The Design of Software (CLOSED)

A public forum for discussing the design of software, from the user interface to the code architecture. Now closed.

The "Design of Software" discussion group has been merged with the main Joel on Software discussion group.

The archives will remain online indefinitely.
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Handle thousands of transactions every second Barry Gyllenhall (16)
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Store Information safely Trial (7)
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30Day Trial Period End - Kill App or Cripple it? MurderTrial (10)
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T-SQL Coding Standard Casper Nielsen (17)
E-commerce blues... Wayne M. (9)
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Nested (?) SQL Group By Robert Lerner (7)
WTL Property Sheet Wizard (2)
oh static..static static dan (4)
Storing app's XML files 230 Volts (6)
Books related to AJAX jam (3)
unicode postgres a (0)
ETL :: view or not to view code junky (7)
CSS style change not updating until JS finishes chloraphil (6)
It should pass static analysis, but it's still crappy code son of parnas (6)
Generating Custom Reports K (10)
Merging records. RPK (6)
Ambiguous REST addresses Tim Hastings (5)
QA Resources Justin Barker (4)
browser testing on a mac sam (5)
Design challenge Laura (7)
Peer to Peer Programming Zeeshan Alam (2)
Which temp folder? Buner (1)
Encoding problems in python digguser (3)
Binaries in Database TheDavid (13)
ATL Base64Encode / Base64Decode Meganonymous Rex (1)
I must be doing something silly (DLL Declare in VB) Nick Koranda (7)
C arrays vs pointers Kartik Agaram (10)
Documenting C++ Jason (10)
Shared Development Environment Developer (4)
New to C/C++, what Profilers are available Nick Koranda (8)
Should I use the Command pattern? Dale Lawrence (3)
Incremental Virus Scanning Clueless Scan Victim (5)
What is the boundary between analysis and design? Ryan (9)
Do you consider your platform when you do high level design? Ryan (14)
SQL Select problem - next & previous records surreal (10)
How to "re-brand" HTML pages Finn Heitmann (1)
Problem with word wrapping algorithm Nick Hebb (10)
design question Dale Lawrence (1)
Windows Forms user interface best practices? Jesse (5)
Designing Database Centric Applications Ryan (22)
Codeline management Adriano Bertucci (3)
Unit testing of servlet MVC-1 oriented java code Bot Berlin (3)
makefile makefile newbie (10)
Why unit test when QA tools can do the same thing? Deepak Trama (18)
Design Question. Stuck! (7)
CA OPENROAD? Chris Parisi (2)
Is there a way to prevent deltion of an object? Dale Lawrence (12)
Good book on web basics anyone? Deepak Trama (7)
[Java] Anonymous classes and serialisation AH (0) versus Flash Mike Pentney (19)
How do you use UML? on behalf of someone else (8)
Software Protection / Obfuscation MagicPixels (5)
Debugging email sends Deepak Trama (4)
How to make my application receive email(without pop3) AfterGlow (7)
Threading question: function or method? Dale Lawrence (5)
How to avoid null? jam (5)
Determining if the db schema has changed Deepak Trama (5)
How to parse? Christopher Wells (11)
language design: closure semantics Tom C (5)
Make Trial Version TrialLicense (25)
Applications & servers 230 Volts (3)
Does Primitive Obsession influence your design? Jam (31)
good relational database design book? Andy Webster (8)
When is this particular bias of mine "wrong"? Steve Hirsch (43)
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