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Solution for graphs and sheets on the web Mauricio Macedo (9 comments)
To do software Joe (26)
Wild Inteligence TechDeveloper (13)
python vs C++ programmer (19)
employee raiding lawsuits gee bee (37)
Are any of you using/designed Frameworks for .NET? Patrick (4)
handling blank input for optional parm in oracle query grover (8)
Stay Hungry Malnurished but fed (7)
Why I Hate Frameworks BenjiSmith (62)
What is with all the RoR spamming on this forum? sick of ROR spam (35)
(Repost)Anyone ever do anything that left them ethically quesy? Not Normally Anonymous (39)
Anyone do anything some slight ethical Not Normally Anonymous (8)
validating XML Moosebumps (10)
SQL Instances Vs. Flat File Databases CuriousCodeMonkey (10)
Hosting provider for VS2005?? data (5)
Tackling Web Service Versioning Green Eggs and Ham (3)
web services Eugene Anthony (4)
SQL Stored Procedures... Frustrated!Developer (8)
Auto-Generate Flow Charts from Source Code Myron A. Semack (6)
Chronic Procrastinator Seeking Advise anonymous this time (33)
C++ on steroids programmer (17)
Setting up "member sites": Any recommendations? XoR (2)
Does it really sucks to develop for the Pocket PC Strider (5)
ASP.NET v2.0 vs. Ruby (on rails) Chooser (11)
How Often Do You Switch DBMS? Former COBOL Programmer (15)
Hardware Eugene Anthony (5)
ruby and ruby on rails. nvictor (16)
Disadvantages of OO Databases Fritz Huber (44)
Unique Employment Opportunities Art Wilkins (1)
Win32, how to handle touchpad scrolling (1)
Good Books on Test Driven Development Quartex (2)
Geek Gear: Desk Recommendations? Not Bezos (0)
Automatic reboot Captain Clueless (15)
Should be simple: Send EOF via Windows anonymous pipe. Bob Riemersma (22)
Is MS Project Useful? Absconditus (14)
python to C++ converter (32)
Non Royalty Free Components smoochie (2)
Startup School gmale (6)
JDBC Eugene Anthony (4)
Hilarious Slashdot article...because it's true Ryan Phelps (30)
Annoying virtual PC problem (+solution!) William Rayer (2)
Prototyping Web App! Confused!!! (15)
Master of Software Engineering vs. MSCS Prospective Student (1)
... more utf8, forms, and  ... mysql ... (6)
Does the chair really matter? Chairman (21)
Best RSS software? Al (27)
Pulldown menus for web sites Daren Thomas (6)
explorer.exe ate 100% of CPU usage S.C. (8)
How to hide (default) encryption password? XoR (20)
Stupid Question: Testing app on different Windows OS AnonForThis (12)
IDE HDD unlock? hoser (1)
search providers Jason (4)
The business version of ITConversations? Jim Jones (0)
Win32, Unicode, BSTR, U+0000???? (1)
database help TechDeveloper (9)
foot rest dil.b.ert (15)
Buying an iBook Mostly Harmless (22)
Sound Recorder -- to make mp3's Liam (7)
Programming is a young man's game, so don’t stay too long John Fisher (44)
Why does MFC inspire attack? Anon (18)
Is The Ability To Hit High Notes Intrinsic or Situational? Evan Robinson (12)
Maintaining multiple products Frederik Slijkerman (9)
SQL - prefixes and autonumber David Turner (34)
Web Feed Library BrianFromStarbucks (3)
Helping an employee catch their bugs before check-in Josh (46)
Anybody have a tablet PC? marty (9)
Micro-ISV Tip #11: Joel Spolsky on Finding the Pain Bob Walsh (4)
Applying to work at Google Tom Jones (6)
High Notes Again Dino (21)
Are memory requirements being artificially inflated? matt (18)
Programmer-friendly companies in NYC? Dan Walters (5)
Water Cooling Dave B. (12)
coding issues coder2developer (13)
Colors and VB 6 frankr (4)
Oh, so FireFox has vulnerabilities too? Gasp! What Comes Around (27)
Limited Language Experience MSHack (17)
windows password recovery mkumaravel (4)
XML Eugene Anthony (22)
utf8 in forms revert my buffer (10)
Stupid Question but I Have no Mac I aint spending $500+ to find out the answer! (10)
versioned backup Moosebumps (4)
Any suggestions for .Net UI components? Infragistics? Harry Nath (16)
Removing comments from JavaScript code Pythonic (6)
