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I quotes less price - now what are my options? anon for this one (12)
Proposal for HR Igwe (14)
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My Laptop is 1024x768. Will I get problem in 1366x768 FlatPanel? Bon (2)
License control  and code protection tools Elmer (4)
Software submission services, any good? Steve (3)
Using .NET to build S/W Product Rajeev (2)
Open Source licensing John T.H. (5)
Developing for eBay Stucko (17)
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Pick a name, pick a name.. Ali (25)
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Errors & Omissions insurance -- $1200 too much? Jim (4)
Choosing the right product type to start an online business. Ubercoder (12)
Banner Ads vs or with Text ads Robert Hinojosa (1)
How well do you know your customers? cedric (4)
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Experience Person getting a PhD Contractor (13)
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JoS meetup in Cambridge (UK) on the 3rd Nov? Andy Brice (22)
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When is throwing away money making code cool???? M.Hasoby (17)
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Traditional Help Files vs Online Help Steve (13)
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Look and Feel Templates Shareware Newbie (7)
Degree of Difference Between Lite, Standard, and Pro Versions Phillip Flores (5)
SQL Server Market AnonymousCoward (6)
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Product Name starting with Super, Ultra, Master Paradigm Shift (6)
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Fully Functional 30 Day Trial? or with some limit durring Trial Stucko (10)
Spam filter for your mother Gerry Smith (6)
making a product free without dissing paying customers humble micro ISV (21)
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Putting your software on Download.com naila (5)
Leveraging on opensource projects - request for feedback KD (6)
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I'll give presentation using Flat Panel. What is Flat Panel? MicroISVer (4)
Installed IE7, Webcontrol events stopped working! JSD (6)
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Do site submission tools jump the queue? Gerry Smith (4)
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Adsense on a Blog? Kevin Dahlhausen (8)
Bundle Licence Scheme NightBlogger (4)
version numbering system Jay (5)
I need your vigilante justice (a peer review) Joshua Volz (36)
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our product-descriptions have been stolen :( Victim (11)
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RfC: new Software Release: Parley Negotiation Software Matthias Winkelmann (20)
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A .config editor? Deepak Shenoy (12)
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Laptops instead of desktop workstions? matt (28)
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Corporate OS builds: rational argument against, requested Christopher (9)
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Joel getting away with murder! Azrul (19)
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Blackberry software test Software developer (2)
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Professional CV writing ? NeedmyCVsorted! (8)
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Spending $400 out of total $1200 on UI. HE-MAN and the Masters of the universe (26)
By way of introduction - planning for a new mISV Jumpalong Jim (14)
unpaid overtime as a contractor? Contractor (17)
How do we determin which market to start developing for? Stucko (5)
Website / Product Evaluation Help Joshua Volz (8)
Application Packaging tool - recommendations please Chris Johnson (18)
Selling a software company Tor (6)
Accounting and Inventory Karl Perry (1)
Working from home... from Michigan (91)
New website launched. Andrey Butov (19)
An interestin application Przemek (2)
Affiliate Systems Chris (4)
Any other mISV forums out there?? mISVer wannabe (8)
Commercialize free (open source) software. Evgeny (13)
Can our "business of software" help save the world? PWills (17)
Hard Copy to Electronic Conversion sav (3)
Pricing and Support for Site Licenses Nick Hebb (3)
Expected sales rate Andrew Hercules (19)
snippet pasting software recommendation bumperbox (3)
Best Selling Software Category (12)
Per pc or per seat or user license? Anno for this (4)
Does anyone develop eBay related software / tools? eBay (10)
Gitex Dubai anyone? Asif (10)
Finding a VC - anon today - (9)
Free software periods Colm Ryan (5)
Are employment agreements getting worse for developers? Contractor (12)
CD-fullfillment.com -- No response Frederik Slijkerman (10)
Free legal copyright advice Straw Man (9)
Email Server for Windows Recommendations? Ryan Smyth (14)
Who can I hire to create Terms of Use? Ernic (5)
Am I doing the right thing? Be that as it may (13)
Do you fix all bugs before adding new features? Scott (7)
Licensing & Pricing Question Anon for Now (3)
Letting the customer build the software... Phil (14)
My experience with Direct Access on Bits du Jour Andrea N. - Direct Access (4)
Where do I move my business? anon for this (30)
Need help increasing trial conversion ratio Jeff (5)
Should I make a trial version? Anon to protect the crazy (14)
Calling back home to track the number of users? MR (22)
Legal Steps to protect your software Stucko (5)
List of Freeware mISV Tools / Software Stucko (19)
Equation to compare mISV sales to salary Mellowman (10)
Order page optimizations Doug (15)
Charging v's taking a % Kieran (3)
Need Flash Software recommendation MR (8)
Need decent FTP program recommendation Nathan Ridley (21)
