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Successful Software

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Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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Bob Walsh
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Bingo Card Creator

Would a micro-ISV count as a gap in employment if it fails? Ace London (15)
Why isn't spam illegal? Tony Chang (40)
Legal concerns with using iframe Ric Z (5)
What to charge clients for? Raptor (3)
Rapid Development Michael Johnson (3)
Finding software startup feeds Bob Walsh (1)
How to get motivated again? Dear lord, please pass the rum... (9)
Small Indy-Game Developer Sales Stats Kevin Dahlhausen (9)
How to hide the domain info? 12345 (7)
Costs of outsource developers Rob (9)
Hubspot - SEO, PR and CMS Noel Huelsenbeck (9)
FileMaker For mISV software Development? Noble D. Bell (18)
Serial Numbers and all that Mel (5)
Bank details on site? James (4)
my Adword Stats, hows yours working out? how can we improve? Stats (6)
google link count Slapstick (2)
For sale: scalable workflow engine Tomcat (7)
how did you spend your first sale's money Finally Got The First Sale (13)
transferring domains Cheryl (1)
Is it safe to disclose EIN? Just wondering (7)
My Webpage and presentation of Product A.J.Pantoja (4)
exceeding the 20 sales/month loop.. Loopi (11)
Clear Cut Concept? Road to Success.. gregory tomlinson (12)
2Checkout and Other Payment Processors A.J.Pantoja (7)
Blogvertising He Man And The Masters Of the Universe (0)
Site Licenses Doug (4)
any uISV in Argentina?? uISV Guannabee (6)
New Year's Resolutions Software Sales Strategies Craig (2)
Experience with HubSpot Small ISV considering Hubspot (12)
TRUSTe Alternative for Non US Company? Ben (2)
How to promote a one day sale? Pieter Branderhorst (12)
Does SEO work? A.J. Pantoja (14)
If it's not the trend, then what is it? Victor Noagbodji (6)
New marketing ideas for 2008 Anon for this. (8)
Raising Prices A regular (6)
Business model for object-oriented database? Gili (30)
Warning – success may hurt I am hurt!!! (34)
3d screenshots WillS (9)
Selling a Social Site, How much do you think? Rick Reich (11)
2007 in review Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (21)
Anyone from Bulgaria here? Anon (19)
Cheapest VPS hosting Anonymouse (10)
Free trial users are not buying anon for this one (16)
Sending QA to Pakistan - Request A.J. Pantoja (22)
Pricing My Software A.J. Pantoja (12)
Trying to build a brand / rebuilding a landing page. Michael Johnson (14)
The new year approaches Nathan Ridley (11)
Download.com and Tucows.com A.J. Pantoja (7)
What percentage is normal for customer refunds? A.J. Pantoja (12)
Uninstall Feedback Anon (17)
Thoughts on Pricing structure/Biz model Good Biz Model? (5)
do you hire someone to build your website? Contractor (10)
Using Access, Alpha 5, or filemaker for a misv app? Small Opinion (18)
Minimal forum with IMAP access Peter (10)
Sales on Friday A.J. Pantoja (8)
My Start in this... A.J. Pantoja (6)
My New Micro-ISV & Struggles A.J. Pantoja (6)
Great Logo Designer & Cheap Price -> $100 Tarek (11)
To port or not to port, that is the question Porter (6)
Is it okay to have zero sales in past 4 days? first chirstmas selling software (9)
Online Payment Processor Commission Comparator as a service ? Tarek (4)
Never ending evaluation period for business users Anonymouse (11)
Ending Business Relationships Tom (14)
Merry Christmas! wabbit (22)
Does PayLoadz.com work for mISVs?  Please share experiance. Poki (5)
Would Like Opinions on Web Site Redesign Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (36)
google ad words inflation jc (3)
Limited Time Licenses Anon (6)