Genie Effect (OS X) on Windows? Thanks in Advance. (9)
Taking care of business and working overtime Christopher Wells (19)
Are You A Lifer? Brandon Doyle (11)
Crunch Time and "The Amazon Way" Brad (16)
High performance where Caching doesn't help? Vince (6)
I'm really considering buying a cubicle for home Carlos Castaneda (9)
Difference between 128MB & 256MB encryption? Ryan G (15)
Re: Slashdot's - Why Vista Had To Be Rebuilt From Scratch Don Gobin (9)
win32 API programming. nvictor (1)
Paranoid Programming? Peter Sherman (11)
Getting Multiple Job Offers... Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (8)
"Peaking too early"...thoughts on becoming a manager Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (11)
Apache Axis Eugene Anthony (3)
Future is read/write web, not just read-only web Berlin Brown (11)
After a very productive day, I can't be productive the next day Michael (5)
.NET LINQ: neato, harmful, both? Anoynmous Coward (6)
Any data mining experts here?? data (6)
Does pushing out buggy, unfinished software really work? AmIJustOldFashioned (21)
Mailing list OR forum? amol (7)
Using std:: ? nebile (25)
Tabbed ssh client (like iTerm) for Windows? ssh'er (3)
Benefits of MS SQL Eugene Anthony (22)
Is the grass really greener? Not sure if my boss reads these forums (15)
Security Practices for Allow/Deny Scheme... thanks (13)
Architectural question. memory model vs database model rural guy (24)
Windows application framework Anon (5)
Revelation & OpenInsight DB Mongo (5)
Software feature request - Find Hit Highlights Dennis Forbes (7)
IM via proxy / firewall -- what other options? Liam (8)
Automated crash reporting Andy Brice (9)
Architecture Methods, Final Take Thomas Drakengren (9)
Specification for Web development (from Project Aardvark Spec) Getting the obvious things (1)
Java DAO implementations Ogami Itto (9)
Telecommuting revelation Joel Goodwin (16)
Ratio of coding time to testing time Astarte (16)
Cisco 1700 router issue. Kevin (8)
Nine month lay off notice Gordon Schumway (39)
Microsoft's Empower ISV program... Rohit (8)
help with octane 8 eddie mayfield (7)
is this framework really not ok? novice (9)
Payroll question sharkfish (11)
Fork on Solaris/UNIX Hank (8)
Need help: trying to set up a team wiki within my group Alyosha` (7)
Microsoft Windows Enhancements Berlin Brown (13)
A good Windows history? Ryan (14)
translate? ig (12)
Anybody here tried being a one-man IT headhunter? Phil (15)
To refactor or not to refactor? Refactor? (2)
New Laptop advice Luis (14)
Crossplatform small database technologies The crotchet king (8)
Recommendations for a good OOP book w/C++? QADude (8)
Free 1-day Startup School for hackers: Oct 15, Boston Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV} (0)
'Engineer' in job titles David Kellam (37)
Network Traffic Generator Yehudah (2)
Graham's _Inequality and Risk_ Julian (41)
About Microsoft after the PDC Svejk (5)
LINQ Project Unlinq (9)
Problem With Crystal Reports and RTF Panagiotis Grontas (1)
pick a language novice (15)
Tech Support Engineers / IT Department... zigzag (8)
Security issues when posting from internet to localhost? Asbjorn (4)
Personal time management software? Michael (7)
Authorware And E-Learning Question. Brandon Doyle (0)
affording grad school wannabe student (6)
backup sharkfish (7)
Writing an interface sharkfish (2)
if I take a job at google, will they own my side project? (15)
Any of you read the Mini-Microsoft blog? Crimson (15)
PHP to Python Berislav Lopac (21)
PostgreSQL Sync Tool Berislav Lopac (6)
MSDN Virtual Labs Nathan (1)
Version Control & Builds BenjiSmith (1)
.NET windows service Josh in Jersey (7)
Small company to large organization? Erin Justice (13)
Selling version control to a reluctant coder comp.lang.c refugee (30)
Dumping Norton, looking for alternatives Steven A. Anderson (6)
Syncing Databases Cory Foy (7)
Informal Poll: How many of you have Tech Support Engineers? Patrick (5)
