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Successful Software

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BreezeTree Software

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Bingo Card Creator

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What's up with E-mail Confidentiality Notices? What's up with head-hunters and HR? (18)
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Authorize.net - shopping cart recommendations mISVfit (3)
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Windows Client-Server testing service. How? Where? yallop (4)
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Recommendations for a Copy Editor Grinder (4)
Widgetbucks Craig Welch (3)
Software Demo Videos? Cory von Wallenstein (11)
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HELP me please with "Terms & Conditions" Jitesh Patil (14)
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Online Backup? Carl Wichter (19)
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Getting your wife involved in your mISV Fairlight (10)
Canadian Rates Proposer (6)
More and more stupid questions no name (23)
Pricing (is it ok to have plugins) Evgeny (6)
Is OpenID part of your roadmap? Joannes Vermorel (8)
relocation expenses... uISV in gestation? (7)
Trial period for SaaS balsin (7)
Changing Mobile Phone Number? Joel Marcey (8)
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Linux distro, which one ? mthadm (18)
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Browser emulator, I can't find the link Fairlight (2)
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how important is your company name? Contractor (11)
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Where can I sell my source + ip? ES (4)
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Moving to using a DBA company name?? Anon For This One (6)
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Sole Proprietor -- Business Bank Account? Anon For This One (15)
Templates for and examples of print brochures? Where? Bored Bystander (7)
Hacker safe and Verisign secured logos desi(red) (3)
How is Wordpress business model? Someone (4)
Protecting a flash app from pircay jagga (4)
Miltiple License Packs Tony (5)
Product Website - Which portal system do you use? devsoft (4)
Risk of an open process for a product development project NewbeISV (14)
Reinstalling Windows and user data Anon for the basic question (3)
Amazon S3 makes me want to cry (with happiness) mISVfit (7)
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Business directories - Good investment? douglas (7)
Handling Complex Sales/Installations (4)
Perfect price point Away with the fairies (7)
working with a reseller, should I create a different version? Jerome (2)
Anybody here has left work for a while then return? genius (9)
Is it normal? genius (10)
Using Gmail as SPAM filter Lewis (12)
Slow couple of days Anon for this (6)
Building Virtual Teams—Good or Bad? Paul Young (18)
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Back Button mISVfit (12)
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How to calculate this? genius (10)
Ancient question: What are the job hunting websites for The lost soul (4)
Hiring: what is a "good" job description? Joannes Vermorel (7)
ShareIt phone number for vendors? Atul (5)
Yahoo's layoffs. my name is here (9)
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Spying on your competitors Adwords Dude (7)
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Offline Marketing Idea - Please Criticize Anon (6)
Help Me! Mike (22)
1.0 Out the Door Jon Skinner (38)
AdWods tracking with shareit-Can the referrers be distinguished? Edwin (0)
Can an e-account replace a real merchant account? Victor Noagbodji (2)
If you're in the UK and about to set up a Merchant Account ePayments (5)
Google Adwords increase soon after heavy promotion Anonymouse (10)
Partner with a HW vendor... Jeroen V (7)
Effective Advertising? Or would it just bug people? Brian Williams (12)
how to go beyond 3 sales a day? stuck between day job and microISV (23)
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Starting a QA Service for mISVs Anon (11)
Contracting job or not The lost soul (7)
Switching a .co.uk domain from Registerfly Mark McLaren (6)
Customer mini site Guest this time (3)
Getting Through Spam Filters FalseSpam (9)
Paying for your own time! Floyd Price (11)
Plimus Price Match Tim Haughton (18)
Business of Software 2008 Neil D (4)
Flash Vs. Silverlight Vs. Java Applet gr8y (18)
evolution of my copy protection system MicroISV (10)
Landing pages and improving conversion Curious George (5)
Microsoft Partner Program...how? James (10)
Selling Open Source Software - Is this legal? Cheeky Jones (17)
