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cool utilities you use Contractor (35 comments)
Is jobs.joelonsoftware the only good job feed out there Bot (4)
What is the best way of reusing legacy VC6 MFC dll? Curious George (2)
Multiboot: Windows and Ubuntu Victor (11)
mysql import Dev (6)
Top 5 favorite software companies? Paranoid Android (31)
Moving across the pond HD2 (32)
"Fake" dialogs on web pages Entries of Confusion (25)
Working hard gets you nowhere? AnonForThis (46)
How unreasonable is this leave request? Workin for the Weekend (45)
How to not let code die? Bot (10)
TCP measurements and tuning Ted Graham (6)
Inspirational Network Diagrams anon (2)
Top three most Irritating software companies on earth? Anonymous (52)
XNA ecosystem XNA (4)
Which Will Die First...? Brice Richard (19)
Job Interview/Potential Job Offer...  Is this a good sign? Hoping (6)
Recruiter needs to know... NPR (24)
Staffing Firms and Job Stability newbie (7)
Developing your own open source license? (10)
Windows Explorer: Right-click->New... Victor (5)
Writable DVD for backups Brian Richter (15)
How difficult is this web page? Jerry Albright (15)
Progamming language choice and calibre of programmer Anindya Mozumdar (32)
Company asking about serious illnesses or disabilities job candidate (33)
pulling slackers in the team? Anon (9)
Product development companies in Sydney Madhu (8)
In the Beginning was the Command Line Christopher Wells (15)
Programmers who do NOT do CRUD Contractor (25)
Jobs in So Cal Haven't resigned yet (28)
Vista: The Good? Lally Singh (48)
How do you define programming "proficiency"? Naru Situ (18)
Have developer fatigue Bot (18)
How far to go with Ajax Bot (26)
Logging Josh in Jersey (13)
Fed up with software development sam (13)
Seeking advice for resume P.M. (10)
The military OracleDude (22)
Back from the Payroll brink AndrewR (22)
Stupid Programmer Tricks Bruce (64)
Some observations of the academic world around CS/SE: jread (17)
Decent text editor? NPR (45)
desktop app calling home coder (6)
Do uisvs typically dev their own site or use a website framework Mike (6)
How to offer host WSS 3.0 for a small number of clients? markuso (5)
Math Major About to Graduate?!? (21)
Rockstar Programmer Stories Mark Jerde (46)
Fog Creek World Tour Update Michael H. Pryor (4)
Blogger disabled my company blog something here (14)
What will you do when the software calls home? Glitch (23)
VBA - Did you know.... Brice Richard (23)
C# NUnit Development Resources Matt (12)
vb6 exe/ocx doesn't works in Vista Guillermo (15)
Microsoft Passport/Live Login (or Whatever) is Broken Broken By Design? (5)
What language should I learn? Roman Werpachowski (41)
Profiting from online ads (like Google adwords) Want to make $$$ (4)
Support engineer - am I "lower class"? won't program for a boss EVER again (20)
Salary negotiation NPR (31)
Similar question; how do you look for a job out of town? Bot (22)
Maintaining referential integrity: SP or Code DjaMaster (18)
Naming variables NPR (22)
Do Digg and Reddit signify a "dumbing down"of the world culture? Anon of course (15)
anyone have experience with scheduling software? Contractor (2)
Excellent article on why recruiters act the way they do frustrated (18)
Product Management Salaries Anonymous for this one (8)
Google Test Automation Videos Up ... Matthew Heusser (0)
Where google pack saved the downloads before the installation? TheUser (2)
How to protect your USB flash drive? Victor (13)
Marc Andreesen (Netscape founder dude) on hiring... Crimson (11)
study materials for the MCPD certification Developer (1)
Entry Level Salary Survey Anon for this (27)
Bouncing around in salary range. above average employee (15)
How many levels of recursion are OK? NPR (37)
Ext JS - Anyone used it in production? Entries of Confusion (8)