Arguing with Architecture Astronauts Thomas Drakengren (26)
Opera is now free of ads & free of charge... a cynic writes... (10)
Joels Unicode article: 6 bytes per code point in UTF-8????? Martin A. Boegelund (5)
Program for triggering command line applications Andy (11)
IE/Javascript leaks memory like hell... Almost H. Anonymous (22)
WinKey + Tab - Focus does not follow pointer Don Doty (0)
Mac OS X: Any Way To...? John Topley (11)
What drives me crazy about Delphi Dan (13)
Copy/Paste/Find-Replace Code...bad? Berlin Brown (6)
Interviewing at MS Bob Piper (11)
Integrated Windows Authentication Over the Internet Howard (3)
XHTML - whats the big deal? rural guy (24)
Color palettes Eponymous (4)
# of programs you have written TechDeveloper (8)
Idea Management tool Steff Kamush (13)
What is "GET /sumthin HTTP/1.0"? DP (5)
outlook express newsgroup messages not_restored (0)
Windows XP Explorer = Very slow with 500MB files? William Rayer (8)
What language to move forward Unsure C++/C#/VB6 moving forward (11)
How EDS deals with attempts at negotiation Know your enemy (2)
How many of you have programmed since your where kids? Someguy (35)
To Automate Things done Manually Scott (16)
Extreme programming for the rest. nvictor (11)
VB.NET Standard/MSDN Subscription professional purchase related. K (5)
Apple - first to use big flash cards in an MP3 player? Nick Wolfe (8)
3 Aardvark Spec Questions Joey Schmoey (7)
Data Store and Data Integrator Eugene Anthony (0)
Why GPAs cannot be trusted Stephen Hurn (67)
Code Complete Charlotte (17)
Most Successful Software for Windows not by MS? Kashif (23)
OpenLaszlo Andrew Murray (12)
Can I write win32 application by using C#? New Startuper (22)
Offer with a Start-up regularposter (7)
Multi-Monitor Notebook? NetFreak (10)
Is domain knowledge important for a developer? Darren (17)
Moving to R&D eventually? Vince (4)
omniture catalyst (web analytic tool) Benji Richards (1)
Idiomatic Differences in Programming Languages BenjiSmith (59)
[Yahoo Messenger 7] Wrong font Fred (2)
understanding windows kernel nvictor (5)
GANTT Chart Components for .NET ShyK (1)
Is this a combination and/or permutation problem? Dave B. (16)
Sell me a Microeconomics book Matt Brown (8)
Cisco Router Knowledge Yehudah (4)
Tips for organizing equipment, wires, parts. Mine. Yours? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV} (14)
Wierd: other sites quoting text from my home page Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV} (4)
Best pay-as-you-go cellphone services matt (14)
C++ refresher materials? Moving On (7)
Is the future bleak for average C++ engineers? (23)
PDC must be over SOS (4)
Microsoft Touts Cross-Platform Development with WPF/E and Atlas. Jeff D. (5)
web services Eugene Anthony (5)
PDC High notes Just me (Sir to you) (0)
Folder synchronization of blob data Colm O'Connor (9)
Check Website for unwanted spamminess Daren Thomas (10)
Getting things done when you are a grunt Iulian Benea (3)
Question for Joel. How do you deal with being a quasi-celebrity? Crimson (1)
c# 3.0 Anders Rocks! (16)
Beta testers for "team walkie talkie" software? Michael Johnson (4)
Product idea: virtual white board that works thru firewall. Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwarp ISV} (4)
Unix/OS X  fooling auth services Jesus H Christ (16)
Virtual Whiteboarding software? Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Thanks CoPilot!! Wayne Bloss (1)
Laptop Cooling Clay Whipkey (17)
Recommend a new monitor John (4)
In Networking terminology, what is a VIP? Hank (10)
Short-timers disease Ken (10)
Automate Test Checklist Patrick (6)
How do I make toolbar? son of parnas (7)
ASP.NET Book suggestions... Tom (8)
PHP for an ASP.NET Developer? += (10)
virus - I can't open chm files! nvictor (7)
Real-time UI update in C#/.NET new2.Net (4)
Lines of code in your project? 22.5 cents (18)
Best unix utils for Windows? Moosebumps (23)
LoC counter for C++/Java? LoC Hunter (14)
Are things really this bad at Microsoft? reality (15)
