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More money == more work? Bad attitude (21)
Anyone use Java Studio Creator for a real project? michael sica (5)
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Joel's bit counting code with templates Alex (19)
Wikipedia's model proven wrong Ogami Itto (22)
WinXP is watching you Code Monkey (20)
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Good SWDevelopment conferences in NY? Matt H. (4)
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Web based mail Vs. POP/IMAP Ranjit (16)
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Joel and CMM Matt H. (30)
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Does anyone write command line software? Pythonic (17)
Microcontrollers Rob VH (6)
The Windows 49.7 days shutdown bug LAX (16)
On game development Cecilia Loureiro (13)
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Bug pattern analysis for a small organization DEBEDb (10)
"Requesting Something" Style Ricky (6)
How is the contract market in Toronto these days? Former TO software developer (0)
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Advice for a "damn good" entry-level developper Katryn Proulx (34)
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Reverse Migration: From Linux to Windows Reginald Denny (16)
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Good C++ book (reference + implementation) Undecided bookworm (13)
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Explaining my job to no-techies Code Slave (39)
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Coming up with a name for a software product? iCanCode (12)
New Interview With Joel Jim Jones (19)
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Comprehensive rules for calendar date, leap non-sense, etc. hoser (16)
SDET at Microsoft Modern Cowboy (6)
Observations from working help-desk... Daniel S (21)
Microsoft could have written old MacOS Berlin Brown (5)
Mixing Text and Images on web page input Jim (16)
SP2 questions Richard Thompson (14)
tech market in NYC ? ~ A (9)
ASP.NET-like Java Web Platform? Sassy (16)
world without windows robtwister (23)
Joel's right and Bill and Steve think so too. I know whereof I speak (18)
So give me the lowdown on .NET Mike Weller (12)
A sense of place Just me (Sir to you) (6)
Visual Studio.NET 2k3 Special Edition (fire and motion)? John Christensen (6)
Need help with setup for Mother... Jim-Bob (10)
Good recruiter in NYC area Bailin' (2)
Apprentice? drama (10)
What's the big freakin' deal? Caffeinated (52)
Why Macs are worse than PCs for the computer ignorant. Mr Jack (15)
Access is Denied Jack of all (4)
"I work for pride, not money" and other developer myths. showmethemoney (17)
Win2K - Hibernate - Systray Network Icon - Freeze - Irritant KayJay (3)
Microsoft's biggest threat as I see it. I know whereof I speak. (21)
Clone my laptop drive, software suggestions? Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea (7)
What do you do when... ProjectLead/Nobody (13)
USB KVM, sort of.  Does such a thing exist? Kevin (11)
free lunch Patrick (21)
IE is so over World of difference eh? (53)
Windows XP icons in Delphi Bravo (4)
Web app : very long form... how to manage ? Olivier B (13)
Mr Gates, Corporate America on line 1.  They sound pissed Falling Down (17)
Tracert/traceroute not completing FlipFlop (3)
code quality metrics Anon (24)
whats this called? blargle (30)
Bad Proof at the end of the Curious Incident of the Dog Roose (22)
Software implementation of Meyers' Effective C++ NNL (8)
Online Personal Information Manager robocop (8)
College coursework without degree on resume? Somebody (22)
IT Salaries Up Again Matthew Lock (16)
gupta team developer ; cross platform kolberoh (3)
Web Based Rich Clients? Ravi (11)
