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Bug tracking in Excel Anon for this one (21 comments)
What backup scheme to recommend to professional friends? Li-fan Chen (33)
Fix bugs in release branch or in development branch? Andreas Werner Paulsen (6)
Explaining the Excel Bug: Display Formatting david (3)
Personal Information/Project Manager Application? Singulus (2)
Is IBM Remail Available in The Market? need a mail client (1)
How do you approach development blogs? Bot (11)
How to get the biggest discount for Rackspace managed hosting? smallBizOwner (7)
Examples of good/robust/beautiful code? Singulus (29)
EU VAT directive Adoram (36)
Is YouOS Died? End of WebOS? (6)
Vista is Excellent! Norman Diamond (12)
Good software for maintaining a web sites in 2 languages Scoopex (11)
Is .net hard to learn? (13)
What happened to Netscape navigator? Victor N. (27)
Making the switch from .NET to Java? Disillusioned .NET Developer (30)
The Most User Friendly E-Mail Client. Your Opinion? OP (20)
most useful things you learned in your CS programs Contractor (25)
Can someone PLEASE explain Big-Oh notation to me (gently)? jread (33)
Web Based 2D Drawing Canvas... ! (10)
Solaris 10 Nate (7)
Eclipse - How do I load a zip file onto it? anony (9)
Visual C++, how/where to get, multiple versions? Masked Avenger (7)
Parsing Large XML files Kottu (25)
differences between unix shell languages Contractor (11)
Gmail alternative Alternative (7)
Does nobody care about writing good code anympre? You know who I am, but I'm going to stay anon for this (42)
SaaS Business Model Question Jerry Albright (11)
Hotmail to Windows Live Mail Woes Ezani (9)
Even the Woz himself screwed up on floating point Scoopex (12)
Life/Career/Family: another city or hometown? jread (25)
$30/hr?? Joe Developer (22)
Microsoft changes Windows files on user PCs without permission, RHH (22)
Data archiving G.B. (6)
Groovy - DOA? (14)
How can I work less? Choosing life over work (35)
Introduction to floating-point arithmetic Fredrik Svensson (4)
javascript function question - whats the difference? Script kiddie (16)
Interestingly enough, 0.999... == 1 null fame (73)
VBScript vs. JScript for client-side scripting? emga (12)
Isn't this (Excel Bug) really, really bad? Louis Kessler (41)
Rentacoder - experiences Tim Haughton (17)
Quick question about doing contract work You know who I am, but I'll stay anon for this (13)
Problem with Over-Intelli-Sense (Excel 2007) RP (16)
"Every time you unlock an iPhone, God kills a kitten" P (10)
How C++ compilers implement stack unwinding? Roman Werpachowski (19)
How Hard Could It Be?: Unfocused and Unabashed: why not outsourc . (4)
about a PhD in CS Contractor (20)
Inc & Fast Company - should I bite? Scott (16)
Is that a Google search bug? Methy (3)
Some C++ code from MS Sharepoint Server SDK for your enjoyment.. memyselfandI (12)
Exponential Backoff FromEmeraldCity (7)
simple regex question #2 regex newbie (7)
"How hard could it be?" PWills (18)
Unfocused and Unabashed Graham Toal (5)
Are you tired of the relational database for web applications? Bot (36)
Installable Gmail-like Webmail client Berislav Lopac (7)
simple regex question (5)
Does anyone know what a good salary is for a dev in Kathmandu? Josh (28)
design patterns - when is it overkill? Patrick From An IBank (23)
Perl Michael (20)
recommendations moving from Dev to PM? AA (5)
Halo-3 Launch party OneMist8k (0)
Anyone Forked activeCollab? Anonforthis (3)
A backup laptop Victor N. (10)
Two Websites Imitated Opera's Speed Dial. Will They Succeed? No. I'm not the developer (3)
embarassingly simple batch file question orangutan (16)