Need Excel help... Technical Writer (11)
Why are dev kits for special hardware so bad ? Anonymous - cos I still need support! (12)
Employer wants me to get MCSD certified, I want an MBA.... Developer (16)
Usability: Why not have an "Additional Contacts" in cellphones? Today, i got an idea (11)
You know what I want; Microsoft version of .NET for Linux/Unix Bot Berlin (36)
Speaking of Vista problems... Chris Nahr (19)
The debate shouldn't be about the office INTERFACE mindful (29)
Windows Vista is not ready as dev machine . (10)
Does programming all day every day make you a better developer? Bot Berlin (29)
Buying Software at Student Prices (thanks kids!) Silicon Chef (11)
project is starting to feel like a deathmarch frustrated dev (17)
Moving virtual machine to other PC clone (3)
When is an interview answer too good? Reginald Braithwaite (13)
MS Visual Studio on a Mac? Snorre (35)
Developer Community Javier Barrio (6)
the "buzzword versus years experience" people come to town DontPesterMeAgain (4)
Side Projects Job seeker (19)
Autodesk Empower ISV (?) Lorenzo Bolognini (4)
How to open the Office 2007 box... Bruce Schwartz (8)
Sun is changing ticker symbol to JAVA OneMist8k (4)
The Sky is Failing? (recession/housing market) What to do? I forgot my posting name. (47)
Concerned about excessive use of stored procedures Anonymous - rather not reveal company now (23)
Code-signing certificate Les Barlow (5)
Windows Vista OEM Pack RK (6)
Can the upcoming Housing crash affect IT? I'm worry (22)
Silverlight and iPhone sneak peak (3)
desktop apps is not dead...yet . (14)
wxWidgets and Qt Victor (11)
No dogfooding at Google for Google Apps (3)
Yay, got performance ratings today Slowly becoming poor (23)
when you want to graph your work? lemon obrien (5)
How to look for position when have one existing Bot (23)
SSIS--not bad at all! Steve Hirsch (14)
Recommendations for journal/timesheet software My colleagues might read this (12)
Prefixing .NET Class Names with "cls" No, Seriously (33)
"Polishing a Turd... Putting Lipstick on a Pig" jread (18)
Code check-in policies John (22)
Market for .net apps? Mr Anonymous (28)
logging debugger displaying internal state inside source code Michael Lyubomirskiy (4)
Word-to-PDF library Andrew Burton (12)
Executing Excel spreadsheet as part of a batch process? Dario Vasconcelos (13)
Evaluating online degree programs... The Ruby Warlock (14)
SQL Server 2008 I forgot my posting name. (9)
R.I.P. The Old New Thing John Topley (32)
The old architect making all of the decision Bot Berlin (24)
Youtube ads regular lurker (3)
how to find the distributor for software? (3)
Proposal: Shane's Law Entries of Confusion (7)
Web 2.0 = web app + 2 founders + 0 revenue Entries of Confusion (0)
Why bother with certifications and advanced degrees? A Developer (10)
Tool to search in log files francis (16)
New HP...Boot up Question CHEL (10)
OT: what chat client do you use ? Philippe (16)
Does experience in a small company counts? Soft Dev for a small company (10)
"senior" software engineer causing pain SR (22)
Disable 'F1" key javascript - not working in Firefox anon (23)
screen recording software that works well on vista QuestionMaker (2)
Multiple Degrees Entries of Confusion (16)
If you could go to any conference, which would it be? Rob (23)
Developer Certification MSHack (6)
Is project management training worth the cost? Troy (22)
What is the best degree to complement a degree in CS? Mike (36)
Pyramid selling: IT sector Another poster... (32)
In the world of Office 12 and UMPCs, how do you GTD? Li-fan Chen (4)
Gathering Customer data? anon for this (7)
Installing Lookout in Outlook 2007? Dennis Rathman (7)
Deploying SQL Server Databases David Seruyange (11)
MySQL question QuestionMaker (6)