Why should I capture email addresses before they download? Steve (25)
Can you describe your software/business in one sentence? Michael Johnson (22)
Selling a domain Patrick From An IBank (3)
'sbcglobal.net' wabbit (5)
Where can I get SIMPLE forum software? Mark McLaren (14)
Custom URL for each customer like customer.product.com Steve Kickert (9)
List of a mISV's daily jobs? Edwin (3)
Split Testing Adwords Dude drowning in stats (9)
Does Adwords website optimizer really help inccrease sales conve Markito.. (11)
Windows is losing to Linux. How do you anticipate this? Rinat Abdullin (58)
Softwares download speed-Web hosting EuroMan (6)
how professional should a micro-isv be with customers? MicroISV (17)
Desktop tool recommendation for internet research on misvs. Markito (2)
Weird shortcut behavior wabbit (2)
Absolute utter adwords idiocy. my name is here (10)
Have a website for your uISV? You might find this useful. Victor Noagbodji (6)
Highly unwanted traffic EJ (5)
First Sale Yanic Inghelbrecht (17)
1and1 hosted site down - again Andy Brice (17)
OT: Tech Toys: best webcam? Karl Perry (4)
Shameless Solicitation of Feedback Tim Haughton (13)
Unfuddle Web-based Project Management. Any Experiences? PM (14)
Selling Training Manuals on Demand Nick Hebb (10)
The Big Idea - Road to CES Nick Hebb (4)
This is where I've got so far.  How am I doing? anon for this (9)
how important is digitally signed software? MicroISV (9)
Desktop Software + Web App capabilities Neville Franks (29)
Moving from home office to a proper office. RegularButAnonymousNow (28)
customer technical incompetence scoring anonymous (for obvious reasons) regular (31)
Serious problems at the Element 5 e-commerce provider Jack T (22)
Adobe AIR Jordan (13)
Holiday promotions for the business OneMist8k (7)
Good-looking websites for design inspiration Susan Pichotta (18)
Bulk Email Companies Rob (5)
Easiest way to set up Blog+website Joanna (12)
We've come a long way Eli Golovinsky (Testuff) (16)
Good month - is it coz I is using AdWords Dr GUID (10)
faceCart AJAX java shopping cart Alexander Petrov (2)
Google geographic target tool Andy Brice (6)
Blackmail? Anon (14)
PopBox 2.5 JS Image Magnifier Released John S. Reid (9)
Selling a uISV Product and Service for ERPs uISV in the Making! (1)
Giveaway of the day Lucas Krause (3)
I'm dreaming of a microISV Xmas Andy Brice (20)
Do you have Customer Comments on your site? Sebastian Dwornik (13)
Arrogance or miscommunications - big company wants _free_ softwa MicroISV (26)
Shrinkwrap license. Figure (2)
Expectations of entrepreneurs regarding outsourcing? Stephan Schwab (30)
Sole Proprietor and LLC? Not sure? (13)
How do you prevent reinstall of trials? Saurabh (27)
Quotes for website design? Joel Marcey (14)
On selecting an outsourcing provider (repost) Newbie IT Director (13)
Treejournal Artur Carvalho (19)
Everything works except AdWords - how come? TN (10)
Rick Chapman's SaaS Presentation at the Biz of Software Conf. rick chapman (72)
Which Excel license to purchase? Anon (9)
Outsource project hosting, good or bad? Recommendations please! Jonathan R (12)
Business and product blogs - one or many? Andy Dent (5)
Portfolio Management Pros (4)
Featuring on Bits du Jour Codr (4)
Finding a Marketing Consultant Doug (2)
Biz of selling software, is it the end soon ? Ralf (39)
How many del.icio.us booksmarks do you have? vince (4)
Mature business, what's next? I-Have-a-Dream (16)
Length of trial period wabbit (15)
Introductory Price ? Saurabh (4)
Update on my micro ISV efforts Peter Principle (11)
Web App alpha release, please comment Cody Hess (5)
AdWords - Is it worth it! anon (7)
Monthly fee web services Noagbodji Victor (8)
