The Design of Software (CLOSED)

A public forum for discussing the design of software, from the user interface to the code architecture. Now closed.

The "Design of Software" discussion group has been merged with the main Joel on Software discussion group.

The archives will remain online indefinitely.
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allpairs generator with constraints Bill Smith (2)
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PDF Compression PDF Developer (5)
Document imaging/data entry component? anonymous (0)
Common Language and Collaboration Nonymous (2)
Centralised Configuration JDeveloper (3)
Vexed XSL/XML DOM parsing in IE6 - Hellllp!! stumped by DOM (4)
Open Proces Framework Berlin Brown (2)
Windows 2000/XP added style elements Michael B (2)
why is mdi bad? ElbowsHigh (38)
Excel COM reference in C# project Don Vince (6)
FTP Upload ActiveX Rudolf F. Vanek (3)
Acquiring MARC records? (library automation) iDevelop (1)
R I A TechDeveloper (5)
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GW-BASIC Fred Macdonald (8)
environment variables (3)
A proper taskbar? hiffy (5)
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Library cataloging terminology. iDevelop (7)
C DLL from C#/.NET - newbie, please help! C# /.NET noob (7)
Knowledge and Intelligence TechDeveloper (15)
Periodic execution under Windows Michael B (8)
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Well-considered use of libraries within a software project Boris Rogge (6)
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Did I miss any tips? David Ing (4)
HTML reports from A. Nonymous (0)
GUI APIs - How is it basically done Unknown (3)
WNDPROC - how you handle it today? Berlin Brown (6)
How to find other instances of running app? Michael B (14)
What techn[ologie|ique]s for executing on windows apps servers? (3)
advantages/disadvantages of static methods? I should totally know this (13)
Delphi Component for PDF Joe (4)
treeview & data newbie coder (19)
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