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Successful Software

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Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

The trouble with web frameworks clcr (23 comments)
A good way to trace piracy ? Serge (0)
GrandCentral as mISV phone number Oliver (6)
Writing web applications using C++ Web Toolkit C++ Supporter (33)
Selling out, partnership, etc. ciju (11)
Article: Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business Eric D. Burdo (32)
Anyone Outsourced Webdesign? Interested (15)
Google Sites - soon to be "advertised"? Joannes Vermorel (1)
Affiliate Schemes no name (7)
Monetizing Upgrades Dr GUID (3)
Favourite Blogging Software SK (16)
new product tour Andy Brice (18)
Forcing customers to replace their license keys Edwin (9)
Internet distribution Lateral Coder (10)
Distrubiting a Access(MDB) Database with your Product anon for this (23)
Jay Abraham reductions (2)
Average refund rate Norman (32)
your trial edition has immediately expired - want key SuspiciousNoNotMe (2)
Google realeases Google Sites Victor Noagbodji (16)
Domains setup for now and for the future Scout (5)
Forcing certain users to purchase Business/Pro License TiN (6)
Server Monitoring Software Rob (7)
4HWW and Entrepreneurs MJ (11)
What I missed in web-site/software and it is quite not sells? Alexei (20)
please review my site alexandar (12)
Options, equity, shares...what's the difference? Albert Tollkuci (12)
Should I buy my options? LivedTheDreamOnce (13)
Quitting, but getting a dream counter offer? anon (26)
Google Adwords + Conversions anon for this (3)
Thinking about Robosoft anon for this (19)
Personal and Business license Piyush Patel (3)
ASP.NET hosting any recommendation ? ray (9)
International support, code pages and SQL collation Doug (2)
Trade Show Experiences—How Do I Know If We're Ready? Staying Anon (8)
Anyone Switched to Google Analytics New Tracking System? Nick Hebb (19)
How can I stand out from a crowded crowd? Amir Helzer (27)
My Bits du Jour experience. Bob Walsh (32)
Life time license, free updates for life? Away with the fairies (12)
Please recommend an html newsletter service Victor Noagbodji (5)
Best marketing literature out there? Anonymous for this (17)
Compensation Packages Anon (7)
Material to give to blogers to post about my software Thinka (2)
Selling on  Windows Marketplace Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (2)
Deleting large chunk of website. Effect on search engines? Oliver (8)
Proposed web site redesign - thoughts? Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (24)
Another e-book on selling via a web site ... Steve Moyer (7)
Adobe flash/flex/air outback (15)
Secret Classroom Review - My Experience with a $500 Info Product MB (30)
Anyone knows where to get Virus/Spyware bundle pack? dani (11)
Upgrade Price Brian Leach (7)
Going Beta, please review the site and/or product TN (21)
Charging for your software to friends & family (15)
FOSS Revenue Guide Ryan Smyth (8)
eBook and piracy ? anon (21)
Am I almost there? 1 Year timeline... A bit of inspiration AlmostThere (3)
Importance of technology barrier in selling web-app? Josh Z. (7)
Allowing use in open source guybrush (6)
Dealing with a cracker W.S (38)
good example of a product tour? Andy Brice (19)
Mac - Java desktop software? ImagingLuminary (8)
mISV needs retail license or not? ImagingLuminary (3)
Silverlight 2 (beta) features revealed Patrick Foley (23)
.NET improvements for MicroISVs Patrick Foley (31)
Most everyone seems to dislike Java, why is it still so popular? Noble D. Bell (42)
internet activation of keys using php by a C# .net programmer MicroISV (15)
Write off personal tax return? April 15th coming up. (12)
It's released, finally! Jon Chase (20)
MicroISV Sites That Sell! at Bits du Jour today (2/25) Bob Walsh (41)
