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Bingo Card Creator

Is there an Image Editing component like a canvas to draw on? anon (4 comments)
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Software patents are finished whistle (14)
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All your eggs in one basket? Anon cos I am angry! (13)
B2B software - how to structure annual support? Grom (10)
What does it mean :"VAT collected for you" known (13)
Moving to e-mail for trial version download. Implementation? basildon (8)
Can't explain my bounce rate. Your advice sought Dennis Ferrer (13)
The cloud ... WHY? Patrick Foley (48)
Entrepreneurs are creators and destroyers dashboards (3)
Selling physical software to other states - tax question Keith Johnson (5)
using gallery for categorizing screenshots - requesting feedback Saurabh (6)
Help Needed for new Site RegularBOSWantstobeAnonymous (10)
Using a testimonial written by my brother, good or bad idea? Anon (17)
Providing support per incident - how to count 'incident'? Grom (18)
Startup 101 Webcast: Blogging and your Social Network. Bob Walsh (3)
Mature people Terry Wright (12)
How to stop keygen ? (26)
How to indicate a new major release on my site TS Monk (4)
Social network site instead of a forum isv (7)
Medical business idea truq (15)
How to prove to customer to pay for support? MK (16)
Meeting clients: business attire skeen (52)
Will customers pay more for American made products? Made in America? (21)
Startup 101 Webcast today: Money and your microISV Bob Walsh (4)
rss-ish feed for my customers? Joe landau (9)
Licensing mechanism for a Java Web Start application (5)
Failed to Get Preferred Domain. How About Adding 'The'? Anon-for-this (12)
Anyone interested in comparison of hosted Exchange providers? mISVfit (6)
Go into ABAP/SAP? Peter Brown (5)
A Well Running Software Development Company in Dubai for SALE Khan (23)
Submitting to AV sites for Whitelisting struggling with AV vendors (4)
GBP plummets against USD Happy UK MISV (32)
License file delivering Serge (16)
Charging for work calgon (2)
Startup 101 Webcast starts today Bob Walsh (7)
4 Days Work Week for the Micro ISV JazzCat (22)
Creating a game... worth it? Alain Bocherens (devsoft) (20)
N DiskMonitor - Scott (22)
Biz model: Open source edition? oss biz model (9)
Can this work? Confused (11)
How long did it take to get to the 5k income level? then 10k? anon (7)
paypal rejecting credit cards?? :( gl3nn ch4n (6)
Finding a Niche DesktopOrWeb (21)
Windows Azure: New MS O.S. in the cloud ISV Developers (32)
Geographic Location/Adsense Sports League Administrator (0)
Reality check: Is it possible for me to form a mISV? (30)
Charging additional to run the software on PC & Mac & Linux Anony Moose (7)
Please, Please Do Not Do this on your website Randy Austin (18)
Which action do you take when your app finds (programmatically) That it was patched/cracked (33)
µISV components vendors: impact of economic situation Anon for this one (2)
Review my web app (new to the ISV game) Lu Wang (15)
How many Desktop apps that you replaced by a Web App? Shalin Jain (18)
Looking for such ergonomic chairs and desk! Anno for this (9)
New Google Analytics Features mISVfit (0)
DLL licensing calgon (5)
Performance test my website please Mark Gladding (8)
Company naming skeen (13)
Do Big Shiny Download Buttons Work? Steve McLeod (10)
Adwords, dynamic landing pages and synonyms mISVfit (4)
Time Clock Software Victor Szamody (8)
Sales were down Jefilo (36)
Good Knowledge Base software? Stefan Schultze (6)
Yahoo and Fraudulent clicks basildon (1)
Advertising on download sites? Adam (3)
Do people outside U.S. use google.com or google.co.xxx? M.J. Schenkel (12)
I knew about crazyegg but never heard of this awsome tool. Anon (13)
licensing causing a demo quality vs. profit dilemma - thoughts? Kevin (6)
How to Secure IP of software - technology solution? Sandeep Tiwari (9)
Norton safe web and Payment processing sites annon for this (5)
Software Developer Career path Tennis Fan (15)
Have a software project... read this Andrew Manager (8)
DNS Roll Over Mr Site Down (3)
Logo designers recommendations? skeen (10)
Automated recurring billing services - suggestions? Greg DeVore (10)
