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Now in English DEBEDb (6 comments)
Hiring Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (15)
Creating a PC based UI for Windows and non-Windows based PCs Thumper (10)
Any way of telling who is logging in on my Home Wi-Fi? Moe (18)
Any suggestions for finding program sound effects? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (14)
html/mysql translation aid Daniel McBrearty (3)
Converting Audio Tape into MP3 Quartex (9)
Using Excel for Project management Carlos Rosales (5)
Cool computer on a stick daniel smith (6)
DocBook for technical documents Paolo Marino (16)
Satelite maps update frequency Just me (Sir to you) (10)
PHP CRM software for non-profit Waterman (4)
Windows Longhorn I forgot my posting name (20)
Is CRC value for file same across Windows/Mac? Anon for this one. (15)
Forward exports Maxime LABELLE (2)
Tools to make autorun CD menu? Ontario ISV (3)
Installer recommendation D. Lambert (1)
DBD-Sybase for Activestate Perl 5.8.7 build 813? muppet (2)
"Except:" field in Outlook splintor (9)
Desktop app to generate thumbnails + mouse-over zooming? Fred (16)
Yet another analogy about programmers... OneFlew (31)
I'm pissed at Google Bob Walsh (10)
automatic crash reporting chloraphil (6)
Where interviewing fails Don Gobin (22)
How does "recommended products" work? Keith Mills (14)
Logging in .NET Patrick (6)
Rotating an AVI movie file? QADude (8)
More on EDS vs workers in Australia We win (17)
Skinning MFC application Jurgen Bettonviel (3)
Has Java failed on the desktop? A Place For My Head (39)
best server side text to mp3 converter? son of parnas (3)
Does AJAX Imply and End to Shared Nothing Architecture? son of parnas (15)
Get html source in javascript Script kiddie (5)
Need laptop buying advice dave (18)
What's the fascination with MySQL? Nathan Ridley (44)
Java Question: Change Default Look and Feel Former COBOL Programmer (5)
SQL Question Yoey (16)
Ruby on Rails Mix (17)
"Inevitable Disclosure" example (13)
Eat Pizza, Wear Shorts, Bitch about M$ try-catch-final (21)
ODBC access to web hosted database Rich client fascist (4)
Spoof a dll? sharkfish (7)
Anyone ever had thier install detected as a Virus/trojan? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (7)
spyware recovery resources? Roy Pardee (6)
Lurking for salesman/marketing geeks Yes. (11)
Paul Graham needs a forum Berlin Brown (25)
Looking for .net library RC (1)
hyperlink to call JavaScript function chloraphil (9)
VC++ get cpu time process has run Walter Williams (8)
Web Host Recommendations redeye (15)
British Student Accessing Internet in Boston cja (8)
C Programming career: Non-Existent? David Foley (27)
VB.NET book? frankr (14)
Five Worlds 0xDEADBEEF (17)
XP and pseudo-RAID Abe (10)
Expand/collapse sections in Excel - possible? Alfieri (7)
Fit/Fitnesse Clint (5)
Software to generate online tests? Wayne Bloss (2)
High Level OpenGL Library providing Edit Boxes, Comboboxes, etc? Yes. (1)
This a good use of FogBugz? BBrown (3)
Setting up Network & Web Server Kevin Moore (7)
On Days Like These 0xDEADCAFE (15)
Video Games: I'm Not Fitting In BenjiSmith (118)
Live in Canada/Work in USA ToCanada... (26)
ScriptLance Lance (6)
SQL Reporting Services Colm O'Connor (4)
staying in job or starting up on own ShouldIStayOrGo (14)
Core Data Andrew Murray (4)
Like the logo (and web) or not? TT (27)
Finding a good workplace? Job Hunter (6)
Zope sharkfish (12)
C++ namespace curiosity Ryan Phelps (5)
site hijacked - anyone know procedures drats (5)
PHP and MySQL question 0xCC (26)
SQL Server Feature Request Dennis Forbes (14)
Would XP developers really avoid the Aardvark spec? Giampiero De Ciantis (15)
Any recommendations for a good Macromedia FLASH editor? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (10)
Better support with FREE than PAID software? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (13)