Web 2.0 is SOOOOO Yesterday... Ryan Smyth (10)
where ideas come from, how innovation happens outback (17)
A typing assistant is being given away Victor Noagbodji (1)
Shopping cart list of countries - exclusions? fritzy (9)
Who has Java Installed? (That is, % of customers) Steve (17)
Feedback on documentation format Saurabh (7)
Bandwidth and hotlinking no name (4)
Will you tell me more about yourself? Michael Johnson (4)
New product version, new website design... Virgil (19)
name for an "organizer" looking for name for a new born :) (15)
Establishing a trademark or registered name regular lurker (12)
Some Javascript folks might find useful Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (16)
Problems with SpamCop when sending my uISV newsletter Mike (7)
Simple response to hacked app anon (15)
Planet MicroISV up for adoption Baruch (11)
Surfulater - 50% off today on BDJ Neville Franks (2)
Password Management Carl Wichter (22)
How to programmatically retrieve the pagerank of a page? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (5)
Business owners – non technical – how did you start? TomeEUS (24)
Having a vision much more difficult than I thought... Houman Khorasani (15)
Ruminations on revenue per employee matthew (41)
What to write on a product/company blog? First-time MicroISV Blogger (8)
How to count downloads? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (7)
Save you money. Bob Walsh (17)
Practicing what you preach Mark Gladding (7)
ISV Mutual Discount Program Chris Thompson (9)
Anyone interested in mail merge for Open Office Docs? Test the waters (3)
WinSite hosting a very old copy of my application OldVersionsOfMySoftware (5)
any one know anything about Shareguard? wondering (0)
Consulting is too lucrative.. How do I get started? Dan Helfman (Luminotes) (10)
Growing your business anon (8)
Multiple employee access to the same "contact@domain.com" addres Nennon (14)
Employee Monitoring ParanoidEmployer (13)
Google's Back-end FDx (3)
Open Source Grid/Cluster Systems Software DelLloyd (6)
One more product by two mISVs for mISVs Dennis Crane (4)
Mac development, what are my language options? (19)
Mobile apps? Spud (5)
Data Testing - How to improve? Eric D. Burdo (5)
Don't forget Cayman Island Doug (7)
Past PageRank? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (0)
Log analizer Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (7)
A Novel "Mistake" Page Ryan Smyth (9)
Hype versus suspense el (1)
Now I know why I feel stressed and unhappy Gili (1)
Product comparison Gromit (8)
Screenshot Resolution ScottK (22)
So I raised my prices... Sunil Tanna (11)
cure for analysis paralysis outback (3)
Can't get ISV to grow wondering (17)
Version of Java to Target for Mac? Steve (18)
Design Fight!  Round Two. Jason Kester (14)
Best Websites from this board Chris Thompson (28)
Same old problem - no domain knowledge ! Davethedave (13)
Payment processor + PO + VAT = frustration! Opinions sought. A regular (10)
how many downloads are you getting per day? Dupico (13)
volunteers required AndrewD (11)
Hack responses anon for this (29)
Lawyer recommendation John (7)
Free heatmaps & a site review request John-Daniel Trask (17)
MySQL to SQL Server Data Migration - LONGBLOB to IMAGE? SQL Help (6)
New site launch Michael Klim (22)
consulting is too lucrative.. how to give up? jassi (22)
Microsoft Empower Licenses Anona (8)
"just Buy it!" Sebastian Dwornik (34)
Redesign of site -- thoughts appreciated Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (46)
SEO Book is changing MB (3)
A deal similar to an OEM partnership... Thanks in advance for your opinions. (8)
Choosing a cd fulfilment company crunch (3)
No 1 spot on Google and Yahoo it's 100% FREE! Lyle (18)
Where can I find website templates with relale / PLR rights? PLR (6)
Providing an "Accurate" Estimate? Anon For This One (8)
