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Successful Software

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Bingo Card Creator

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Group medical for software devs DubaiGuy (11)
Fictional sample data Gerry Smith (10)
HSA medical insurance for the self employed Contractor (6)
Ready for the ESWC...we hope Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (15)
competitive product based on proprietary language The OP (5)
Market share of var. Excel versions Antony (15)
Increase revenue, rock and hard place Matt K (10)
Doing things for one customer considered harmful frustrated (21)
How to tell if someone has programming aptitude Sukotto (7)
Beta released! Product Review Please Chris (23)
Your experiences of Tackle and other scrum tools John (2)
Article: Intro to incorporation, taxes, contracts Daniel Howard (5)
Why so quiet this week? Puzzled (4)
BMT Micro and Avangate experiences F (10)
Premium Rate Support Lines Tim Haughton (4)
Keep on working or "retire" early? Anon (19)
Business of Software Conference Cameron Hinkle (6)
Link bait Question anon4this (10)
Good resources on print josh (0)
uISV / Consulting / W2 Job Andy (7)
Need a US reseller that is microISV friendly Joe (8)
medical insurance for the self employed Contractor (21)
May discontinue B2C altogether Bill G. (14)
executive offices Contractor (7)
Where are the not so old used books? Victor N. (12)
Does Google crawl wordpress sites? Matt Mullenweg (11)
Online Conference/Demonstration Cyclops (2)
Suggestions on how to run a beta that generates useful feedback? Jack Dermody (11)
Web Application Technology Choice Tim Almond (18)
My mISV emails just started getting spammed. What do I do? ohKrap (26)
Vacation - BIG problem for mISV mISV owner in desperate need of vacation (30)
Which state in the US has the largest number of programming jobs Mohsen (7)
EMail Client Market Share Anon For This One (6)
Virtual Machine Hosting? DanB (11)
Dont mISV & web2.0 startups need help when it matters? Danish A (13)
How to get a list of all XXX and similar sites? J.A. (7)
Your micro ISV third party Distributor. How it works EJ (2)
Choice of technologies for consumer apps Suomynona (24)
hosting recommendations sought David Williams (9)
gmail now has IMAP access Saurabh (3)
pop email provider which can PULL email from other pop servers Saurabh (2)
What did you give to your clients during software training? I'm a startUp (10)
payroll options for small businesses Contractor (5)
Shell Controls for Windows gyurisc (8)
Product comparison to Excel in website copy Excellent (8)
Wow - be careful about adding phone support Doug (22)
Anti-Virus and "Free For Non-Commercial Use" AntiVirusChooser (9)
Just lost three hours to Quickbooks UK 2008 Annoyed Intuit Customer (9)
ModernBill - Any experiences? Starr Horne (6)
Follow up to need to for good backup software Doug (8)
Any Questions About Conversion Optimizer? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (4)
Answering service recommendations CJ Singh (5)
how much time do you spend on administration for your ISV? Contractor (5)
How does google make money? embeddedvoice (8)
a startup with all contractors? Contractor (3)
Need to add spellcjeck component to my software won the speling b (8)
Released new tool for Java developers - What do you think? Prashant (12)
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Best way to test idea FenceSitter (5)
Web-based Sales Statistics Software Paul Young (StyleSpread) (3)
Starting slow... Java App Web Hosting Robert Nickens (6)
Sole Proprietor w/ Professional Liabilty Insurance vs. LLC StartingABusiness (36)
Non Profit Andy (10)
Can a business network allow play time? Opinions Please! (29)
Are Shopping Cart software is still marketable? Vkr (11)
Forum v/s Blog someone (5)
Steal this idea, unless it sucks, but let me know SCADA Guy (20)
too lazy to ask company to buy software BigBankEmployeeTooMeanTooLazy (11)
How to sell my internet business? Yaniar (11)
Stigma of "one man shop" when selling to enterprises? pondering (28)
Time tracking Etienne Tremblay (12)
Rebrandable online survey service - recommendations? Skeeter (5)