Shareware project for sale Alex (34)
client url's cross linked with porn sites! Neo (9)
What's Wrong With CogHead? List of Advantages & Disadvantages smallISV trying to be objective (7)
I am a consultant, give me a free copy Meadow (19)
Tracking file downloads and external links in Google Analytics Mark Gladding (8)
Duplicated programs no name (15)
Question for microISV's w/ hosted web apps Private EyeSV (9)
Update on "Any Flash Developers around here? Floyd Price (20)
longer domain renewal = better search ranking? Kevin McFarland (12)
Take client in as partner John Howell (18)
Uninstall Information Brian Williams (9)
Writing manuals farmboy (10)
Illogical Salespeople John (33)
What is a good method for sending and using registration keys Brian Williams (7)
Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and/or Laptop Stand Recommendations? Joel Marcey (8)
Fantastic or Annoying? Chris Thompson (10)
Employee Inventions and Firing Cheeky Jones (26)
macZOT Saurabh (0)
Online Activation Tim Haughton (11)
Pending eCheck Payment Received - do you ship the key? Meadow (13)
30 day trial or 30 day money back Meadow (19)
Where do you park ideas? Sergi Papaseit (28)
What is B2B software? atza (11)
build to sell? . (6)
Is there no Bottom? Joe Knapp (14)
How Many ISVs? Nico Westerdale (15)
paranoid? Andy Brice (45)
potential customer gets competitor product confused with mine MicroISV (36)
website support models Al (1)
Development Process for mISV-ers SinCor (19)
Oursourcing some of your day to day work. How? What works? Mr. Analogy (30)
benefits of no-login webware codyhess (12)
How to do a market research? (7)
Dreamhost billing screw up Sunil Tanna (8)
Recession talk blue (9)
B2B vs. B2C anonymous (7)
Investment in software product Viktor (7)
using Extended Download Srvice with shareit! atza (7)
Net 30: When to send a reminder? Private EyeSV (22)
Overpriced Competition? Takito (13)
I am thinking of the following product to clean/validate US post Lateral Coder (12)
Higher price + Same Product = Greater satisfaction Michael Johnson (10)
Software, Service, and Support BISoftware (6)
mISV in Poland? isv-me (7)
Volume Discounts - Publish details or "call for info" mISVfit (9)
Suggestions for photosharing niche anonymous (10)
"Pass-through only" Reseller Discount - Survey anonymouse (15)
Ridiculous overpriced programs atza (12)
How many programs you sell no name (7)
trial again of a new version -  I am put on a "blacklist" anon for this one (8)
Interesting, potentially dumb question silvermonkey (15)
How often to resubmit? no name (2)
Promoting Leads to Managers. Yest Another EE with an MBA (7)
DiffEngineX on Bits du Jour - Monday 14th January 2008 DiffEngineX (8)
NYT Article: Interesting twist on customer service Shane Witbeck (8)
Any update on "Any Flash Developers around here?" curious again (4)
Do you have AWARDS from download sites? atza (8)
Corparate Slavery AJ Pantoja (101)
Prevex - myexe have yet to be classified as safe James (3)
Beta Program incentives Omega12 (3)
Open source just bit me on my business end Lee (17)
Example of EULA for component Anon for this one (3)
How to beat the BIG guys? Tom (14)
Just hit the 200K Mark! anonforthis (42)
Will Google penalize me for this technique? anonThisTime (11)
Case study for a free license mISV (6)
Bits du Jour - impressed so far Saurabh (6)
Is ther any good Bingo card software? no name (13)
"vendor to vendor" transaction atza (2)
Price vs. Value of Software Brian "Baby" Williams (25)
ISV's that don't reply to emails wondering (42)
PayPal Billing Page Question Ethan (6)
Ecommerce Packages Anon (10)
Marketing Question Regarding Free Older Versions AnonForNow (8)
The Softletter CEO compensation survey (oops!) rick chapman (15)
The Softletter CEO compensation survey rick chapman (1)
The Best Copywriting Books? mISV (11)
do you *require* shipping address? Saurabh (3)
Over 50% of the newsletter subscribers dose not confirm... Edwin (13)
A free practice management software solution for medical practic Vineeth Chemparathy (10)
Speakers for Business of Software 2008 Neil D (5)
What is press release? atza (2)
How do you sell CDs of your software? A regular here (14)
Programmer vs. Designer/Architect Porter (6)
AdWords blog post on Conversion Optimizer Terrell (8)
where to find.... (6)
FYI: Free box shots web-app Oliver (12)
Training Freshers to be Software Developer? AnyManager (28)
Links in new window/tab no name (15)
payment processing for a web app? Peter Mayer (5)
Is it good or bad to have adsense on product pages? atza (17)
Good books/articles about SEM/SEO The apprentice (28)
Issuing licenses for a product, do we have any control? (9)
FeedDemon is now free Chris Thompson (7)
DesignerVista Released - GUI Design Tool on Windows Kumaravel Somasundaram (16)