Analysis paralysis in development platform decision Darrel Davis (21)
disclosing your sales numbers here.. anon for this one (14)
what's the benefit of ejunkie ? kalla (12)
where's QA? shutterfly sent me another family's christmas cards msmith (1)
Are there any Re|enta users out there? Oliver (5)
Chargeback Question (4)
Blog Hosting.  Which is better? New Blogger (12)
avangate Ethan (1)
PITA Customers! Need some tech support help quick! Can't say right now (21)
Super Productive Weeks Sunil Tanna (13)
Shady operation or what? Massimo Gentilini (12)
Looking for a new position - any takers? I'll be anonymous this time (15)
Hebrew Spam? WTF? Tim Patterson (15)
Blackmail Attempt Anon For Now (22)
AdWords...am I doing something wrong? Phil (8)
Part numbers Kansas (9)
SLPS + Empower == Affordable and robust code protection? (25)
Good article/blog on software req's, general thought process???? TrevorG (1)
Which PHP Framework to use for website? Mudbull Syne (12)
Best way to keep my desktop software up to date. Mac (6)
dpdirectory & softpressrelease (3)
Beta-tester Ana (6)
Promotion idea: Give free license key to review sites Aaron Young (11)
Freelance ?? zeekthegeek (14)
Moral question here..... Anon for sure! (31)
Email newsletter software opinions Jon Chase (4)
Creating a "hub" site for your niche market OP (7)
Which accounting software do you use in US & UK? NNL (14)
Which company registrar for a UK Ltd.? NNL (11)
General SEO Question Regarding Triple W (.)(.) (6)
GroupMail giving away free license to existing users Bill K (1)
How to explain complicated things to the mass? Vitalie Esanu (14)
Suggestions for a code library product msmith (2)
ASP.Net/SQL Server Blog software msmith (7)
Hope springs eternal in a programmers heart... Bob Walsh (5)
Blog software that doesn't use PHP Shane Witbeck (10)
Tom Perkins interview el (8)
Adwords - how do you find keywords to bid on? TN (7)
Maximum size of online payments Christian (4)
mISV website design fit to 800x600 or 1024x768 screens? Resme (20)
Getting those all-important reviews? Jason King (7)
Push download or buy in the homepage? Edwin (7)
Advertising / Selling your software prodcut directly on eBay? Markito (4)
after Empower Jason (29)
Being proactive to get beta tester signups Jon Chase (5)
The Softletter/Prolexic 2007 Website Security and Up Time Survey rick chapman (2)
Payment Processor - Time to switch Ethan (33)
Belize as an Offshore Tax Haven Tim Haughton (24)
Facebook saga - when get-things-done guys win the race Tony Chang (14)
Blog, forum, interactivity without being a webmaster Wannabe microISV (7)
Managed email hosting suggestions? Starr Horne (ChatSpring) (12)
Looking for a developer Jeff Gordon (13)
Another Business Idea Doug (8)
How to lower your web page bounce rate n! labs (12)
Software Protection James B. (8)
Thinking of developing for the Mac? Read this SJobs (32)
Education question: Concentration or Honors Degree? A University Student and MicroISV owner (14)
Letting the Cat Out of the Bag Joel Marcey (17)
Dedicated servers are they needed Paul Jones (11)
Plimus Order Process Anon (12)
Would love some feedback on website and product Girish (20)
Finding a consultant... my name is here (7)
mISV while remaining employed? Got An Idea (20)
weighted average cost of capital anon (3)
Business opportunity SumoRunner (8)
Looking for collaboration partners Shane Witbeck (1)
Methodical AdWords Management Nick Hebb (9)
Should I move to NYC? annon for now (18)
using competitor product names as keywords in AdWords? Markito (20)
In search of a service desk Matt (3)
How to sell a market opportunity Yarivanu (13)
RSI? skan krua (17)
Is it OK to differentiate by pricing? TN (16)
implementing trial license: how to Anon for this one (13)
