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Successful Software

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Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Advice on Finding a Tech Partner Your Uncle Darnell (14)
Marketing Tidbits Loren Charnley (11)
Managing a global workforce Sam B (7)
How to stop Google becoming the next Microsoft? Anonymous for now (31)
Software Alternative Promotion Methods? Ryan Smyth (16)
Brochures vs resumes for consulting - collateral in general Bored Bystander (8)
When to start promoting upcoming products on your site Joann (8)
HTML or plain text for promotional emails and newsletters? Andy Brice (16)
does this mean i'll need pointy hair? no name (17)
Home Office from Hell SumoRunner (16)
.Net vs VB6 CL (13)
AdWords work Sergey Schetinin (Word to HTML converter) (6)
What am I missing? Erhard (38)
Where to get access to many testing computers? tester (12)
Need Advice on Demo Video Sanjay Bhatia (6)
Becoming your own customer. Vince (4)
Source Code Editor Brice Richard (14)
Anonymous One Who Is Always Right ... Unmasked!! Loren Charnley (9)
Strange bussines model - does it works ? Oleg (10)
Is open source for marketing is a really good strategy? Opensourcer (6)
How much do we give to freelance Marketer Mike (11)
EULA before purchase outback (5)
Fair Use as % ? Ryan Smyth (10)
New One Deal a Day Software Site Jennifer Clarke (8)
Appointment Book on the Web Tim Almond (17)
resources for starting independent consulting? rick (1)
Laptop recommendations Doug (25)
Software as a Service Pricing Strategies Alex (8)
Need little advice from professionals Pavel Vasilevich (20)
Web 2.0 Fallacies? Jamie Lawrence (14)
Do you believe that the video game market on MAC is still viable RasterBlaster (16)
Would you pay for? Mike johnson (8)
Simplest EULA possible? Scot (23)
Forking an open-souce project XDotnet (5)
Importing Software Susy Mendoza (3)
Serial Numbers / Product Keys Andrew Robinson (8)
Do vertical-communities have business potential? Ashwin (9)
I'm making a systray utility - do you have any needs or ideas? Michael (36)
Wow... GTD really works Bluebeard (15)
MS Vista delay:  Is it really *that* big a deal? Crimson (17)
Screen shot snippet software Mike (24)
Retrive weather information from internet. ChristopherAtJoelOnSoftware (9)
Legality of building a newsreader application Cherry Blossom (9)
Sites with APIs GNU World Order (6)
Buyer tracking for affliate program Z. (2)
Working with Mailing Lists in Outlook Nick Hebb (10)
Google Analytics Javascript Code Andrey Butov (6)
Dealing with "chargebacks" Robert (28)
Licensing model & free editions BrianDQuinn (2)
Project (but not Project) for the Web? Wilcox (6)
Fighting piracy literally Dennis Crane (11)
Not able to work in my present job!? (7)
Is US Patent applicable universally? Madurai Machan (5)
Downloads.com and PPD experience Doug (12)
An Ebay for buying/selling web-based software? peter barnett (7)
2Checkout alternative Need better (22)
WordPress templates and converting a traditional web site? Bob Walsh (11)
Reviews of Eric's book? Jason (1)
Business Cards Larry (13)
No Time to Program...and Completely Frustrated Completely Frustrated (31)
How can I sell web site templates? Graphic Designer (8)
What's your face worth? Ideophoric (26)
AJAX and RiA now patented Java GUI Programmer (14)
Setting up Limited Company for UK Freelancing Anon for this (11)
Microsoft Dynamics (Navision) George (2)
Pricing Problem ISV (4)
I am still an Micro ISV? Andrew Robinson (6)
Where to find web designers? In need of designer (14)
How much equity shud I get? (19)
PayLoadz Express- service from paypal Piyush Patel (8)
Productivity through technology A believer (15)
liability insurance guidelines sitting_duck (7)
Worldwide online payment solutions nvictor (20)
Perfect Table Plan el (14)
Eric Sink on the Business of Software Umair (30)
Office Furniture Michael (10)