Ten Years Ago Today John Topley (24)
Support of Multi Language in MS SQL Quartex (2)
Is it more difficult for me to start a company than it is for u? Mr. Wednesday (18)
Google's IM released GyanJovi (18)
Google - The BETA Factory KayJay (11)
Simple Secure Perl login.cgi ? Overdesigning the Post-It Note (3)
Getting smart people to do work that's beneath them... Crimson (26)
Always forget this.  How long to hold off after offer made? Crimson (2)
Any P2P Instant messenger apps? developer-centric features? Zumbas (14)
Database design 2br^2b (25)
Interns? B (11)
Interviewing hilliarity... Crimson (12)
diff -> HTML? T. Norman (4)
Aspect Orented Programming - Anyone here using it Moe (12)
DTS Designer - UI trainwreck - Alternatives? . (3)
Lisp Web Development Tapiwa (12)
Why my employer won't buy FogBUGZ Deep Undercover (16)
Protecting against mail attacks in PHP Nervous Wreck (9)
Using SQL Server text Fields... ! (36)
starting a blog - psychological issues? wannabe boy (23)
Aardvark-movie. Where and when? Asbjorn (1)
EDS fighting workers We win (2)
google spying on click throughs - surreptitiously bobo bouncer (50)
Managing hierarchical inserts Wayne Bloss (10)
Only 3 people required for version 1.0 software? Lord Atlas (11)
hardcore developer? SR (19)
Open Source (Enterprise) Content Management System Boris Rogge (4)
Looking for case studies new (6)
Altran (UK) Sulla (12)
Need VS Studio - Cheap OEM editions?! Bored Bystander (13)
Inexpensive P2P Libraries? Li-fan Chen (2)
Joel On 9 to 5 or the Performance of a "Slacker" >> FairLight << (23)
brainbench experience anyone? Crimson (37)
Copilot and XP Chris Steinbach (15)
Where to find beta testers? New Startuper (5)
Contracting and Indemnity Insurance Power Down (12)
Book shopping: your (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL recommendations Nick Hebb (7)
swapping domain names with an untrusted stranger ashley fenn (1)
forum software with NIS support web developer (0)
Drupal vs. Mambo johnson (12)
Getting up to speed on SOA? SOA Believer (4)
sawzall son of parnas (17)
Separating good companies from bad when looking at job postings. Crimson (13)
Does PWS support ASP.NET Water Cooler v2 (4)
recommend favicon.ico tool? ico (4)
Easy to use 3d Animation Software? Yikes, why did I volunteer. (1)
Job Offer in NYC Bubba (1)
My geek toy wish Catalin Rotaru (27)
ADO equivalent C++ library for Linux Softari (0)
XML to Word Harry McBaine (14)
VPN recommendations Martin (8)
Why are stored procedures undesired? Jeff K. (43)
XML editor for Windows? Joe (18)
Fogbugz tour Harry McBaine (4)
job offer from controversial company me (33)
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Strong Arm Lance (16)
A very painful ethical dilemna about contracting. In pain (43)
coding challenge. vic (6)
TWAIN Drivers (0)
Why is MySQL more popular than PostgreSQL? NNL (37)
Has anyone here worked for the SAS Institute? OneFlew (0)
Aardvark Spec Brad Douglas (11)
Canadian credit card processing Colin Dellow (0)
Internet file transfer with stock WinXP? Adam Tomjack (16)
BDUF stems from FUD Ynona Imus (18)
Testing Software: TestDirector versus TestComplete John Rusk (5)
flowchart software recommendations? zup (8)
BDUF Oded Noam (9)
Brief example of modeling Patrick Foley (1)
ankhSVN specify username/password for SSH connection? Ugh. (3)
Would you relocate?  What are the top cities? DD (61)
UML certification available? Martin Macke (6)
laptop reviews dil.b.ert (6)
Don't you love straw man arguments? Joel's BDUF isn't. Paul Rivers (20)
Mind mapping Akshay Shrivastava (7)
Big Specification Up Front Dave C (4)
SQL Stored Procedures Joshua Mueller (19)
Who'll get bashed next time UpToSnuff (20)
Project Management is? Professor Svengali (7)
Spec layout is beautiful Artur Smith (4)
Capturing video problems... Artur Smith (1)
