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Successful Software

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Creator of DeepTrawl, CloudTrawl, and LeapDoc

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BreezeTree Software

Bob Walsh
host, Startup Success Podcast author of The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality

Patrick McKenzie
Bingo Card Creator

Startup Podcast Worklog Assistant (3)
How to Sell Complete Product and Copyright Etc. Steve Cholerton (5)
Telephone references for a low/mid budget product Oliver (7)
Team file sharing? Jos Stoned (3)
Product easy enough for my customer to use. Michael Johnson (5)
Searching for website PDF catalog creator Nick Seagers (2)
ssl & code signing certificates Saurabh (1)
First Sale! Duncan (19)
Round Two Replies Fred Bolle (5)
LGPL Question Rob Johnston (3)
Google Ads or not in blogs and Micro-ISV sites? Germán Arduino (10)
Sometimes not even a third party registrar is good enough Bo Gus (2)
Does BoS now require you be logged in to post/reply? Bo Gus (32)
Creating a download and buy now button Kevin (17)
Interesting product downloads insight Hector Sosa, Jr - PainlessSVN (6)
SharewareRadio.com Interview with Phil Schnyder Mike Dulin (0)
A/B testing of price via discount coupons Anon (9)
How to spread the idea of a new web service Felipe Lopes (4)
Questions about Adobe Flex/Air for startups/microISVs? Bob Walsh (10)
Company name ideas? Steve Bushman (17)
Smarter Track Peter L. Lloyd (2)
Dual web sites / company names / one for devs, one for managers? anon2 (3)
To charge or Not to charge... Marcelo Rojas (8)
I suck at blogging bad blogger (14)
Health Care mISV NJorge (7)
Getting to close to announce Kevin (5)
Press release sites Cosmina (Fanurio - Time Tracking Software) (5)
feature vs application (9)
Adwords-Optimize Ad Serving-Anyone using it? Gz (2)
WinLicense anyone? Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) (3)
My boss seems unhappy employee (23)
Selling through resellers? Delia Ene (5)
How much do you charge for this? Tester (5)
Don't ever use Google Apps for anything important (88)
How did you get your startup's idea? Bob Walsh (37)
Micro-ISV Poll Germán Arduino (7)
Consulting vs Freelancing, what's the difference hanzo (5)
More information vs less information for a better download ratio Virgil (4)
bitsdujour. giveawayoftheday. any other? Alex (7)
How to avoid chasing customers away Gregg O'Malley (7)
forum software market Blankster (14)
Intercepting mail Sergi Papaseit (4)
Anyone know what happened to unfuddle.com? Ger (6)
Question about services like RegNow and ShareIT Ivan (18)
Porting Windows app to MAC Nico (9)
Name / Product competition annon (5)
Does Qt use native widgets, or pseudo-native widgets? Kappa (3)
The Curious Case of Benjamin's Download Button Nicholas Hebb (9)
Ethical Business Practices Razz (16)
How much you can earn with your mISV? Vladimir (21)
Website Live Support/Chat (3)
Virtual Office Tomas Kohl (13)
Cost to draw up reseller agreement Jim Duffy (3)
Customer license management and self-service application the other Vince (3)
Is going vertical *always* the right move? Confused product developer (10)
How big does a niche have to be, to be worthwhile? Nona (10)
Successful software companies from around the world Steve McLeod (25)
Taking a pub Concerned citizen (5)
What do you think, pt 2 Worklog Assistant (17)
Photo Gallery Software Demo - need opinions Stormy (12)
Launched!  Would love some comments on the site kpd (19)
Opinion on the user interface of this web app n! Labs (12)
Real-estate web application Liam McLennan (13)
intellectual property in the UK unhappy employee (5)
Did Verisign.com boost your sales? Its kind of pricy. Verify? (11)
What would you do if your ISV made you $1 million? Bill gates (23)
How would owning a micro-ISV affect unemployment benefits? Jack K (10)
Running an ISV anonymously 2112 (26)
Free free version releaes vlad_d (11)
Data Protection Act in the UK Truman Leung (7)
Receiving payments in the UK (and registering in the UK) uwf (9)
Using Google Groups as a support forum Jim Jones (10)
License key format questions The Rich uISVer (9)
How do you track your downloads? Dima (6)
