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Windows Updates - there's got to be a better way. Code Slave (18)
Dell shopping still SUCKS! (They are not listening to you Joel) Monkey in the middle (17)
Is About Face 2.0 Waterfall? Rodney (19)
Contact Management Software ObiLan (7)
Win/IIS to LAMP Converts Ryan Smyth (6)
[Design Advice Needed] - Where should I save the levels ? Kefrenz (16)
What is the best c# 2.0 book? JSD (13)
How long can Google theoretically keep search data Anony (8)
MS empower isv program TripleDots (3)
UK Umbrella Company tanks, Contractors must repay all UK Contractor (8)
Intentionally avoiding management positions Eli Bendersky (23)
Stay away from Dell TrueLife? bglenn (7)
Release Notes Fabrice (2)
ident - Subversion also? Java? hoser (8)
MS and the Year 2005 GuyIncognito (18)
The pain of porting to linux shankar (83)
Leave in less than two weeks Bot Berlin (38)
video conference software jibby (1)
Job Interviews: They want everything.  Really fraustrating Mom of 2 (19)
Any Acer 5672 buyer here? Capablanca (2)
should I take this job? Think outside the box (23)
SQL Server Reporting Services : Moving reports Craig (3)
How to keep your lap cool when using a laptop Geronimous (22)
Web Development:: How to begin? Tapiwa (16)
Commerce Server - what does it do? eek-Commerce (3)
Misc staffing company questions Mike Orb (17)
t1 timing more-mips (1)
The Vista Paradigm Microsoft Works (22)
Language choice - developer's career wins? Alan M (UK) (23)
The big sites - cost per user?? Jerry (3)
Graphic/icon design bid site, help with my bad memory. samh (3)
need career advice Tim (11)
How to become a software engineer?? Vincent (16)
Multimonitor software wishlist - sticky edges Mike from Michigan (14)
a software or software? Tom UK (18)
Listening to Streaming radio over the Net Dave Pedersen (7)
Suggestions for good WYSIWYG HTML editors to embed in a web app Big E (11)
OLAP in a hurry? Rusty Scupper (4)
Programmer meet Designer (2)
WS-Security Library Clay Dowling (0)
Do your manager make you feel dumb? but...the shitz work, right? Yeah, it does! (12)
Technical Writing vs Programming vs Administration Absent Traveler (21)
Case-sensitivity in code Paranoid Android (43)
Engineers, programmers have nothing on Texas football coaches Anonymous poster (17)
Better to be feared than loved, according to Machiavelli Bill Rayer (20)
Walking Away From Contract? anon (14)
VB or C# (.Net) Anindya Mozumdar (53)
Where to purchase Win2K Pro? Win2K Needing Guy (7)
Recommend a TCP logger? anon (15)
Copy and Paste in Firefox 1.5 is flaky? GuyIncognito (19)
telling apart text from binary files on windows Ms Rain (12)
'Netstat' question LosGatos (2)
Microsoft Support - Ridiculous!! OriginalPosterBoy (8)
Discussion on technology churn Joshua Volz (14)
Cassette tape --> CD/MP3 nathan (16)
Easy tool to set IIS permissions on COM objects OriginalPosterBoy (5)
AJAX technologies for Portals Annet (8)
A *simple* tool to make .msi packages (re-packaging other msi)?? Javier Jarava (21)
One Laptop Per Child FUD Duff (38)
Parsing loop in C Asha Gopal (7)
GWT Tutorials Manu (4)
HTML Processing asbie (2)
Chumby Capablanca (7)
can you be successful building software you don't use? a random, rambling sunday evening (14)
Windows Mobile vs Palm for developers baus (9)
Finding a DSP expert Dimitry (8)
Ken Arnold, author of The Java Programming Lang. Generics suck. Crimson (41)
Insult on a blog Anon (8)
One Laptop Per Child: Most significant achievement in 10 yrs? Anonymous (29)
