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Ms in "Complexity Sciences" MasterOfDisaster (10 comments)
Questions to ask at a team lead interview Anony (23)
OS X Server and Active Directory D (2)
Vista is not that bad. Victor Noagbodji (50)
My last day... Anonymous for this one (33)
thinking of getting a Psychology degree Rick (25)
Should have studied Marketing in college... Bill (15)
Going back to school for a B.S., but which one? Self-taught developer (27)
language for a 10+ year project mic (57)
MS degrees and hours latchet (11)
bargaining chip with management? Developer (5)
Is an M.S. degree worth it? Chuck (13)
.Net reflector, debug 3rd party dll Rob (5)
How did you start (C)? GREEN MACHINE (18)
Does Vista allow you to drag and drop a maximised window? XP dual, Vista single (3)
Mainframe dev tools? Wondering (6)
Incompetent Test lead Protocols Lead (11)
How to get into Mainframe biz: sys programmer/developer ? Martin Martin (16)
Low undergrad GPA an insurmountable barrier to grad school? Matt T. (28)
Reclaiming blog NPR (5)
Personal blog - related to "My own web blog vs website!" NPR (3)
.NET Guru Skill Set Glart Flobson (13)
Software for creating 3D models for WPF dood mcdoogle (5)
[Gmail] How to list archived e-mails? ZeFred (8)
My own web blog vs website! Mr. Smith (12)
References for Learning Ruby on Rails? Anonymous (10)
Want to go back in get my MSCS?? In search of knoweledge (3)
Fastest way to get back into Windows programming? MovingON (8)
sleeping kiwi Jason (7)
IT: Who gets it right? AA (21)
Who should fix bugs? [TheWeasel] (34)
Easy-to-use file collaboration software Mind-Blocked (18)
MozillaUIWindowClass LNCNC (3)
C compiler with a Debugger! Mr. Smith (32)
double vs float performance in Java? Hockey Player (33)
Is it still a good idea to join Yahoo? (1)
re: lotus notes, minor problem ruben (1)
Nerdspeak Stephen Jones (7)
students outsourcing homework to India Contractor (33)
The right way to advertise a job Tony Chang (14)
London - what should I ask for? Brian (26)
Test case generation Kadoc (3)
Time tracking software for Windows Kadoc (12)
MS Word and Excel Password soulkamal (5)
Awk/Gawk help? Hockey Player (10)
An idea for testing tightly coupled code testing nightmare (7)
What does the heap look like? (9)
What on earth is a consultant? Baffled highlander (15)
modx comments Alex (3)
What version of BizTalk Server do I need? (5)
If I know the client's name, then should I apply directly? cs (20)
Interview - red flag . (21)
Programmer logbook AAA (33)
How prevalent are CSV files these days? rcp (34)
How would you solve redundancy in this situation? Learning New Things (6)
Robohelp learning curve Technical Writer (4)
Suggestions for a good book on Java Swing? A Frummie (5)
What the hell is a "professional work week"? I put in my 8 hours (47)
Recruiter tells me I should lower my asking salary?! Pissed off (55)
Why Olympics to be Vista only? Foxxie (10)
Sync a folder on 2 computers through internet phpnewb (18)
postgres and UTF-8 Jacob Kristensen (2)
Trying freelance software development… Willing to take a chance (5)
How does one make decent money programming from home? Tone (18)
JQuery and drag and drop? Oltmans (1)
Career options for programmers Robin (15)
Source/Version Control Best Practices? AAA (5)
Degree over and done with! ex-student (26)
Job-hoppers vs Job-conformers Kadoc (9)
Web app suck! i hate web app. (10)
ThinClient Remote Application Platform Steven Turner (7)
Patent purchase Yellow Deal-maker (12)
DELL Inspiron or XPS system, your thoughts? Selling my soul to the devil again (10)
Oracle & SQL Server: Need a db PK that doesn't require a trigger kurt milam (20)
Parsing HTML Eat WhiteSpace (15)
joining a startup Jason (9)
What's your average length of time at anyone place? Troy (50)
Your code editor layout Victor Noagbodji (20)
Your Visual Studio layout dob (7)
Accursed Microsoft Forums myslexic (16)
Resume question: listing languages from Uni courses? SomeCV (9)
Javascript Key Loggers Nutmeg (6)
Positions now wanting TWO degrees! Only got one degree :-( (25)
Jobs boards withOUT staffing companies or head-hunters? HELP! (11)
Joelsters Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel Shlomi Fish (0)
What would you ask for? Anonymous (31)
Broker won't pay invoice Annoyed (20)
Book recommendation for OOP Victor Noagbodji (17)
NewsCred (re)opens popular debates Ivan Trajkovic (0)
Book recommendations for MS SQL Server 2005 administration Postgres_to_SQL server (2)
What is the best 3D game engine? Ezani (18)
what are the side effects on OOP lanauge that Functional program C# noob (5)
Subversion; rollback individual user changes SvnBeg (4)
what's your checklist on staffing firm? . (13)
Which conference would you attend? (3)
AVI animation files Luke Miller (2)
How much does a decent home printer cost? Steve Hirsch (38)
Low-end developer machine... what to look for? Selling my soul to the devil again (27)
How to deal with arrogance? Anon for this (27)
Switching from app developer to embedded/low-level programmer Looking for a Change (29)
how do you find your current job? . (15)