How do you relax? Singulus (21)
sublicensing eBay API with open source freeware Dotimus (5)
Where do I look for a uISV associate? Victor N. (9)
Here's an idea nessuno (9)
Is code injection legal in commercial product? vc (19)
what if you have no idea on what you want to build... . (20)
Good idea to post pendng price increases? Doug (6)
I sort of got promoted but I am only still in my old job Tim Joseph (7)
Serious Mojo "Down Under"... An inquisitive American... (42)
Spam Lists Anon (8)
Blocking Domain and Error Page Ads on Google Adwords Christopher Bruno of n! labs (4)
Finding out if my sub-domain is re-directing... Greyeye (4)
Getting notified by BoS on thread updates Stealth Mode (9)
New Year's Resolutions keith alperin (4)
Product Web design using GNU licensed designs (10)
How to find out if a crack exists Christopher Bruno of n! labs (17)
What's the best way to transfer data to new computer? mann (11)
PDC 2008 Announced... Joel Marcey (1)
Product Website Engine - Drupal, Joomla or WordPress bennyb (21)
E&O effective date and claims Anon (6)
How can I work painlessly with 2 pc's - Advice sought Nessuno (17)
Computer Software Companies In The United States Lurker (11)
Looking for feedback on education site ... Michael Bacarella (6)
Product web site - how early is not too early? TN (20)
About Japanese market stephen0928.vip@gmail.com (3)
What should be taken attention to when sell software to Euro? stephen0928.vip@gmail.com (1)
Submit webware to download.com: how to ? Boris Rogge (12)
Manage your software business smartly Globiz Solutions Pty Ltd (13)
Iconico's BitsDuJour Gautam Jain (3)
Server setup Gunther the Panther (10)
managing projects at a (very!) small ISV Ching Ho (8)
Oh my gosh, PAD files. Will (14)
Developing a product "in the open" NBK (15)
the secret of blogging success Andy Brice (18)
.Net for microISV / .Net penetration Karsten (19)
Google vs others in B2B conversions Doug (2)
Software to produce a multipage PDF directly from a scanner? Documentor (9)
Next Internet Millionaire Secret Classroom is open MB (click for Secret Classroom) (22)
Software product website review, please Ruslan Savchyshyn (6)
Site review, please. Oliver (26)
Facebook for software companies Patrick Foley (23)
Please recommend hosting companies in India Mudbull Syne (3)
AdWords: Don't Try This... Nicholas Hebb (12)
Project Lead != Project Manager ? Ben (8)
Open source can be profitable after all (38)
iPhone Applications Anon (9)
mISV from Russia here? Evgeny (7)
v1.0, the leap from dream to reality Yanic Inghelbrecht (20)
Anyone using Lunarpages for web hosting? Anon (9)
Time to move hosts. JSmith (8)
(Not) Using 3rd party product name as part of your product name TN (12)
Text2Go 1.5 Released! Mark Gladding (3)
Please help with domain name - Test Tool for Flex applications TN (20)
.NET penetration statistics (1.1 vs. 2.0) The apprentice (18)
Potential Customer won't use Paypal, wants to send a check Pedro Estrada (84)
What should be avoided in a product web site The Art Of The Start (10)
Feedback needed on avangate services The Art Of The Start (8)
Business Education BeenAroundTheBlock (11)
What software would you like to have? Giammarco Schisani (11)
Enhance google/orkut embeddedvoice (1)
One-man mISV backup strategy Average Joe (20)
How to deal with people who hate any kind of work? Money makes the world go around (25)
DIY digital download shopping cart? rockstar in training (5)
Cross-selling products while using Plimus Vesselin Atanasov (7)
Key Generator in JavaScript The Art Of The Start (7)
Help writing Help Files Tony Smith (6)
Recording customer feedback on my product web site The Art Of The Start (8)
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