Ahh, man, totally unfair. Rusty Divine (5)
Lunch? Patrick Foley (4)
Why agile is not Wrong Bill Rushmore (63)
How about a technical spec? Bankstrong (3)
Thanks! Patrick Foley (6)
Has Joel *tried* XP? Cory Foy (31)
CoPilot Spec and Domains David Burke (3)
ISVs using .net? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (6)
All those small things... ronnie (4)
Does the Aardvark/Copilot spec get abandoned now? hah (2)
Not updating the func spec when the design changes?!? Andria Lubbe (0)
Interesting Philip Greenspun blurb on value of education in US. Crimson (12)
Copilot Spec and BDUF Geoff Bennett (12)
Agility Matt Y. (11)
A better AJAX for .NET ... (13)
Why no graffit on Wikipedia? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (12)
Temp-to-Perm: bad idea? regularposterwhoisanonforthis (22)
handling bounced e-mails O.S. (8)
How to remove type library info from compiled ATL dll C++er (2)
When is Wikipedia becoming mainstream? HS (8)
Programming Windows by Charles_Petzold vic (11)
Word Wrap Yoey (18)
Employer hypocrisy (re: "lack of employee development...") Bored Bystander (21)
Need help with a Bot Project ! Rupesh (15)
Website username = virtual directory causes error? Rusty Divine (3)
Speaking of wikis... wiki as product documentation? jthurman (6)
Req. For a programmer Josh in Jersey (15)
Learning to Appreciate Visual Basic Ged Byrne (24)
Re: What Business Can Learn From Open Source Aaron Jensen (10)
Funny Tech support call Mr. Analogy {uISV} (22)
Suggestions for simple User Directory? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (0)
SOA "contract first" design & WS case ADK (4)
Lack of Employee Development Counterproductive Scott (21)
Wiki for Joel on Software translations? Joel Spolsky (108)
Obfuscate JSP Files FooBar (6)
Getting Customer Data for Debugging Clay Dowling (2)
Release Party - what to do? Newbie PM (26)
wsi internet franchise ElbowsHigh (3)
Joel beats Wonkette - can a movie deal be far away? Bob Walsh (4)
Anyone using Borland's application life-cycle stuff? CornFused (15) surreal (11)
Is .NET a viable development tool for downloadable software? Mattias Gustavsson (27)
Minimum Spec PC for .NET/Visual Studio Development. Tom (16)
COM Object For Getting Windows User Name From IE Need Help With This (8)
why is firefox so slow? vic (17)
What's the difference b/t BUILD and COMPILE in Mr. Analogy {uISV} (2)
Limit on thinking A. Gorilla (0)
What's the difference b/t BUILD and COMPILE? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (14)
Forums/Groups for CS related discussions? Vince (3)
Anything wrong with this Subversion directory structure? Yes. (12)
XP Icons on older systems Cowboy coder (10)
CC number as reg key? Dave B. (22)
credibility ebay virgin (6)
Source Control and VS.NET Cory Foy (10)
SQL Formatter Peter Doback (5)
CString & Unicode CString (5)
http://com Matthew Lock (14)
How long can Microsoft go on pretending it is special? wannajo (16)
Your reaction to High Notes Mighty Mouse (15)
Singleton, or a class with only class variables and methods? Posts without names (12)
Anybody have an idea why Firefox worked so well? Berlin Brown (1)
Win Server 2003 hosed...? Kyralessa (1)
Script Debugger/IIS? Curious (5)
geekcorps anyone? ...But What Do I Know (5)
How much RAM do I really need for VMware? Cowboy coder (14)
Rewriting the Shuttle from Scratch Matthew Lock (32)
Partitions that can't see each other; and Virtual PC Kyralessa (6)
Overriding ActiveX events CluelessAboutCOM (3)
Audio Help for an Old Fart Mark Jerde (0)
Hard To Take Mind Off Programming Paranoid Programmer (2)
converting pdf documents. vic (6)
How long can Google go on pretending it is special? gt (23)
Need file recovery from CD-R AMS (1)
delete thyself newbie coder (20)
Am I a Subversive? (29)
MS Exchange w/o server George Walker (8)
OS X and Subversion; Syncrhonize Users? Yes. (10)