New version, new pricing, switch to Euro? (11)
Hiring a good CEO for a failing company with average worker pay? Ama (21)
Most visited sites by category? TomEUS (1)
Selling anti-piracy sheme to Microsoft Anti-Piracy Guy (10)
"If you give me a free license..." Steve McLeod (8)
Educational Software Elizabeth L (5)
Sets of functionality are competing for development resources Ryan Leslie (2)
Has anyone tried out the Avangate affiliate program? Giles (1)
Why is Google not showing ads for my keyword? Mark McLaren (5)
Employees working on their own business Javier (44)
Email suggestions please Worklog Assistant (10)
Product/website feedback taylor (12)
DesignerVista 2.0 Released - The GUI Prototype Design Software Kumaravel Somasundaram (6)
Pdfmerger.net for sale AJ (19)
Exclusive Contract Pricing Chris (4)
Podcast interview with Richard White, Uservoice.com Bob Walsh (2)
need advice on my product name steveneo (15)
Lessons learned and deploying a .Net App Kevin (11)
Please review my sie steveneo (11)
Recommended Press Release Writing services / freelancers Oliver (4)
One-off spamming to introduce vertical B2B product Marketing Material? (19)
HiStats vs Google Analytics? Admin (5)
Best freelance site to outsource tech writing? Neal (3)
Providing support for software licensed to another party Kyle (8)
Finally raising prices Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (15)
64-bit upgrade? Noble D. Bell (18)
Pricing a multi-user license Fred (6)
How much to charge and other misc. questions Tina Orooji (5)
The secret of Adwords Jon Burnham (7)
LGPL question BuildingMonolithicUnderLGPL (7)
Tradeshow or Adwords Cash is King (2)
What do I do if I found my software on PirateBay.org? Joe K (22)
Flying Pigs Alert Gili (5)
List of customers B2B Micro ISV (16)
How can I stop flaming? Ama (13)
How do you count your downloads? James May (13)
Has anybody used easyDNS? Ryan M (5)
Now you can find other projects by your competitor NickCEO (16)
Please describe my software.  8-) Richie Hindle (10)
Looking for a small office space, but here is why. Should I Be Moving? (21)
Looking for reviews of Hosted Shopping Carts Mr. Analogy (1)
Java API Lookup on iPhone/iPod touch Jong (8)
VPS Hosting TomEUS (18)
Outbound marketing and the Micro-ISV David C. Blake (Ardfry Imaging, LLC) (13)
My idea(s) Emil Hajric (9)
Piracy and Software sales Piyush Patel (6)
SimpleDB, CouchDB and Other "NEW" Data Stores - Feedback (8)
Two weeks to first sale! John Q. First Sale (10)
Any tax benefit here? Jim Jones (9)
Feedback on my Website much appreciated Steve Cholerton (18)
'Fluent Ribbon' and Qt. Kappa (11)
Porting to Mac OS X Porting to Mac (17)
SQL Sets - Round Two.....Feedback appreciated Mike Morris (12)
AdWords workshop - worth the money and time? Joske Vermeulen (7)
"Borrowing" the look-and-feel of a completely unrelated app? anon for this (10)
Only make exceptional products? GlennC (24)
SEO tool to check Google Rankings for website by keyword anon2 (12)
strange workplace culture..or is it? Anon for this (28)
Serial Key Maker on Bits du Jour Today Michael S. Jones (9)
What should i do with my colo server? what can i do with my colo server? (6)
Naming product question AP (11)
Consulting Contract Anon (7)
Startup feedback needed, colaab - A Silverlight 2 RIA for rich Bob Thomson (17)
Accounting and equity Anonymous for this (13)
Copyright infrigement in software. How to handle? Rick D. (12)
Terms and Conditions and other legals Rob Monie (2)
residency for misv? anon e. mouse (6)
Implementation of a Storefront - Advice? Joel Marcey (8)
Are layoffs a good or bad thing? J (23)
New product Feedback AP (15)
Rocks Into Gold - a free biztech parable ... Clarke Ching (3)
contract question Stupid Rookie (15)
Live Video Webinar on Key Data from Softletter's SaaS Report rick chapman (0)
Academic Research: Software developers and the law. Thomas Otter (3)
Consecutive download requests from the same IP Yet another anon (3)
Round Two Fred Bolle (9)
What Are B2C Download Sizes Like These Days? Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (23)
will this PowerPoint plugin sell Josh (2)
Do referral programs work? Peter (4)
A tour of Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology Furqan Nazeeri (3)