How do you take your product to the next step? WhatsNext? (7)
Trends for 2008 Larry P (22)
What's the best free web forum software? Jon Chase (13)
Entrepeneur quiz OneMist8k (10)
Announcing New Bits du Jour Affiliate Web-Stores Nico Westerdale (7)
Taxes if no actual business is established? TexasGuy (18)
What to do with extra cash? anon (24)
Network Solutions warning (not sure if real or not) Henrik (24)
What is the last software you purchased? (38)
Qute request from competitor... anonforthis (25)
Weird... no name (26)
Are we stupid? frustrated one (22)
Multiple Licenses Atza (4)
How bad is it to lose .org and .net domains? (WES) Will Enter SaaS (5)
reached 1000 user mark Thanks for listening. (10)
Company Logo Marco Aurelio Ramirez Carrillo (13)
anyone attending NY Tech Meetup tomorrow? Saurabh (3)
Pricing a site license Bill K (24)
Shopping Card with good API Chris Thompson (4)
Commercial Invoice for Germany Saurabh (5)
Partner page for B2B tech, does this appeal to you? Joannes Vermorel (6)
ASPDOTNET Storefront - Bad Experience Web Developer (12)
Tool or process for making Adwords campaigns Peter Gadzinski (4)
Future Software Marketplace - Amazon.com ScottK (2)
There's no 'I' in 'Team' Tim Haughton (20)
Selling a Mac product? Ever failed? Bill (8)
Reaching new customers OFFline Mark Sicignano (11)
Suggestions on decent outsourcing companies Sam the record man (20)
The Great Google European Sales Tax Refund LittleISVMan (1)
Does AdWords scale? AdWords Noob (12)
How do I market my business online? Ambitious (8)
PHP extensions as part of product Christian (5)
New Year New site. Chris Thompson (19)
uISV with Consulting Element Benj (3)
Trial Pay....does anyone use this and be succesful? Brian Williams (14)
adwords ad on a specific site. Siti (6)
Am I being paranoid or just smart in trying to protect my IP? Randy Austin (13)
Be happy you have the internet Joshua Volz (14)
Anyone here develope Facebook Apps? Sweet (2)
UPDATE TO :Any Flash Developers around here? Floyd Price (2)
More page views than Fox has viewers Tony Chang (4)
Price in USD or Euros G Brown (9)
Videos from Business of Software 2007 Neil D (1)
Sellin at Fleamarket Saurabh (7)
Regional Resellers mISV (11)
"Work at night" - what exactly does that mean? SinCor (17)
MicroISV panel discussion Andrey Butov (23)
To NDA or not? Anon (12)
Notification of ... emails are sweet I have started to like this (12)
Any Flash Developers around here? Floyd Price (15)
What is it with programmers & llamas? Sunil Tanna (23)
Choosing Right Hardware For S/w Development (Not production) Vijay Patil (17)
Having Live (Running) Both .ORG and .COM Domains. Good Strategy? OP (11)
Business Credit Cards Seeking Credit. (6)
Different websites for multiple products? Anonymouse (8)
Anyone using clickonce or XBAPs? Steve (8)
Which development platform to choose another anon (20)
Downloadable Technical Specification mISV (2)
Is it possible to compete against so many free alternatives? Mason (29)
Can You Recommend a Subversion Host Provider? Pete (21)
Does Mr.X co-own the software copyright? Roi (31)
Trust Nick (16)
Development Time RBG (22)
I need software to organize information and bookmarks for stuff QQ (16)
How Long did it take to make 1K/mo and 5K/mo? The apprentice (25)
content network?  Does it work for mISVs? Whoo (4)
Semi-professional translation German->English Stefan Schultze (2)
Rewrite copyright block Evgeny (9)
What's in a (product) name? Gary the Llama (24)
Custom application icon MR (13)
Payroll Services anonymouse (13)
New development machine Mike S (12)
Pay Per Download or Adwords to promote product? Anon (1)
"Architect" position &Best career path a development team Raptor (10)
any experience with trade shows Saurabh (6)
PayPal Payments Pro - looking for samples (4)
New Year New product SnapConfig all the configuration in a snap (3)
Newsletters..how? James TK (3)
Our software on Bits Du Jour today Askarya (3)
A question of uISV and life Victor Noagbodji (13)
Raising prices -- cross your fingers for me Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) (13)
Struggling with Sales and Marketing Please Help! (8)
Google Search network Tip. Whoo (0)
What Happened to the software industry??? A.J.Pantoja (18)
Refer a friend program? Saurabh (3)
prmised free license for feedback.. now a dilemma confused on this one. (9)
From developer to PM... how? A. Nonny (8)
Joining the Club David San Filippo (12)
Software for women? software for hobbyist (8)
In praise of PopBox Sunil Tanna (10)
Bits du Jour - does it increase sales or merely displace them? M. (3)
How much is 100K page views per month worth? Joe (8)
2007: Year in Review Alex (7)
Google image search wabbit (3)
PC Game Development SDKs *myName (13)
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