From PC to Mac Ogami Itto (21)
How to access XML Data Islands in Internet Explorer Pete (7)
120GB USB drive--format NTFS or FAT32? Rich (10)
Future deterrent to Avalon software? Scot (45)
Avalon gone in Longhorn? Karthik (8)
True Color 3D Icon Sets for Visio??? Ravi (8)
New laptop slower than (very old) desktop Lindy (39)
Joel in the news (20)
KDE user testing. Things don't look good. Mike (30)
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Sharpreader IwantToLearn (2)
Reporting bugs to Microsoft without Passport? Practical Geezer (3)
Implementing comprehensive logging Jerome (11)
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Stupid stupid stupid security screws Aussie Chick (13)
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Bad software design rant of the day Ian (7)
Developers and Executives Berlin Brown (9)
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Unicode support (ASP, SQL Server) Espen Antonsen (2)
Is Windows Forms Dead? Just me (Sir to you) (3)
Making Swing sing? (12)
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Antipatterns blake8086 (6)
Online report amalgamating... Nigel (2)
Help me, I need to keep off the computer! ICBW (31)
Internet Chatting at work David Tsang (18)
Relocation Information: Nashua/Manchester, NH Jeff Watkins (Optimistic Relocator) (10)
MinGQ, QT, and C++ iDontGetIt (8)
High Level Assembly language iDontGetIt (16)
Software Activation... 2gs (2 guy shop) (7)
Swing & Abstract Classes Ogami Itto (2)
Sub Contracting Firms MK (9)
Design-time vs. Execution-time (7)
Before something happens aartist (15)
Ethical Dilemna nathan (103)
Java Profiler Tool Avrom Finkelstein (6)
European access of web server Will (4)
Fight Club (and pointlessness of corporate app development) muppet (104)
Arrr, do as the Captain Says! david glenn (18)
Tools to find GDI Memory Leaks Funny Memory (6)
Open Source Security: Still a Myth Just me (Sir to you) (12)
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What is faxo? Chris Ormerod (3)
Paypal Donating poor student (9)
Network User Dirs Jack of all (8)
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Is it real microsoft ad? JD (11)
War of the WinXP icons MadMan (1)
Shareware Industry Poll Results - Interesting! Edward Livingston (5)
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Biztalk on Unix/Linux Just me (Sir to you) (5)
Bullying in the workplace who wants to know? (40)
Incrementalists versus Completionists (redux) Kalani (7)
Firefox 1.0 and the wider search bar Alex (mood: frustrated) (14)
Apprentice Extended Edition (spoilers) Scot (14)
Google adwords for this here site? muppet (21)
Capturing XML-RPC Messages FlipFlop (5)
class and package documentation should be in a wiki friend (7)
What's the best Win32 SSH client? Jeff (20)
Teaching a friend how to program (A PHP question) Wayne (22)
Online Paymet options for the Middle East Roger D. (1)
Building a Java framework from scratch Peter Hutchinson (14)
What happened with the stupid stupid stupid machine? Ian (1)
average bugs/LOC for a programmer? SR (9)
Met anyone who is a GOOD tester but would be a poor programmer? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (19)
Unit testing add-on? I suck at testing and it shows. (4)
What skills should a good Software Tester have? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (17)
Setting Path in Unix Not a Guru (7)
More on Joel on HR Beth C. (3)
follow-up on Joel's Top 5 reasons to (not) hire testers Patrick (10)
The Benefactor(Spoilers) Anon (5)
Convincing management to hire testerd Very anom (4)
The Apprentice (Spoilers) Matt H. (37)
Spam graph el (4)
What incentives work for you ? Sly McFly (33)
Getting over the inertia ! Hold on !! (1)
ESR's latest take Yet another anon (23)
GMail Invite Marketing Jack of all (15)
Just resigned Berlin Brown (27)
