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Bet you $300 twitter is lame — join my global treasure hunt Dror (8)
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Image posting forum type software Steven (1)
Submit everywhere? Dima (5)
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Intel Business Exchange - any experience or results? anon for this one as well (4)
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When is an idea TOO specific? WayneM. (8)
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Legal to post customer names without agreement? Nathan Funk (17)
Naming product after established generic product? (11)
How to let users know an update is availiable? Mark (16)
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Can you recommend a CRM program that intergrates with Outlook? James M (8)
C++ GUI Designers Annon (18)
Startup: How to engage partners (Part2) Tycoon (12)
Please recommend a site that sell off the shelf legal contracts mISV owner in need of contract (13)
Publishing the Help file on the web? Anon (8)
OEM licensing agreement - how to find a lawyer? Anon (8)
The estimated number of customers/licences VS the actual one Johnny Jiang (4)
Family with annual income of $720K considered to be rich in NYC When to get rich? (18)
Appropriateness of a Rastafarian as application mascot Not a Rastafarian (16)
Another Set of Eyes - Feedback Marcelo Rojas (13)
Anyone ever read the contents in this Marketing book? its $300 Anon (10)
Feedback -- Foglyn Peter Štibraný (13)
Considering a few web sites from a sales POV Oskar Lissheim-Boethius (5)
Amazon S3 and Cloudfront performance, DNS slow ? Atle Iversen (iKnow) (3)
A tangential note on free competitors Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (27)
A little screen scraping illegal slimshady (8)
Selling HTAs Anindya Mozumdar (7)
Christmas Gift Time Stray Cat (8)
Trying Exact Match Domains Steve McLeod (8)
Private work, licensed software Sprite (9)
Naming (5)
Introduction pricing vs final released pricing anon this time (5)
mailing list service - free for small lists? Jason (6)
Company Address == Home Address Vladimir Dubovoy (17)
Google Native Client anon (5)
Anti-Virus? anon (11)
Intersection of licensing and maintenance Licensing noob (10)
How much tax(as percentage) do you pay? Anon (21)
Please help with name - attempt 2 NameFinder (16)
Strange back-ordering phenomena Confused, from BCN (3)
Project Research Steve (6)
Worst. Company. Name. Ever AndrewR (31)
What portions of your development infrastructure do you outsourc anon_for_this (6)
Prospect asking if I have Australian distributor... basildon (9)
Who looks after Maintenance in your org? Why? anon for this one (2)
PSA for AdWords users Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (12)
Latest Joel's Inc piece - Servant Leadership? Or mere populism? another slacker (3)
Custom vs native OS interface hmr (6)
mISV lifestyle questions TrippleA (13)
Local business address lisdt? Where? anon (7)
Free Features Steve Prescott (11)
How justify switching VS 2003 to VS 2008 Mike (15)
Showing RSS news on your website EuroMan (6)
good live chat in your company website? Bob (5)
Good proxy browsing service/software? Anon (3)
"Pop-up image display" widget isv (9)
Your opinions and feedback on an idea aj (9)
Asian registrar sent email : What does this mean? IJ (9)
Strategies for Search engine success Resonweb (1)
How to package this algorithm? Alex Dong (21)
What's the best web site to host software business? Christopher (9)
For the successful ones, who actually wrote a spec? (21)
A Credit Crunching Blog pertinent to ISV's mandy evans (1)
Upgrade Fees: Good or Bad? anon (14)
Seeking feedback on a new product web site Tamir Gefen (6)
Linux is going mainstream Joe Knapp (18)
Please help with name NameFinder (15)
How's december so far? hanzo (9)
Cutting the Dead Weight Lucas K. (4)
OT: Sony oLED TV and industrial design Karl Perry (6)
Why the Chinese don't Buy Tony Chang (56)
Poor People vs Rich People Ama (41)
Let's make it hard to download software Simon (12)
Visual Identity For a Product? Tony (9)
Sales - Does age matter? Anonymous for this (9)
desktop app market sidebiz (18)
JavaFX Gili (7)
Promiseware - Any success stories ? Claire (14)
This Is A HUGE Pain For Me... Sigh. (29)
Very strange USDCAD exchange rate from paypal. And you? Nick (8)
How to increase price without upsetting current Trial users? anon (10)
Google Friendconnect? Ahmad (2)
ManageMyGoogleAdwords as a company name. Will I be Sued? (4)
Startup: How to engage partners? Tycoon (8)
Protect your identity with domain privacy?? James M (14)
Interesting info: Solaris 10 installbase Dmitriy (3)
4 Hour Workweek author coming to TV Jason (20)
Apress Daily Deal is Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality Jeff Schoolcraft (3)
Recommendations for Ad Server Software (similar to OpenX) Looking for Ad Server Software (1)
Simple web hosting Josh Moore (12)
What should I be monitoring in terms of SEO? Pierre H (2)
Affordable license + protection system for .NET? Anon (14)
Am I doing something wrong? Andrew Badera (8)
The subtleties of software pricing Michel Rouzic (15)
Product new version...Need some opinions (7)
Smalltalk? Annon (8)
Salesperson Commission Rate Kyle (9)
Do I need to charge sales tax? GoForLaunch (21)
domain purchase Ed (5)
Proof a crappy site isn't the end of the world Blankster (11)
Extracting product from other product in development ABS (9)
Once you reach 100 sales per month how do you go to 200? ReachedOneHundred (13)
cd-fulfillment.com (4)
browser resolution Mike (13)
Offer from Intuit Jim Jones (3)
open source: broken business model gnu world order (6)
Announcing The Twitter Survival Guide. Bob Walsh (13)
Italian Domain Name (3)
Incorporation service free this week Jason (9)
SeoMoz.com vs SeoBook.com? anon2 (8)
MISV - New website design? AJ (4)
ideas that scale Blankster (4)
Materials to help teenager learn programming anon in case he googles me (12)
Downturn - wife now things MISV is a hobby Gary (70)
Developers tools - My first mISV ARMSoft (13)
Recommendation for graphic designer to improve app look n feel Sam H (4)
Google : Shows www.xyz.com as first result when search for xyz? IJ (8)
Anyone using Plimus ? Palden (14)
Bought a condo or house for office space?? Doug (16)
Free Trial - even Amazon has started that now Saurabh (1)
Question for 'Chris' from 'Ameature hour' thread Bruce Chapman (5)
Does anyone use ComponentSource? John (8)
SimpleDB is out of private beta now - and our new product :) Saurabh (12)
CRM and niche markets mISV hopeful (1)
What's your dashboard? hanon (10)
Chinese Reseller - worth it? The OP (2)
AdWords and Conversion Tracking Doug (2)
A Few Questions about Selling a Turnkey Software Business? anon (7)
How to sell my product to my employer? Anon (14)
Steve Jobs Management Style (12)
Wizard or demo? Anon (5)
Use tinyURL to hide from customers? Hiding from my customers (9)
Repeat orders? JustCurious (10)
Anyone advertised on SnapFiles ? Sz (8)
wow gold aijiaen (8)
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