Minimum feasible latency (part 2) Ted Graham (8)
Preposterous Demands for Personal Info Fernanda Stickpot (37)
Ubuntu Dan Denman (23)
Joel missing boat on Office 2007 Impatient (42)
Office 2007 packaging ... Microsoft want to be Apple Steve Moyer (29)
What's so wrong with Vista? Kip Robinson (69)
Reading databases via javascript JS (10)
Minimum feasible latency? Ted Graham (17)
Improving Upload Speed for My Web Application in LAN. Any Ideas? OrPro (Ordinary Programmer) (6)
What traits do you look for in an entry level person? Contractor (21)
SQL Formatter Potr Sreba (10)
Age discrimination in European IT sector? noob (22)
Code Converter Question Brice Richard (6)
Using grades to help justify employment Concerned interviewer (27)
How to locate a server and its port #? ZeFred (15)
Writing code templates in the CodeSmith IDE? Not anymore! Wayne2K (4)
Rails - Error on save Rails newbie (3)
Penalty for Mediocrity Robert Lerner (23)
Quick question - performance bonus for developers? The Ruby Warlock (19)
Remote Desktop Mike (10)
I've never worked in any big company. Do I miss anything? S.C. (27)
Waiting 90 days for medical insurance - (23)
Tree Structure in RDBMS Shane (9)
Back to the high rates discussion (31)
Specializing in GIS mbugua (6)
Only 10 spots left in Austin for World Tour Michael H. Pryor (2)
Recursion in XSLT Maverick (7)
Does anyone know what a database transaction is? Contractor (25)
XSLT Recursion Ryan Lute (1)
Data Structures class is making me feel like an idiot: jread (31)
Linking to Google Maps (is that legit?) Tom (4)
Is LinkedIn worth it? OneMist8k (16)
open letter to venture capitalists - make a new Google, please! BruisedInternetVendor (18)
PHP debug class MdP (1)
Epsilon Award Nomination until Sept 4 - Reminder David Boventer (7)
Preventing multiple logons in SQL Server Reporting Guardian of Logon Kingdom (1)
Recommendations for accesslog parsing/graphing Moosebumps (2)
Free SMS-like tool Duff (8)
Grep Gurus - Pls help me out anon (57)
Images in UI prototype. Mocker (9)
SQL question 0_0 (7)
Moving to our own server Business is Good! (6)
Code so bad it made you a little nausea Bot Berlin (47)
Linux distro for Java development VR (17)
certification is a money making scam... Doug (29)
Code generation: importance of code structure qwerty (10)
High rates - surprising experience Man with a mission (39)
Latency impact of running tcpdump? Ted Graham (5)
Server-Side folder creation... lemon obrien (8)
Quicktime+Edit to DVD for Idiots Mark Jerde (8)
Contracting in the usa UK Contractor (23)
Regex Question... Regex Newbie (14)
Death by Caffeine TomEUS (the windows mobile guru) (35)
Java servlets/Excel J.B (8)
Oracle Access on Unix Systems Steve Hirsch (7)
Log on to see adverts ? Entries of Confusion (5)
Ways to take advantage of dual US-EU citizenship NewIrishDude (17)
What side are you on?  Do you believe in selling software? Bot Berlin (33)
Personality Mimicking Mike (14)
Google in New York Mr Curious (4)
MacOSX security ZeFred (21)
Creating simulator for embedded system Mwana Mission (12)
forced to pay back training if you quit Contractor (35)
anyone using more threading to work with multiple cores? Contractor (21)
technology shift anon (5)
Seeking Alberto Ron Burk (5)
RegEx To Extract HTML Data RegEx Grasshopper (14)
Smoking Improves Productivity A Smoker (36)
Study: It doesn't pay to be smart (61)
Remote controlling your home pc Victor (19)
How do you keep up with the latest and greatest in programming? jread (14)
MS-SQL and datetime fields with PHP Clay Dowling (5)
Software Maintenance Pricing KR (8)
c++ casting and parentheses cleanup Daniel (40)
how come Windows Vista Business edition doesn't include . (16)
Windows Installation Sequence and un-installation RK (5)
MNC or DotCom Startup? Confused (23)
