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Shopping cart projects worth looking at Li-fan Chen (7)
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"Flaw researcher settles dispute with Cisco": Why? Fred (19)
Bilingual Database Kenny (10)
question on C++ templates newbie (7)
Web database Undecided database chooser. (11)
Debug Windows VB.Net App I forgot my posting name (8)
Database Query Query supremeCourtNominee (2)
Virtual Teams Patrick Ansari (4)
How would you explain a process, a thread to a windowser? vic (11)
Self Taught Programmer Self Taught (26)
"How would you make an M&M?" Tony M.B.A (20)
Whatever happened to FC's neighbors? EditorDave (8)
Tony reading "How would you move mount fuji?" Tony M.B.A (30)
Get current user in Infopath Nathan (2)
The Hiring Process DP (2)
Article: AnMFCAndJavaProgrammer (2)
web page change detection library SR (2)
Cheap code signing? E (3)
The Copilot woman Mike Green (10)
CSQA Certification usefulness for Programmers a long time jos reader (1)
PC restarts when burning CD Lord Atlas (7)
Building a Visual Studio plugin studio (1)
the iPod analogy Gregg Tavares (8)
New Product Idea, need Feedback Hakan (27)
I lost the customer's data - HELP! Aauugh! (15)
Did we ever find out... Chris (2)
Windows Longhorn/Vista Beta1 on Virtual PC matt (9)
Tony the MBA Take II Bored Bystander (17)
Prior Knowledge and Eisenstat's statistics... Crimson (2)
DataTable 'Autoincrement Seed' not refreshing! Vince (1)
Smart & Gets Things Done...  Slowly Godless Visigoth (19)
Updating a running web app in WAS? DEBEDb (3)
What would it take for a language to impress you? Christopher Diggins (49)
lcc-win32 Michael B (6)
Code "pretty printers" or beautifiers for .BAT, .VBS... Javier Jarava (3)
What is your favorite addin or tool? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (13)
How do Developers pass on knowledge? Do they? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (8)
Do certain industries produce better software? Patrick (16)
Linux, Java and .NET  - Welcome Grasshopper Steve (8)
Business men are glorified shop owners Anon to protect my job :) (14)
IBM Workplace? Nigel (3)
sueing a MBA, no option left. vic (17)
Great office JD (12)
Outsourcing - I told you so? Marcus from Melbourne (19)
Bonuses? Brandon Doyle (7)
Why Great Developers can't be Good Managers Hakan (16)
Anyone else have this humbling experience? Sigh. (31)
Yale CS323 BULLdog (18)
The job market, continued comp.lang.c refugee (12)
Less Best, More Good Soup to Nuts (18)
Number of tables in a DB? D. Docetad (11)
Linux Magazine A Windows Dev (2)
getElemenetById() problem ! Anon xml newbie (3)
Outsource your own job Mr. Analogy {uISV} (4)
Video for Project Aardvark T.J. (1)
New Manager - Should I take a class? Not Clueless, Just Inexperienced (14)
Another reason why you need the best developers Bill Rushmore (9)
high notes Vikram Pendharkar (0)
Database as build artifact? example (12)
Product Development vs. Project/Consulting Development Skills Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Re "High Notes" - Why isn't Fog Creek on this list? Kristofer Skaug (11)
Empowered by midgets Simon Lucy (2)
Tools for working with ISO Images. Neville Franks (6)
The Mark of the Best just a guy (13)
Java for C/C++/Perlers nme (12)
All software will be free, analysis of Sun's next move? Berlin Brown (8)
Writing a Service using C#/.NET sharkfish (12)
C++ & includes newbie (14)
Hitting the High Notes - Question about assumptions Eric Marthinsen (17)
