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OptimalJ, Model driven architecture / java code generation Dan (3)
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SS2005: database growing very quickly Craig Hudson-Bennett (14)
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VBA/Office automation books? (8)
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I don't like the new site layout! Andrew Brehm (17)
Bandwidth management software Umair (1)
Plugins for Internet Explorer using c# Pramod J. Sarwar (4)
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I found the JOS home menu less distracting on the left side. Flow (18)
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Getting the number of files & folders on a FAT32 or NTFS system? Kahleed (10)
Anybody recommend a java host that they host projects off of Bot Berlin (11)
Ways to fail Sick of idiocy (14)
Free Software For Creating Partition Iqra (8)
Should I only support ONLY Windows Vista ? Iqra (18)
C# is managed by .NET Simon (13)
Starting C# Simon (3)
This is evil. Lenny (10)
IT's seven deadly career sins Lenny (12)
Writing Excel addins in .NET? Snowboarder (10)
"Snippets" manager for Visual Studio SniperSnip (8)
DailyWTF Job Board? D in PHX (14)
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XML Intellisense from XSD in VS2005 James (0)
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To joel, why a mac? Martin Schultz (12)
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WorkStation Recommendations Ron Ifferte (7)
best book for explaining pre-IPO startup biz concepts? hi (5)
[kinda off-topic] Good dictionaries Simon (1)
Job board error message? Wills (3)
Automated Build in one step - but how many are cheating? Sunil Tanna (19)
C++ MFC development in VS .NET 2003? Stuck in the past (9)
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Standards in software good? Bot Berlin (4)
Learning Web Programming Robert (12)
Redirects AND javascript for unit testing Bot Berlin (5)
X-Ray Glasses Always Suck Ryan Smyth (16)
Is it bad to learn too many skills? Ryan (22)
Developers keeps breaking the build Sassy (57)
POLL : Best UI for Desktop Application Ikari (36)
MS Money & MS Outlook UI in Delphi Ikari (4)
A warning sign if I ever saw one Steve Hirsch (27)
XSD - Mutually Exclusive Attributes James (7)
Finding great developers? Might not always be your best intrest. Marcel Sorger (22)
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how oops are implemented in java Donipari Naresh (21)
US DST change Marjhan (22)
Python or Ruby? What should a Java Programmer learn? JavaProgrammer (19)
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Being able to build PHP...? G Jones (11)
Cell Phone + MP3 player ... Tom Jedrzejewicz (4)
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Even bigger iPod news Paranoid Android (26)
how do you avoid burning bridge? . (9)
Who uses Python? No, really! MustLoveCoding (28)
The real question for LG Fusic Phone/MP3-Player/Video-Player... Crimson (10)
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Grade Inflation Advantages modern day college student (16)
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EditPad Pro? Ryan Smyth (32)
over-engineering Simpleton (30)
Are there any security or design flaws with this design? LosGatos (9)
Is my hard disk screwed? Jack Hawkins (30)
Advanced Java Training courses in London David Shorten (1)
SQL server 2005 with .NET 1.1? Anon for this (4)
Data Structures in Objects Uneasy with Objects (7)
upgrading gcc in SFU 3.5 nathan (0)
Text editors - positive comparison? Peter (37)
Querying tempest (6)
(OT) New York Hotel Advice IanH. (25)
Print new files in folder Martin (7)
How would you deal with this? jingalala jingalala ™ (25)
Tips for choosing a laptop Hugh (14)
Project Mangement Doron (2)
Java Interface for Prolog Viswasundar (1)