Action Pack -vs- Empower for ISVs Edward Livingston (5)
Object Relational Mapping FlipFlop (13)
ultra high-resolution video AMS (13)
Where's that internet archive?? SearchinAgain (4)
Threading Newbie (18)
Independent Contractors: How much for on-call time? phury (14)
Visual Fox Pro Don't be evil. (11)
Regular expressions, to chew on Brent (13)
Extra click = 1 day lost / lifetime George Illes (7)
Worst manager experiences Fothy (38)
Perl vs C's mmap() for large file reads Spoonful (19)
The Magic Number in Brett's new full-text search chunk (8)
business reporting decrystalized (6)
The "laid back" IT industry anon (31)
Domain name database Dennis Forbes (6)
Layoffs = you carrying more load David Tsang (29)
Stopping Disruptive Users From Being Disruptive? Gabe the Programmer (27)
designing for the color blind Jason (17)
Axioms of Truth Capn' Kirk (31)
Standing up to a VP? . (14)
Processor Design Alex (13)
Regex: Good Idea, Stupid Implementation Caffeinated (47)
In defense of Windows Forms Bill Carlson (9)
Suppressing Yahoo Messenger at startup Kechi (8)
Paul Graham's Bayesian filtering Caffeinated (4)
SQL Server Full Text Indexing A.M. (6)
Automatic Crash Reporting J. Random Hacker (11)
Eclipse/SWT is Windows only? Monad (9)
TUT: C++ Unit Test Framework Damien (4)
Does Microsoft publish C runtime source? J. Random Hacker (15)
Search for the Emperor's New Clothes Nemesis (8)
hashing macros i like i (7)
"Brett's new full-text search feature" Jean-Etienne Durand (9)
Windows 2000 to XP migration Michael Koziarski (7)
*sad* New forums don't render as nicely on cellphone... Almost Anonymous (18)
geoscience/production computation - good career path? Max (2)
VC++ __FUNCTION__ macro? hoser (2)
Is working from home more effecient? David Tsang (21)
Incrementalists & Completionists hoser (4)
my workspace design experience David Mitchell (6)
Cruel irony: Backup software ate my hard drive! Tim Lara (13)
UI to Domain binding RP (3)
Regex madness! Reginald Denny (42)
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What's the difference between J2SE,and J2EE InZeBemi (3)
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Offshoring Believe it or not. (18)
Mac OS X "Panther" a viable alternative? P. Ansari (21)
Programmatically determine what's on a TCP port Capn' Kirk (5)
Search Christopher Wells (14)
2 Gmail invites available Kent (44)
How an American begins to lead Chinese Engineers redguardtoo (26)
What to do when the BSA cops come knocking? Pat (21)
Firefox PR 1.0 Ogami Itto (17)
How to properly set up a WiFi Router Lindy (10)
working on 3 tiers together Anon (11)
Developers who work at home, what sort of rig have you got? muppet (42)
Working at an NY investment bank babs (15)
In Memoriam Gary van der Merwe (72)
CR-LF issues anyone? Needs Enlightenment (14)
Flash/Flex apps as Rich Internet Applications Abdul Qabiz (5)
This forum software is NOT a match for a support forum Gregg Tavares (8)
Office Furniture Jason (8)
Stupid stupid stupid machine Aussie Chick (43)
AD Hoc wi-fi networks on corporate LANs (4)
Another windows question hoser (7)
How much do you REALLY work? Bud Lite (15)
laptop LCD screen - horizontal lines Prakash S (5)
GMail, Firefox, and Tabbrowser Extensions Ryan Phelps (4)
Revolution Runtime anon (19)
RSS Creation Software Edward Livingston (4)
USB Pen Drive Failure Lindy (6)
Why does my browser use my Gmail instance... IE Flunky (13)
Project Plannning vs Random Number Generator KC (18)
WS_FTP Help. SW (4)
What can we do to differentiate ourselves? iDontGetIt (18)
Any good books on ActionScript v1 or v2 ? Franck (4)
Hosted Bug Tracking Lindy (8)
Clustering on Windows nathan (9)
Is there software that does this and what is it called name withheld out of cowardice (15)
Socratic Method anon this time (16)