Transition point from day job to full time uISV Michael C. (11)
Advice on market survey? oxff (8)
Cannot Save Demo Norman Allen (5)
Software Ideas ideas seeker (12)
Selling to Canada Andy Brice (33)
Building your own file format for lock in? Albert D. Kallal (21)
How a blind person uses your webpage Cory R. King (2)
UPC Codes new to retail (10)
Using Access as a product platform njh (20)
Anyone do customer support email on a phone? Doug (13)
Now, that I've been reading so much about it. Thank u Bob (36)
software for the blind pablo (8)
Just found this site in an old bookmark and you programmer dudes steve (5)
Business Liability Insurance for Side Work? Anon for Now (12)
Shareware Sites to Advertise On Zeeshan Alam (9)
Recommended to submit your product to download sites? Tim Weiler (12)
Anybody have any pre-alpha microisv application websites? Bot Berlin (0)
Pricing on the web SalesGuy (9)
Hiding WhoIs information - any consequences Dejan Grujic (29)
Offering a FREE personal edition didn't work Jayson (6)
Word Automation -- what a bind! Tegs (5)
Rental v Purchase Model goCRM (16)
What not to do on your websites AC (10)
The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites Umair (16)
Startup Statistics of Unknown Quality Daniel Howard (8)
Handling Drastic Price Increases Compassionate (12)
Large File Hosting Andreas (8)
SD West 2006 Business of Software Track (Review) Daniel Howard (5)
My First Mistake - PR Nick Hebb (17)
Web presentation management software Peachibus (4)
Poopy Software :) (literally) Ryan Smyth (9)
Passion and success - intertwined? JustWondering (20)
Level of detail for project managment New to delegating the work (5)
crappy software tools - name and shame Andy Brice (18)
Site Review \ Testers goCRM (16)
Software Box John (2)
What do you do to secure your web application? elloco (7)
Cost of high traffic website hosting? Painless Budgeting (17)
Google violates constitutional right to free speech? Scott (16)
Idea for interactive medical documents EKB (2)
Creating a product slideshow James Newton-King (8)
When you just saw your software idea - sold by someone else! John Moody (19)
Working as a consultant, resume Dos and Donts James Reyonalds (3)
Intro to options needed ignorant coder (5)
Policy for distributors who sell (not promote) your product? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (11)
Seeking product and site review Ram (4)
Shareware development--learning experiences Kevin Walzer (43)
How to test for the ability to make excellent user interfaces? Mel (9)
Selling a very expensive product, part 2 wannabe saleperson (1)
Making the Transition without feeling guilty. Feeling Guilty (8)
The business of Internet Security Suites. Rohit (3)
A business owner is employed 24 hours a day ISV (12)
A question of ethics Anonymous (10)
Recomendations for portal website Overwhelmed (6)
Bob - you've been Slashdotted! Jon Seanor (4)
How do you sell a product that is very expensive? --@-_-@-- (8)
Google site exlusions Andy Brice (5)
Disposable Income Andrey Butov (9)
XP, VB6 and flicker free UIs JSD (10)
Sleep Jon Seanor (23)
Office build out newbie ceo (18)
sql express 05 -network install feedback matt (2)
Personal and Business Assets (UK) Would Be µISV (4)
Boxes or DVD cases for Retail Original Poster (9)
Doing a survey on tools using to assess my business idea Marc Rambert (6)
Bucks / Gourmet Cookies for Bugs Sanjay Bhatia (10)
Enterprise microISV:  An oxymoron? Anonymous For Now... (6)
How to have a software business without touching code? Jack (31)
"Sweeeet hip cool cat - yeah baby!" The subject line says it all (20)
Has microsoft lost confidence in .net?.... (44)
Empower program / Action Pack - Changed? Kim (2)
How did your product evolve? centi-ISV (12)
Usability critique please: CalendarsThatWork.com Derek (3)
Company vs Product Branding... BigJigger (5)
Web vs. Windows client John Moody (13)