Superstitious FAQ Writers Kenneth Kasajian (2)
Favorite Firefox Extensions Ryan Smyth (13)
Screen magnifiers? JW (4)
Laptop reviews? cja (6)
Good, *concise* Ruby books Vicky (8)
Buying a laptop centrino (15)
A Highly Random Question Brandon Doyle (4)
Tell me this isn't a BUG... Firefox Hater (19)
Reverse engineering an AJAX App bglenn (5)
Creating WSDL from a Class Programmatically Bob Todd (2)
Best Firefox Extension ever Paranoid Android (7)
Favorite Firefox extensions: recommendation Peter Becker (19)
Zip API Gallas (7)
my lamest interview question ever midtown programmer (59)
PDF to HTML for Windows? TheFred (5)
online job hunt hunter (13)
dual blog looking (10)
Some questions on Java... Wayne M. (8)
How long? (5)
Laptop with pre-installed OS and no OEM disks or drivers - bah Bluebeard (18)
htaccess Stephane Grenier (0)
Could Spam Defeat Itself... Jax The Old Grump (10)
getting the yipes Anonymous (2)
It's all going Sharepoint SongSing Writer (21)
The Mousewheel: Which Way Is Up? In? Out? Paranoid Android (12)
Hey Bobby, hoser (7)
Simple GUI toolkit C++ nathan (17)
Biggest value in list Anon (58)
Dealing with counteroffers & complete insanity You Sir Are a Sellout! (30)
Easy way to set up three new machines Josh (11)
Lenovo laptop: piece of crap Lenovo No More (8)
Declaring an uniqueness constraint in an ER drawing in Visio KJK::Hyperion (2)
Salary Survey Lenny (8)
Econ 101 nonsense JP (6)
Versioned partition for SCM? TheFred (9)
The Explanation for the FAQ Superstition samh (10)
Another reason many don't have "how to cancel" in the FAQ Jacob Thurman (14)
What makes a fun language Paul Norrie (27)
Network sync tool Berislav Lopac (8)
Working offline FamblyCat (11)
MDX query programmers mdx learner (1)
Dual monitor problem -- did I get a lemon? Herbert Sitz (15)
"Why I chose Python over Ruby" (21)
Directory Information app Ron Porter (2)
Editing hosts file does NOT work as filter? Bella (5)
International paper sizes Flow Chart Geek (7)
Suggestions of sources for Windows Cursors? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (2)
Drawring your Repository Picture Jim C. (3)
My productivity enhanced 1000% Capablanca (4)
The lowdown on RemObjects... Bob Walsh (8)
Where is this autostarting app 'hidden'? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (11)
using jdbc queries within a hibernate transaction Anon (4)
Olap cube development crud programmer (2)
The Purpose of Interns Jeremiah (10)
PDA Websites Andy (13)
Outlook Express compacting woes Frederik Slijkerman (1)
Help dealing w/ peer/subordinates TS (21)
Recent Post (Delicious Monster/Library) Michael Terry (9)
Desktop development in languages that don't suck? statelessness = sadness (12)
New Firewall, but now for setting up Logging (syslog) I forgot my posting name. (6)
Dabbling/Learning: XML on Windows sans .Net/Java Tasked Without Budget (17)
Director level - cut through the fluff Not Normally Recruiting (9)
Microsoft Access 2003 AllAccess (7)
Handheld Device Browser Emulators Ken (7)
Identify a problem.... n (2)
Virtualization: one major leap ... Demotivator (9)
Touch Typing Software Peter Monsson (10)
Types and Databases David Seruyange (9)
Keeping "work journal" to track work progress? Crimson (25)
Pragmatic Programmer Jason (7)
Stripping symbols from win32 executable Martin (6)
Library Apps for Mac Software Lou (2)
Eclipse and what it could be Bot Berlin (7)
New community project Ronen (9)
Google Analytics now free, no invitation required cja (6)
Google Base David Duey (2)
Test Case Management Software Recommendations Manu (8)