MS programmer leaving for RoR-Land. Interesting take on MS... Crimson (17)
Joel, BASIC, Lisp and Java Rick Tang (13)
Industry buzzwords and acronyms tia4tla (4)
Any one from Kuala Lampur here? coder (11)
Linux Desktop -- The Future is Now? Herbert Sitz (42)
Working from multiple machines Vince (15)
kottke job board lenny (10)
Aeron designer obituary Mark Ransom (8)
Recommended Books on InfoPath? Rod (5)
Moving data to a reporting database Craig (9)
Let's cut to the chase about this job "bored" Jonathan (23)
Customization fee to charge. Steve Chan (7)
Why micro-ISV? Rick Tang (5)
Proposing software projects for clients Shawn Berg (9)
Large project best practices Jeff (17)
OT: Tips for choosing a laptop? Roark Fan (16)
5 Easy Ways to be a Better Developer (33)
What is "logical vs. physical" Noob-y (12)
Armadillo software protection - problems Hexen (6)
ASP 3.0 Beginner Question Beginning ASP 3.0 (7)
Monitoring disk usage on Windows 9x Can't figure out why my drives are shrinking (4)
OK. Who's NOT afraid of Open Source? farmboy (47)
how do you profit from Opensource? . (28)
Waking up early to improve productivity Need to get up early (37)
Am I wierd?: processing window-sizing in WM_ERASEBKGND webby (5)
Language Dilemma LookingForwordToTheChallenge (5)
Mastering Windows Application Development Timothy (12)
If I was an ISV I would be afraid of the OSS movement One Programmer's Opinion (10)
Interview questions to the employer joung-loung (3)
Query Building Pls! tempest (7)
Joel is a genius Brazilian Programmer (9)
Task for intern - google map the job forum site Bot Berlin (5)
Avoiding spam: using JS mailto? spmr (8)
organizing your workspace nathan (5)
C++ code browser Funny Bünny (8)
I want to make a simple Windows game Noob-y (20)
Examples of great software product websites samh (6)
Open Source movement inevitability question Matt Lavallee (83)
Management matters, an anecdote not normally anonymous (10)
gcc giving fits nathan (14)
HTML e-mail: Table-based layout or css I have the hat to this day. I have the hat. (8)
Would you work at this company? MathiasDG (32)
Recommended blogs/books? David House (9)
Should I wait for Vista? Franklin (27)
Migrate Access Reports to SQL Server Reporting Services? joeCool (3)
Check for updates in desktop app Jim Jones (12)
What I hate about PHP and ASP .NET Dan (37)
Dumping sql server query to text file __monty__ (7)
How to become a "Recognized User"? Franklin (5)
Irony James (5)
anyone else have trouble writing tech documents for managers? nobody (18)
Intype inmate (2)
Oracle Content Manager Steve Hirsch (2)
Recommendations for file recovery software thinker (8)
XML (un)marshalling of existing objects in C++? Rich (7)
have to sign non-disclosure agreement to attend job interview Mr Wary (28)
Take that Java Haters son of parnas (24)
users with Java runtime jibby (4)
Mainframes Rick Tang (20)
Joel, what's your opinion on 1 man consultancy businesses now? J.B. (43)
Stupid customers The Customer Isn't Always Right (10)
Multi-core Slowdowns Frank de Groot (25)
Saying no to an after-hours company party . (78)
OT: Any laptops avaialable without Win pre-installed? David Aldridge (7)
Recruiters hunting you down at at work? will (26)
Writing Tenders Talib Kweli (5)
Is Java's reign really coming to an end? Today, I am Hall (22)
Book recomendations: management Anon for this one (5)
Excel, Railways, Lack of Training and a PHB (Rant) Claire Rand (9)
What are your favorite “Jump the Shark” moments in technology? Bill Rushmore (31)
Fun Silly Link Steve Hirsch (11)
Wanted - Scrabble Cheating Software Daniel (40)
Bookmooch uses AOLServer MonkeySpank (9)
Design challenge Laura (8)
Duplicated XML namespace attribute reboots windows! James (5)
Dumb Question: What is Web 2.0? Today, I am Hall (16)
patent issue rethohreth (5)
Volume Control PenangBoy (5)
