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Google no longer the hip kewl place to work EskimoPie (21 comments)
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Quality, free, visual components for .NET? <Generic Poster Name> (6)
design skills? developer (7)
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guru in one area or jack of all trades? Noob (10)
[OT] Economics for dummies? finance noob (23)
Alternative to MS Access K (9)
Web solutions for Software Dev management. Any takers? AK (1)
How long do your UPS batteries last? Tony Chang (12)
Look beyond MIT, Northern Cali and Chicago. wanna_be_anon (19)
Salary Range Question! not_important (17)
Can you recommend any static code analysis tools for C? Jeanne P. (11)
building an ad hoc reporting framework developer (10)
Are you intimidated by developers with degrees from elite school Sabtikian Florptnastin (43)
What was Digg like before? Ivian (9)
Stackoverflow just aint fun Entity (18)
Choosing a development stack - pick one tool or several? OpenSourcer (8)
Salary Percentage Ataboy (15)
RAR archives - why do people still use them? Bobby (29)
sitting in front of the computer and writing code is depressing . (16)
Renting Makes More Financial Sense Than Homeownership ant (87)
A Javascript task and question Javascript_N00b (5)
Working After Hours Family Man (35)
Ingres R (5)
Does your software team have and use a Wiki? Zippy Kondrake (21)
Which web development language is STABLE? Frustrated (33)
I agree with Larry Ellison: IT is like women's fashion industry . (17)
Need Advice - First Programming Job!! HEEELLPPP (17)
Working at a software company vs non-software Bradley (17)
PKWare PKZip Andrea (21)
Another Imaginary Product Jason (16)
An Interesting Article to lazy to log on (11)
Future of the web and applications Grumble Stiltskin (20)
Another StackOverflow gripe - Gravatar Mark Ransom (3)
Joel Spolsky on Procrastination - Fire & Motion II Procrastinator (6)
Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Jim (8)
Creating Encrypted Folder RP (10)
Talking about Money Dmna (26)
ATI or nVidia these days? dood mcdoogle (28)
C++/errors in destructors/RAII anon (19)
Data Deposit Box Teddy (1)
Sick joke Steve Hirsch (11)
This is a serious job posting Steve Hirsch (11)
A prosumer DSLR or learner DSLR to aid your business Li-fan Chen (11)
How Do Twitter Pay Their Bills? John Topley (15)
yet another hardware recommendations thread this is going to cost more than my car (16)
Career in video editing or computer animation? Prio Hartono (6)
I've never used source control, and I'm confused! SVNewb (19)
How to tell the project is headed for the rocks The Data Guy (20)
How far up the food chain to get an employment contract? dave (21)
cheap small cluster Clown of Bits (18)
System to take data and merge it with form to generate PDF? PDF N00blet (11)
Another job hopper . (24)
Google Phone to replace the Computer... to lazy to log on (27)
New York Salaries Mr. Snrub (10)
Standardise Personal Names, wtf? Ellis Island Lives (37)
question for those of you who hire developers musician programmer (40)
An amazing change in the job market. Albert D. Kallal (42)
Business license Rookie @ business (7)
JavaScript puzzles Oltmans (10)
BAPX Emulator Anon (1)
"Better to have a buffer overrun" Fan boy (37)
Outliner that turns the first line into title? ZeFred (7)
US Economy and/or World Economy Recesson?  What about tech? :-( (46)
browser based status updates n (4)
Failed Algebra Rick Tang (23)
Job Hopping 101: providing references this->OP (16)
Economy down, price up? Simon (4)
GIS for dummies Benj (7) -- love to signup but must jump through hoops! Almost H. Anonymous (48)
Am I trying to read too hard between the lines? Gotta be anonymous for this (13)
Music Industry (incl Sony) finally adopt MP3? TravisO (5)
Kool-Aid, Cults, Religion, Software? I Want Peace and Quiet (27)
Stopping the Shiny Toy Syndrome? Ama (15)
Persisting object hierarchies in C++ Andreas W. Paulsen (19)