Is System Software Development a good career option? caveman (0)
Metaoutsourcing Norman Diamond (5)
Does your employer hassle you if you ask for time off? A Developer (30)
Is management a better career than programming? Duke (10)
Web Application suck when the server is down . (9)
is 25-30 lakhs alot of money? curious (15)
Why multiple returns are considered bad? Roman Werpachowski (51)
Job market in upstate NY Anon for this one (5)
graphics/interaction designers and programmers falcon (11)
Java Annotation Viva (4)
sick and tired of senseless contract emails... wantstobeanon (6)
Tools should cause fewer problems than your app xampl (5)
Having lots of if/else statements - is it bad? (22)
Issue/Feature Tracking software RP (5)
Nobody at Google use IE but they read JOS!! Anon Ranter (4)
having trouble seeing the path in front of me Curious (11)
Is Apple and Intel "Really" Use CVSDude? Anon for this (7)
Andy Brice is in the Guardian (UK newspaper) Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (2)
Quest's MySQL Spotlight Better Alternative? sl (1)
An idea for a laptop anti-theft device Anti-Theif (13)
Anyone "Moved" to MySQL InnoDB? OP (11)
I am not sure i am an admirer of some SQL Server features Anonymous SQL USer (13)
Still using arrow keys in numeric keypad? rob (23)
Amazing excel bug Martin (30)
Libraries available for Java vs dotNet Rick Tang (4)
FogBugz On Demand Jim (2)
Why would Microsoft do this? Anguished e-marketer (11)
Mentoring (17)
Simple OO design problem Missing Something (21)
is Web 2.0 = the revenge of HTML codemonkey? . (10)
is python/ruby really faster to develop than java/.net? Contractor (22)
Tricky 'rm' in UNIX; suggestions? Viva (19)
The Google is Lotus analogy M1EK (6)
How to convince management to put our source code off site? Ben (15)
Why would you implement auto numbered PK's in the software layer yowza (26)
Python and self-contained database-driven apps Victor N. (3)
Speech to Text for Programming? Nick Hebb (15)
rapid prototyping nathan (5)
Advice for new programmer! (23)
Export From my application to a file for MYOB/Quicken samh (7)
Files copying made easy Victor N. (12)
Shortcut and Internationalization and Moderator Abuse Norman Diamond (33)
How big can an HTML form get? orangatan (22)
CV in plain text or RTF format Roman Werpachowski (19)
Other takes on "NewSDK" PWills (3)
migration style functionality for SQL Server 2000/2005? nub (4)
SVN Hosting, Web Hosting Recommendations Tom (8)
Error of fact in your post on "Symphony" Bob Balaban (3)
realizing your code sucks after you write it Contractor (29)
The Relentless Downward march of the dollar Indian Programmer (69)
World Tour Meta-Questions Bob J (2)
You can tell nobody in Google uses IE7 Figure (14)
ETL Tool Benj (11)
Zend Framework and MVC Clay Dowling (2)
How to teach myself C Tom Gardner (19)
Joel changing his argument orangutan (6)
scheduling software RHH (4)
where can we get firefox installer in MSI? Ben (1)
For the college crowd: you get 2007 Ultimate for insane cheap Li-fan Chen (10)
Multiple POST transactions by continously pressing 'Enter' key ListerAide (17)
Developer Problems - Just how hard is it? Am I sane? Ryan Smyth (24)
Database Replication Master/Slave via Internet. Will It Work? microisv (7)
What's cheapest place to buy VS2005 with MSDN Pro or Premuim? Mr. Analogy (8)
"May we contact your manager?" - yes or no? wantstobeanon (18)
Fixed-Price Development Contract Worries LA (18)
In between 3270 and PC, you forgot... Hayden Clark (10)
Jobs from Joel's Job Board md (27)
I believe i understand what is Joel's NewSDK . (30)
I like touchpads XYZZY (16)
Flash is a sandbox teambob (10)