My Question  for Joel the artist formerly knowna as prince (8)
Laptop + Dual Monitor me (9)
Job drought over? Philo (45)
clueless joel Sud (15)
cross browser scripting Jason (9)
Prima donnas or "excellent programmers" re: High Notes Bored Bystander (4)
Does your organization have UML Fever? (repost) Jerry McLane (1)
Reading unfimiliar source code... Anonymous (13)
php: array_push doesn't work vic (3)
Regarding "High Notes" sandy boy (4)
Thoughts on phone screen questions wanted. bananarunt (6)
Joel, can you explain your terminology a bit more? Rob (1)
Real music is more than just high notes. Dino (2)
The Job Interview as a Presentation Cowboy coder (3)
A Foolish Question from A New Programmer Jon Steiner (15)
Endless possibilites for ISV products Mr. Analogy {uISV} (4)
Proving Yourself for a 2nd job (1st was less than Stellar) Heather (19)
High Notes graph question Rohan Verghese (2)
How much CoPilot will cost? Dinesh (5)
High Notes - re:value of Pitt & Jolie EditorDave (5)
Not motivated by money? Another Contractor.... (16)
The Real Flaw in "High Notes" DP (8) web server hack DP (3)
Great working environments Just me (Sir to you) (11)
Style vs Substance? Carlos M Perez (6)
High Notes & Typing Speed Mark Jerde (13)
Vista means "chicken" in Latvian Miriam (8)
High Notes - Wrong Notes Jon Vaughan (8)
High Notes  --  Something about Apple Mark Allen (2)
Joel's target audience KayJay (9)
What I don't get about Fog Creek Software's hire strategy. OneFlew (18)
Hitting the High Notes - Thanks! Matthew Pass (1)
Are High Notes necassary in a service business Nic (12)
The dangers of using bad metrics to measure ability... Crimson (2)
[High Notes] Perhaps this is the attitude of the future? Zubin Mehta (3)
Interesting Counterpoint Jonathan Ive (1)
Best Work Conditions = Best Programmers A. Wallace (6)
High Notes -- a bit of a switcheroo? David Mackintosh (4)
Facts from Figures Dino (3)
Software Success Requires Getting EVERYTHING Right Hanno Hinsch (6)
How to train how to debug? Jonathan Brecher (11)
Summary: Developers go in 'capital' budget, not 'operations' pds (0)
Is FogBugz #1 Reggie Gardner (3)
Banner Li-fan Chen (0)
Evidence for most bestest programmers hoser (8)
Nice article... but it misses the point Colm O'Connor (16)
Does elegance sell? Gleb Geguine (1)
Does the best software always succeed? Bill Tomlinson (3)
Yale cs323 A. E. Neuman (0)
Subversion hosting christopher baus (2)
Recruiters for programmers in NYC Paul Reidy (0)
Maximum line length John (3)
Software Company not Required for Satisfying Career Bill Rushmore (6)
Hitting the High Score? John (9)
What is Programming? Max Eskin (3)
From the High Notes article... Justin Rhodes (2)
Might wanna stick an NSFW warning... Ian Tyrrell (2)
Hitting the High Note - Observation of the managed Michael Sica (6)
Where are the best developers(with stats) Berlin Brown (0)
"learning" from GPL code dil.b.ert (6)
How Do We Hit The High Notes? Peter Monsson (8) David M. (6)
Stuck pixel on LCD... Almost H. Anonymous (11)
Apache geronimo (2)
Are developers our own worst enemies? Philo (13)
Hitting the High Notes Robby Slaughter (22)
Joel too cocky? Rajiv Talwar (31)
java open source library for computing the diff between 2 files SR (1)
How to protect IP in scripting languages cornerbean (7)
Microsoft interview william (16)
testing on Safari Jason (8)
ClearCase and keywords substitution. Edouard Chevtchouk (3)
question about programming practice Tyllo (13)
from specific to general. vic (2)