Wasabi Failure & Success Ryan Smyth (2)
Premature Optimization Conor (11)
It took a while, but it finally sunk in sedwo (22)
Where would you go? sedwo (4)
this is the job ad posted on craigslist by my manger . (11)
Why Jump The Shark? Dino (2)
Happy Programmer's Day Bot Berlin (1)
In case anyone is perplexed by "Jumped the Shark" NPR (7)
Salespeople (Rant) Anonymous Coward (10)
Private conversations amongst developers Chris (9)
Wasabi vs. code generation. . . can someone clarify? Herbert Sitz (8)
I'm enjoying the so-called language wars... Crimson (12)
Anyone use Google or Yahoo's web toolkits? Crimson (5)
Am I the only one? S. Tanna (20)
Which platform for me -, PHP, ROR? Jim Jones (13)
Silly Joel simon (14)
Joel Test Score on Job Boards Noah (19)
Language Designer Request Line metamerist (5)
Can people outside US apply for jobs? Salman (13)
Freedont/Right to Information Act and Software. fault_in_gov_software (4)
Are you all mad? Alvin Rhodes (17)
Servers for a web startup marty (6)
How should I test support on a freeware business backup system? Jake2006 (3)
187 jobs = $65,450 in less than 2 weeks!!! Mac Rules! (12)
design question: which is better? Martin BX (3)
Wasabi ROI Philo (19)
A better "no Ruby on Rails" article Matt Lavallee (12)
Objective C and Duck Typing Ben Atkin (6)
Jobs geography ...and all that jazz. (8)
Has Joel "jumped the shark"? dood mcdoogle (36)
computer related movies vhina grace c de torres (13)
Noah, the Rock Star? Flow (4)
Ruby Performance: Alternate Hard And Soft Layers Peter Merel (16)
Dumb question: what is "duck typed?" Flow (17)
Doesnt school make more sense after working Bot Berlin (11)
Which is more pathetic? Mike S. (13)
[InterNIC] How to recover a domain name? TheFred (9)
How 37signals lies -- a rant on Latin-1, Unicode & Microsoft a Hack (9)
Ruby and the Shootout Jesse Millikan (9)
Ruby Performance Revisited Umair (22)
A comment on the development of Ruby Martin B. (3)
Headphones are *bad*? Chris Nelson (19)
Recommedations for book on Network, Switches, Subnets LosGatos (10)
classic ASP on MSDN nathan (3)
Creating a sizing matrix Ed (4)
Threadsafe C# .net Brian (6)
Testing the interviewer (16)
Deploy a (Rails) web app: where??? Patrizio Rullo (8)
Simple, global UI improvement to Windows mindful learner (12)
how do you learn audio software programming? audio programmer wannabe (8)
curly quotes and...? Daniel Janus (1)
Is telecommute from offshore viable? Sonal Goyal (8)
Glass in a VM Matt Lavallee (7)
Joel Uses Antialiasing? Scott McMurray (36)
MacBook Pro crashing Mark Nelson (4)
OS X Antialiasing. Michael (4)
Should I use the Command pattern? Dale Lawrence (3)
Turn the tables on the Borgs jonathan (10)
What do you think of this person's business requirements? Flow (12)
Training Courses Larry Foulkrod (1)
Why are university database classes so bad? Ryan (23)
All the pictures? Matt Lavallee (5)
How to get a telecommuter started on an existing project? Josh (7)
Good CS Master program in a warm climate areas of the USA Mike from Michigan (20)
why c++ lemon obrien (28)
Best way to sync files from a Linux box to Windows Moosebumps (7)
MacBook Pro Crashing? Michael Sica (4)
Markup (Markdown) rant Gregg Tavares (17)
HTML Areas in a browser S. Tanna (8)
Mac crashing every two hours Nate Silva (22)
Where can I find this person? Peter Sherman (26)
convert different video format (avi,mpeg,mp4,etc) to flash Jacob Anderson (2)
IIS SMTP Server tweaking I forgot my posting name. (2)
prevent screen from freezing in VB6? Anon (5)
Large widescreen LCDs vs Two small LCD screens Dan (20)
Which VMWare? more is less (9)
IE not navigating GUI Junkie (3)
Does where you go to school matter? foobar (35)
Recommended books... Matthew (2)
Rockstarism and finding your name somewhere Matt Lavallee (13)
Dude, Did I Steal Your Job?Debugging Indian Computer Programmers smells like curry (23)