Implementing arbitrary number of a column in PHP/SQL SQL non-expert (10)
Death of desktop apps? the Melbournian (74)
Just Purchase a BlackBerry -> 1st feedback Codex (9)
milk it or change? anomalous for this (9)
Gmail has geek share but not market share Pete (7)
Joel on JavaScript Joe Grossberg (32)
Timezone conversions Arun (1)
Strategy VI - Joel is back! OneMist8k (15)
Wireless Internet Access on the go JD (6)
Who said AOL is an utterly boring company? Methy (4)
Meh. Hardware is no longer advancing Aarooon (27)
So, we don’t care about performance or optimization much anymore Paul Brown (16)
Storing email content into a database? (9)
Strategy Letter VI Christopher Wells (24)
Mainframe word processor Christopher Wells (14)
Waiting for Moore's Law to catch up Entries of Confusion (12)
Green Screens - Lotus -4 - Dreaming in Net Joao Pedrosa (0)
Same as it ever was Sgt.Sausage (5)
Re: [JoelOnSoftware] Strategy Letter VI Carsten Orthbandt (15)
Why are we starting to call the Internet a Cloud? web dev (15)
Re Strategy Letter 6 John Allsopp (4)
Comment on Lotus 1-2-3 and NewSDK article today Alexander Falk (4)
PC gamer endorse Vista/DirectX10 . (2)
Joel's Lotus 1-2-3/NewSDK rant. Is it about Silverlight vs Flex . (4)
Act as a consultant for "probationary period"? The Ruby Warlock (25)
Career Advice! (17)
Employer hosting a "moving party" Take this job, and .. (50)
Embedded C not dead Ian Johns (20)
Unscrupulous McAfee charges you without authorization Mike (17)
Question on UNIX SCP Viva (3)
Thirteen Patterns Of Programmer Interviews Reginald Braithwaite (5)
XAML and changing the element/attributes names ? (1)
Young man's profession? GrayBeard (16)
Why doesnt IBM simply make Lotus OFfice Applications free? Lotus supporter (12)
xforms ui question (3)
Book on Design chernevik (5)
Visual C++ book recommendation Victor N. (12)
POWERSET - Next Generation Search Engine Technology Brice Richard (2)
From C to C# Stuck in a rut (7)
Recruiter blacklist noneya (10)
Windows Home Server (coming Fall 2007) dood mcdoogle (31)
what do people think of he new version of microsoft office? Contractor (13)
Office messed up this site's fonts??? Doug (4)
Multiple-row DELETE SQL statement Ezani (17)
So is it better to be lazy when you are a FTE? Weiss (31)
1 More Reason Why Web Apps Won't Replace Desktop Apps Ryan Smyth (31)
So.. why exactly is University of Phoenix despised? Degree seeker (31)
Advice for setting out for a new job? Anon for This One (7)
IE6 min-height style in standards-compliant mode Entries of Confusion (3)
Pocket PC Phone with GPS Albert (4)
Leverage for contract payment been there done that (15)
Open source CRM TFI (4)
New recruters' trick? Michael (25)
But what do you do when the advice won't work? The Ruby Warlock (67)
So, Salesforce is supporting developers now? Joao Pedrosa (0)
how much do you know about hardware Contractor (14)
Some insight into corporate blogs and PR You're not paranoid if ... (5)
WPF Windows Presentation Framework versus WinForms LetMeKnow (13)
Linux Question George Wenger (30)
string algorithmns/text processing book recommendations wante JoeSmoe (5)
Compiling 64 bit with Orcas WannaBe64.exe (6)
Does nobody offer relocation anymore? Anonymous for this (25)
Interviewed in Norway md (18)
Really simple unzipper? ZeFred (14)
ESRI SDE Question Lee (5)
How Many Applications... Brice Richard (23)
Video editing software? ZeFred (6)
Really learning C++. SmartYoungAnonPoster (65)
Reverse Interview Questionairre Ken Klose (22)
Working as the only developer in a group: part 2 Weiss (17)
Making sense of Java app servers. Ace Nimrod (11)