Screen scraping a windows application tbrown (5)
Wiki Jerome (16)
NTFS journal recovery Moosebumps (4)
Linux Distro Suggestions Shane Harter (11)
Solaris 10 on x86 Ogami Itto (6)
Windows Server 2003 licensing for dummies? utterly confused (3)
MS patents emoticons David Maculay (10)
viewing very large XML files groggy (13)
How does Dr Watson work #2 Dr (1)
Enterprise Python? Mr Big (18)
Thoughts on article: Calculating the True Price of Software John Eikenberry (11)
Domain records with 'recursive' email contacts Bored Bystander (1)
Thin clients a good idea for small business? marty (5)
MS Visual C/C++ runtime files BOFH (4)
writing a database wanna be fool (12)
Solaris? BenjiSmith (13)
Outsourcing to Indian writers (i.e. Apu on Software) Ryan (3)
OO is a PITA (but maybe fun) LinuxOrBust (29)
i11n, i18n Raven (9)
Spolsky - Sink rift? DP (55)
VS.Net build only one project I forgot my posting name (7)
measure a developers competency? opinion (10)
What is the term for database identifier? supremeCourtNominee (9)
Limit to the number of files in a Visual Studio Project? Matt Watson (0)
Undo? No Clue for Undo (12)
Windows Vista... Andrew Cherry (19)
external hdd case dil.b.ert (4)
Goldman Sachs replacing Java with C# Overdesigning The Post-It Note (31)
Active Directory domain question marty (4)
Speaking of Java Developers... Cory Foy (26)
Anyone used MS Speech SDK 5.1? Pedro (6)
Looking for Parasoft C++ Test Alternative... Solon (3)
Commerce Server 2002 Text Li-fan Chen (1)
Ergonomics Mark Flory (4)
Where do Java developers go? Anonymous Company Founder (19)
A challenge: how-to share usb adsl modem between two computers Miriam (14)
Use of Content TechDeveloper (2)
Personnel turnover rates at Indian outsourcing agencies AnMFCAndJavaProgrammer (13)
What's bugging me about "Things You Should Never Do" John Foxx (21)
Inexplicably large transfer amounts for a smallish web page JLaiho (2)
How does Dr Warson work? Dr (3)
Script in Word doc Professor Svengali (4)
Financial Advice if you're young and rich? Rich but you know it! (46)
Working with others if you're (very) "smart and get things done" Anon today (31)
Link to files on local disk Moosebumps (5)
SAN for OLTP? son of parnas (7)
What book to read to learn how to sell yourself? Egor (11)
PDC on VirtualPC? Martin (7)
Free Flash Games Library Matt Cruikshank (1)
Need a .NET Architect Thina Kesavan (1)
IID_IPersistFile in .h file? Bill Rayer (2)
export vs. save Rhonda (12)
What do you know about personal finance? Mark Flory (36)
Sort Advice Sought Charlie Farley (9)
Windows Server 2003 64-bit & disk partitions Nathan (5)
C++ based remote notification Notify me (1)
Best/Cheapest (Dell?) Laptop Matthew Heusser (13)
JoS Chapter 5 - Screen-by-screen Markus O (3)
JOS equivalent discussion site for products Alex (8)
Ramdisk for Windows Thomas (0)
Oy. ouchMyEgoHurts (14)
Kudos to Microsoft support example (4)
Microsoft Certified Professional at age 9 Ugnonimous (7)
Programming without programmers (Here we go again) Jason (36)
The Myth of Sisyphus Michael D. Crawford (11)
Flash MP3/Ogg player? Fred (2)
Ergonomics Natty (17)
Dynamic Site on CD Chris (9)
linking linker (7)
Maths word processor Colm O'Connor (23)
Copilot Website John Topley (14)
Keyboard angle -- flat is better XYZZY (14)
Weird Chain Of Events : Primer Movie david howard (10)
Copilot - what about my cut? Lance (14)
SDLC - how applicable? JJ (6)
Distraction - child games DadInNeed (9)
Groove GDK? Rusty Divine (1)
