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Using Professional Development Money nathan (21)
Shell Scripting Book? Shell Scripting Guru Wantabe (10)
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Is PHP(LAMP) Enterprise ready? . (28)
Financial Analysis for Contractors Less Work These Days (5) blow . (9)
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UI design: critique my modeless input validation control Joske Vermeulen (10)
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DVCS system with Explorer integration? bmm6o (7)
China No Longer Cheap JobSeeker (32)
Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven? Al Z. Bub (28)
have you heard of this grad program? em ess cee ess (15)
Pay more if you like Vee (8)
Am I wasting my time with college OffTrack (37)
Components and connectors Bernd (5)
origin of JavaScript Object literal syntax Moosebumps (10)
Have you ever left software or computer engineering? PowerOn (16)
SQL Injection Prevention w/o Stored Proc NewSQLDeveloper (44)
How To Make Money In Software Ezani (54)
Senior java developer - salary range Anon (4)
Bad working conditions trapped at the entry level (55)
How important is it to be passionate about what you do? anon for this (14)
How Valid are Online Tests for Interviews? JobSeeker (9)
Statistics for developers pi @ m (5)
Is an MSCIS degree worth it? ConfusedSoul (16)
Confused by where to start Dean McDonnell (24)
Portable air conditioner? Philo [MSFT] (28)
2D Physics Engine SJW (13)
Getting people to listen to you Newbie (22)
Effects of a DUI on a US Architect Career serte (16)
Programming languages tips/tricks/tutorials website Victor Noagbodji (7)
non-compete thrown out in California bug eyed (32)
python programming language and mac xcode Contractor (15)
My anti-spyware works too well Steve Hirsch (28) worm & changed dll mneumonic (10)
Checking webmail from public network tinfoil_hat (1)
MBA: is it Even Worth it Anymore? Don (14)
how do you figure out what you want to do when you grow up? thinking out loud (23)
PVCS Tracker connectivity question BT (5)
Manual Trading software for equities and futures? Hockey Player (0)
Comp Sci Graduates in UK most likely unemployed Anon (15)
MobileMe -- is this the same old architecture astronaut app? SM (7)
Enjoying your work MoffDub (23)
just wanna fix bugs! bug eyed (23)
Interviewing Manners! Mr. Smith (32)
RIP Aaron Reynolds John Topley (13)
How to become a better architect? Anon (13)
amazon interview? Anon (7)
webapps for the rest old_fart (21)
Where do old programmers go? _ (50)
Hiring decisions Bradley (20)
Software issue prevents california from adjusting wages Contractor (27)
I want to be a rockstar programmer!!! Rockstar Programmer Wanna-Be (52)
Preferred GUI tools for Win32 & Vista shrinkwrap? WannabeTycoon (22)
Starting to write user manual Radu094 (14)
Peeking inside TCP protocol Another Aging Athlete (12)
Should young programmer take govrt. job? young dot (21)
Working at Amazon, what is it like? Thinking about Amazon... (13)
HOWTO : Make parent folder inaccessible but child accessible JS (14)
Making a search engine similar to Google or Yahoo Anominis for this (37)
Usability Testing Software juanjo \o.o/ (0)
Image Management for Website Ama (12)
Comparing two SQL Queries mneumonic (40)
Salaries in Oil & Gas industry! Mr. Smith (15)
Mixing MFC with it safe? Jr. Enginerd (8)
Salary Negotiations Show me the money! (36)
IBM/Websphere equivalent to MSDN? Jeff L (6)
Editing html files. Tech/non-tech hand-off solution needed Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before (12)
Browser (ie?) for Web Applications Englishman (7)
Java-savvy college grads will be tomorrow’s pizza delivery man"? link provider ;) (12)
Shipping/Upgrading Ruby on Rails on a server No comment (5)
Getting Published (non-academic) xor (15)
Google Web Toolkit anony (3)
Bring laptop to interview? Necessarily Anonymous Job Hunter (38)
[Wanted] IT Leadership C. Hansen (48)
Google Maps UI update TravisO (7)
Debugging is art S.C. (9)
CMS, PHP, simple UI Victor Noagbodji (7)
Java programmer learning Win/MFC/C++ programming Jr. Enginerd (11)
jobs in data mining and marketing research anon for this one (10)
Masters Certificate in Project Management Rod (10)
Ethical Question (6)
What are My Chances? JobSeeker (14)
Not finacially viable Do I suck? (47)
Big Company New Grad NewGrad (18)
I want to go back to just coding C... Sickov Webdev (14)
Scary tales of indian outsourcing: curious creature (33)
What's new in Computer science? S.C. (34)
How to move from .NET development to business intelligence? Career switcher (10)
Hire a non-graduate? XYZZY (38)
W2 vs W2 hourly vs 1099 vs C2C anon (22)
"Golden Handcuffs" anon (21)
'Bar exam' for software developers ? yet-another-contractor (28)
Best util for counting lines of code Jimmy Jones (13)
Mapping system sources Michael (1)
Anyone use Servoy? X-Platformer (5)
Tired of working in the high tech industry anon for this (42)
Tool to remove erased files and personal information Anonymouse (7)
An Appalling Vista! dog breath (20)
Interview Information Web Sites Looking (1)
Instant Messanger at work Anon (25)
Plants for an indoor office D.W. (15)
CD on Hard Disk for Win XP CD Man (16)
Terminating Windows App after n minutes? MattR (12)
Trove's Java collections? Hockey Player (6)
Commercial Backup Solutions Ken Sharpe (7)
How can I capture the ESC key Zoid (11)
Choosing an outdated technology because of the pay Anonymouse (34)
MBA or MS in Management (w/ tech orientation) Techno Weenie moving up to Management (14)
When do you stop being junior? AnonForThisPost (27)
Don't interview Sr. SW Engineers like Newbies BS, MS, 15 years real world experience, and freaking good (56)
Yahoo Finance broken Mike (2)
I want to be on the same team with these guys! yacc (5)
CompE vs SoftE Joe Gries (33)
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