Crossroads: Where should I go from here? Bill (25)
GoDaddy. Is It That Bad? JoS reader (21)
small company experience does not count? Anon for Now (13)
positioning div relative to another div position SR (11)
Jack of All Trades, Master of None! Stewart (29)
From developer to inevitable manager Coder (20)
Would you trust MS Skydrive with your files? Entries of Confusion (20)
Code Monkey want to own a tree Starter (8)
told the client what my rate is... Government Contractor (11)
Alter - career francis (2)
assembly language 80386 mario ortiz (6)
Successful total application rewrites Warren Henning (24)
One Hand Typing: Any Good Software or Hardware? The Gimp (8)
Capital One Anon This Time (3)
Do domains matter? Indian_documentor (7)
Security Flaw in Microsoft Office live service Sneeker (1)
Please Help!!!  Need programming help ASAP! Jennifer Lange (104)
Thoughtworks sucks! disgruntled interviewer. (14)
Topcoder NPR (12)
Contract-to-hire The Ruby Warlock (13)
Structures in OOP Karamba (9)
From US to a job in continental Europe Keith Wright (20)
XML MdP (8)
prototype.js's Ajax.Request prevents IE6 & IE7 from leaving page Tom (8)
Vendor Liability Max (20)
In salary negotiation, what if you used to make "too much"? emga (18)
Is the dollar stable now? Indian_geek (28)
Merge two videos => 3D video ? Captain Clueless (2)
Frustated at my new job Caveman (78)
Does it matter to you how people refer to you in the job? Anindya Mozumdar (25)
Working in an IT group as the only developer.... Wade Miller (25)
If real life were like a typical online Forum Mr. Analogy (16)
From valuable resource to most likely saboteur in 10 minutes. another average joe (13)
an oracle training cruise? Oracle DBA (3)
No more steaming POS specs. OneMist8k (24)
Lambda functionality like in python in java Bot Berlin (6)
Qcodo - PHP MdP (3)
JoS Forum: Restarting where I left of? Michał Piaskowski (5)
new job lewindletter (3)
Explorer takes ages to open Entries of Confusion (16)
Conflicting Requirements Entries of Confusion (15)
DNS timeouts TI. 704 (2)
Preventing Right Clicks Using Java anon (15)
Couple of programmer "tough talk" blog posts... Crimson (7)
Sleeping problems Anonymous (17)
How to negotiate a sales job salary ? stan (12)
New Online MicroISV Forums (sorry if this is considered spam) Kyle Davis (8)
Tell us when you get to San Francisco Joel... lemon obrien (1)
getting into professional programming sans degree Mike H (58)
How does an individual developer afford the latest tools? A regular poster from India (43)
Ajax UI toolkit suggestions Erhard Smit (9)
Suggestions for my product registration system. samh (2)
[Remote Control] Alternative to UltraVNC with higher performance ZeFred (16)
VMProtect sl0n (0)
How far to take user requirements Bot Berlin (17)
PHP CMS: Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress? Victor (14)
Do you guys also get a blurry font? Victor (6)
Zone Check Issue with Godaddy - DNS ScrewUp CroissantChaud (6)
10 times more productive? Kamau Malone (28)
Design Conundrum - Contextualized Presentation anon (6)
Asset sale - M&A Consultant? Broker? Jennifer Steven (4)
Youtube video merger software? CODE2JAVA (4)
ressources (introduction/books) about parallel programming? parallel_noob (13)
How to obtain host IP that is running the application? anon (5)
owed $25,000 from contract company and walked off the job... have to be anonymous (45)
Delphi Question: TEdit As Drop Target TConfused (6)
Notepad Rafa Vargas (32)
Can Software Development ever be an 8 hour work day? amhed_zando (39)
Do companies store names of candidates interviewed in the past? Caveman (8)
Bug Tracking as an interface to IT department? Guy Eschemann (20)
I can't believe anyone will spend $800+ per year to play online . (48)