Build utility for VB6 Nathan (9)
Books for web programming Ryan Phelps (7)
how to publish spf records sometimes marked as spam (4)
Getting Into The Video Game Industry At 35 Years ? Zazi (17)
ActiveX for the copilot install? Pete (4)
openlaszlo vs ajax? son of parnas (19)
intermediate certificate - Java java/ssl confused (2)
File Sharing problem Le Poete (2)
Parental tech support (again) example (9)
ADO RecordSet.GetRows() : Another Array Anomaly Charlie Farley (3)
ADO Recordset.GetRows(): Why Is Array Inverted? Inquiring Minds (2)
Basecamp's ripoff Pythonic (17)
Two-way viewing-angle LCD Pythonic (6)
What good are function pointers? The Wizard (11)
PHP & HTML help needed Lord of the Web (5)
Calcium for the funny bone? Li-fan Chen (17)
Threading Problem... ! (13)
How do I access OLE objects from MS Access database? Joe R. (4)
Podcasts are boring! Pythonic (14)
Ecplise v3.1 dil.b.ert (6)
need help with C++ classes newbie (11)
Subversion Host Mark Jerde (5)
PHP Book Recommendation Charles Reich (5)
Fog Creek Open House Pictures JD (16)
Ruby on Rails Killer? -- Django, a Python framework Jim Jones (14)
Software protection / licensing / buy me NOW options TT (0)
Robust Update Mechanisms Kwesta Junipo (4)
PC Freezing - Solved? not your everyday knob (2)
FogCreek Delaware Corporation?! Pete (9)
Thought about GPL Mike Johnson (23)
Nero BackItUp Frederik Slijkerman (3)
MCSD Worthwhile? cipher (33)
when to use threads? anonforthis (16)
HTML Qestion Stacy (8)
Senior Database architect sql dreamer.... (4)
The Ultimate Code Review Mark Flory (52)
Polarizing film? Mike Schiraldi (10)
Question about OO Programming Anon (14)
how to publish DNS for email verification muggins (2)
Zip Files and Windows Explorer in La-La Land Anon (15)
Books on Writing Tone (15)
infoworld report: best places to work cubicle (11)
Software to search for text inside files Solon (12)
IIS Metabase.xml Derek (5)
Trying to clean up a web site Blue State Bitch (10)
advice for a c programmer. vic (22)
Designing large scale web apps Guyon Morée (15)
DB Design for large amount of Data in MySql Overdesigning the Post-It Note (21)
Suicidal Hard Drive Death Rich Rogers (13)
How do "Tags" work? KayCee (8)
XP Wireless Networking Wayne (3)
Phones and Such Christopher Hester (8)
Representing serialized object in javascript poor geek (4)
Ideal Interview Daniel Howard (20)
Learning .NET Shlomi Fish (6)
PC Freezing. Help? not your everyday knob (9)
Anybody know of any good dev video blogs? Berlin Brown (3)
eager family member: how to encourage clean web design offMyMeds (9)
Roll call for tomorrow's JoS meet JD (3)
Would this qualify as a non commercial licence? Ace (7)
Interview Attire Interviewee (29)
Subversion In a Microsoft shop Clay Dowling (24)
Video/Audio Conferencing... ! (3)
Ever-changing Hotmail User Interface John King (14)
security question what to do? (3)
Contented with Globalism N. Elk (33)
what technical skills make a Sr. Developer? Patrick (18)
multithreaded/multiCPU and fopen fopen (11)
Browser Compactability programs ShebiMangalath (11)
iCal equivalent for Windows iNeedACalendar (11)
GRE-CS Subject Test BenjiSmith (11)
NREs NanoISV (1)
Can I Run ASP.NET on a Linux Backend? son of parnas (16)
UI framework Andoni Alonso (1) still up? John Peterson (1)
rant - date controls Jason (17)
download machine readable financial statements? smiddy (3)
microsoft certifications. vic (4)
IIS custom error handling with reponse.buffer = false. Krish (3)
Getting a website up real fast Allan (8)