Sun Capitulates: Windows Server to Run Alongside Solaris John (12)
Online Calendar Codex (4)
Anybody think Flash is too "trendy" for rich client applications Bot (50)
This is why geeks come to California OneMist8k (12)
What do you think of SCRUMs? Scrum Pig (30)
Joel - that's Col. Culpepper's Possum Patties frustrated (1)
Software evangelist are pathetic Observer (20)
Custom application servers for email servers Bot (5)
C++ style: inline methods Victor N. (17)
Dice? Monster? Mike (16)
Web Design: Just say no to photoshop mockups Gerald (23)
E-Mail Client - Receommendation Needed Codex (17)
SQLExpress: remote connection sql_noob (1)
Shortcut and internationalization S.C. (18)
The best and brightest go ... to Economics? Dancing in the Wall Street (27)
How do you plan vacation? Need a real vacation (13)
are macintoshs worth the price? Contractor (35)
Programming can ruin your life clcr (41)
Java UML Tool UML'er (7)
Is Your .NET Shop Language Agnostic? LA (31)
Perhaps this is why recruiters ask for current salary? Philo (24)
What are the general rules on using Open Source in a product? Product Pioneer (27)
dlinq vs. sql server ORMoron (3)
Just started new job - and already don't care for it The Ruby Warlock (85)
Working in Asia Benj (10)
Lock/unlock Office document over specified amout of time wauter (10)
Parallel directory tree for Apache (on Windows) Paolo Marino (5)
Creating constraints in MySQL Ezani (4)
Recomendations for Network Attached Storage Gungoolee (15)
Why did bill gates use DOS instead of unix Contractor (36)
Starting over: With code it's bad, with web design it's good? Mike Schiraldi (6)
I guess it's not always a game of inches dave <>< (3)
Joel is not the client from hell if his web company is smart Contractor (9)
rant about lack of interview courtesy PoppedOutForALook (21)
How do you feel about users/clients? Bot (15)
Go in Dodging, Come Out Swinging Brice Richard (9)
need to create an adobe acrobat add-in (6)
UTF-8 conversion Hoser (4)
SmartFilter problem francis (4)
web4j, opinions please.... lemon obrien (4)
Using Java to Monitor Memory Usage of Server ListerAide (10)
My boss insists IE7 is more secure than FF2. What should I do? CompanyAdmin (27)
How are OS threads implemented? BenjiSmith (49)
Test Driven Development . (18)
Last post on Rockstar programmers Rick Tang (15)
Dell now less annoying XYZZY (19)
Simple but tricky C++ problem (see if you can solve it): jread (58)
how much is too much? . (7)
Intranet website monitoring tool (10)
Recommendations for books on Writing Software Documentaion Pete (8)
While it's always fun bashing ignorant project managers Steve Hirsch (19)
Development 2.0 Samuel S. Bernardi (23)
Computer Algorithms Should have stuck it out in college! (11)
Anybody have experience replying to this sort of ad? Fernanda Stickpot (5)
What Would You Pay? Brice Richard (22)
SQL Server Issue (9)
If You Were Mentoring About Your Tech Knowledge... Brice Richard (17)
Rock Star Thinker Vs. Rock Star Programmer Jeffrey Dutkey's Loon (31)
Your Preditions on the Future of Software Brice Richard (37)
Open Problems in Computer Science Larry Myers (20)
What is it with the changing sheets in hotels? Philo (32)
Why does it take so long to build software? Bot (41)
Chicago Hotels Happy to live downstate (7)
Is it any value in knowing only SOAP,webservices & not J2EE? caveman (11)
64 bit OS recomendations prakash s (12)
How Necessary Are Regular Expressions? Ryan Smyth (30)
A developer who was "in reserve" gets promoted Disgruntled (14)
Evidence-Based Scheduling is a step forward for the Sw industry Dino (2)
Bootcamp eating my Memory! anonymous_coward (5)
