The Design of Software (CLOSED)

A public forum for discussing the design of software, from the user interface to the code architecture. Now closed.

The "Design of Software" discussion group has been merged with the main Joel on Software discussion group.

The archives will remain online indefinitely.
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Username Format Steve Nelson (20)
Database in a shrinkwrap application - which one? Robodale (25)
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Conversational Error Messages Paul Stovell (15)
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Communication between layers andrew deakins (6)
RSS/XML adding extra tags Berlin Brown (5)
does anybody use UML in open source? adam (16)
Code Documentation moons (10)
Database design for messaging queues Berlin Brown (15)
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design issue? (2)
Usability Issue with our Application Nick Koranda (17)
Backtracking local path from UNC path Karl Perry (9)
People familiar with CMM/CMMI? KC (10)
Code Reading technique Gautam (15)
Data Access Layer vs get/set Lorenzo Bolognini (9)
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Scripts in Application Nick Koranda (12)
bit of info about SAP... surreal (6)
Sharing COM interfaces between projects Steve (8)
How many (functions/methods) per source file ? Dan White (17)
Fundamental Question about XML & Databases... Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (5)
Don't touch that code! Chris Steinbach (19)
AVI files Hari (3)
C++ temporary objects on throw Gorf (16)
Design of RSS like REST system Berlin Brown (5)
Converting size_t to int Ryan Phelps (7)
Perl CGI security? iDevelop (6)
Handling formatting in localized strings Lorenzo Bolognini (3)
I'm a Python Man BenjiSmith (39)
Where are good/standard visual metaphors? A Random Transmission from the Ether (10)
How to increment Version/Build Numbers PaulS (7)
Modular/reusable documentation? Christopher Wells (5)
compelling reasons for modular designs Max (6)
State pattern or table driven FSM? v (15)
Learning to write use cases Stephen Caldwell (10)
Improving the speed of CPU bound application badaiaqrandista (25)
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