Recommended free website template sites Bill Gorman (4)
Business grad going into programming-good idea or waste of time? RichardAlamsi (19)
Why so much snobbery around Math? silvermonkey (55)
Go against the grain? big fish (12)
US IT companies just dont get it... ANewJobHopper (24)
Imaginary product Martin (26)
Disk Imaging Tools K (18)
For those of you against "job hopping" sharkfish (55)
How do I set Flash plugin to not loop by default Michael Edwards (4)
Secure and efficient online backup service K (7)
Doing a Project Management course on my MS [TheWeasel] (12)
CMS+E-Commerce Reccomendations Inquiring Mind (3)
System 76 Experiences BrotherBeal (4)
Help! Eclipse hiding the code! not_important (1)
E71, iPhone 3G, or WinMo? Andrew Badera (13)
Fog Creek Office Pictures Brad Fults (1)
I need a good image upload component. Any ideas? Tired of Aurigma (1)
How do I open a TCP port on a Ubuntu physical machine (host) for Philipp Schumann (1)
java vs vs unix system programming Noob (16)
The Successful Consultant trap The Data Guy (33)
Recommendation for NAS drive? QADude (14)
How to deny admin account access to a file on winXP? TicTac (12)
Software Stretching, Croping pictures Anonymos (7)
What happened to AOL? Victor Noagbodji (7)
(Practical) Reasons to study ComSci anon (17)
A new way to find related web content AlexJ (3)
Losing the joy of coding ForThisOneTheNameIsAnon (20)
Starting Windows development - advice please ? Jeff Goodwin (26)
Dilemma (4)
Candidates tech policy wibbler (1)
Fallacy of db-based web applications (search) Ezani (15)
Tournament method experience in FogBugz and in general tournament_method_potential (0)
The Recession: How will you survive? $0.02 (42)
OT - Do you remove your watch before a coding session ? // TaqwaSoft (22)
Advice needed! dazed and confused (7)
Company not doing 401K – what are the options? anon wants to save (8)
What the heck is Assistant Programmer? . (13)
Good Sportsmanship? Sportsmanship (26)
Recommendation for a Content Management (CMS) Alec (14)
Stackoverflow Ken Sharpe (25)
checking in from Houston Jason (13)
BA or BS in Computer Science (30)
how many failed projects have you been on? developer (20)
Folks, help me think this one through The Mensch Machine (19)
Software to turn video clips into flash movies Simon P (7)
Create ER Schemas from Tables silvermonkey (1)
Should I Announce my MCPD at work? Erik (14)
Group Role Based Permission 101? PermissionSystem (6)
Cant wait to grow up grr (17)
Remembering command line commands ABC (28)
"Biz dev" manager? dave (8)
wrong architecture developer (22)
Putting the whole project on a memory stick Richard Gli (13)
Boston Scalability Group September 24 meeting Anthony Chaves (1)
Using two network connections simultaneously on 1 pc? dave (12)
Project management crash course WayneM. (12)
Language is written in capa (10)
Tech Writing Blogs? BenjiSmith (24)
Do you have big plans for your career or just go with the flow? . (15)
Wisdom of the Crowd vs Mob Effect? Ama (16)
Smart Phones, Data Plans, Tethering, Choices J Phillips (11)
Learning more statistics Hockey Player (5)
OpenID? (Stack Overflow authentication) TheDavid (8)
Selecting best solution for Client/Server app. Andrea (20)
Alternative to Norton Disk/Windows Doctor RP (0)
Prequisite to understand asymptotic notation anand (14)
What to do? Patrick from an IBank (19)
Any bulge bracket developers/mgrs here?  (LEH, MER, etc) Former Coder (7)
Hand in cookie jar Undecided (61)
Regex help! Mr. Smith (10)
Lehman Brothers - RIP Scorpio Dragon (8)
Programmer Q&A websites Martin (1)
ad hoc reporting frameworks? developer (2)
Q&A sites overflow Wes Groleau (3)
ASP.NET: Route a request to a proxy server. (5)
Spring or Tapestry Fab (4)
Norton Speed Disk vs. Diskeeper K (10)
Do you have a Meta-Meta hueristics that U follow 4 new projects? steve (6)
Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 / SQL Server K (5)
Joel's password management really works with his banks?? Ryan (3)
Can Windows tell the CPU to slow down? . (13)
