The Design of Software (CLOSED)

A public forum for discussing the design of software, from the user interface to the code architecture. Now closed.

The "Design of Software" discussion group has been merged with the main Joel on Software discussion group.

The archives will remain online indefinitely.
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UDDI in relational format Steve Hirsch (3)
On the Importance of Defaults Dan Shappir (12)
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Store code in database Jack Murdock (20)
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simple algorithm for weighting search results bumperbox (10)
I know this is wrong, but not why? Bob Cummings (12)
Multithreading help with books / easy tutorials Threader (12)
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Point of Sale application - device integration questions Gary Lombard (10)
Client server architecture Praveen Angyan (7)
Gmail: do you like labels/tags? JW (12)
Portability issue Naseer Ahmed (5)
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should I bother with REST, SOAP for internal web service? gee bee (20)
Databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL OneMist8k (11)
Java and Beanshell question Nilesh Jethwa (1)
When not to re-factor and start anew? Josh Zamor (13)
Hosting SSL Web App. RPK (1)
Books for .NET handheld development? Karl Perry (0)
Ok, Old Question,Still Confusion, .NET or .NOT? Zeeshan (29)
Single point of entry between aspx pages ans th BO layer Curtis Erhart (7)
Why is real time email validation non existent? Praveen Angyan (7)
inch/centimeter/mile/etc library? Grant (33)
EDI X.12 to XML in Java OneMist8k (11)
VC++6.0 : Getting char to accept char[17] Ezani (17)
Send email from php with attachment? j2e (6)
Agile & Iterative Development (Newbie Question) David Jones (12)
Tricky question about Java layer, native layer and singletons Gili (13)
Practical Functional Programming: A Web Forum? Seun Osewa (3)
Implicit Sharing and Multi-Threading Problems James Gibbons (2)
Google Guice: new Dependency Injection framework Gili (8)
What tool to write a well formatted pdf book? Noagbodji Victor (10)
Refactroing and static methods ravi_khan (12)
Tools for SQL Dumps anonymization? Joannes Vermorel (4)
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