Tech Industry in Limbo? Lemon Obrien III (10)
SQL Server Express Edition Cowboy coder (8)
UI for selecting custom icon IntentionallyLeftBlank (6)
Punishing script kiddies? DP (16)
Language parser toolkit (.net-based, for any language)? NNL (6)
exercise and code??? outofshape (25)
Troubled Project Patrick (13)
Hitting the high notes Tony Chesser-Evans (4)
Anyone remember Brann Viper ? All-Brann Viper (0)
What are the words for this? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
MS IE IHTMLDocument2 Patrik (0)
How do Microsofters deal with their installation woes? LinuxOrBust (25)
SSL certificate authority - any difference? need ssl (4)
Worst UI Peter McK (34)
Maths Requirements For becoming a game programmer jannick (11)
Dual DVI video cards Ryan Phelps (9)
FinalBuilder SlowRide (4)
Getting server certs?(Where to go/what CAs give u "that extra"? Javier Jarava (5)
Recommendation for Open Source Content Management Moe (11)
Looking for ISP in New York Ravi Chhabra (6)
Naming conventions Ogami Itto (6)
Migrate from Source Safe to Subversion? IhateSourceSafe (11)
visio class object widths I forgot my posting name (5)
Prior Art Collection for Patent Busting Mike Wotton (6)
Fire & Motion Article - Help! I'm not in the flow Kjell Stuardson (9)
music while coding ipodder (29)
Does development drive business case, or the other way around? Philo (5)
Responsibilities Mark Flory (11)
Questions to ask CEO rakesh choudhary (16)
Winamp Joce (9)
C#, NUnit and Windows Forms GUI Anon For This (5)
Which cheap labour country has the best English speakers? Harry McBaine (23)
Raw device read/write on windows? hoser (7)
Subdomains For Each User - How Do They Do That? John Topley (6)
are there any engineer in our field? vic (20)
Using Live Linux CDs spaceShuttle (3)
Crossplatform method for displaying Flash within Python app? Python (3)
Improving programming skills What-me-worry? (19)
Server status notifications.. sql guy... (6)
Acquiring a domain Anon (8)
Problem Solving Skills Want To Improve my thinking skills (8)
Autorun on USB Drives Joe Paradise (8)
What do Developers really think about QA/Software Testers Mark Flory (29)
Which MSDN Team Edition to buy? Cory Foy (10)
Copilot Not Working Behind Proxy LJ (1)
before moving to linux (or any unix system) vic (15)
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion (2)
Dealing with Design Misinterpretation from Above Chicargo Alberto (17)
Releasing software with too few features? sharkfish (19)
Has Madrake gone belly up? supremeCourtNominee (6)
Ahhhhh, much better. Pierce Hanley (3)
Two minutes is too short Professor Svengali (14)
MS Query Analyzer alternative sql guy... (9)
Just Tried Copilot 1.0 Test Drive... Regular Poster Made Anonymous (10)
Porject tracking / documentation repository SW?? Javier Jarava (11)
max processes in XP Professor Svengali (15)
Anybody know of a non-linux/unix on top of linux Berlin Brown (14)
OOP Performance Tone (16)
Online Donation For a Non-Profit Organization PowWow (5)
Experience with Copilot Dejan Jelovic (11)
STILL no Aardvark Slashdotting? Michael Weaver (11)
they look so young... Patrick (25)
Web based text to speech? Say What? (4)
Congrats. nickel (5)
BIG question: From desktop app to browser app MustConvert (20)
VBScript and Java DEBEDb (3)
What book to read first? Luis (10)
Distance Learning -> Getting CS Degree from a TOP university Self-Taught Code Monkey (23)
Correcting during interviewing Chris in Edmonton (13)
Take new job or stay (36)
Service and Support RH (2)
Bad writing and science/engineering education in USA... Crimson (39)
Didn't Joel want something like this? MarkTAW (1)
Best books for under $10? jthurman (14)
Getting the Latest Software Updates Charlie Farley (5)
Joel Spolsky - Software Writing (IT Conversations) Fred (14)
The Best Development Machine Frank de Groot (17)