Experimenting with new keywords Rui Curado (4)
How much would it cost to develope this? Flex (12)
Is this decent growth? Suomynona (11)
Getting my pricing right Joe (7)
Standard Dimensions for Web Ad Graphics Graphical Advertisers (3)
Anyone developing a commercial Flash web app? Steve (6)
1st position versus 5th on Google gets you how much more... dani (6)
Getting an opportunity to travel in European countries Victor N. (23)
Software Business Consultant - where to find? J.T.H (3)
Are direct mailings cost effective? Simon Huntley (13)
Contracting agencies Handyman (7)
Copyright nonsense Confused (6)
Where is Plimus' 24x7 phone support? Andre Oporto (9)
Is there room for a business of software conference in the UK? Benj (12)
do I have to pay unemployment insurance on myself Contractor (14)
The Softletter Telesales Survey rick chapman (0)
Getting Photoshop: the cheap way Victor N. (31)
Is There Anyone Who Specializes in Making Software Demo Videos? Anonymous (For This One) (4)
Will Google discriminate against 1and1 because of host location? Pete (6)
Thanks for your help and suggestions earlier Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (11)
Advice on W2 contracting through brokers fair to middlin (15)
Mutual translation checking help AP (2)
Does a Female voice sell better than a male voice? iVoice (15)
passing on contract work because you don't like the contract Contractor (13)
Software licenses boiled down. my name is here (4)
accomplished nothing reno (9)
Instantly Sending Serial Numbers - How Important? Ben Gordon (20)
Intranets J (20)
Startups ... RP (15)
Desparate for good Backup software Doug (14)
Is UK English Voice Sells Better Than US English In US? OP (17)
Where can I get a male voice-over talent for my software demo? iDemo (10)
benefits plan for small business Contractor (3)
Possible second product? Chris (4)
The Essentials for Starting a Business Joel Marcey (35)
ESWC 2007 on Nov 3 and 4 coming closer David Boventer (2)
Best place to buy legal document template? Webby (4)
Outsourcing projects RP (7)
Does my title matter? fair to middlin (11)
Best way for mISV to hanlde legal? Someone (3)
Recommendations for market research Shane Witbeck (3)
Silverlight 1.1 - Anyone seriously using it? Steve (19)
Developping 2 products at the same time as a mISV OneManBand (16)
Reddit Died? Mmmh (12)
UI Design Don't know UI (15)
Software to Manage Purchasers Phillip Flores (8)
office, internet, computer monitoring software raquebarshad (5)
Interesting hosting promo. Some mISVs here might need it. Just want to help (11)
Not expensive lawyer that can do his work online? mISV (8)
Added Flash Demo, Sales Increased by 25% Gautam Jain (14)
Do you utilize "Remote Support" Need to do support. (15)
Poll: How is you mISV Product Tested Tim Haughton (5)
mISV 3 years in the making! ian (26)
Customer Support Outsourcing on the micro ISV scale Frank (9)
AOL Whitelists and External Mailing Lists Anthony Presley (1)
Need a mexico based lawyer Aspera (2)
Wordpress blog suspended without warning Andy Brice (28)
Any Bets on When the Bubble Bursts? Ryan Smyth (6)
Does IE6 cache EXE's? Nick Hebb (7)
Is it wise to write a license without a lawyer David Sankel (18)
new landing page. Michael Johnson (10)
Poll: Pay per server or per developer seat? cheerio (3)
Creating Confidence Grinder (9)
Hosted projects? Martin (5)
Paypal: account type v. payment method ? EnglishPerson (9)
Questions on PAD file submissions Joe (9)
Verisign secure seal look more trusted (for business people)? Try to think like a manager :-) (5)
Foreign transaction fee, even charged in US dollars? Glitch (4)
HTML Helpfile software Juan G. (9)
Using customers logos on my site. Newb (14)
bank finally pays for my software after 3.5 months waiting BurntMicroISV (22)
Help! How to keep myself focused. A. Nony Mouse (20)
Need Web Based Help Desk Software Bill G. (24)
Lost key employee Philanthropist (20)
Where can I get my website designed for < $400 ? Sorry, anon for this (30)
Contracting (W2) and Tax Deductible Expenses yet_another_contractor (11)
Icon designing Figure (5)
White-hat hacking service? PA (8)
Need some help with packaging for Mac Saurabh (10)