Prediction markets - algorithm Narasimha (2)
more income with Adwords than mISV? AdISV (8)
MicroISV success as a function of software price (?) Joshua Volz (8)
Just start a new job, but ready to quit!!! (17)
I'm Still Stuck Stucko Againo (18)
Atlassian CEO Interview Ian L (5)
Wikis on an intranet - blocking referrer info? WikiWikiEverywhere (14)
Blog Post: "Beware of mid-priced software" Squeaky Chair (7)
How do we get reviewed? Francis (6)
10 Tips for Moving From Programmer to Entrepreneur Eric D. Burdo (26)
Part Time Work Anonnabe (13)
GUI creation tools - recommendations Elmer Fudd (really...) (13)
product longevity Andy Brice (15)
My dear mother has become a spammer Derek I (29)
Re-engineering services stntprg (2)
Contract Question anon for this (15)
Creating documentation Ben Mc (7)
The business of Consulting Asif (7)
Two good questions John (16)
Website content Website (3)
Payment Processor in USA and Europe Jessy Kent (5)
Unix vs. .Net server app marketshare? GMan (9)
Does the US election have an effect on software sales? J (20)
Godaddy Traffic Blazer Jessy Kent (2)
Finding others for joint ventures Ben (14)
Licensing software - Need Help ModelRight (16)
Incentive for Startup in New Orleans?! Mohan (8)
Help with pricing runtime licences Nervous about business (4)
Look what I found.. Might be handy Web (12)
Paypal account ready (9)
Privacy Policy Template Martin R (2)
Click Wrap or Shrink Wrap anon (6)
Flash My Brain website opinions? C. Deck (11)
Pricing for Website Development Website Developer (9)
FTP Site for accepting log files from Beta users anon (4)
.net reactor vs remotesoft obfuscator anon (5)
Legal documents as templates Elmer Fudd (really...) (4)
Seth Godin's Bootstrapper's Bible is free again Tim Weiler (6)
US Company Financial Reports Jumpalong Jim (1)
Using a quote with/out permission? (10)
Fault tracking/Testing/Customer provisioning tool - Ideas? Woody (0)
Can we bundle Firefox? Anon for this (2)
Secure online demos PA (7)
Web Analytics software Doug (10)
Got Dugg. eh. Ian L (14)
Licensing a .Net component. How ? nicolas (2)
Joel in SmartMoney Chad (2)
Youtube for 1.2 billion? Orick of Toronto (5)
20 Smart Companies to Start Now Greg Giard (12)
How does TechChrunch find products to talk about? Ali (6)
Hiring contractors in the US, what corporate form? Snowboarder (6)
Payment processor alternatives to SWREG? Tom Rath (15)
Selling to Corporates - or not? Woody (4)
How should I handle this? Krs (8)
Starting a services/consulting business Anon (5)
Office dress code Oracle consultant (30)
How old is too old? Jorge Santos (21)
Blog Recommendations for an Integrated Blog Chad (7)
How long does it take to recruit a developer? Jx (10)
Swapping my workstation... Andrey Butov (3)
So I've read your books and I still don't know what to do? Luke Pryor (9)
Guy Kawasaki speaking in Waterloo, ON tomorrow (10/6) Jesse (3)
360 is gona kill my ISV x360 (17)
Branding my product for resellers PA (6)
Subcontractor's solicitation Tom (10)
Vista's release - first for businesses, then for other customers Student (13)
X takes a week to code, I can do it in a day..what to do? anon for this one. (18)
New pricing question! Aaarrggh!! Nathan Ridley (9)
Anyone heard of any freelance WPF designers? younghov (7)
New product - Wireless plugin for SugarCRM Jakub (5)
Stock price determination algorithm Narasimha (13)
Something on my mind... Andrey Butov (44)
interesting opportunity for Eclipse plug-in authors NotFromBorland (0)
Asking for a little cooperation from your users Bear with me (9)
350$ vs 100$ nvictor (10)
Help me name my product too (13)
Open Source: CRM vTiger or SugarCRM? (or other CRMs?) Finding a CRM (8)
Odiferous Employees Karl Perry (13)
Marketing a new standard Jorge Santos (33)
New Product Name Ernic (22)
New Product - What do you think? Anon for now (18)
Too many decisions to make regarding UI Ali (17)
Testing guilt & anxiety Alan M (UK) (8)
File/Folder Usage Data Data Junkie (4)
Release Beta Software on www.digg.com PayME (9)
This site 'scratches my itch' Alex (4)
Help me setup a Payment system PayME (9)
Flaws in new product - Follow Up Neville Franks (5)
Web apps: Your potential customers haven't heard of Web 2.0 Ali (7)
Spend money on redesign. support middleman (5)
Market info on small to medium manufacturers and warehouses? Peter G. (3)
OK..It takes too much time, but cannot replace the day job.. thanks to allow me to be anon (10)
Has anyone used the Visual Studio Team System for developers? v (3)
New Software company about to be launched... ModelRight (17)
Here's an option for VB6 users: VB for the Java Platform Nick Hebb (3)
This microISV makes $10,000 a day Tim Weiler (11)
Office design for software development Lloyd (4)
Netflix contest: offering 1M Prize for Software software programmer (9)
Marketing a Control David Duey (8)
Compiler Market Dead? A.Nonohmus (18)
Ideas and input wanted for new Help Desk app Marcin Brzezinski (3)
Advancement Stromgald (Стромгалд) (8)
middle of nowhere have to be anon (8)
Creative vs. Business Application Jeff YeahJustJeff (8)
Start Selling under my name? or get a company name? ME Inc. (7)
How can I target Web Masters? anon for this one. (6)
Flaws in new product - what to do? Definitely anon (9)
Paying contractors? Snowboarder (14)
Need Some Artwork Ryan Smyth (10)
Offsite Backups gcPunk (15)
getting spammed from job boards Contractor (18)
Experiences with Guru.com and RentACoder.com John Howard (10)
Internet Job Boards Andrew Robinson (5)
question about developing products outside of work developer (9)
Try to make the jump into Trading Systems dev.? LookingAround (11)
DeepTrawl - Final beta release Jonathan Matthews (22)
I will release the product in next 2 weeks never ending 2 weeks (17)
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