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Bingo Card Creator

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BoS london dinner markee (2)
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2nd Triangle microISV Group Meetup is tomorrow, 2/24/09 Jon Chase (1)
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Sales have slowed to a crawl Steven Lee (10)
Version numbering - same install vs new install The Rich ISVer (6)
Very usefull PHP script alexandar (4)
v1.0 without a GUI Smiley (13)
Need Feedback - 2.0 release Steve Li (7)
The Fog Creek Business Plan Bruce Chapman (15)
New domain name! Germán Arduino (18)
Sales numbers for my first iPhone app Jabavu Adams (6)
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Domain name:  .org; .net? Karen Tiede (12)
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Online activation...do you use it? PatrickC (19)
When is a market too crowded? Basic market research? Harald (8)
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SwiftCD bought by Digital River Steve Bushman (9)
How long is your license key? The Rich ISVer (22)
LLC taxes.  Turbotax online? Michael H. Pryor (12)
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Hostgator.com? or bluehost.com? for shared hosting. Anonymouse (11)
How to Split Budgets Between Partners? Tobin Harris (3)
Getting a US Bank Account Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (3)
Released prototype Excel add-in for easily making Python add-ins Thomas P. Boesen (4)
New Poll Germán Arduino (8)
Any good books on "programming" a large software division? Ama (13)
Interactive Tutorial right in the software? How? Anonymouse (4)
Who's applying for jobs.joelonsoftware? John256 (8)
Cheap client AZ (20)
.Net Client profile for MISV Karsten (16)
Have the BizSpark requirements changed? IanH. (4)
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T-Shirts printing and bulk sending services Dennis Crane (3)
Selling software via Amazon Andreas Lipphardt (3)
What do regular layed off people do? Ama (14)
Has anyone use StatViz or Pathalizer to track their site traffic Sam Lee (1)
New Search Idea Stormy (6)
Is the tech recession over? Joel Spolsky (58)
French-speaking Business of software A. Perdereau - MarcheAuxOctets (3)
Corporate IT doesn't want the "best" Scott Nelson (16)
Spam from own email addresses Devrim Erdem (8)
What do I do with my idea? Antony (21)
second product! Glenn C (11)
How to maintain a server if you are not an admin? Harald (4)
SitePoint 5-for-1 Sale Matt Fettke (8)
Ribbon UI Alan Colburn (11)
Micro ISV - getting started. Neville Lewis (8)
Implemented a Javascript shopping cart -- thoughts? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (17)
Selling online from Romania Cristian Pascu (6)
If open source solution exists, use it or develop anyway? Harald (7)
Bad ISV Marketing Ideas from the Department of Stupid Neville Franks (2)
An Engineer's Suggestion for the Stimulus Plan Furqan Nazeeri (18)
Learning Basic Web Architecture? Paul Johnson (17)
Released! Johnny Zetterstrom (24)
Process documentation software? Karen Tiede (2)
Update on progress of JET vs. standard Java split test Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (14)
Comments on GoodBarry NubeSteve (2)
Software consulting/contracting resources Niko (3)
Web-site copy editing Toni (7)
How do you make money? Clarke Ching (13)
Question about my company name Germán Arduino (13)
Payoneer get stupid? Dmitri Zatona (8)
What's your profit-to-sales ratio? Mark McLaren (2)
Feedback for my video demo Steve McLeod (12)
How Much Tolerance Over Service Outages? gengstrand (9)
Payoneer support Nick (4)
Wordtracker alternatives TomEUS (2)
What is the best way to market a software training company Carl (4)
Anybody here using erlang for a commercial product? Bart Park (7)
hosted web-app: one instance or multi-instance? AlexD (6)
Need company naming help! Steve Bushman (10)
Selling customers details Anthony (7)
Do I need a business bank account? Ryan Michela (9)
Advertising lullaby Christopher Wells (6)
Advertise on FaceBook Jovan (6)
price of Akamai IP Application Accelerator tarun u (5)
Anyone using Amazon FPS for their online payments? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (1)
No response from swiftcd? Isaac (2)
PayPal Website Payments Pro - Asp.net Steve Bushman (6)
OK, so now what Kevin Moore (23)
€ and $. How to keep everybody happy and not die trying? Sergi Papaseit (21)
Reading material suggestions for science-based company David D (3)
MicroISV Analysis: Are you a monster or a small fry? Kosta Rozen (8)
TheFunded coming to Boston (founder / CEOs only) Furqan Nazeeri (1)
LinkedIn Users Germán Arduino (6)
Adwords and Organic rankings Quinn (12)
Product name possible issue Ruben Gamez (6)
Language choice for military market DesperateDev (13)
Switching domains Jeroen V (6)
Photo gallery vs. Video demo - preferences? uwf (8)
Twitter Users ScottK (39)
Customer reminds me that customers think differently... Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (18)
How can I make my employees deliver more polished products? Mike Scorpio (28)
Encryption and export control Doug (4)
Announcing my new application & site Kevin Moore (8)
mISV in Belgium Nilo Menezes (3)
Crumby PO Behaviour Mark Nemtsas (12)
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New design and product page. Need your opinions... Virgil (8)
Blast Email/Spam M.J. Schenkel (11)
When is Trademarking worth the hassle? Sergi Papaseit (13)
Graduating to the next level Ryan Wheeler (4)
back slash Saurabh (15)
Small free utility to help gain interest in my main product Ruben Gamez (7)
Feature Fatigue Oliver (4)
Release early, but how early? Alan Szlosek (10)
On Requiring registration before download Bruce Chapman (11)
Reseller's percentage Rensy (10)
Repackaging an app released under the GPL to be a hosted service here we go again... (10)
Ubercode Update (new forum & trial pack) Will Rayer (0)
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Review my site (again) steveneo (3)
Thousands of downloads from 1 IP address in China? Dominic (8)
Micro-ISV Poll II Germán Arduino (2)
Is a team of work-at-home employees realistic? Alex Balashov (34)
Setting up an office Andrey Butov (2)
CNET PPD sucks Nick (8)
Do you sell others people software? alexandar (3)
Predicting Software Sales using Google Analytics Stormy (2)
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