Update on crazy sales spike Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (12)
Discouragement Too slow to be great (20)
Interview with MicroISV founder, Jesse Grosjean Paul R (2)
Some feedback Floyd Price (7)
Independent Software / Support Consultant (contractor) forums? Christopher May (2)
Suggestions for Dreamweaver replacement Paul (13)
uISV Class of 07 Chris (5)
Price increase Neville Franks (12)
Usability Testing 101 Bill Jenkins (1)
$179,562 in one month - An update The $179k guy (51)
List of american providing customer service outsourcing? -- really want to know (3)
When to hire a sales guy Doug (7)
Solution for mISVs, part 2 TN (0)
How do you "recharge your batteries"? anon on this (23)
My Software Tutorial DVD created by someone else? URGENT Theylikeme (18)
Is there a robosoft for SaaS? Cyclops (4)
PayPal Express Scoopex (0)
How About Outsourcing Our ISV Customer Service (Call Center)? Anon for this (14)
Selling through Clickbank.com  Anyone? Clickity (5)
Good Commercial Polling Service Other Than SurveyMonkey? PollMan (8)
CrazyEgg or ClickDensity? Micro (1)
A requirements assistant anantha devarajan (6)
Where do you invest? IJ (32)
A product for mISVs, would you buy it? TN (20)
Financing Growth - Debt? Doug (14)
Where does the testing team belong in the org chart? anon (4)
Ecommerce add-on pricing Simon Huntley (3)
Any thoughts on MediaTemple hosting? Ken Kaczmarek (13)
Developer's Guide: Value vs. Effort Chas Emerick (8)
Long copy landing pages? Siddharta Govindaraj (10)
Product idea, please critique TN (28)
Pricing server based software James (2)
Should I get rid of my affiliates? Wariness saved the cat (8)
segmenting by functions or usage? AnonForThis (6)
Product review... ModelRight (2)
digital compass Curios George (3)
Please recommend excellent (premium) web design company for ISV. NeedADesigner (10)
Software market research How -to ? Ray (10)
Any customs issues w/ outsourcing dev. to India CJ Singh (7)
I want to ask for reviews and I need your help Cosmina Stefanache (8)
Domain name .de or .com Developer (6)
Adwords broken Wouter Dhondt (3)
Launched DigitalTools.com feedback appreciated JBrooks (15)
Market for small scale consultancy thinking small (4)
Impressions of Paymate.com.au ? samh (3)
mISV from Asia wants to sell all over the world Ken (8)
Text2Go on Bits Du Jour Mark Gladding (8)
is this an h1b candidate? manager (21)
talking about contracts before you get submitted Contractor (6)
How often do you clients pay late? Contractor (9)
Steps to Opening Your Micro-ISV Business Joel Marcey (17)
New website in alpha, comments/critiques? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (18)
Software to manage our "inventory"? startGrowing (6)
PaypalPro Subscriptions - customer needs PayPal account ? EnglishPerson (7)
HackerSafe Certification. Will It Help mISV Selling Web Apps? Poor Asian Developer :-) (2)
Online Business Tax Issues Dan (8)
Delaware, Is it STILL the best compared to Nevada and Florida? Ben (10)
farm production management producepak (5)
Need an Anti-Spam solution Gautam Jain (6)
How can I find out my competitors keywords? Joe (5)
Bits du Jour gets a makeover Nico Westerdale (0)
Which one sounds professional? Delaware/Nevada/Florida-based Co? mISV programmer (7)
How Much Discount To Give? Phillip Flores (7)
Exchange This... I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise (5)
Scared of success sometimes Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (11)
How did you determine pricing? Newbie microISV (4)
Does doing freelance work => consultant? Am I a Consultant? (3)
Complete e-commerce solution Tom (4)
S corporation, SEP-IRA, and "fair compensation" S Corp Wannabe (4)
looking for quickbooks suggestions Contractor (13)
How to get a US Bank Account for non-US citizens from abroad? Wish to born in US (11)
BBBOnline. What is that actually? Do you use it? JoS Reader (7)
business newbie First-timer (3)
Tracking Sales Conversions Doug (4)
Testuff's first beta - feedback is welcome Eli Golovinsky (9)
How do you know your customers? Jérôme (4)
Switching domain registration Gz (2)
Can Non-US Residents Incorporate Their Business In US? Devz (7)
E-commerce Convenience - At What Price ? disappointed (7)