Any Netflix developers here? Kyralessa (20)
Product Manager? Anold (8)
Why so much doom and gloom RE. Java? silvermonkey (23)
Masters yes, no or wait? WhatIsAFullName? (16)
Extracting Website LostInInternetSpace (4)
Setting the Windows Timer Interrupt frequency Hockey Player (8)
BBC iPlayer Brian (8)
Firefox 3 UrlBar Rich Results (they just overdid it!) Lorenzo Bolognini (14)
Why is Open Source Licensing so complex? I have a life (36)
Annoying Gmail jumpingjack (16)
Wine 1.0 piaskal (14)
Finding Java work without J2EE experience Halfway There (13)
Firefox 3 (26)
What is a "senior software engineer"? Harold Chattaway (29)
Java's currentTimeMillis is 1 ms resolution on Vista, sometimes Hockey Player (9)
Best Error Message Ever! Steve Hirsch (17)
I want to move to open source, but the market only sees .NET Recovering .NET Addict (40)
Automatic download Jorge Diaz Tambley (5)
done gets things smart Andrew (38)
intern asking me for help Ron (22)
Age discrimination is here to stay Young'un (43)
There is also "Blue Collar Envy" in fields besides programming. Anon (8)
Are you still coding at 40? Not quite over the hill (49)
thinking of leaving IT to become a teacher Bill (28)
Vista Constant Hard Drive Usage DD (26)
How to "ask" Google to index embedded Google Calendar events? Mike (2)
VB.NET Properties - Reference Types Scruff McGruff (11)
the math doesn't work out cynic (17)
Bio/Medical Informatics Looking for something interesitng to do (4)
What is "hot" these days?  Functional Progrmaming! anonymous 2.0 (20)
Anybody working at Allied Irish Bank? PI (10)
Contract work in the UK How to get into contacting (8)
Testcase Management tool? Oltmans (5)
Know of a relative date parser in Java? Tom (3)
Extracting code to auxiliary functions TWAnon (15)
Other cooling-limited data centres? Brian (9)
Which one is better? Victor Noagbodji (7)
Misleading job title HeavyHeart (19)
Part Time Jobs Involving Code? Dylan White (28)
Thoughts about code, comments, readability and stuff... AAA (20)
teaching a J2EE course Developer (2)
What is "hot" these days? anony (59)
How much do you get paid? Luther (13)
Finally some good news about H1b’s! to lazy to log on (22)
Is it me or meeting is complete useless for programmers? JackDaniel (11)
Source Safe or Subversion Kepala Kelapa (40)
Negotiating Stock Options SoConfused (15)
Technology Religion? Z (17)
Try something different: Opera 9.5 released today (15)
Aeron chairs in Poland Bartosz (7)
CRT vs. LCD, which one is better? Should I Upgrade? Genesis (22)
Developer Productivity icarus (17)
Relocation package negotiation - within UK Mwana Mission (7)
altering style of <span id="cat">My cat</span> by JavaScript JavaScript Newbie (11)
Windows UI control modern look Aspired Dev (6)
Newbie win32 OS questions to clarify my understandings Simon in Toronto (25)
Google, Yahoo, Microsoft salary match up and Reddit... JackDaniel (9)
Writing secure software Trev (21)
Looking for: someone who loves to “crank” out the great work pen (18)
Code snippets for interview At A Loss (20)
UX training + strong programming skills What's my login again? (16)
Windows vs. Linux Development Need Direction (19)
Is there a name for this type of malware downloading? LostInInternetSpace (17)
Amazon Tech Talk (Boston, MA) Anthony Chaves (0)
Win XP: mstsc into a desktop that is in Sleep Mode Green Giant (5)
Google search - exclude sites BotNet (4)
Would you forclose on your house for new job? Always In Need Of Help (149)
What can you believe in Wikipedia? (22)
Is it ok to REMOVE experience from the resume? MA (13)
White Paper rant Waterfront Staff (7)
Bitwise Operations! Mr. Smith (46)
Large Text fields in Delphi Clay Dowling (19)
At last, a sensible iPhone Might get one this time (21)
The Developer Fundamentalists vs The Usability Guys What's my login again? (25)
Requiring work domain emails address in online form? Chase Maggiano - Capterra, Inc. (10)
Tell the uncomfortable truth or just keep mum? (8)
New desks ....... Ian Molesworth (18)
Working at Holland? I am Noobi (15)
A CS person's path to catch up on DB tech Lally Singh (9)
The MBA thread to end all MBA threads Steve (12)
Moore's Law limit for hard drives? MoffDub (12)
Will Joel update his story for us? uggh (9)
software testing - HELP! (14)
Siebel K (9)
Instant Messaging Proves Useful In Workplace. Agree? Iqbal (51)
BusinessWeek rips you IT nerds a new one. And they're right. SVP of Sales (51)
Easiest major to undertake to get into software development Freshman (43)
Resource Planning Software Windoze by day - Mac by night (7)
adjustable tables Giacomo Lacava (15)
Cell Phone Development RubberMeetingTheRoad (5)
Oracle - How Quaint! - Redux Anton (19)
How outlook destroyed my Gmail account in one night. TiredOfMicrosoftTryingToTeachUsHowToDoThings (44)
Fragmentation on the Ubuntu IRC Channels Shlomi Fish (11)
Joel, wouldn't it be nice to have a Java Questions forum? Ezani (11)
10 Branches for each of 11 Apps Equals Disaster...  Right? Zippy Kondrake (14)
to joel about your podcasts Contractor (7)
When will GMail be ready for actual use? