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Good Powerpoint Programming Forum Roy (4)
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Best countries for IT competitiveness OneMist8k (9)
Melbourne based ISVs Wills (1)
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Facebook, MySpace and other social network. Can i haz a friend? (17)
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how do you do this? lemon obrien (4)
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Do you switch off your computer Global Warming (35)
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Best team you were ever part of? feeling optimistic today (14)
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Database view - performance issue; any suggestions? lasTermales (4)
Compile Error on C++ Builder 5.0 struggling here.... (5)
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Golden Handcuffs? Anon E. Moose (24)
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Code Monkeys - new TV series premiers tonight pjsson (17)
great blogs about software design/computer science? pete (16)
What would you do? D Train (47)
Text Rasterization and non-English languages Steve Hirsch (6)
Javascript strings: are they really arrays? Paranoid Android (12)
javascript text editor in web pages Guillermo (5)
setting up company /outsourcing to vietnam meryl (6)
Guy with no QA experience hired to run QA Anony (14)
realistic salary improvements? serious goals (8)
QUICK: Visual C++ 6 on Vista Intly (12)
Are additional credentials all they are cracked up to be? Gus (9)
how many ppl for any software project? . (24)
Command line for following... frustrated (4)
Terminal Emulation utility anon (7)
Why is it Bad to Have Circular References among VB Projects? VB6 Newbie (6)
Solaris and X Windows LosGatos (7)
Mac question: name for running an older (o/s 8 or 9 ) on o/s X? Mr. Analogy (5)
Crystal reports newbie needs to know where to look for info John Wilson (6)
Database Architecture For Web Applications Jones (9)
Software for testing trading/investment systems? NPR (2)
How to select a reputable recruiter? another average joe (18)
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alternatives to SQL Server Management Studio (for SQL2005) Jason (17)
Guidelines to do system administration Steve Hirsch (6)
Job listings and salary ranges Frustrated... (8)
Energy Usage Phil C (8)
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Wither Listbox? Pierre (6)
transaction log shipping that joel wrote Contractor (7)
Database-backed DNS? Joe (6)
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SQL Server Reporting does not support UNION Clause? SQL Server Reporting (10)
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At a crossroads... Confused (4)
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Acrobat Reader - Perpetually in need of upgrade? F. Rustrated User (31)
Command line build for a Visual Studio Project? Ryan Minihan (11)
Movement of controls throughout webpage in vs.Net 2005 sudheerkumar (2)
Anyone knows of a small JDBC-wrapping framework? Dario Vasconcelos (17)
New to Web Development Noobee (7)
"How IBM Conned my Execs out of Millions" Anon (28)
What would you do if you could do it all over again? BillyBob (74)
Indian Rupee hits 40.47. May very well doom outsourcing Indian in trouble (83)
Want to be a computer scientist? Forget maths son of parnas (53)
Self taught developers (66)
Don't create your iPhone app alone, check out #iphonedev Li-fan Chen (5)
Immigrate and work! Another poster... (28)
what personal firewall do you use? . (30)
Top 3 handover question? Novice (4)
Conditional initilization of Vector in Java UnregisteredUser (10)
Data Value Oriented DB (8)
Anyone used code advisor to help in migrating to Thinking_about_porting (1)
when do you move on to new framework(.Net)? . (6)
job anxiety Worried Constantly (27)
Any tried HTC Mogul phone? 3G or bust (10)
No reimbursement equals I am not paying until I get my money Contractor (11)
Anybody have an idea what IT jobs in France pay? Ratatoille (17)
is it acceptable to be "on call" and can't go out? concerned (40)
$100 battery replacement!. iPhone buyers deserve this Anonymouse (19)
Gotta love Sales Persons :) lol (29)
Opening a start up in USA (not a USA citizen) Jan Hančič (25)
what do you read and learn outside of programming? Contractor (54)
"The position is on hold" - WTF? Anon for this one (20)
Java web apps J.B (2)
who to report a compromised website to? nothing this exciting happened in years (6)
Who owns the copyrights? Confused (9)
No H1Bs means microsoft moving to canada to get immigrants micro guy (9)
OT: Good book related to compensation & benefits? Niko (3)
avi player with keyboard back/forward? lookingforvplayer (4)
sms my app wannabe (3)
am I obligated to turn over source code? fired (118)
Tricky SQL Server Question. How do i partition rows of data Tricky SQL (8)
Unreasonable code request -- a followup Lyn Thomas (21)
How to sort STL list<obj *>mylist ??? ISO (19)
Ghost In The Machine ericm (9)
IRC as (secondary) internal communication tool Capablanca (12)
Picking a project for learning a new language Bart Park (1)
Vancouver or Toronto IT Job Market Nick H (34)
Two guys in their early forties starting a company Over 40 (31)
Cross Platform Language Recommendations Please Cross Platform Noob (28)
Open Source software quality splintor (34)
AJAX - can this overload the web server? LosGatos (7)
SQL Server 2000 reporting. How do i accomplish this? SQL Server reporting questioner (7)
Working as a developer in the Netherlands anonymous pole (10)
Tool for synchronizing PC, Pocket PC Online (6)
Moving to Melbourne area Hoping to do my Masters soon (19)
Converting Powerpoint files to flash Roy (7)
Resharper vs CodeRush vs VisualAssistX Joe (7)
Record this call Feature jrcapa (16)
Who are the ten biggest software vendors measured by revenue? Who are they? (25)
How to become a SAP developer? miaSoloMio (16)
401k matching vs. no matching Clyde (16)
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Promotion Shriniwas (16)
Family and job early20 (44)
personal programming metrics Nathan Green (19)
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FTP program can't connect on users machine. KF (5)
30 sq. feet of work surface? Jeremy (14)
Indian recruiters. OP (53)
Comp'ed after 40 hours ripped off (29)
When "hands off" means *lazy* Annoyed (12)
Memory or Buffer OverFlow Deepesh Talajia (6)
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file manager/browser for Unix? (13)
What is Program Manager? . (14)
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