Software for individual schedules Shkuropiy Andrew (6)
laptop bag recomendations James (7)
Going from contract to full time, rate advice. regular poster but anon for now (5)
Windows taskbars and great software PUIZ, András (30)
HTML to PDF conversion component --Josh (16)
Emacs mode for x86 assembly 28/w (0)
Is There Software To Do This? Am I Crazy? (12)
Hard drive data recovery suggestions? Doofus (10)
Drawing Cards in MFC Anonymous (5)
Simple library software? Joel Spolsky (142)
Game industry salaries Anon for this one... (10)
Somewhat Off Topic: Wave Multiplication / Division? Peter Sherman (6)
Struts, hiberate etc. (5)
Developing a threaded server (25)
Reducing MSDE size for distribution or alternative smaller dbs. samh (17)
"The One Minute Manager" Dave Concannon (9)
Good AJAX Website? Anon for this (6)
domain forwarding question forwarder (3)
expresscard/cardbus adapter Nick (3)
Django vs Rails for highly interactive web-apps James Hurst (8)
Releasing Software Via Virtual Machine Soon MISV (11)
Applications  that SMS Vikram (7)
Just curious Simon (3)
C++ NCB file Simon (5)
10 Programming Abstractions Points Lostacular (20)
Use all the frameworks Bot Berlin (11)
Recomendations on headphones? slartibartfast (17)
Subversion Question FullName (13)
How do I display Windows XP in Spanish? shareware programmer (4)
Table migration question Anon (5)
Full conversion to English Lostacular (2)
FBI Software Screwup - Again Unbelievable (24)
How do .NET apps typically handle license files? .net noob (4)
Tool to translate data from one source to another Senthilnathan N.S. (12)
Generalist or Specialist? !Tom (20)
Linux (or *BSD) & Apache vs. Windows Server 2003 & IIS Hal (18)
Work dumping. Barry Smith (14)
My Memoirs as a Windows 3.11 Developer Shlomi Fish (2)
ftping in .NET Patrick From an IBank (8)
Software Engineering as a profession in 2006 Demotivator (34)
What I hate about the Open Source brigade Bluebeard (42)
Add-in: "Hackish" timer conclusion AyeNee (4)
Do you earn your keep? JP Organ (13)
Podcasts for Programmers David Seruyange (9)
Need career advice harini Kuchi (10)
Best components for a Development system Angus (17)
How much programming can be reasonably expected of end users? Steve Hirsch (32)
Line numbers on emacs Capablanca (1)
Delphi ShellTreeView/ShellListView Question Open Source Pays (6)
business case for learning Lisp Michael Moser (4)
ASP.NET Best practices - how to start a project asbie (6)
Open Source, Free Software and Other Beasts - 2nd Revision Shlomi Fish (12)
Can your Refactoring tool do this? Kenneth Kasajian (5)
Salary Negotiation Advice [at large tech firms] J (8)
Top three things for success in your career? BBBrad (28)
Size Up the System Dino (10)
Add-in: Use Application Events OR use "hackish" timer AyeNee (17)
"Market" paradigm for scaling Agile methods to large projects Ben Bryant (19)
How do you make people identify with the organization? Paranoid Android (18)
Context Menu from .zip files gone nathan (8)
Unicode fonts in cmd.exe René Nyffenegger (1)
Weird internet problem Anony (9)
VMware and 511 error cja (1)
VMWare and mapped drives cja (1)
New software: DriverMax 1.2 driver manager Innovative Solutions (5)
Average Review; deserve a raise? NothingSpectacular (22)
Algorithm for number puzzle? algorithmic (21)
Define Micromanagement Meganonymous Rex (13)
MS SQL Server, call subscription job from command line anon (cause I don't want my company to know they messed up....yet) (3)
Managed DirectX - Variable Speed WMA playback James (1)