FastSpring or Plimus? Shalin Jain (20)
How to promote a BlackBerry game? Michael (7)
Reality check, and basis advice on starting my own business skeen (28)
Pricing based on number of licenses and network objects? Eft Gingrich (3)
Should I set up a company with him? Anonymous for this one. (24)
The Startup Success podcast continues (show #2) Patrick Foley (7)
Customize for one and sell it to all... have one's cake and eat it (8)
Please evaluate my (revolutionary) product Skywalker (11)
One man band runing Micro ISV SAAS Flex (10)
I own 2 accounts at 2 shared webhosting companies. how to test? Anon (5)
Plimus Woes anon for this (14)
Companies want to relabel my software Christ Hart (11)
Software groups in Gloucestershire, UK? Matt (2)
2Checkout issues Phillipe (3)
Yet Another Recurring Billing Question I Finally Have an Idea! (8)
[ANN] Promote your software at generous discount in 24 hours Jennifer Liu (7)
Rackspace acquires Slicehost Jason (1)
Paypal or Google Checkout? c.pot. (5)
I need a review. Where further to develop? AnalogXP (7)
Ready to launch..need a little advice Tim J (2)
Anyone need their product reviewed? Larry Kubin (12)
To Enterprise Licence, or not unsure (7)
Payment Gateway for purchases < $10 Mike (1)
More buy-then-try hassles - suggestions? grrr (21)
Security product Aby (1)
Crossing the $500 mark = bad? Tony (15)
"Live chat" product recommendations alex (13)
User buys my product without trying it first - follow up Steve McLeod (5)
Has anyone used a Microsoft Sharepoint Hosting Service? Nidhee Pathak (5)
Free Google AdWords Consultations Dave Collins (5)
Selling a popular existing product Shalin Jain (9)
Pivots from Relatonal Databases without OLAP Sanjay Bhatia (7)
GMail Canned Responses ColinM (7)
Somone posted on RentAcoder a project to clone my whole software Anon (17)
Guy Kayasaki interviews Steve Ballmer hanzo (1)
Is this a good styel for a video demo? AV (4)
Type of software that doesn't require much support? j2e (9)
What's a reasonable educational discount? Hiding from edu's (5)
Selection of Free(ish) Analytics-Type Tools MB (2)
First sale! rt (9)
Your Software was cracked? - please go in Thanks (11)
From FTE to mISV - what do do with 401k / Retirement Savings op (10)
Adwords book recommendation Hiding from my customers (5)
Fun with mashups, fun with failure. Michael Johnson (7)
Protecting your startup idea Wantrepreneur (15)
Getting into contracting full time Wannabe contractor (9)
Developers at multiple sites Jeff (4)
Useful advice from Jakob Nielsen re. emails to customers Richie Hindle (6)
Best way to A/B test home page? mISVfit (4)
Blizzard / WOW Glider .NET Runtime (23)
What do you think of my beta website and product? Douglas Tosi (15)
Help My software has been cracked ew Dstanbo (4)
Domain hijacked by our current registrar Anon for now (7)
New Logo - Changing Business Identity. AJ (13)
Creating urgency for B2B software sales Hiding from my customers (13)
How to setup Dual Screen at 1920x1200 Each? Anon (6)
CRM for ISV Dev S (8)
Annual license fees versus unlimited license fees EuroMan (2)
If you sell X software a day and now your app was cracked app was cracked (10)
How do you keep your technical up-to-date Konki (10)
Did anynoe try MarketBuddy? (1)
Online vs downloadable pricing hanzo (4)
Update on Sales Figures Anonymous for this (11)
How do you edits/reviews your SEO driven content? basildon (6)
Canada: Good/bad business banks? (General advice also welcome) Canadian mISV Owner (13)
redirect download page to download.com? download page question (8)
Paypal betaing a new pricing structure Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (9)
Is there any money in unification? United we stand (8)
Anyone going to the mashup event in london next thurs? nagoff (0)
Fired! It's full time mISV time! Newly full-time mISV owner (19)
Hire Positive People a (16)
Giving affordable, live product demos Monique Stover (SeaGreen Software) (11)
User buys my product with trying it first - then complains Steve McLeod (20)
The millionth dollar Anonymous today (14)
How to create product fanboys Doug (21)
Assembla.com doing away with free private space (6)
Entering a saturated market Dr.Albert James (PHD) (10)
options for recovering unpaid invoice (UK) Mr Angry (23)
goodbarry lookingforsome (1)