autocomplete in Run menu Jason (2)
Dell True Life Displays Anon (5)
The business of ERP deployment Rob (8)
Where are we headed? Web or Windows? Patrick (22)
UltraVNC Nat2Nat: Where's the source code? (0)
Setting up a daily build and Cross platform builds Hm. (2)
Introducing a total beginner to programming... Andrew Cherry (44)
Sending email with attachments from win32 app Daniel (11)
Bitkeeper Substitute Suggestions?? Javier Jarava (11)
Scaling and performance of Ruby on Rails SJA (4)
Maintaining documentation in several languages Jerome (2)
Program Management Jose Nazario (3)
SoftIce Issues Still (4)
Crystal Reports Sgt.Sausage (15)
IP infringement question Mr Al (15)
Reading large files in Perl (not loading into memory) Anon (14)
IP multicasting accross the Net? Fred (12)
Project Aardvark and Small Team questions. Berlin Brown (5)
How can I stop spammer usurping my domain? DP (4)
Lots of Reading Techie (7)
How to find the algorithm for x (12)
Why are IDEs necessary? Jeff Kotula (31)
Does your company have an intranet? sunshineboy (8)
autoincrement how (9)
doing a oo website in php. vic (6)
Java-based Tools For .NET Developers Gary (7)
Woohee! Qt4 is GPL'd for Windows now! OneFlew (6)
Job offer, what to do with the old one? saberworks (27)
Do programmers need to be mentored in order to have value? LinuxOrBust (8)
Interviews are not about questions Mark Flory (19)
SoftIce Issues (4)
The MVC programming pattern vic (10)
Sending keyboard/mouse over IP Moosebumps (10)
Stateful SPAM detection? Any LAMP compatible OSS solutions? Don Wallace (14)
What's all the fuss about Ruby On Rails? NNL (53)
Pattern for Updating Caller from Callee... ! (6)
So strip out that time Rich Rogers (17)
.NET Threading Problem... ! (9)
observer newbie coder (6)
SQLite RF (5)
Rockford Lhotka on VB v. VB.NET v. C# sharkfish (7)
Wireless & wired networks JP (7)
OO web site vic (12)
Authenticating PCs without using AD or LDAP aminoAcid (4)
yeah, for me... Patrick, MCAD.NET (8)
Questions on outsourcing to India Obviously Anonymous (46)
Clipart subscription Guillermo (1)
Fog Creek Copilot - how do you spell that? Is that a capital P? Paul Rivers (1)
CoPilot Gotcha Scott Alan Rosin (17)
mod_python vic (9)
Beware of Vonage (it is almost impossible to cancel) Harvey Motulsky (16)
What's the diff between Clustering and Load Balancing? BeloBraguzi (3)
Exclusive .NET SOAP implementation? Joe (5)
Discussion Killer Nonymous (14)
CoPilot Features? Avrom Finkelstein (10)
Project Manager blogs/sites Bob Walsh (4)
Teamwork anon (13)
Books for a new Project Manager? Andrew Cherry (16)
High Risk/Low Drag Mark Flory (3)
Deploying services to multiple servers painlessly? mutabled (0)
SVN Question (.svn folder in VS.Net) Chris (7)
Borland CEO quits amid warning Ian H. (13)
When will we stop doing what they said. vic (3)
Patching a Windows server that isn't networked bert (4)
UltraVNC simplified = Copilot? Alex (5)
Where to download lists of spammers Green Eggs and Ham (3)
Joel - wrong tennis star Straight Eye for the Queer Guy (5)
Ruby on Rails installation n00b (5)
UltraVNC Single Click:  overhyped? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (3)
Tracing Unbounded Data Growth Name under NDA (4)
OCR document format Moosebumps (5)
Document generation help Howard Yuan (7)
Negotiating raise just before leaving--fair? Pseudonymous Appellation (14)
Using Windows ftp client to get large files automatically boozah (6)
Microsoft CRM without Exchange server? sharkfish (4)