Virus scanner based on "Enumerating Goodness"? XYZZY (13)
What's with all the online tests in the job market? Crimson (10)
Can I come home yet? David Marlowe (8)
Fat Server / Dumb Browser Model Phil C (1)
Ajax or Avalon? Impatient (28)
Tasked to optimize... Normally!Anon (5)
alter blob column in TSQL to null questions (1)
VB -> VB.Net Code Slave (1)
Language, the right tool David Seruyange (7)
Hosted subversion anyone? (12)
JavaScript Anyone? Nonymous (20)
Advice needed: Characters and bytes in DB2 Martin A. Boegelund (6)
Microsoft Office 12 (new eye candy) Nick Hebb (40)
Secret to Skype's Success? Why (11)
Thank you Python Jonathan Ellis (11)
Sample Work Yaakov (7)
Do Java Developers live without Dump dataDumper Please (17)
Thank you Java Berlin Brown (24)
Need help finding great developers hk (13)
Question on HTML Automatic Redirect Thumper (7)
Business names Jon (5)
Ultraedit replacement for Mac Paolo Marino (9)
Swan Song? quite.anonymous (26)
Could Skype have done it without Delphi? Liam (11)
intelligent backup to mounted drive on XP? Clay Whipkey (9)
AMD Anyone? To AMD to not to AMD: That is the question (18)
Five Worlds Mike Schiraldi (5)
Challenging SQL SELECT, need assistance Squealing over SQL (9)
Reconciling XP with BDUF, again Hanno Hinsch (14)
bitmask for tri-state values Jason (14)
Not defined as a webservice, subversion? Berlin Brown (14)
No keyboard at boot Nathan (13)
C++ Question BenjiSmith (14)
Any experience w/ SWreg, Shareit, Mr. Analogy {uISV} (9)
Carrying it all - gadgetry for the blue jeans crowd. jthurman (47)
Is contribution to OSS attractive to employers? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (23)
looking for an example search UI Jason (9)
Java and Web services Web services newb (3)
Adding a new grad in a startup environment questions (7)
My Kingdom For A Door Just me (Sir to you) (50)
frustrated out of college, wanna be project manager arssa2020 (39)
Microsoft PDC Gary Russo (0)
The Endless Ranks of Wannabe Photographers Dennis Forbes (10)
I hate .NET and J2EE Sick and tired of .NEt (18)
Choosing a developement environment eg (32)
Thinking of starting out on own: UK business angels and devs req ThirtySomethingSoftDev (11)
Starting on test-driven development Bankstrong (12)
Genius or Idiocy at work here dora (17)
IT Wargames Paolo Marino (9)
.name third level domain name and email forwarding address Pythonic (4)
Combining Home Net Connections? Just want reliable Internet! (7)
Google talk structure jabman (5)
The project I was in is about to go to hell. Time to leave? Cortez (22)
Javascript Blacklist extension for Firefox? js ad hater (5)
Using Jabber jabman (2)
Is REALbasic suitable for MicroISV development Matt Breckon (8)
Backup strategy - whaddya think? Frightened by lack of backup. (6)
testing components novice (8)
Need to replicate files between distant web servers Jama Bama (6)
Ease of use of C++ Simon@AutoUpdate+ (23)
Advertising a dev. tool Simon@AutoUpdate+ (2)
Access .ADP's - good for nothing? pds (4)
Entering a death march JumpingHeadFirst (23)
Chasing UNIX slava (13)
Unix Question - Setting Path Thumper (7)
changing an Access app to use SQL Server backend Clay Whipkey (17)
Interview Questions in General Mark Flory (12)
Open University MT Heart (2)
Lots of interesting AJAX links Ajaxian (16)
Job search software Joel Coehoorn (3)
C# / SQL server interview questions? redeye (8)
Configuration Management Machine Yehudah (2)
Totally Unscientific Cowboy Coding Survey Robby Slaughter (25)
What's so bad about Java? Just learning Java (58)
Wow does brainbench suck... Crimson (4)
Brave guy sharkfish (8)
Toilet Technology Improving life where no-one else will (21)
Getting reliable career and resume mentoring Mid career duffer (3)
The biggest WTF. JD (20)
JDA vs JDE software - similarities Donna Scott (5) Web.configs for different environments. frustrated... (5)
Are UML tools useful? Svejk (27)
Job hunting: techniques and methods Michael (11)