SQL Server resources for already knowledgeable programmer? SQL Server Neophyte (10)
When everyone converts to using Gmail DUh (6)
Referral fee - in reverse? Doug Dickinson (9)
FTP stops at directory listing Win2003 server? aku beg (2)
Understanding Lisp Kalani (2)
Best htpasswd, htaccess editors for Windows? OriginalPosterBoy (4)
Yet another language compare question Seth X9 (13)
Organizing Emails LosGatos (15)
Anyone using the Linksys SPA-3102 for VoIP? TheFred (0)
Outsourcing QA/Testing? Program Manager (14)
Knowledge Engineering/Management yori (4)
CodeSnipers Content with Prizes KC (9)
Turning down assignment? anon (7)
Creating a programming team from scratch... (Just add water) (18)
Data Manager Interview Questions += (2)
Designing for Performance? BenjiSmith (68)
Anyone using Spring MVC? Tom Mack (1)
Firefox vs. IE Javascript array performance Paranoid Android (24)
Smalltalk Advocacy Rick Tang (15)
Such thing as a poor implementation that is popular Bot Berlin (13)
Lisp's magical macros, and how to implement them in C++ Jedi (14)
Question aux francophones here Steve Hirsch (10)
An observation about Lisp discussions Music (23)
db question Anonymous (10)
Compressing files using the command prompt Mary (23)
Contracting through Teksystems (7)
Non-SORBS email hosting? a Hack (2)
ant vs. make hoser (12)
Some Ruby projects of mine and a blog post Lostacular (0)
Subservion/CVS repository on Pendrive Capablanca (9)
Code backup (13)
Tool for creating simple consultancy's site? Hockey Player (6)
London salary question Mike (13)
Duplicate files TomEUS (14)
Online Master in Leadership or something similar nathan (3)
Java vs. C: speed and memory usage LowSodium (45)
Personal Filing Cabinet advice? Crimson (13)
Lisp, Haskell or something else? moronica (27)
Career Advice! (13)
Lisp macros -- can they get rid of parenthesis? Anon Coward (16)
first movie tie-in web site? Jason (5)
Delphi for Desktop and Web Maybe A Delphi Convert (25)
Resume Distribution and Writing services: is it worth it? N.K. (8)
Delphi community? Links please? Artad Gobeski (30)
How to get laid off - suggestions please Art Wilkins (52)
Do you type with ten fingers? Bluebeard (98)
Article translation stuck Alexander Balabanov (8)
Incentives in K-12 Rick Tang (9)
Like Fog Creek, but somewhere else? Joe (35)
Java or Realbasic Not Sure (15)
Simple time/task tracking for teams Rob (12)
It's all incentive. Icarus (14)
Dell laptop switching itself off Mark Pearce (10)
Sage advice for newbie please Brett Chase (12)
what make one a Sr. developer? TripleDots (16)
Columbus vs. Socal LA_resident (17)
Identifying too much? anon (10)
What is management about Dino (28)
Distribution of mobile applications? Mobile newbie (7)
Identity Management only possible in orgs with no walls... Crimson (3)
Development Principles Steve Hirsch (23)
Developping for the Mac OS X on a PC Tarek Demiati (12)
Book recommendations on Identity Management Aytekin (9)
Scope/visibility in JavaScript? (5)
Why *she* in computer literature? Why she? (53)
How do they make M&Ms? Capablanca (10)
double standards . (28)
Catered lunches Another Contractor... (4)
XX? Code Slave (3)
Identity Alignment, meet "Econ 101" Dennis Forbes (24)
If Ruby on Rails is so awesome... Shane (46)
Identity management pre-requisite Sevenoaks (2)
Developers and spelling mistakes Another anonymous cretin (29)
AOL Search data release anony (10)
Confused Econ Freshman Rick Tang (11)
Why ROR (ruby) sucks... Lemon Obrien (73)
Getting People to Comply or 6 Management Themes Dino (9)
