The Design of Software (CLOSED)

A public forum for discussing the design of software, from the user interface to the code architecture. Now closed.

The "Design of Software" discussion group has been merged with the main Joel on Software discussion group.

The archives will remain online indefinitely.
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Building a 2.0 Stuck In The Middle (8)
SQL Query to retrieve like this: RK (7)
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Streaming Media William Thompson (0)
Secure, Sandboxed, Client/Server Architecture BenjiSmith (10)
c++ file caching algorithm new c++ guy (8)
Adding UNDO capability RK (5)
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Doughnut time. Are pie charts "old school"? revenueX (14)
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Estimating need for documentation out from LOC? Stephen Muires (14)
How to document "flow" in event based scripting language? TheGrumpyFamilyGuy (5)
Architecture/technology for moving to a web app Grant Black (7)
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UI Design RK (9)
Resolution RK (5)
Software Design Tool daniel rejzner (9)
Design for frame based system (2)
What do you call this? Befuddled (15)
Initializing in class body instead of constructor John Cromartie (16)
data synchronization coder (3)
Data dumping RK (9)
finding all possible paths in a Directed Graph sureshbabu R (3)
Is the tech talent trend anti-MS? Lucifer (41)
If you had to write Lucifer (22)
Optimizing database design RK (2)
RDBMS using .NET RK (7)
exposing an API anon (6)
Build process and continous integration anon (6)
Icons, Animations .. RK (9)
C++ inheritance and copy ctor Martin (6)
DB Design wats prefered in relational model q (6)
MVC design: who's aware of what? John Cromartie (2)
Model OO question Secret (1)
Passing an object to its members mycode (10)
Desktop App. vs. SaaS RK (7)
Remote Troubleshooting RK (4)
Develop software using Orcas (VS 2008) RK (15)
HTML Document Layout Entries of Confusion (5)
Python vs. IronPython RK (9)
Converting J2ME to Windows Mobile Michael B (1)
BASH Script - Copy file tree (some of it) Ugnonimous (11)
DataFabrics Vince (1)
Interactive Tutorial within the app. Interacto (4)
Looking for guidance anon (5)
Circular dependency hell in C++ Gili (4)
Variadic Macros Scott (1)
Sending information to and from objects' contained objects ExtremlyHackedApplications (4)
Add-In for MS Outlook JAK (4)
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Is XBEL an accepted standard? A Gershan (4)
Languages used by Open Source RK (6)
Exception Strategies? curious. (10)
Designing an API for your project AverageMidget (15)
Help with C++ references Gili (13)
Inherent Problems with Pagination Rekkai (6)
Breaking OO rules for query logic? PeterL (7)
HTML generation library DesignThis (3)
CHAR vs. VARCHAR Petr Veit (22)
Agile Books: Taking new course @ Mwana Mission (6)
ORM Model question Secret (7)
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Modeling an equivalence relation in a database Sedate Snail (19)
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Would search engines figure this out. Trying to get noticed!!! (7)
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