I helped a friend hack a Custom App from a UISV Anon Ranter (18)
It's a little different doing in-house corporate development Mike Stockdale (4)
Remember post on old architect; now we have a committee... Bot (12)
Need help..salary in boston? anonymous for this (12)
Non-rockstars welcomed, but bring other talents rockstar developer (25)
Can't estimate debugging time? BossyKena (3)
Can't estimate design time? Wes Groleau (3)
NRP Science Friday will be talking about H1B Visas today Berkeley (3)
Free form hosting that allows costumization T.O. (4)
His new book "Smart and Gets Things Done"... very depressing Johnny Average (60)
huge increase or underpaid? Anon (17)
working as the only developer in a group Weiss (10)
charge for proposal? (9)
Postgres "callbacks" DudeFrom5020 (2)
Open source change detection library? (3)
My manager was paranoid PinkPurple (39)
How to convince other IT people need for security on websites curdDeveloper (22)
Where to advertise a small custom development project? Ted Graham (4)
Resume parser library Parse baby parse (10)
putting a "spotlight" around your cursor? windose (6)
C Development Test? Jerry Albright (40)
I feel bad about side projects at work Bot (17)
Which firewall for winXP? Victor (12)
Very Cool Spam :) Ryan Smyth (6)
Installed Visual C# Express 2005 and it installed SQL SERVER JayAndSilentBob (7)
Protecting Application Data Mursil Sayed (14)
Why Lisp is bad for real-world apps anon guy (21)
An attendee's version of the FogBugz Vancouver stop Ward (1)
Subversion Visual Studio Plugin Osterhase (8)
career advice.. when to make the jump into technical management Kyle (19)
Recruitment Business Potential Recruiter (6)
Come on iPeople Straw Man (13)
Preventing Brute Force Attacks Viva (8)
XAML, User Controls, Custom Controls and Confusion XamlEnvy (5)
Overtime paid?? Mike (24)
Image powered search engine 1ManTeam (1)
What is innovative? NPR (19)
Comparing text files Dev (35)
In searching for the "native" C++ IDE for Linux... Singulus (16)
Negotiating... Gary the Llama (17)
Basic project management tools 1ManTeam (7)
What AJAX framework for a LAMP environment? Bluebeard (4)
Do you find BPM software development interesting? spiderman2 (13)
Prisoner's Dilemma in Software Engineering Cooperate Already (5)
Colocation/Dedicated Hosting Recommendation in Singapore? TVI (5)
Macintosh at work? Contractor (12)
anyone ever get a job working from home? Contractor (46)
How much Memory is consumed by Java process? anon (7)
Learning Perl G.B. (28)
Java vs. AJAX for Rich Text Editor Avrom Finkelstein (10)
Will you refuse to "work" with a particular technology Bot (50)
Clean break Joe Gumption (20)
Ego-Based Design Patterns No I in team (27)
Can running Scandisk ruin a disk? Steve Hirsch (20)
C++: testing EOF Victor (11)
The DBA Stain DBA2B? (15)
Google salary survery CommunicationWillNegateTricks (9)
Excel VBA - Formula GUI Junkie (9)
Does it always have to be JD, MD, and MBA? in limbo (13)
RANT: Smart programmers being "inferior" to doctors/lawyers/MBAs Just a BA (81)
MSDN September 2007 Entries of Confusion (4)
Vista Home Premium, Office 2007 Packaging OneMist8k (10)
Any negative consequences - leaving contract job early No Name In This Space (21)
How common is headhunting? Chopped liver apparently (19)
Do I need to tell about previous salary? gold digger (39)
A Code Editor close to TextMate... Victor (9)
Choosing among jobs Job Hunter (9)
Joel at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and Office 2007 Richard Madonna (0)
Is this normal recruiter behavior? Nathan Green (25)
New Contract and I hate the manager... Ugh (13)
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