Charging for CD's when do you stop? CdCharge (4)
Business Value Fred Smith (Anon for now). (9)
Software Piracy Steve Moyer (24)
Mistake 3: Too many words. Jassi (17)
Looking for a good (online) survey tool misv (6)
Rant: If you have 30days return policy then you shouldn't limit . (21)
Dual monitor - Is 24 inches too much for a dual setup ? Dynamic Duo (26)
Google not so shiny - website with cracked software association CrackedMicroISV (10)
Reason for email address requirement on download page downloaded (17)
That would never work for my product... Andy K (3)
Server product licensing scheme Christian (18)
Question for Mac users Victor Noagbodji (36)
Print PDF's documents over the internet Donald Adams (2)
How to recover an unsaved file? Peter (3)
Facebook paid applications FB Inquiry (7)
eBook from Bob Walsh - 'MicroISV Sites that Sell!' Scott Carpenter (48)
Meeting with Venture Capitalist Anon (9)
Want to go open source, but some concerns MilkMan (9)
Customer wants to audit source code anonymous (28)
Best prctices for a flash tour Dror (16)
SEO for problogging; please suggest another book Victor Noagbodji (3)
Purchase Orders Gromit (14)
Shopping cart and order processing solution? Noah Parsons (2)
LLC Intellectual Property Setup Biz Anon (8)
Self-funded LLC vs. bank loan Dmitriy (16)
ASP meetups coder (4)
Vista with Aero Glass on a Virtual machine? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (10)
Best way to implement software registration James T (16)
Should I allow my competitor to give me a free account? Jon Chase (19)
#1 spot for google adwords VS #1 spot for organic results? Vsi (8)
UPDATE: Emerging ISV Guide Your Emerging B2B ISV: Sales Is Not Rocket Science (5)
My app on someone's resume... anon (20)
Smalltalk Anyone? Noble D. Bell (20)
Porting my application to Linux and Mac Does it worth the effort Ray (18)
instant increase of sales no name (14)
Response time? farmboy (19)
Do you link exchange? It's not me. (3)
Business case for Java Decompiler library? Gili (15)
Mac/Windows versions - thinking ahead Al (13)
How would you explain a mISV to non-technical people? Daniel Kaplan (36)
Simple PayPal strategy suggestions. Cidtek (5)
Want to start mISV, but unsure of circumstances Circumstantial (29)
Bits Du Jour - Wow Michael Johnson (4)
Music To Code By Robert (37)
Mailing / Newsletter software recommendation Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (9)
financial management of one-man LLC 2112 (7)
Customer Experience with eNom frustrated Enom customer (3)
the font on this forum is kind of hard to read Prisoner of corporate America (11)
how often does Download.com update the download count? Dio (3)
Customer dissapointed - I'm new to support - advice? Steve (35)
Remote Paid Training Sessions Doug (6)
Software Testing Rates? Farley (6)
Inexperienced teams sw development process Maksim (10)
Forging a company identity who am I? (6)
Mitigating the pain of royalties Tim Haughton (15)
source gear support - we may drop SG HoustonDotNetUser (12)
Simple Windows RSS creator for static html blog? rockstar in training (8)
Can my product sell? ES (6)
FeedbackFX Tim Shih (5)
Any suggestions on reputable logo design sites? Jeff R. (16)
Price tier question.. a good questions that needs suggestions? Limeboy (4)
Who are the world's great software companies? Neil D (13)
Math/Stat mISV Need Idea (16)
Announcing Talentag. I feel really proud. Jitesh Patil (13)
Typical reseller discount Anon (6)
Dilbert IS a comic, right? Just checking. Jason Kester (16)
Best on-line destinations for press releases? Bret Reece (6)
Tax question Startup Tax question (6)
Speedy.Data & Squish.Net: Our New Products - Seeking Reviews Bob Cowherd (7)
Is there a good web-based sales analysis tool out there? Paul Young (5)
Best marketing strategy for B2B software ? EuroMan (10)