Database backed web-application development Bot Berlin (7)
More Foolish Software Designs or is it just me? Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (14)
BackupMyBlog beta opens today Doug Martin (19)
The Dark Side of mISV`s: Collecting Debts KC (14)
Interesting Revenue Thread Ryan Smyth (5)
Supporting dumb users :( anon (20)
Thnaks for your help (www.FleetConcept.com) Torsten Schulz (5)
Deciding Company / Domain Name Overdesigning the Post-It Note (18)
Thinstall Rudolf F. Vanek (5)
Flickr and Images (Creative Commons) Bot Berlin (4)
Pricing Consistency AnonForNow (10)
Should I seek outside capital? (15)
Isn't it like betraying the company? Anonymous (12)
Site non review Leroy Clark (16)
Best Usable Applications Vijay (15)
Thank you JoS readers! thejay (9)
Resources for Google Adwords Management Nick Hebb (10)
netfirms.com hosting any good? Rowland (4)
Summary book about CMMI? Josh (5)
For-profit open source crash-course bglenn (11)
Business failure rates vs. "skin in the game" Bored Bystander (24)
Norton AntiVirus, what a piece of crap Andy Brice (39)
Paypal plus PHP script and DB for registration? anon too (11)
Is Writely just cheese? Or is there some meat in there? Ryan Smyth (20)
Looking for Programmers/Entrepreneurs/Designers to form a team freelancer (10)
Site / Product Feedback - One More Torsten Schulz (13)
In search for a user Original Poster (6)
widget market (2)
Best/easiest affiliate program available Dennis K (10)
Release schedule: OS X and Windows at the same time? Matthias Winkelmann (5)
Site Feedback Jon Seanor (3)
Bringing in a business partner Benj (20)
Application'a sources to sell Jan Kowalski (2)
Site Feedback Requested Ike Nicholas (20)
Something I just realized..... Blake (8)
Competitor to the PMI? Steve Hirsch (10)
Is it possible to make money off of a UI idea? CJ (5)
Humorous look at the dark side of µISV Derek (25)
Grow a consulting/contracting business Z. (6)
Best affiliate system Dennis K (2)
Choose an idea Shareware Newbie (8)
Y Combinator Startups - What's the Pain? Glen Cooper (19)
Starting a mISV. Preliminary Questions. mISV Wannabe (11)
Site Feedback Cprin (6)
Customers to evangelize or resell? Anon For now (4)
Private (Proxy) Registration? Scott (7)
I think I'm in Google's Sandbox Tim Weiler (7)
Is this a good idea? Blake (5)
Help file pain? Michael Johnson (4)
Anyone get nervous about success? anon (20)
Why Contracting / Consulting doesn't get much respect? ED (16)
Just how important is a domain name? KSTurner (7)
RTF to Text convertor Donald Adams (5)
New beta product Roger Jack (4)
Fighting pirates - scare good users Dennis Crane (Dr.Explain software) (19)
modern day ISV like the BBS software of the early 90s? Patrick from an IBank (1)
Writely aquired. I'm waiting for WHITELY.com Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (3)
"Save as draft" for online forms software idea Ben Mc (9)
Product hosting? user (4)
Accessing Somebody's database from legal point of view? SamLazy (10)
Interesting contract rate question anon (14)
Writely acquired, just so rightly? oxff (10)
Quit your job. Then start your business. ED (27)
How do you setup a fund? son of parnas (7)
Google Calendar 2.0 Jim (9)
download.com - passive demo Andrey Butov (7)
Google Analytics meltdown? Andy Brice (16)
Why Businesses Fail - Don't quit your day job michael h. (39)
Register to get an account vs. preview account? Frank Spychalski (3)
Best small business websites James Newton-King (8)
Boxes of software Steve Schapel (8)
Developer to Work Ratio Asif @ Cubex (5)
Was there ever a desktop 2.0 that I missed? (15)
Entrprenuerial Proverbs Mr. Analogy {uISV} (3)
Largest online credit card purchase Charge me (14)
Software Website Feedback Steven Martins (19)
Questions about trial pricing for enterprise software Tim S. (3)
Time to ditch Delphi? Deon (32)
Promoting my services without spamming (or being annoying) Documentation Doctor (17)