Should I use ROR (ruby).... Lemon Obrien (13)
Econ 101: The classics of motivation Rick Tang (28)
how many of you have interpersonal problems? Think outside the box (35)
Can your language do this? Capablanca (6)
Configuration Management for Perl App? Cory R. King (4)
Econ 101: "Baristas are stupid" Lennon Day-Reynolds (13)
Is Joel a disciple of Frederick Taylor? ("Scientific Management" Flow (4)
VPS / Dedicated Server Hosting Recommendations? Javier Jarava (12)
Mercenary Laparoscopic (3)
Econ 101: What would Semler do? Alek (6)
[Delphi Wish List] - Make it available for Mac OS Tarek Demiati (10)
Econ 101: Good academic paper on motivation Dejan Jelovic (21)
VB.NET Book Suggestions Needed .NET Beginner (5)
Meet the team and see what work is like (before taking job) Bot Berlin (10)
Command and Control related question Michael B (17)
Joel needs to reread Ayn Rand Just a guy (43)
Military Management Richard (9)
Econ 101: Examples of Backfiring Incentives Joe Grossberg (20)
Is there software to overlay online pages with notes? Crimson (8)
Developer --> Architect wb (3)
Econ 101 Code Slave (8)
Suitable job title J.B. (7)
got a job offer, but company won't agree to 1 thing Mr Slightly Fussy (42)
What do you guys think of Swift (Safari browser engine on win32) anonymous_coward (4)
direct page to .something extension Dan (4)
Recommendation for C/C++ object persistence layer? C++ guy (9)
"compile MSIL to javascript" Elzo (15)
Automation in Word on the Mac? total_mac_newbie (7)
McDonalds: Drop Dead Impatient (40)
How Joel publishes his blog? Umair (7)
Squeak + Lego MindStorm & Teaching Programming to Kids Tarek Demiati (7)
Can Your Programming Language Do This? André Banen (6)
Career anniversary SumoRunner (14)
companies buy my software, but won't interview me! Mr Irony (11)
SQL Server 2005 installation Patrick From an IBank (4)
Spam on the ".NET Questions" board. Another anonymous coward (2)
Delphi is BACK Fritz (12)
need advice c or c++ or c# Milla (25)
Work-required technology that makes you want to cry. Crimson (41)
After job interview. JobSearch (23)
Request advice on Lisp environment Not a lisper (8)
"Deployed" is the new Outsourced in New York ElectricMixer (15)
Advanced mail processing on the server: Can this be done?? Javier Jarava (5)
Online Regular Payments - How To Snacky (2)
Reporting a Bug to Microsoft Event Horizon (8)
Affordable, quality SSL certs - Where do you get them? Javier Jarava (11)
My digicam is giving me electrical shocks Shocked Photographer (10)
The Totalitarian Operating System Paranoid Android (15)
Lisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date? Flow (37)
Where to get Copilot source? Flow (2)
Dialogue-Driven Development son of parnas (4)
Different resource files in vs2005 project Martin (4)
Has Flash killed DHTML? Querty (14)
Blurring the line less is more (4)
Project Organization in C# BenjiSmith (14)
VirtuaWin Capablanca (7)
[BOOK on OOP] - The Art of the Metaobject Protocol Snacky (6)
The big long list of stored procs Kyralessa (6)
Big Bang Approach Was Vista's Big Mistake says Ballmer son of parnas (44)
Has your language this little construct Erik Springelkamp (15)
I do I "classify" in my resume??? Patrizio Rullo (11)
cache vs RPM in Notebook nathan (4)
Re:Can Your Programming Language Do This? K Busch (12)
What kind of job is it for SecDb? Newbie (2)
What's so special about Windows 2003 Server? TheFred (11)
Parsing URLs/URIs with Javascript Jvscrpt (11)
Visual Studio 2005 Annoyance - How do you do this??? Visual Jerk (8)