GPRS Coverage in Europe Apex (9)
How to learn a new language . . . (it's not what you think) Chas Emerick (28)
Visual C++.NET slow with many projects J. Random Hacker (4)
What's your daily browsing ritual? Alex (17)
Real Basic na (8)
The Apprentice (Saturday Edition) Brad Wilson (11)
a beautiful mind psychotic (17)
RSS on JoS - Destroying the experience Christopher Sean McEvoy (17)
Experience of Buying Air Ticket - Bad Service FlipFlop (17)
Working full time + distance learning + starting an ISV NOP (Non Ordinary Programmer) (7)
Looking for a Good Web-Forum Implementation Shlomi Fish (6)
Mourning M (59)
linux in a company wanderlust (19)
How can i prevent computer device changes. Ahmad Kusairi (3)
Linux for cheap workstations Martin (17)
Linux/Windows games and languages Paulie (5)
How do you keep WORKSTATION and LAPTON in sync? Javier Jarava (11)
How are the files organised in the Ipod mini?? InZeBemi (3)
My gift to you:  Cataloged all of Bella's old posts Bella (20)
Query when analyzing with TCPDUMP or SNOOP? FlipFlop (4)
Truck driver or carpenter me (9)
Hey Joel - Thanks for the RSS feeds --Josh (3)
Why programmers get little respect (or chicks)? Cal Varnson (41)
Which is better code? C_Quest (24)
Can They Do This? John Topley (34)
Is it possible to Ping to a certain port? FlipFlop (15)
Rich User Interface In A Browser Alexander Chalucov (4)
How to Leave Mount Fuji Alone . (7)
Minor forum usability improvement Just me (Sir to you) (6)
Yet another stupid Win32 dev question from hoser (6)
Any good screensavers without spyware? Nemo (6)
poll: software from scratch or maintenance? Patrick (13)
a bug on Hotmail? Victor NOAGBODJI (5)
Luring visitors falsely to earn money via Google Adsense FlipFlop (2)
Fixing broken accelerator keys w/o source code? Egor (2)
The Apprentice (spoilers) Scot (21)
More stupid questions from hoser (3)
Question on anti-aliasing anon (9)
Subsystems versus Emulation Layers Nathan (6)
Ghost backup logistics question Bella (12)
How many hours of sleep do you need tired (44)
The slow death of C++ A C++ man (38)
Borland C++ to C# Ronaldo 9 (4)
Why is the old forum shrinking? Chris Tavares (4)
Expensing Business Trips Sandy (8)
Resuscitating someone else's Installshield project Bored Bystander (8)
CVS questions hoser (12)
Longhorn is not Shorthorn, says MS Karthik (13)
Is Overture worth it? (v2) Monad (2)
Free training to 40,000 Chinese programmers? iDontGetIt (70)
Why your code sucks. One-time poster! (19)
meeting with a whole lotta people BlankMan (6)
Creating a slipstreamed XPSP2 CD Just me (Sir to you) (1)
Sent in your GLAT yet? argon (9)
C++ Unit Testing Damien (8)
How do "marketed technologies" work? Egor (10)
Meet Joe Bloggs bloggs fan (7) leads to Fogbugz Anonymous (17)
How do your companines handle patching EAR/WAR files Curious (2)
Free-as-in-speech P2P recommendations? sadly anonymous (10)
Presenting Consultantware to BigCorp Peter Monsson (3)
Playing hookey Don Hartley (7)
How to deploy non MSI executables to the enterprise? Reginald Denny (6)
Joel's request on improvements for webd evelopers Nick (7)
Forum for books Ogami Itto (9)
bring a lunch vs. buy a lunch cheap guy (20)
EMBARASSING moments in the workplace donald (20)
Which university is the best? graduate (44)
When is it time to fire? new guy (30)
Time tracking new guy (13)
Tools for Logic aartist (1)
Annoying Coworker? HK wing man (5)
Seapine Software Bored Bystander (4)
RSS teething troubles Just me (Sir to you) (6)
Password archives... Code Slave (10)
Why is John Carmack worshipped? Joe Grossberg (25)
Lightweight RSS Reader Simon (11)
Has AGE anything to do with willingness to GROW and LEARN!? Age & Maturity (8)
Null Java Strings null in database SR (16)
Google Nemesis (3)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time 2.5 cents (10)