I can't stand POs/Quotes admin - what should I do? meaningless suffering (8)
I need software to manage my time better on PC. Anon (10)
How much should I charge for custom request? Codr (10)
Has Uniloc found the perfect DRM solution??? Johnny (8)
Interesting Article Rensy (4)
Good software conference in the next 3 months Mark Dochstader (2)
demo on a vm over the Internet demo on a vm over internet? (7)
Shrink-wrapped B2B product download size: small is bad? anon for this one (28)
PayPal - Website Payments Pro Now Available in Canada mISVfit (1)
Windows Vista Home Premium x64 Corsair (6)
Embedded db for both Delpi & .Net (11)
Time Management with a Timer - Should it Count Up or Down? MB (19)
Payment processors all right? hanzo (5)
Pricing a product between $99 and $249 James May (4)
Comments requested: Beta of just::thread C++0x thread library Anthony Williams (5)
Site License for Schools Steve (5)
Entity setup C++ / Perl Guy (9)
Tweak Economy 2.0 Released Mark Gladding (17)
Domain Capture Tim Haughton (13)
Public Key Licensing system (7)
License violated - what to do? Anon (29)
I like my mISV idea, but I don't think it's enough! WayneM. (22)
Recommendation for dongle Robin (13)
New record in customer email corespondence... you know me (23)
Please criticize my site, a tool for developers 12345 (12)
AdWords ads type ? (3)
How to sell business software? Popster (3)
Business Models to Launching Products forThis.Anon (6)
Basecamp == amateur hour jz (51)
Future of data integration? Joannes Vermorel - Lokad Forecasting (6)
Product Naming MT (5)
Greetings Nalpeirons SLP Victim (5)
Selling MISV Project AJ (11)
StumbleUpon advertising? Cosmina (Fanurio - Time Tracking Software) (4)
Sales book recommendations? Anon B2B software (7)
Feedback on site and app NZ (13)
Feature of new product Advice ahmad ripai sigh (2)
which domain? (from 2) PV (7)
Question for Phil Wright of the componentfactory. Future mISV CEO ;-) (6)
Best practices to organize multiple project mISV/R&D venture? Tripple-Omega (7)
Setting up Resellers / Distributors Zarir Karbhari (1)
Outsourcing the Front-End Developer (9)
SEO Simon@AutoUpdate+ (11)
friend wants to set up anti certain company website-legal advice ProtectiveJacketRequired (18)
How long will japanese yen remain so high? Anon for this (20)
Pricing experiment (21)
Time to bring down prices ? Zarir Karbhari (26)
Licensing for a USB-installable app? Getting there (9)
2Checkout keeping my cash Kurt M (9)
Developers, what tools do you need? Frank (29)
New Consulting Gig - Incorporate? ptr2void (9)
Creating marketing graphics Dmitriy (9)
Virtual Admin / Answering Phone Calls Call me? (2)
Offer PayPal and 2CheckOut too? anon1 (9)
Good substitute for Visio Josh Moore (11)
Will venture capital dry up in this environment? Doug (21)
UK web hosting for reliable downloads Robert (9)
What margin would you give to a consulting reseller? Cyclops (4)
Offer 60%-70% commission for selling my product Hoochie Zhu (11)
Who should write the techinical spec? Josh Moore (9)
UK: e-commerce delivery question J Hughes (6)
Refund policy / gaining trust / increasing conversions gl3nn chan (14)
Software to create HTML help files? anon (18)
Building a sweat equity team Mark Walsen (10)
Why do people use resellers for software? Confused (7)
Screen and Video capture for online help / tutorial anon (13)
If your service or product becomes superhit... Dashboards (6)
New Product/Website Launched - Feedback appreciated Mr. Hericus (20)
Programmer's block and perfectionist problem Aspired mISV (10)
Flashcards/multiple choice software Victor Noagbodji (9)
Database of online communities Sky (3)
I've got a product idea !!! angry leprechaun (13)
Considering web analytics software as ISV/mISV idea Mark P. (14)
An idea Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping Made Easy (10)
The Startup Success Podcast launches Bob Walsh (22)
Looking for a Product Idea? ... I've got one! Alan Colburn (14)
Finding a vertical market Love to solve problems (11)
Looking for fast Hosted Exchange mISVfit (3)
No competition in sight! farmboy (17)
Is it the Economy? Energizer (10)
.NET 2.0 or 3.0 Ed (16)
Creating a SaaS downtime notification policy Michael Croft (4)
Windows VS Mac sales Albert (24)