Spell check / link check website tools? anon2 (5)
Approached by venture capitalist One-man-show SaaS owner (18)
Cart Abandonement Rate? Rizal Firmansyah (9)
B2B Business Models and Pricing B2B Investigator (5)
Proportion of Registered vs. Non-Registered Board Members Harry L. (4)
QA: What GUI test automation software for Windows app? B2B (13)
the danger of a side-project while working TheHobbyistProgrammerIsDead (7)
Opinions on a desktop DB please Kevin (29)
Fogcreek Copilot marketing Ed (4)
Qt 'not robust, flexible enough' Plagamouse (7)
Colorblind : can't differntiate colors of new and old topics IJ (18)
Nick hodges interview with bob walsh on delphi? dog breath (5)
"Fire" a customer? Obviously Anon 4 this (28)
Unhappy with freelancing Someone who needs help (21)
"The Google downside to web services" (closing) q (11)
Company vs business blog 2blogs (4)
Reseller agreement Niko (2)
company wants to buy software but with two-way disclaimer SmallISV (32)
Anyone use Wikipedia to market their product? eft (11)
Help with app deployment question Kevin (6)
I'm selling my site. Where to announce this? website (10)
Resources for marketing web apps? Tomas Kohl (10)
Any correlation between your site traffic and actual sales? qrious (10)
Help Ban Non-Competes In Massachusetts Furqan Nazeeri (30)
Stuck on a final component of my MicroISV Ruben Gamez (7)
Qt Real-World Usage Cute Mu (22)
Can a Technical Architect become a uISV? Dan Hoang (3)
Evaluating some names Ryan M (14)
Need Advice about Business Cards. Matt (9)
Anyone got an idea they will never use? code monkey looking for inspiration (24)
Overwhelmed with support e-mails. What to do? Steve McLeod (12)
Does Code signing prevent Anti-Virus detection? code_signer (14)
Is .Net worth the effort for a desktop application? Curious (28)
Listen to my possibly stupid idea. Anonymoose (14)
Founding a company in the UK or Delaware Stray Cat (12)
open source funded by bailout open source = socialism (7)
Hosted MS SQL Server Luke Miller (6)
The new sidebar hanzo (3)
Qt going LGPL Peeing in my pants (38)
Would appreciate some feedback Fred Bolle (10)
Take company idea and make my own product? Would I be a thief? (5)
MicroVC/MicroFinance Michael Johnson (2)
The emotional business owner, own worst enemy? RGlasel (5)
When should you consider calling potential customers? Jay Bee (6)
New Support Forum - Need Advice new_forum_owner (4)
Welcome, Patrick and Andy! Joel Spolsky (26)
$/visitor ratio Arcada (2)
where to find SEO/marketing-services besides digitalpoint? Alex (4)
Calamity BenjiSmith (28)
Open source freeloaders Hiding from my non-customers (10)
More About Relocating - From Another Country Rodrigo Sieiro (13)
SQL Sets - New SQL Server/.NET product introduction Mike Morris (16)
New Product Feedback SQL Documentor (1)
Phone presence in US & UK Ring (8)
Who here would be willing to relocate for a job? Paul Young (Stylizer CSS Editor) (56)
Multiple modules in a web app: license separately or bundle? can't decide (10)
Suggestions on customers for this algorithm? Alex Dong (10)
How to 'ask for the sale' Markus Arelius (9)
mISV Tax Help - Google Checkout and PayPal new mISV (5)
The best podcast ever Worklog Assistant (22)
How to monitor a server? Andrea N - Direct Access (15)
mISV in search of co-founding developer? Jaap (6)
Looking for help with an MSA, custom development Contract Jeff Schoolcraft (1)
What happened to nukemanbill? Mark (10)
Fighting the 'it must be (near) perfect before release feeling? kpd (19)
selling a software site Andrey (15)
Lots of downloads - no registrations NewbieVendor (11)
What college did you attend as a uISV "business man"? Emil Hajric (14)
A company wants to translate my app to german and sellto germany Gemini (11)
Issues To Consider When Naming Products And Companies Uncle Saul (3)
How was 2008 for you? Someone (20)
An Idea that occured.. Emil Hajric (5)
Good affiliates Nick (4)
Interview with Lexcycle cofounder Neelan Choksi Mark Gladding (0)
Integrate with Scribd? Tomas Kohl (5)
Our first product: just::thread C++0x thread library Anthony Williams (28)
Social bookmarking submission service - any good? JS (4)
Keep or ditch the Adsense n! Labs (14)
Ideas for survey software Nigel Ainscoe (9)