ASP.NET question: updated textbox not being written to database Wade Miller (4)
Suggestions on Application Architecture in VB.NET Anindya Mozumdar (10)
Sometimes I feel like I'll never get "up to speed"... Newbie (18)
How nice it is to be a manager Money makes the world go around (9)
Automated Code Inspection sdani (7)
SQL question (PK with more than one field) Q and Wait (14)
what was your first application? Mike H (26)
working & study is for suckers, fire softdev & take over project microISVer (15)
Company I like doesn't offer 401K Not a financial expert (20)
Hey, look!  Aeron chairs! Ouch, my back (31)
Dangerous practises in large companies Anindya Mozumdar (18)
Publishing meeting summaries in a blog splintor (8)
tech book: buy or steal? . (33)
What do you do in your free time? Chuck Wepner (35)
Are management jobs overrated? Programmer (19)
RSS vs. Atom Lenny (4)
Cross-platform project: which build tools, IDEs, etc? Singulus (7)
Thank God my Procedural programming skill still have some value old_school (8)
Datacenter Cost Musings Frustrated Cog (8)
Valley Crazy Valley Girl (12)
UK IT Training Ltd Entries of Confusion (4)
visualization Impractial Code Monkey (8)
Programming is just assembling API calls. BoLex (27)
C# Error Inconsistent accessibility Q AND Wait (6)
Programmer turned manager: How to look for managemenet jobs? depressed_manager (9)
What happens to "unvested" employee match in 401K? Ben S (6)
Is the holy grail of learning through language design? Bot Berlin (13)
Windows Server AM (6)
modeling investment portfolios Jason (6)
Accountant recommendation for bootstrapped UK tech startup UK dev (5)
Starting contract company without burning employer bridges Matt (10)
dos command to list all installed services foma (3)
Mysql change database Secret (4)
Ligthweigth UML tool Secret (5)
Is an IP a URL? Shane (25)
Business Database Systems Robby Colvin (3)
Data Center musings OneMist8k (13)
Is it possible to bill from an offshore corp? Landlubber (11)
i feel slightly like a failure at times ISVer (26)
Very tempted to start new venture At a fork (5)
Example of Crappy Software: Credit Reporting Agency Contractor (6)
ISV partner programs RK (2)
List of all the .NET Application Frameworks... Ashok Guduru (2)
.Net sucks and so does Microsoft. A Programmer (38)
raise or second job? . (15)
calling an unmanaged C DLL from a C# web service.. opengl_programmer (3)
Recruiter telling you about a company - (22)
Information Architecture Wireframes Steve Hirsch (1)
OO Software Design Tony (11)
Office Version Usage Stats Roy (1)
Solution Architect - What is it ? job_hunter (9)
Parse & Concatenate e-mail addresses Tarek Demiati (8)
Laser printers as dangerous as cigarettes (This is for real) An Indian (28)
Converting SWF to MP4? Roy (5)
Sales of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Break $800 Million . (12)
.NET with Oracle RK (5)
Age, extracurricular coding, microisv and your other activities? Bot Berlin (16)
Naming conventions of classes, groupings of packages Bot Berlin (7)
Countably and uncountably infinite? small fry (57)
Unhappy at Elite High-Profile Job Artie McGovern (42)
Offtopic:The most slimy destruction of a competitor in history Anonymouse (9)
PHP, seems to be pretty popular and productive? Bot Berlin (27)
Unsafe gmail mobile? Captain Clueless (13)
Recruiter shennanigans (6)
Dell Mobile Precision: Yay or Nay? Meganonymous Rex (10)
Why do people feel it necessary? (regarding Orange CA thread) opengl_programmer (63)
Best source for CSS information. anon (15)
What would you do if you got an email like this... Mike (30)
FTP-based source control? ZeFred (12)
Job in Beijing Ionuţ Bizău (5)
Character encodings Parag (13)
How do we get off this treadmill? Steve Hirsch (37)
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