Software Testing with UTest Crazy Eddie (10)
UK Employee - intellectual property rights matt (15)
When you added your app to download.com did u get sales day 1? Dio (14)
multiplatform report tool as a mISV product? Oscar Schulz (2)
Interview with MicroISV Owner Pierre Bernard Paul R (0)
WordPress Alternatives? Mark (24)
GWT is a work of genius! MB (presently a GWT Koolaidaholic) (30)
BlueHost & Gmail James (6)
Dedicated servers Brian R. - BitZipper and UpdatePatrol (10)
Java deployment question Steve (6)
Verified by Visa considered bad? gateway (9)
Which payment processor has the slickest checkout? Steve (8)
PDF/Printable Manuals They want printed manual! (8)
Collecting market-penetration numbers, not for .NET :) Gili (9)
Slick guarantee icon? guaranteed (10)
Download Button Tony (13)
latest .NET penetration numbers. TiN (13)
Google Adwords adverts and the cracker boys MyAppWasCracked (17)
Startup Karl (47)
Collaborating with training companies? nessuno (1)
Document management system Boris (8)
Domain Registration ScottK (6)
Which Microsoft Technology yeilds the best Consulting rates Clark Button (35)
Truecrypt can now encrypt boot paritions. Martin (6)
Already phoning home, how to prevent a "crack" ccc (34)
Better Than Free outback (7)
Robosoft anon for this (3)
Before we go any further... ZT (7)
Easy and Cheap Installer; NO .NET SCADA_Guy (22)
Good backup software? wabbit (25)
Customer support Wouter Dhondt (7)
Software that makes you smile Grown fat with decadence (26)
software sales dropping like a rock Dan (16)
Criticize My UI anon_for_this (11)
GeckoFX—Open source .NET control for embedding Gecko in WinForms Paul Young (17)
Announcing www.panopta.com Jason Abate (21)
When should Forex accounts be used for currency conversion? Tom Rath (3)
New enhanced SnapConfig Feedaback requested Sajid (4)
Code signing helps pirates! Simon (16)
omitted pricing - how do you feel? Mike Stephenson (14)
Product Testimonials/Client Lists Dr GUID (9)
Plimus international payments (a follow up) Plimus vendor (21)
Website/product peer review dabbler (9)
Going it without Adwords Nayak (15)
Viral markting Jack Smith (8)
is the tipping point toast outback (7)
I finished my new program! Sunil Tanna (10)
Microsoft Empower difficulties: Is it just me? ImagingLuminary (13)
Have Software Product Icon Designed ImagingLuminary (10)
Too trendy for business? Doug (15)
.NET on consumer computers - some data Steve (12)
Button maker software? Steve (6)
I am really starting to love outsourcing... Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (19)
Design/Code Ratio Developer (12)
Customers come to the order page but do not complete the order Steve (14)
Collecting links to site from download sites.. for google rangk. Dow (6)
Google Checkout and Paypal -experiences and 'settings'? Peter (10)
Link Bait Floyd Price (Code Spaces) (18)
I Messed Up =) Ryan Smyth (20)
How long till post shows up on Download.com? Dow (9)
DevExpress discount code anyone? HungryDeveloper (4)
Can one company sell two different kinda products? AnyManager (12)
c4[1] Videos Now Available (of interest to Mac and PC devs) Martin Pilkington (4)
Google queues trademark complaints due to high volume WhatHappendToTrademarksInUK (40)
Are people sick of the internet? PeterR (18)
ultra-simple CMS/form app? anon (14)
Newsletter subscribers VS. paid customers Edwin (4)
Having program on Givaway of the day, helpful anon (4)
Released my Product - Is the Price Right? David San Filippo (12)
Domain Registrar recomemndations (and 1and1 comments) Peter (13)
Microsoft offers $44.6 billion for Yahoo Bob Walsh (36)
Serbian customer Anthony (26)
Old Empower discs Pack Rat (9)
great customer service JK (3)
Mac mini for dev ccc (16)
How to get clients? Mihail (16)
tibco gi Don Dickinson (5)
Drop in sales JV (14)
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