The Design of Software (CLOSED)

A public forum for discussing the design of software, from the user interface to the code architecture. Now closed.

The "Design of Software" discussion group has been merged with the main Joel on Software discussion group.

The archives will remain online indefinitely.
.JAR to .DMG on Windows Ian Sinke (3 comments)
custom components for webapp dev web_monkey (8)
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Entity-Relationship Diagram != Database Model Food for thought... (9)
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Code generation hari_lal (15)
Where to implement don (1)
How get 'chains of records'... Aristotelis T (9)
Practical examples on OOP RK (9)
WinHTTP and proxycfg Doug (2)
Platform independent languages RK (13)
Shared hosting vs. Dedicated hosting Mark (19)
HTML Kludgin': Client-side code for selective tag generation? Andy Nonymous (4)
A testing platform for web stuff John (9)
How to manage web service product releases? Roger Farley (4)
Book recommendations (JSF, .NET) John (3)
Struggling with Delphi + SQL Server Josep (7)
architecting XMLsocket client-server andy (3)
Database Design Trade-Offs & Object-Relational Mapping Rob (14)
Hope to Design a software for Bringing Kids Back to Nature! Linda Godsw (22)
Which Free OS for Sharded Architecture Curt LaMontagne (10)
"Web Services" versus "Java/Perl UserAgent" -- how to decide smig1 (4)
Thoughts on Java code readability Andy Nonymous (21)
Well, I am AA (Architecture Astronaut)... Aku-Aku (9)
Designing a UDP streaming mechanism - getting through firewalls Bored Bystander (17)
Development PC Corno Schraverus (7)
SQL Server 2005 Express Deployment Keith Maurino (3)
Disk-based Read-only Binary Trees? Michael B (17)
SSRS 2005 ReportViewer (WebForms) -- Printing Question BStrick (0)
Parameters thnx (8)
C# and command lines with Windows Task Scheduler Steve (7)
how can C# code interact with Java? Don Hust (14)
Working with RIA by jumping on the SOA/Web Services ship first Joao Pedrosa (4)
Multi threaded logging (18)
Advice on writing specs anon for now (16)
Database "Agnostic" application vs. Sticking with One Richard Gardner (17)
Data Modelling - How you do this. Richard Gardner (10)
Apache Combined Log please Glen Harvy (3)
"component model" vs "MVC structure"? New To Java World (3)
Mobile Browser Detection Richard Gardner (5)
Typeless Data in C++? Queryerer (7)
Suggestion for easy web data-entry? j2e (6)
Should I Use XML? XML Know It Not (20)
Self updating application MyHero (11)
Extracting data from SQLEXPRESS Steve Hirsch (8)
Storing "project files" ThisTimeICodeInC# (11)
Is OOP over-rated? walterbyrd (71)
Unforgiveable stupidity in email filtering mynameishere (9)
Good C/C++ (or other lang) refresher recommendation? HardwareGuy (13)
How to switch common XP file open dialog into Large-icons view? Andrew Shkuropiy (2)
Version Control and Class Reuse Catherine Posada (5)
Database stored in a .dat file Glen Harvy (19)
Rackspace and Ruby On Rails George (1)
Passing data to logger class JW (5)
Source Control Branches Patrick Reilly (5)
Have we squeezed most productivity out of high-level languages? Grant Schultz (22)
Find C++ method that are defined but not declared Ugnonimous (10)
Eclipse or NetBeans Steve (12)
SQL Server data loading zack (2)
Tomcat 4.1: Application reloading itself on its own, why? Andy Nonymous (9)
Generating Barcodes in Java English is not my mother tongue (8)
Help File Authoring Antony (3)
Experimental unit test framework (C#/VB), would like feed back Frederic Torres (9)
SQL Server locking with Access front end Marcus from Melbourne (14)
Dumbest ideas in user interfaces Secure (55)
Java on GoDaddy Casey Kcins (4)
User documentation Scott Nelson (1)
(Re-)organizing a large solution in Visual Studio Anton (2)
Recommendations for books on designing software please! Jonathan R (10)
mapping class hierarchies to relational databases Sarge (12)
good approach to dividing a world into areas of interest game_programmer (9)
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