Retail Store Publishing Looking for Publishing (3)
A/B Testing J-Felipe (3)
What Shoud I do as a Non-US Citizen To Sell SaaS Successfully? Poor Asian Developer :-) (10)
Top Software Development Cities? Jared Malan (16)
Any update to this post from last year: "$179,562 in one month!" Carp (4)
Google AdWords and pricing strategy--crazy idea embarrassed to post my name on this one (16)
subscription mailing list service sdani (0)
Group heath insurance for small company of 2 J. K. (4)
Licensing and code protection Dmitriy (1)
How to sync Outlook contacts and GMail contacts? Joannes Vermorel (0)
Domain Dilemma Cyclops (8)
Opinions of this software registration scheme... my name is here (25)
best way to get blog links James (9)
Donating Advertising Revenues to Charities. Philanthropist (6)
PainlessSVN. Anyone Tried This Before? OP (7)
PRNewsWire, PRWeb, or TechCrunch? Which One Better? OP (7)
Are we too paranoid about pirates? teambob (23)
Any recommendations for personal IMAP server James (7)
MailChimp or CampaignMonitor? Which One Suitable for mISV? OP (5)
CD Option Any Good? Phillip Flores (6)
Displaying prices in a program Antony (6)
using a collection agency anon (7)
Language Translation Floyd Price (8)
RIA frameworks developer (10)
Simple Software sales platform Joel Coehoorn (7)
Traffic stats from asking for site review Chris (3)
Good microISV ecommerce subscription management? Bob Walsh (14)
Saas for Desktop Apps Tim Haughton (5)
I'm not sending out spam honest! James (9)
some advice Simon Huntley (12)
What am I allowed to develop in my spare time? JavaFreak (24)
Fear and Release Early, Release Often Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan (12)
I need a good email archival program (possible idea for mISV) EmailJunkie (9)
Music Sharing Software audioman (12)
Free Upgrades for My Software? teambob (9)
New Website & Software.  Please review Chris (12)
Software + Hardware Sebastian (4)
UPDATE: Getting filtered as BULK/SPAM/JUNK on yahoo/gmail/hotmai Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan (6)
What is the process for flat-fee proposals? wanna_be_contractor (6)
PayPal / e-junkie for Enterprise software? Doug (10)
Argh!! I can't make a pricing decision... Nick Hebb (18)
Affiliate API for SaaS? Would you do it? Joannes Vermorel (0)
Oh how I hate Esellerate, let me count the ways.... hate em (21)
COGS for software development Michael Pastore (11)
StyleSpread Hits #8 Best Seller On Bits Du Jour! Paul Young (28)
is .Net the right tool for creating shareware ? Ray (21)
Good Commercial Newsletter Manager (Hosted Service)? Bimol (5)
Anyone know of a good commercial "fax to email" service? OP (13)
how does slashdot make money? slashdotter (14)
New website, new product ModelRight (9)
Whois Information SM (7)
Anyone Have Experiences With Domain Acquisition? Anonymous (For This One) (12)
Moonlight - Silverlight on Linux Jon from ProactiveLogic (4)
New Hire Candidate Inquiring About Education Reimbursement. Mark (24)
i've got the copy protection blues ToastyMicroISV (14)
Seamless deployment for Windows/.NET application gyurisc (12)
$1K/month with no marketing. What can I expect? Anon (15)
What is your ISV traffic website in the first 1 - 2 months ? EJ (12)
have not been paid, what to do? anon (17)
another reason why bank isn't paying - you will laugh at this BurntMicroISV (11)
Email Response Organizer weef (20)
Safe to send bank details to customer? James (40)
Money back guarantee logo and buy now logos James (8)
Windows logon screen LogMeOn (5)
True License lib for Java anon (1)
Business model for UI components Alex (6)
Best Books AG (12)
Our website launched today. Thoughts? ESER (14)
Anyone using new feature of Google Adwords? Mark Stone (0)
OT: which CPU to go for in a laptop? Intel or AMD Stefan (11)
http://www.developer-resource.com Methy (1)
reasons to form a C corporation Contractor (11)
REALbasic - A smart choice? Brody (25)
Easy way to test different browsers. Rob (7)
Staying below the tax bracket, would you? taxman (16)
What is the name of this management book? Paul Farnell (2)
A fully automatic directory submitter? Vesselin Atanasov (10)
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