Microsoft's ISV reality gap Apollo (11)
Looking for icon designers Oren (2)
Who uses ER modelers? Philo (13)
Why do people use Linux? Joanne Greensleeves (35)
who are reading reference specifications? vic (5)
Password keeper software? WindowsFan (24)
Clone windows software WindowsFan (9)
Really disgusted Ogami Itto (17)
The Worst Development Machine Erik Springelkamp (22)
What sauce? Mark Gibson (3)
EXE size - What is too Big? Julius (16)
Another reason to dislike MBAs boozah (23)
Joel in CNN/ CareerBuilder Yoey (4)
what is python good for? vic (13)
learning linux with a tiny distro. vic (12)
Is FireFox too polite? Chris (12)
How to automate applying patch / upgrade to Linux / FreeBSD / NT web developer (5)
Open source Babylon Dictionary poor geek (9)
Practical approach to Paul Graham's 'opensource' startup Berlin Brown (13)
What is the Fog Creek/Cold Fusion connection? --Josh (4)
Online Payment Processor recommendations? Jacob (12)
Help on reducing size of Knoppix ramdisk . (1)
The average company 28/w (17)
SQL head-scratcher elamaton (17)
MySQL autoincrement limitations boozah (9)
summer job / volunteer service (for a wannable CS major) high school student (12)
Hitting the High Notes Perry Scott (4)
Hitting the high notes Lex (17)
Rant: pasting styled text is NEVER what I want/expect Tom Mack (28)
Demotivated Tone (8)
Useful / Interesting RSS Feeds redeye (7)
Questions after reading Hitting the High notes R.R. Nederhoed (4)
Hitting the High Notes -applying the 80/20 rule. Liam Smit (11)
All user-contributed Web content needs pre-moderation Just me (Sir to you) (4)
Pretty funny post by Christopher Judd over on Apress Blogs... Crimson (4)
REALbasic follow-up: any great conversion stories? Cowboy coder (8)
C library bug or feature? as (12)
Hitting the high notes Know Name (13)
About "hitting the high notes" Oliver Capablanca (7)
Oh dear pmuhC (6)
CRUD frameworks gee bee (28)
Using Vmware for an AUTOMATED test lab.. Resources/Code?? Javier Jarava (4)
Solution to Aardvarks China problem ... Steve Moyer (1)
Code snippets Masiosare (6)
just remember the reference.. vic (0)
Demeter's Law Demeter Scho Meter (18)
Revolutionary New Product Hakan (58)
Parsing HTML inside of Crystal? !Crystal Guy (1)
Great Athletes & Great Programmers: Percentages about the same? Bill Belichick Fan (12)
THE most bizarre problem (in VS 2003) usually a lurker (10)
Recommend a webcam program Abe (1)
Free or Open Source Presentation Software Matthew Heusser (5)
part time jobs NJ Developer (5)
Resources on writing job applications Peter Mueller (4)
Maven like product for C++ on unix? son of parnas (7)
longshot cobol question grover (9)
Article on Windows User Interface Design (what's good and bad) William Campbell (3)
First Timer Here: Enjoyed the Project Aardvark blog. Newbie (5)
php: not showing sensible information with get form method vic (19)
Recruiting usability participants AndrewMcG (5)
Writing a manual Mr. Snuffalufagus (4)
NAT peering Li-fan Chen (5)
Using raw FTP on Windows foo (9)
Joel recommended testing illegeal Original poster. (15)
Toronto Newcomer (5)
Automatic code commenting... Simon Peck (6)
Where to hit the high notes? Anony Mouse (2)
Does any one Knows A Similar software to InstallShield for UNIX Amitabh Jain (8)
boohoooooo!! (copilot on the mac?) ronnie (7)
After the requirements, what's next? MarkusO (7)
Measurment Bryan (2)
SQL Server - using text field instead of varchar() ! (7)
Remote Powerpoint presentation? Clark (13)
Magazine that every developer must subscribe Zazi (8)
Writting Production Code While Learning the Language Zazi (14)
How do you pull this trick off? Peter Sherman (7)
Embedded Software in scripting languages? treefrog (17)
Intranet cross-site scripting Splintor (9)
Sage Advice for the 'mid-average' New CS Grad? Average CS Students, USA (22)
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