Code Signing. Your opinions. Can (5)
Revenue of private companies CJN (12)
How To Stand Out in a competitive market ? StormBringer (8)
Wanting a Software developer with heart! Quentin Brown (44)
How do you gain confidence in your idea? Jeroen (13)
How do you sell your mISV product? someone (4)
To ISVs how do you come up with requirements? Contractor (9)
Looking For a Serious Marketing Company StormBringer (12)
Selling to retail stores with NO Phone Support StormBringer (8)
Has anyone left an ISV? Nick (9)
Finding a good day job to complement a part-time micro-ISV Anxious To Get Started (6)
How $ BIG $ is an Micro-ISV? Hank (12)
Do I need a forum? early stage (7)
Software Analytics Nick (4)
What is a "MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license"? Ryan Smyth (6)
Will Microsoft buy your micro-ISV? Bob Walsh (5)
Feedback on new startup Charlie (13)
The Business of Blogging the Business of Blogging (4)
Advertising:  Joel says I'm crazy.  Who's right? Eric Sink (57)
Anyone using MS Office Accounting 2007? Not a QB user (3)
Task manager - to do list recommendations? Head full of broken cookies (16)
Patents Europe and the US Patent pending (7)
Diving into consulting Currently a Code-O-Matic Drone (8)
The Secrets of Selling Duncan Werner (0)
Tempted by C# and .NET -Rob (22)
Misv from home - Pros & Cons StormBringer (13)
Where can I try to sell my ISV? (4)
My 1st Year's Sales Stats (Graphs) Nick Hebb (12)
I released my software last month.. 1 sale.. this month 3 sales Salesman (10)
Economics of Software Distribution Dan Donovan (4)
Tradeshow Advice... Geoff M (8)
Are Banners still worth trying ? StormBringer (10)
Can this app be a product? vuk51 (13)
Automatic currency conversion Wouter Dhondt (11)
What do you think of this license agreement -Rob (11)
Creating a NewsGroup for your product ? Anon (4)
Market Identification - Should I do it StormBringer (30)
Help starting anew Disappointed (9)
What is an mISV? Dennis (2)
How can I get the total file size of the FTP Directory? PHP? (6)
Online Feedback/Recommend Solution Issue Tim (2)
Here we go - Paradigm Code Albert Kennis (7)
Google Jotspot is breaking my heart... Bob Walsh (9)
Is .NET approaching end of life? Brody (28)
I have created an IRC channel (and soon a Wiki) for MicroISVs Li-fan Chen (6)
Can I use the eBay logo on my website under the software name? Stucko (8)
Image Editing Component? EditMe (6)
Desktop web application... choosing a development platform? anonymous_coward (20)
Support ticket (php) system Trygve (9)
Speaking of product ideas, what about looong projects Tom (14)
Software Project Management Olexandr Prokhorenko (1)
Should I submit a beta version to download sites? Siddharta Govindaraj (4)
Adwords: what am I doing wrong? DanB (7)
Comodo Certificate: Which Cryptographic Service Provider to use? Mr. Analogy (3)
how did you come up with product ideas? Contractor (17)
How best to spend $500? Nilesh Jethwa (16)
downloading scary? outback (10)
Wizard a must? Stucko (8)
100 sq ft?, bah SumoRunner (30)
Sales drop? Shannon (7)
What do you think about virtual US address? Curry (14)
Internet (TCP/IP) Education Steve (8)
Software companies that made the Inc. top 50 list in 2006 walter byrd (10)
Trial-Ware Price Promotion Strategies ian (18)
web dev on local PC web_newbie (4)
Rates in NYC for RoR 3-12 month contract? anon for now (8)
Making my (aspiring) MicroISV platform decision... dazed_and_confused (16)
Handling Bulk Licences Registration >> The Night Blogger << (8)
> BOOK < - The Business of Software >> The Night Blogger << (16)
Redundancy (UK)... Claire Rand (32)
UK: Pounds or Euro? Gerry Smith (16)
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