Machiavelli Just me (Sir to you) (11)
Issue tracking software Lewis Lin (14)
Celeron-m v/s Mobile Celeron Sudipto Rakshit (6)
Strategy for distribution of Windows XP SP2 via Automatic Update Am I bovvered? (5)
I don't like Eric's attitude towards shareware Maniac Max (14)
The Age of the Essay Tayssir John Gabbour (18)
How hard would it be... Aussie Chick (13)
ot hybrid cars LT (16)
Ugh! Tables and Fixed Widths. :( Brad Wilson (9)
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Killer App = Killer Appliance? jdm (15)
Recommendations for document management system? Not Happy (12)
Functional specs? Franck from Quebec (5)
workspace environments Patrick (27)
Bootstrapping a forum Just me (Sir to you) (5)
Joel quotes muppet. Ogami Itto (6)
The new interface Victor NOAGBODJI (9)
The $122 Formula (6)
Crystal Reports for .NET new_one (2)
The real reason cellphone mail is popular Gregg Tavares (33)
Competition FlipFlop (2)
Press Releases for the MicroISV? WWJCD (1)
Smoke? Flame? trollop (30)
Is Virtual PC available for free to MSDN Universal subscribers? VMware or Virtual PC? (7)
SQL query -- Can anyone help? Aussie Chick (12)
Napster's UI was better than any of its successors J. D. Trollinger (9)
Work space quality references GC (17)
How does google correct your spelling? fourth place (17)
Excel,Ms-Access,Oracle trap Berlin Brown (7)
Unix Utilities on Windows (14)
Joel on Software Bill Cole (3)
Anybody used ExpressionEngine? CMS user (1)
Subversion versus CVS FlipFlop (8)
Easter Eggs Ogami Itto (9)
Do most people post here while at work? Eric the Half-A-Banana (10)
CSV "Official" File Specification David Seruyange (11)
No longer looking down the wrong end of the telescope. Simon Lucy (0)
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How to search in this forum? (7)
Learning C++ Gary van der Merwe (20)
"MS Cumulative Patch" viruses - how many people install these? Bored Bystander (2)
Wget for uploads Ogami Itto (6)
How does the Google spider work? Kechi (3)
The Final Rip Off Christopher Sean McEvoy (24)
Foodstuffs Fooey (25)
Mediums Yoey (17)
Finding out the priority of a process in Unix Loyal Chow (4)
FTP Upload (File Name) ZooLook (15)
CSS - border across a table row Phibian (6)
test ascii character set ascii again I'll tell you the same (7)
Forcing font? Fred (0)
What's your google adword daily budget redguardtoo (8)
What is it in the MS Windows world? KayJay (13)
Search for Machiavelli? trollop (12)
Primary key names: ENTITY_ID vs. just ENTITY Egor (8)
Maybe I am an id10t... zumbas (1)
The new - Why remove a feature in an upgrade? KayJay (7)
Blocker for preventing xp sp2 Mike (0)
Cross-posting . (3)
Cross-platform browser extensions? Chas Emerick (3)
What will Chris (usabilitymustdie) McEvoy do now? Christopher Sean McEvoy (12)
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Gilmor Girls Lorelai's obnoxious mom (35)
Shrinkage measurement/detective work in Retail management Li-fan Chen (9)
Time saver: A Where Was I(TM) feature? Li-fan Chen (5)
You know the world has gone mad when... A semi-regular (23)
Contract Rates? Non-Aussie Chick (11)
Managability of symmetric ciphers Li-fan Chen (4)
Prediction Lou Franco (4)
.NET questions link bug (2)
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CityDesk Forum John Topley (1)
Yuppies Live from Madison Square Garden (13)
Is this fine or sex discrimination! A liberal person.... (22)
Critical thinking Ogami Itto (1)
I hate this Bored Bystander (15)
Self-referentiality Yet Another Avatar of the Same Pompous Jerk (4) (15)
Regarding authentication/signing of one time pads Li-fan Chen (8)
You call this an upgrade? Almost Anonymous (15)
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What a world Cecilia Loureiro (51)
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