Question about XML "style".... Jimmy Jones (26)
Email/Domain name of your own name? (16)
Domain Name recommendations (8)
Recruiters are a waste of time for everyone Anna (15)
business analyst vs. systems analyst asdf (5)
I hate having an office! Martin (9)
Web-based SIP Dialer or Softphones? Anon for this (0)
Old Hard Drive, New Computer, Reformat Jordon (21)
What's the deal with the basic Dell Keyboards!?! GuyIncognito (20)
Kind of funny job ad MBJ (5)
Do grades matter to an experience professional? Ryan (16)
What Lisp implementation for Windows? (10)
Things learned at an early age J (12)
good developers start programming at early age? Prabhat (31)
What is fair compensation for programmers? Ryan (8)
Joel fisked royally Hank Landry (32)
Preferring Apple Ben Wint (4)
Looking for online programming/CS lectures Ryan (5)
Does IE 7 use the .net framework? (v1,1.1, or 2.0?) Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (10)
What I hate about technical candidates Ryan (22)
Developers are not interested in money? A Great Developer (16)
Bottom-up programming is how I program in Ruby Lostacular (3)
Detailed comparison of PHP frameworks Jeez (15)
Cheapest Black Ink/Toner of Mass-Market Printer? Peter Sherman (8)
Java Open Source Application Anindya Mozumdar (5)
Creating Great Developers Colin R. (16)
Job board - filter by location? Sam Livingston-Gray (2)
Why don't "rock stars" contract? The answer... Bored Bystander (34)
Would Joel get a job at Fog Creek? Ryan O'Neill (12)
Why do developers still earn good money? Serious Question (34)
When does this "warning sign" become a "let this person go" sign Davey Shaps (38)
Wall Street Programming Book Andrey Butov (3)
PHP5 On OpenSolaris? Anon for this (2)
Why am I not a rock star? Bob Todd (25)
A "Joelish" Test For Developers Dino (23)
Sex sells Merv (20)
Excellence in Job-Post Writing Impatient (4)
Vista in VMWare Richard G (13)
Highlights from resumes you've gotten? EuroGeek (22)
Changing standards Mike S (1)
Sorting Resumes: Objective and Fair? I disagree. Russell G (13)
How can I write a focused cover letter... Mike DeAngelo (8)
Implementations of this forum Forum user (2)
Direct Link to SICP David Marshall (2)
More postings on the new job board? Bill Rushmore (4)
Comment on the Field Guide. Peter Vanderwaart (3)
23 new job adverts in the last 24 hours = Steve McLeod (14)
Fogcreek Resume Sorting Suggestion Graham Thorpe (15)
Sorting Resumes, Today's Joel Post Travis Owens (3)
MacroMan Tom H (6)
Benchmark software nathan (0)
Function/Method Question Shane Harter (33)
Why scripting languages? Christopher Wells (22)
So no caching on JOS? Umair (3)
Thanks, intern Noah! Mitch Tenderson (7)
Re-learning Math Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
When employees are happy, you’re paying them too much Lostacular (16)
Excel, Access & Round GUI Junkie (3)
what's the difference between Sr. and lead developer? TripleDots (13)
An embarassment of riches Lance (3)
usage stats for large web sites Jason (3)
Ottawa, Canada Steve Hirsch (21)
Recruitment practices Marcus Carr (11)
Do you care about money? anonymous (34)
Sorting Jobs Christopher Wells (4)
Job board is already making good money! Dinesh (10)
Intern Noah still has some learning to do... Mike S (16)
Top developers, revisited Berislav Lopac (4)
Job board break down; Java, .NET, C++ Bot Berlin (19)
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Sun acquires JRuby project, brings developers in-house Lostacular (6)
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What's the desktop wallpaper in the "Field Guide" article? Jason Long (8)
Private offices vs. cubicles vs... Berislav Lopac (24)
Joel I <3 You Jeremiah (4)
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Jobs board policy on recruiters? Joel Spolsky (224)
Programming Contests? Jesse Millikan (5)