I Both Love and Hate Programming Wondering (18)
How to stop Outlook Express popups? Norman Diamond (13)
Computer Engineering or MIS? Undecided student (28)
Fujitsu 19" WIDE LCD for Dual Monitor. Good/Bad? Experiences? Mike (8)
Declining CS enrollment: the elephant in the room Tom (72)
Alternatives to Freenode? (IRC) silvermonkey (1)
Getting Rid Of MS Access Semi-R (14)
A tip for those of us who tend to wander off our TODO list... Guardian Angel (6)
I love obsessing over the unimportant stuff Another whining JoS poster (10)
office politics at work anon for this (22)
EC (Exploding Candy) Algorithm design ? Soft.Eng (6)
Is there anyone who wants to make extra bucks in spare time? offsite work in spare time (10)
Library Software Hockey Player (18)
motivation developer (5)
Password management - what about browser integration? Joske Vermeulen (9)
How is DropBox different from other network storage? teambob (18)
How to find a top-tier job in the Valley? Henry Michaels (9)
What are the best cities in the midwest for tech opportunities? Rod (24)
The ONLY book that I have recommended to business developers Out of the game (8)
Learn a new language with IDE Rick Tang (25)
Google is my best friend.... Google fan (9)
Win32 help content creation xampl (10)
iRetroPhone App... made by a JOS'er! Robert Plank (3)
Who said that Oracle is hard to install Steve Hirsch (12)
WebKit Frank (3)
Technical Debt is a fallacy RGlasel (33)
How do you get your thinking done? JW (24)
Discussion/Debate on Database Design WayneM. (34)
Anyone implemented web-based Office 2007 "fluent" UI ? Scorpio Dragon (8)
killing commute in new job dev (32)
Percentage of Browsers with cookies enabled? M. Schenkel (5)
Inexpensive draw/paint program Ideophoric (4)
Any experience of Telelogic System Architect source control? Peter Hobday (6)
Serialization in C++ Andreas W. Paulsen (12)
Advice for succeeding in first development job? Don't Screw It Up (28)
Still Another Math Question...sort of luis (6)
You're Finally Moving! Web Developer (7)
Unix Experience on Windows Machine A Frummie (19)
Math question for Mr. quant dev! trousertrout (22)
Browser hijacked Very Annoyed (10)
Running programs on EC2? Oltmans (8)
Software trial conversion rates Jon Gillespie-Brown (2)
SMTP Migration from Mixed-Mode AD.... ... (4)
Measuring IT ROI on Projects JobSeeker (6)
Eclid Algorithm Rick Tang (14)
Resembling A Lawyer's Secretary JohnyWest (21)
What is the best way to transition from FTE to an ISV? anon (12)
Hate the Agent, Not the Agency, or Vice Versa? Fernanda Stickpot (6)
Windows Workflow Foundation - dead in the water? Sambo (28)
pace seems slow a_dude (22)
What happened to the post on middle managers? Ben (3)
World of Warcraft! Noob (23)
Best way to MOVE all emails from Hotmail/Yahoo to Gmail (or..) ........ (4)
When did vinyl become cool? Steve Hirsch (86)
How do you approach your employer about becoming a consultant? Mike (40)
What is a Systems Analyst and how do you become one? anon for this (11)
Query/reporting tool easier than MS Access Adrian (14)
Need Suggestion on Test Management Tools Sean (4)
Mathematics GetOutAndVote (12)
Why do I choke? BenjiSmith (102)
Doing site usage analysis by comparing two versions in parallel M. (anon for this) (8)
Any Americans working in Canada on a TN visa? dave (20)
Red Flag? OP (19)
Silicon Valley Housing: Sleeping Under the Desk? BeingFrugral (20)
Am I hurting myself by learning C# and Java simultaneously Esteven (25)
Installer Recommendation? jaki (12)
Network Media Player - Recommendations? Meganonymous Rex (2)
Why does Bio/Medical Informatics pay so poorly? ! (11)
Are you "Changing the World"? 20% Off (32)
LapLink & Encrypted PCs/removable media Another question I don't want to ask out loud (1)
Are you tired of YouTube yet? . (25)
QuickJist summarizer 1.2 has been released AlexJR (1)
Help with Apache rewrite MSHack (7)
Map webpage extension .htm to .jsp in Tomcat Aspired mISV (4)
PMBOK 3rd soon to be shelved? Patana Bashish (7)