Show-off Techie (7)
Software project dev & bug tracking tool Andoni Alonso (12)
reducing CPU usage Ganesh R (8)
html processor in python vic (10)
PC Backup eg (13)
Is the need to be passionate overratted? Crimson (27)
Handling 5 million customers/day using LAMP, how? Scaler (10)
Handling 5 million customers/day using ASP and C#, how? son of parnas (17)
Getting more out of opensource developers? Berlin Brown (12)
My own version of copilot Marco Maldonado (4)
Ethical dilemma overwrought (6)
how do you handle repetitive tasks? vic (8)
Algorithm for detecting Unicode/UTF-16/UTF-8 Unicode Man (4)
Joel's Latest Book KC (4)
Algorithm for escaping delimited text? JW (27)
Background socket connection for Aardvark Ryan Phelps (7)
thread safety and 3rd party Java API what to do? (5)
Copilot - Broadband Required? John Topley (6)
Hungarian Notation Colm O'Connor (11)
new programmer not upto mark crazed (26)
how much to spend advertising shareware on google DontWantToMakeALoss (5)
Can I sell an app with GPL code as long as I provide source ? OneFlew (26)
So what do you make of this interview candidate then? mutabled (35)
what is "LaunchGSL"? vic (1)
Installing Open Source J2EE Software On Mac OS X John Topley (6)
copilot.....GoToMyPc? David Sykes (11)
Daily Build Engine (in Perl?) gmale (4)
C++ question - Initialization or assignment (12)
Algorithm Problem ! (4)
Why is all software called "Pro" LeMans O'Brien IV (24)
sharepoint lists Nathan (2)
Weird VS2003 compile problem: missing members that *are* there offMyMeds (4)
Multiple Monitor Configurations BenjiSmith (14)
CoPilot/SidePilot - Did the interns identify the product? KayJay (1)
search relevance dil.b.ert (7)
Learning GOOD java webapp design (7)
A class-schedule problem Marcus (11)
One of those days... John Fisher (12)
Multiple Java versions in windows Nigel (8)
I need a 1 gig flash drive name withheld out of cowardice (9)
Website on a CD KayJay (6)
Lost Win2K password KayJay (7)
Running your own business where there are BIG risks vic (10)
new C++ gui/multimedia/networking/everything framework. Michael Moser (11)
Is CoPilot cross-platform? SJA (4)
seeking mail client source code Scott (12)
My New Position; Gaining a share in the company? Mr.Big (3)
Rewriting Recursive Routines Dave B. (11)
Active Directory - Is it easier to integrate with Oracle or LDAP BeloBraguzi (5)
Career advice needed Jason (6)
Open source VNC Someone (23)
Another IE exploit in the wild :-( Joe (6)
New version of, or replacement for, Privoxy? David Dickinson (3)
What's a domain worth these days - Asbjorn (6)
Joel on recruiting. r. krishna (68)
Defensive (secure) programming Simon (5)
Aardvark Marketing Graham Ferguson (12)
Why not HTA? Andrew Burton (7)
Copilot - The real Sidepilot Ian Sefferman (14)
Software Development Methodology FogCreek Uses Luis Carrasco (35)
Local Administrator Troubled (3)
Quick question on SEO... SEO Newbie (2)
How to measure frequency & volume of sound from the microphone? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (12)
Mac Anti-Virus Software? Mac Newb (24)
x-cad viral marketing Ged Byrne (9)
Eric Raymond says "We don't need no " steenking "GPL anymore" Simon Lucy (11)
Project Aardvark: the spirit formula Miriam (6)
Metrics, people and podcasts Freddie boy (2)
foo trivia Rusty Divine (10)
Database Development Question Ron Smith (13)
Idea for "mindless", low effort virus and adware removal Bored Bystander (11)
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