What has your career been like? Blake (37)
Merchant Account for Paying People eCommerceNewbie (4)
Can a single person develop a website for thousands of users? SP (11)
really cheap hosting looking for hosting (8)
Well that didn't last long... Phil (5)
AllPears got some VC money Dan (10)
Should I offer web hosting on the side, and how? Philipp Schumann (22)
business / financial application book with programming language mia (7)
Desktop sharing recommendation David Perry (9)
Customer wants TIN/SSN... Jax (7)
Ray Ozzie is at it again... Bob Walsh (7)
E&O insurance - what are we talking about $ wise? Bored Bystander (5)
What are your adwords click-through rates? Denis Basaric (9)
Choosing merchant account/payment gateway sloop (17)
Flagr -- am I missing something? Vaughan Bromfield (5)
Open source discussion group Christos P (2)
Copyright lawyer in California Fernando Rodriguez Romero (3)
Need advice - aggregation website idea Anon for now (4)
Throwing away $$$ making opportunities!!! JackDavis (6)
Forget it, I'm doing what I want to Anon and anon (27)
tax situation legit? Tacks (7)
A Question of Ethics: Would You Ever Domain Squat? John Topley (7)
Web 2.0 Communication Adeel (6)
Startup Costs are deductible (to a point) Michael H. Pryor (28)
How I made a Mashup Bob Walsh (2)
Call Logging Application BrianDQuinn (1)
multilingual website multilingual (13)
Publishing open source tools Nir Floripa (4)
product price on website Steve Schapel (25)
Why so few .NET applications out there? Francois Pichet (37)
the Evening at Adler is better (uISV stuff) Ben Bryant (4)
Shrink-wrap using MS-Access or Paradox? user (11)
Trade Show/Conference Exhibits Chad (10)
Advertising levels Andrey Butov (6)
Obsfucate your website? justWondering (9)
CD Duplication (6)
Marketing yourself(CRUD developers) J. B. (11)
How to find good Resellers for a mISV?  Any out there? Sanjay Bhatia (2)
Mass e-mail tool for newsletters? Martin (6)
To obfusticate or not obfusticate? BrianDQuinn (15)
$5 Bug Tracking Give-away Story Mean Jim (27)
Listen to advice on this board. Andrey Butov (8)
First release. thejay (6)
CD's and printed manuals Value-added (21)
What do you think about this? Matthew Choinski (8)
Hiring Sales Persons for software RPK (5)
RULE: Scratch to beta in a week Adam (42)
Pricing question on analyzer help tool Ach (4)
Site Redo - Mark 2 Mike johnson (11)
Naming a Software Business Erhard (22)
How to do remote development? Indian Wannabe (11)
Hot Software Idea (17)
Distributions & paying dividends on stock? Panic'ed S Corp owner (8)
How much money did you spend to become microisv? YNR (39)
GIF and LZW Patent Issues Andrew Robinson (9)
How to become a preferred vendor Julius Seizure (9)
A new free programming tool :) Nostalgia (10)
Would this help you? John Seiffer (9)
What webserver is a website using anon (6)
Recommendations for a micro-ISV desktop workstation? Jesse Smith (31)
Cut-price database tools Some bloke from Oxford (11)
Gathering information for building a database application Michael (12)
Site Redo.. thoughts? Mike johnson (21)
$299 Sweet Spot Seeker (9)
Can I generate all this CRUD stuff? Dreamer (8)
Google loves the H1 tag J (2)
New Ubercode trial pack Bill Rayer (2)
Business vs Home user Software, or both? Mark (2)
How to get your product in the spotlight? annon (15)
Limiting Employees Access to Source Code Rodrigo Madera (47)
Buying software online mikael bergkvist (5)
An effective uISV blog? Mark Flory (17)
Software cracked! Now what? Amanvir (43)
.NET utility application - how many sales(%) lost ? Oleg (26)
How money do you microISV's make? Blake (66)
What do you think of this company's idea? Amere Digiolo (2)
Website building tool Kim (55)
accounting package with special purpose Steve Hatz (2)
Jotspot and customer service Mark Flory (16)
New Service - Form Building and Hosting Ade Olonoh (12)
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