UN-Normal Web Hosting Hostee Seeking Hoster (19)
Lag time between job posting and start of interviews possibly maybe (17)
BS the interview? Richard Caetano (22)
Enterprise wide document management. dotnet (11)
Localization suggestions for web/ivr application developers Wayne Bloss (4)
Working from home Telecommuter (5)
Extracting tabular data from pdf files??? (10)
Code reuse, and the false perception of software assets Dennis Forbes (48)
Competing in programming competitions: sign of High Noter? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (8)
What skills for QA? Need Testers (8)
MySql and PostgreSQL Performance versus SQLite ? Overdesigning The Post-It Note (16)
Design a computerscience curriculm, how would you(junior/senior) Berlin Brown (24)
Business Requirements, Development & QA... G (5)
html man podog (14)
I love PVCS Erik Springelkamp (14)
Stolen from Slashdot.  How much do programmers make? Not Normally Anonymous (85)
Server Side Language Availability Stats Andrew Cherry (10)
Your Server team LOST your shared network G:\ ... Consequence? Bella (29)
Email Support Source Code... Lemon Obrien III (4)
Help!  I hate creating documentation! SteveT (15)
Wgat was your first computer? Donald Adams (50)
Registration  Application TechDeveloper (2)
PDF Merging PDF Developer (6)
The Good  Old 8 Bits Days Mr NMI the CycleBurner (23)
Blogger HTML Editor Rob Schlaff (11)
How not getting good development machines cost millions Berlin Brown (34)
Automated Management Information Considered Harmful Ged Byrne (16)
CVs in PDF format? Agency insists on Word... redeye (6)
Cleartype + dual monitors Matt (2)
Agile Subcontracting Michael Johnson (5)
hard-disk recovery Pusing (15)
Help test my hypothesis Dave B. (26)
interview questions LarryL (26)
Another hiring question Festung (16)
Two Kinds of Leaky Abstractions! Thomas Drakengren (10)
Good book for SSL? Ravi Chhabra (2)
Counterintuitive: Using Older Software Development Environments Peter Sherman (14)
A great email client with DB engine Olivier B (19)
Search engines: What % of traffic on your site from each? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (4)
So long and thanks for all the Phish! Nick Hebb (7)
Delphi 2005 questions Delphi Newbie (9)
Taking a job with the intention to leave Anonymous (35)
Why do all the "elite" programmers use emacs and/or vi? BILLY (58)
Agile SCM With MS Visual Source(not so)Safe? Former COBOL Programmer (8)
I am seeking a cool place to work for... The Closed Loop (18)
I glimpsed the future, and 64-bit is a pain Ryan Phelps (19)
Timeout issues Yoey (6)
Developer Feedback Ben Atkin (13)
My critique of "Hitting the High Notes" Shlomi Fish (20)
Opportunities as a result of Hurricane Katrina Dennis Forbes (24)
web services Eugene Anthony (9)
Advice on version control and deployment JohnE (10)
Resource reorganization Chad Hetlet (0)
Multilingual Website Charlie Farley (10)
jobs for college graduates jobless grad (30)
Longhorn beta Harry McBaine (12)
How do you manage dependencies? JW (4)
abstraction, not getting the real meaning. vic (14)
Server Capacity Geert-Jan Thomas (5)
Non standard look of a windows application Jurgen (12)
Early burnout advice Anon to protect the perplexed (19)
I don't normally do this... Bob Walsh (14)
MSFT: good investment? To buy or not to buy (25)
Boring resumes - boring people Bill Carlson (46) enterprise apps kirk (6)
So...where are all these qualified developers? Anon To Protect The Guilty (105)
Visual Foxpro - anyone use it anymore? Mr. Beefeater (5)
Salary advice needed for a position located in Montreal. françois (16)
Degree in Medical Informatics seeker.. (5)
What's the future of Excel programming languages? excel# (4)
Peculiar "C Test" Question...that I failed Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (109)
Google Desktop Search KR (3)
Hiring Question II Sid (10)
Things all good programmers should know. SeekerOfGoodness (29)
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