Subversion and Web Services Projects Brandon Burns (12)
Advantages to Functional Programming Clay Dowling (33)
Finding good candidates, in India redeye (12)
Good books on the debugging process ? Dr NMI & Miss IRQ (11)
How many of you guys ship code from home ? Dr NMI & Miss IRQ (14)
Language ranking with *.* logic Bill Rushmore (17)
What's so great about Firefox? SeaMonkey user (21)
I want to move to Web Application Dev using ROR Dr NMI & Miss IRQ (7)
Uninstalling IE 7 clcr (5)
Java standalone console application Lemon Obrien (10)
Clipper Code Blocks Peter Vanderwaart (10)
Best manual/website for basic Windows XP home network admin Jesse Smith (6)
LISP sucks Darth Marauder (57)
tortoise cvs - hanging on commit mark (4)
Yes, XSLT can do it (Re:Can Your Programming Language Do This?) Dimitre Novatchev (27)
Where can I upload a 15MB file free? Ben Bryant (10)
"Recycle" Laptop Monitor Mark Jerde (10)
Student advice Anon. (20)
I hate *.* Sevenoaks (28)
extracting windows product key? Claire Rand (5)
Embed images in mapi mail? Erhard Smit (0)
Worse is Better Rick Tang (6)
Insane Mem Usage without doing anything Shawn Cozart (17)
What's the advantage of tinyurls? bemused (21)
Part-time / odd jobs Linux/LAMP sysadmin anon this time (8)
Is RDP (Terminal Services) a crazy alternative to web apps? TheFred (17)
Trust and Risk in the Workplace Dr. Monica Whitty (8)
Opening Excel Chuck Davis (6)
DNS with a single IP? Peter Sherman (8)
Why Joel does not make money from his blog ? NightBlogger (25)
What is more important: Language or Platform Bill Rushmore (5)
Best approach to learning a programming language now? Bob Walsh (27)
Can your programming language do this? Yes it can ... Dino (24)
Average Developer who wants to become a world class developer ? MuteX (17)
Project management best practices J.B. (9)
What compliments MapReduce in Parallel processing? JX (8)
Almost all OO languages support anonymous functions FS (20)
Managing Projects and People NewlyMintedProjectManager (9)
network security more-mips (2)
This Steve Yeggee guy is kinda smart... Crimson (21)
What do you think of Sharepoint 2007? Anon Today (3)
WYSIWYG HTML Editor that's good? Matthew Heusser (14)
Can Your Programming Language Do This? Jeff Jacobs (22)
So... Where do you work?? paranoid.. (16)
Why should my language do what my library can? (BLL anyone?) Scott McMurray (15)
Fortran and Functions Tom Watson (3)
Grumpy Old Men and MapReduce Paul Rivers (23)
Map/Reduce in C++ Gavin Doughtie (1)
A great language: different abstractions? Paul Norrie (8)
Map and Reduce in C# SomeBody (6)
Selling a backup script? Is this something people would buy Linux Penguin (6)
Move over, LISP Paranoid Android (17)
Back to school, only not Greg (5)
Family / Friends wanting to build web sites Mike (11)
Can Your Programming Language Do This? Paul Mansour (49)
Isn't Joel talking about Functional Programming? Kyle (11)
joel, put your money where your mouth is (am i smart) (0)
We don't do technology here Anonymous coward (9)
Surviving another layoff In the crowsnest of a sinking ship. (19)
Legal precedents for using web server logs not a lawyer but (6)
The Farmer in the Dell Paranoid Android (6)
What's this control called? (9)
I hate books that advertising the product that explain? DeathGod (11)
New Web Logon methods Money Market Mania (12)
Joel on Workspace Mitch & Murray (from Downtown) (9)
Joel on Dell Mitch & Murray (from Downtown) (9)
Dell and used cars Hal Eisen (18)
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