Google phone interview Google reject (50)
Blackberry and Iphone, pros and cons OK KORAL (20)
Programmer productivity myths? yet-another-contractor (44)
Win32API and Vista Victor Noagbodji (16)
Software Developers vs IT/DB/System Administrators MakeItSo (9)
Chrome's Javascript: a rival for Silverlight. Victor Noagbodji (23)
Why don't mainframes fade away? The answer is CO2 Thomas Møller Jensen (18)
Broad not Deep Clown of Bits (12)
My turn to ask about backups Norman Diamond (20)
Talk vs Action Acorn (3)
Freelancers, how do you charge clients Robin (19)
How to find out if they'll fit in during an interview SmartYoungAnonPoster (21)
Do recruiter think we are all bunch chump? . (14)
Desktop time tracker for freelancers Anon to protect the guilty (12)
Finding an Ethical Job NM (18)
Internal Accounting ? BrotherBeal (12)
Redirect Best Practice ~Eric (31)
OT network probe to virtual server Mother of 2 (3)
InfoWorld asks "Should IT form a union?" To be a Professional or Not? (54)
I think I've been hacked via my WIFI connection Cracked By The Kingz at Fairlight ? (19)
Printer recommendation for small business Jon (8)
Development Manager that codes? Has this ever worked? ? (35)
Suggestion for behavior based interview question book FromEmeraldCity (2)
delphi back in TIOBE Top 10, breathing down C#'s neck dog breath (30)
Think Differently? (34)
Creating an IT usage policy IT Manager (35)
Is there any website like for U.S. . (8)
How do you deal with an incompetent micromanager? jingy (31)
MS without BS Josh Greenspan (18)
Parabuild SumoRunner (0)
Google Gears Database Support... lunch break (1)
Has anyone ever left a full time job to join a startup? anon for this (28)
SQL Server 2008 - HierarchyID Type Scorpio Dragon (9)
Help, I'm not getting my work done Struggling coder (30)
ADO adAsyncExecute weirdness n' (1)
Offices, phone-systems and stupidity Martin (20)
Do US companies get tax breaks to when they outsource work? Sounds illogical (19)
Cheapest way to buy MS Visual Studio? Tin Cup Programmer -- Have pitty on me :-P (17)
Good database query tool on Mac OSX FromEmeraldCity (12)
RESTFul Rick Tang (12)
Templates in Gmail Victor Noagbodji (8)
stange refuse from boss Estelle Li (52)
US$ vs INR Worried_American (10)
Finalist in Mashable Showdown Andrew Badera (4)
Win API - direct access to HDC TicTac (14)
Google Chrome Former COBOL Programmer (47)
Definition of OOP: Message-based systems yet-another-contractor (17)
Microsoft Sales Salaries? Duff (2)
Microsoft's Home User program Don't want to ask out loud (3)
Short code sms? Manesti M (1)
Hypothetically, I want to learn proper OO design/programming Rick Tang (37)
is anyone familiar with Fidelity Information Services? . (10)
Picking a location for colocation a black box trading system Hockey Player (12)
Bean terminology? beans beans the magical fruit (7)
Cool web comic (xkcd) PeterR (8)
Transfer NTFS permissions Albert Tollkuci (8)
Stress reliever hobbies KernelObject (29)
Just what we needed:  Google introduces new web brower (33)
What is the point of object oriented programming? III Object Hater (36)
Robotics...hobby Learner (9)
are Apple laptops any good for Windows Vista, Visual Studio BackupPortableCOmputer (7)
Linus vs. FreeBSD No the other Montey (17)
Need help with testing Should know better by now (10) - It's fun Bill Forster (6)
ADSL vs Cable (UK) for developer Cable ponderer (10)
Overcoming a weakness Zib (7)
GPL and selling software built on top of it Loyola (38)
Wiki or CMS? anon for this one (2)
Looking for wireless extender with ethernet ports Mark Smith (3)
Python (Django) or Ruby (on Rails) for SaaS app? Curious (11)
Why don't mainframes fade away? Steve Hirsch (22)
Topic to compare folders by analyzing files in that n' (9)
Part 2 - Guy who spends the day surfing at work Anon Anon Anon (23)
Confused: URI or URL Winsome Johnny (11)
Embedded Linux: open source distros? Ian (7)
What's the point to Functional programming? Wood (40)
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