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Florida LLC operating in California An LLC Business in SD (4)
Cover design application Victor Noagbodji (1)
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mISV in France in 2009 (l'autoentrepreneur) Peter (20)
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Product Idea - Need Feedback Regular BOS User (6)
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Market size for bulletin board software Blankster (7)
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Making games for Google phone. Good idea for mISVs?  Have you? anon (8)
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The most easy, intuitive, yet powerful open source CMS Edwin Yip | Easiest Mind Mapping Software (4)
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Beating a dead horse speedytwenty (33)
MBA at the old age of.. ricky roma (14)
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Displaying Google Analytics Graphs/Reports on My Site. M.J. Schenkel (3)
Autoresponder script Adam (2)
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Percentage for a Freelance Marketer in a Software Project? mISVer (14)
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tablet pc market tabletmisv (6)
Economy Down, Sales Up Scott (18)
How to make money from Android? (9)
Selling to EU via Plimus - VAT return? Anon (1)
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Focus or diversify? Itchy trigger finger (9)
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Where is this blog? anon (5)
Choosing cross-platform technology Gz (29)
B2B, B2C ... what else is there ? Mal (10)
What is this? It is I (6)
Trial Version Approach: By No. of Days or Features? Phil Flores (12)
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Upgrade Pricing Anon for this (4)
Cairo Graphics Cairo Graphics (6)
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Finding the right keywords ABS (15)
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Australian GST Tax Anon (4)
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I'm stock with consulting work. Dominic St-Pierre (15)
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compensation bill turner (11)
.NET windows app licensing Licensing animal (7)
False positive it is I (5)
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A good Invoicing software? Cynthia Cornwall (21)
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Structuring your marketing and coding time Brave Anon (8)
should i even try Mike (24)
Partner who can cannibalize you Potential Food (13)
Feedback for an idea anon for this (18)
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Cloud-like stuff Michael Johnson (14)
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In case you need to be reminded... (12)
please Guide me it is I (4)
Catch 22: How did you break it? Ama (9)
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Guide Me about the types of business in software Haris Anwer (12)
Almost ready to lunch.Pls review my site and product. Thks normanwu (22)
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chinese language syntax, 'with' vs 'as' whistle (6)
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Tips and tricks to look current and still in business? Tired one (9)
Examples if successful mISVs selling SaaS Anon (16)
MegaDox.com - EULA (UK) E46 (2)
Web & Software Development: A Legal Guide E46 (0)
Pushing open source Getting on the open road (36)
watermarking or "social" DRM, for programs? 13ren (2)
Competitor Selling Snake Oil? JMI (12)
Can anyone guide me Please about Soft Business Haris Anwer (15)
Press Releases: Which service do you use (if any)? MicroISV Man (9)
Domain Name Disappeared Nameless (11)
Windows Live OneCare 2.0 or Norton 360 2.0? Which To use? Looking For A Guardian (10)
I'm now a MSFT BizSpark Network Partner Bob Walsh (0)
Busineess Beginner - Licencing & Billing. Mr Bradley (8)
Business address skeen (14)
do you have an affiliate program? Manu (1)
Career transistion advice/strategy Change we can belive in (1)
Does this product exist... anonymouser (8)
Cheap OEM Software ("olsoftware.com" and others) Long-Time mISV (16)
Trial Pay? - Does it work? AJ (9)
Product Idea Generator Cyclops (11)
Proof of Residency for Bank Account Markus Hoffmann (17)
Would any of you subscribe to this service? anon for this one (11)
Product Idea : Application for managing Adwords campaign Tarek Demiati (9)
database schema for backend system (3)
4 Day Product Launch Challenge ian (7)
non-profit organization? AnonForThis (1)
Election result bad news for Microsoft? Vee (10)
After BizSpark, Introducing the BizSparkDB ! Julien Codorniou (1)
Considering CS as a second bachelors Michael R (8)
Sales are very low this month. Is it just me? Low Sales This month (11)
Computer Science Masters Online? Continuing Education (15)
Natural Rhythms (11)
website for sale Chris (13)
powered by? Nutmeg Programmer (5)
Can you break it? Sebastian Dwornik (22)
Two days of inspiration. Michael Johnson (5)
Podcast on BizSpark, Microsoft's new program for startups Patrick Foley (10)
Selling Via Opt-In Email Lists Bob Kochem (2)
Backup whole system? How? Ghost Image? IMG (14)
Business partner resources DevGuy (4)
ASP.Net Affiliate Software AJ (1)
one click scanning Manu (4)
Dharmesh Shah at BoS 2008 Neil D (0)
Installers for Linux? regular lurker (19)
Renting shell access to a variety of boxes Anonymous for this (1)
BizSpark - new alternative to MS Empower D. Lambert (42)
desktop search ds (11)
How to start in part time contracting? Smiley (6)
More Cloud Talk Donut (7)
Obama won! Is his tax plan going to effect ISV? . (51)
Recorded voice prompts/greetings for the phone - where? steven (8)
interesting conversation with a "potential partner / customer" Manu (7)
SharePoint Dev Juan (4)
Contracting - Tell potential client what projects you won't do? PonderingAnon (15)
Sorry, another license question (9)
Another Review Request Mark Jenkins (13)
How to Track Trial Downloads by the Referring Web Site Mark (6)
To those who left their jobs: how much seed money did you have? skeen (16)
New Bits Du Jour Affiliate Program Nico Westerdale (0)
gmodules referer bambambholey (1)
Where should I go to get a make over for my web site? James May (7)
Seeking feedback on a new product web site Zviki Cohen (15)
Interesting success story - World of Goo Grant Porteous (Serial Key Maker) (7)
All the same ideas isv-wannabe (25)
My graphic artist has gone dark on me. basildon (20)
European Software Conference Will Rayer (9)
Hosted shopping cart providers alex (7)
seasonal merchant services Merchant Service (2)
Using Canned Responses with Google Apps (3)
Office-Marketplace - is it worth it? Anon (22)
Next US President for mISV? Undecided Independent (45)
Selling support for 6 months instead of annually Anon (12)
[OT] US Income Tax Tim Haughton (21)
$364 in the first month? hanzo (11)
Product Idea Walt Schlender (9)
Sales/marketing person qualities for B2B? Hiding from my customers (4)
Gibberish being entered onto web form Jordan (27)
Selling distributable web software web software rookie (5)
Current status of GIF and LZW patents gifs-wanted (4)
Valuing a Software Company My Company is Worth What? (11)
No sells today and yesterday - something is going on in the USA? That it was patched/cracked (16)
Working for equity / profit sharing cant put my name to this (24)
Leaving the "education" section off of my resume - a bad idea? Joshua Carmody (10)
Forming LLC when one member isn't fully committed Fully Committed to the LLC (9)
WindowsControlLibrary - What Next? E46 (9)
Founding with part timers Heckled I Lurk (anagrammed for anonymity) (4)
product idea Andy Brice (18)
New year...new version my name is (10)
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