Err... what about the rest of us? green with youth and envy (20)
Database books/resources suggestions Warren Stevens, Looking for Icons? (2)
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Offices for programmers are a rarity in IBanks PL (6)
How do you treat the non-programmers? Marshall Wilensky (3)
Exit Interview Gray Abbott (11)
You forgot one thing, Joel: hours! Mmm (19)
Your computer, your manager's computer. Lance (9)
Baby Seals Rhonda Bell (6)
What's a VC? Think outside the box (9)
A Field Guide to Developers - Private Offices Travis Owens (30)
"Let the top recruits pick their own project" Paola Kathuria (2)
The Aeron and other nice chairs Phil (22)
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Should I learn lisp? Victor (11)
OO designer OO designer (5)
is doubling my salary possible as an employee? _ (9)
TCXP/IP Timeout Query LosGatos (1)
Jobs Board and Joel Tests RM (5)
NOBODY recommends their loser-brother-in-lawfor employment! hans gieskes (12)
I wish... hoser (1)
Two additions to the java language Bot Berlin (7)
I tried Carbonite, sorry I did Doofus (9)
Joel's Jobmeter Micha (9)
So why are you here? Bill Rushmore (32)
How to make interface to look like itunes in windows? guier (11)
There's something wrong with the debugger . (5)
Vista pricing is out. Yikes! anon (41)
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The Test for Greatness Dino (15)
Finding Great /.*/ Ed (3)
On Hiring through the CS department Scott (5)
How much brilliance does a business need? Dino (30)
Job Board - Why let them opt out of the Joel Test? Jeremiah (14)
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750 USD a WEEK! Drool... Java GUI Programmer (19)
A problem is many companies can offer them NOTHING! Ward (8)
Avoiding non-competes. Jason (9)
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Company that owned by a Family zzzzzzzz (14)
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Pain with Painless Schedules Gary (5)
Ruby is Slow? How about Java Shlomi Fish (32)
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Silicon Valley Last among Tech Hubs MBJ (10)
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FC contact details (0)
Is salary a dirty word on the jobs board markee (22)
"Public" CVS/Subversion server Capablanca (2)
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telecommuting on the job board? Lea de Groot (4)
Dragon book Rick Tang (19)
Great idea about the job board Anonymous due to the power of Google (7)
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jobs board Jason (14)
Turbo Delphi et al Ralphie Boy (13)
Dirty little secret of the laptop industry anon (12)
Wasabi... reminds me of... Anonymous Idiot (2)
On "Set Your Priorities" Anonymous Hero (9)
SharePoint. Microsoft what are you thinking?!! WildRodent (11)
Really mad JoS poster (28)
Representing Tetris pieces AMonster (21)
concurrent language, new compiler? (17)
What is the best localization tool? Jaeyoun Yi (0)
Handling lots of fields in input form? TheFred (10)
Online backups IanH. (3)
Wasabi drama encouraging me to re-consider career path (34)
Running VB6 EXE's from html link. (images not included) Bella (6)
Wasabi - Writing fun stuff Mr A. non (16)
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Hosted web forms Simon (6)
Tool for developing team. Give an advice Matt Polly (10)
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Proprietary languages Rick Tang (10)
Enterprisey SW - state of the art? Anonymous for the time being (2)
Hard disk temperature Bill (11)
Scott Capablanca (6)
When your business/career is on the line Steve Hirsch (56)
Wasabi is real Scott (8)
Bugzilla is written in Perl Seo Sanghyeon (10)
ColdFusion and Java - is this used in practical deployments LosGatos (3)
What is Joel good at? Mike S. (16)
Critique My Resume! (13)
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