Is your blog maintenance free? Yanic Inghelbrecht (7)
How to calculate fees in mISV? anon (7)
Day Job and mISV - When to work? Worker (15)
Are invoices used to prevent fraud? Brendan Macmillan (20)
Trusting Rentacoders? Nona (10)
Need whole website template with enough various page layouts? Anno for this (13)
.net to j2ee confused (7)
Please, someone just tell me... Mike in Montreal (19)
Same Web site layout for different product Anon (7)
New Search Engine - "Google2001" Gerry Smith (4)
Overrated Career: Small-Business Owner ? Anon (16)
Out of ideas Willy Loman (22)
Markets for software/website while economic downturn Tommy BB (10)
Registered Agent for Service of Process Jax (4)
Training a web dev from sratch? Stymied By Training (5)
[B2B product] Support for 64-bit Windows: required?.. Dmitriy (14)
Wanted: Geolocation web site for pictures ess dee (3)
Consulting rate question anon for this (15)
Selling to home consumer market Third time's the charm (8)
Incorporate in the U.S. to get credibility? Tomas Kohl (8)
Developing desktop applications in 2008 Norman (22)
Economic meltdown and Micro-ISV sales Smart Components (12)
Pricing and Business Model question Cyclops (6)
Anti Cracking and Copy Protection Consulting? Ivan Rušec (19)
MySQL Commercial License for ISV ahmad ripai sigh (8)
Critique DrawMusic home page (music creation SW) Conrad Albrecht (15)
Relocating to America? Gavin Roberts (15)
Advice: Burn Bridge to land new job? kb (8)
What's a fair salary for a Sr. Software Developer in San Diego? San Diego Enthusiast (19)
The danger of Gmail Joe Knapp (19)
Pay per User Subscription Question Hanzo (7)
IronPython for mISV Donald (7)
Reasonable Independant Software Sales Rep commissions (3)
Experience selling to loving 'rents? Love my kids (14)
Productivity/GTD app splash page. Suggestions? Wim (6)
Which is Best Dual Processor Motherboard and Chip for mISV? CPUHog (7)
Online library, from the publisher Gili (3)
15'' vs 17'' MacBook for programmer Alex T (13)
Whats up with Microsoft SLPS? SLPS being considered... is it dead (15)
Software for doting parents Love my kids (16)
Looking for Resellers / Distributors / Affiliates Zarir Karbhari (2)
New Easy Vista Repair Solution digeus (4)
Contracting - Nitpick Legal Terms and Conditions of a Contract? ShyAnon (8)
Effect of software updates on mISV sales Ranger (5)
A server in Netherlands hosting pirated software anon this time (22)
Guidance on product video Sanjay Bhatia (5)
Great Website - Can't remember post WebSeeker (7)
Download Free Trial James Pond (13)
Worst week in 2 years! Phillipe (7)
Music for demo video. Suggestions? Rensy (8)
Consider selling in euros (instead of dollars) bennyb (10)
Hosting account with Linux AND Windows? Me again (5)
Running a software company out of a warehouse You all know me. (10)
Adwords bad ROI, should I try AdBrite, or else? Bill (7)
Need help on domain name NeedAName (17)
giveawayoftheday or bitsdujour first? anon001 (8)
Opportunity For A Startup? Scott Kane (14)
Looks like Patrick missed an opportunity Martin (9)
Story to share (20)
Looking for a startup accounting thought leader superhero... Bob Walsh (2)
Languages for creating commercial software Robert Wallace (28)
Questions on raffic, price and conversion ratio Steve Li (6)
Licensing software guest (7)
Giving shares in your company as incentive Anon for this (8)
Did I cross a line? anon (16)
Which word to use? Setup vs Install OCD about Words (7)
Launched a new product: 6zap Dror Matalon (14)
Source Code Escrow SanJose (18)
1st Product - Money Folders Adam (27)
Kowing the how is easy, knowing the why is the hard part Dr.Albert James (PHD) (22)
Sales Results - halfway there anon lurker (5)
have you sold a copy to the competitor? anon for this one. (14)
"Moving the Free Line" and Shareware Trial Models MB (10)
Update from a 30-dayer Steve McLeod (4)
Offering free editions developers developers developers (24)
Software Demo Videos, Redux with BoS Feedback Cory von Wallenstein (3)
Empower Program - Changing Focus LGC (5)
Pricing - again scared (14)
Tracking software versions Jeroen V (5)
ClickBank just curious (3)
Brainstorming for a niche business domain DRF (13)
Email campaign result Robert Lee (9)
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