Now that you've made lots of money, what do you do with it? skeen (23)
Collecting user emails before download? (9)
ISV: Get Windows Seven from BizSpark and MSDN Julien Codorniou (7)
Partnering with MS John (12)
Consulting website or blog? Anonymous (8)
Free public DNS Frustrated (7)
Reseller Agreement Template Jim Duffy (1)
Any mISV'rs interested in a meetup in Boston? Tim (3)
Lead management solution for my partners - any suggestions? anon for this (4)
European vendors, how to bring home the bacon paypal is not my friend (16)
How much is an mISV worth? DoISale? (27)
Yahoo pay-per-click heads-up Andy Brice (2)
Google Apps Standard bizowner (5)
Trialware Buy Reminders Eirik Iverson (10)
How to deal with potential clients that don't understand value? skeen (35)
Is it worth to join DR services? Nick (8)
Is this a good business model? Siva D (13)
What west coast cities have the higest rates for software devs anon for this one (13)
New microISV Meetup in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area Jon Chase (2)
Have You Tried ZenDesk for Hosted Help Desk Software? mISVer (4)
Feedback needed for a product idea : a Virtual Hebrew Keyboard Virtual Hebrew Keyboard (14)
Advice on language. Stray Cat (10)
Interest-bearing business (corporate) bank account? Michael Scepaniak (6)
Good PR Agency Fiona Blake (1)
Is this a fair deal? anon for this (20)
Simple helpdesk? Jennifer Liu (7)
Best Request For Support Ever Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (14)
U3 USB and Armadillo Fransiscus Herry (0)
Selling without a Demo? (20)
Free licenses for bloggers? Ben Mc (10)
Preparing to Launch BenjiSmith (13)
WorldPay or Plimus?? Mark (8)
Job title help skeen (11)
My first product video tutorial! Emil Hajric (15)
Is this is a fair contract? RJ (27)
The future of Delphi... Bob Walsh (41)
Boss only answers first question in e-mail? softwarefilter (23)
Perhaps a great strategy? Emil Hajric (8)
Hard/Soft Environment for Developers Mike (1)
Simple time tracking in Outlook? Eric Winer (5)
Recommendations for a good mISV-friendly accountant? Need Accountant (0)
Paying a vertical industry expert for input? anon (7)
Need to Lose Weight Overweight (36)
Using Gmail as Help Desk System Aytekin (1)
Sales & Support: Toll Free Number - and can it be outsourced shawn (6)
For weeks now I've been sleeping durring the day, working nights Upsidedown (12)
Renew your Microsoft Action Pack subscription? James May (4)
In-store sign printing solution NP (4)
Lonely At The Top? Ama (4)
FYI Plimus servers are down Anon (8)
The coming layoffs in venture capital Furqan Nazeeri (1)
"Interesting" Sales strategy dog breath (6)
Analyzing Balsamiq Balsamiq Mockups is boring but Balsamiq is interesting (8)
Code generators and pricing models Code generator (9)
Navy Seal Training: Is it all mental? Ama (13)
Where to store the serial number taylor (14)
Mail, best practices Getting desperate (14)
Do age/IQ/$$ matter when starting your business/venture? qrious (23)
The Current State of Email Stormy (14)
Starting new book: the Startup Success Guide Bob Walsh (19)
Educational software? Emil Hajric (12)
Software Sales Sites Eirik Iverson (6)
Should I go out of my way to support my users' users? Bill Butler (19)
Monitoring Google love Worklog Assistant (7)
Are We Doing Another 30-Day Challenge This Year? B.Doyle (18)
Time to show off - who has a video demo they're proud of ? Claire (11)
Using google pages initially qrious (4)
Equity question Niko (13)
MISV Idea Lucas K. (13)
Microfinance / Micro VC Michael Johnson (20)
How to deal with the grunts? op (8)
HabitShaper - wanna use it for your NY Resolutions? Adriano Ferrari (6)
My micro ISV journey(my blog) Emil Hajric (10)
Nifty "slider" on website. Michael Johnson (4)
B2B resellers and support maintenance fees Mr Boombastic (2)
BitsDuJour.com? (3)
Transparent VM? BakingPowder (8)
Do you think you can sell a Slideshow Application ? Claire (9)
newbie struggle with a website..a question webnooobie (9)
2008 Year in Review (redux) Steve McLeod (4)
Has anyone ever sold software using VMWARE's Appliance scheme? slot. (6)
B2B - Danger of getting ripped off Hiding from my customers (7)
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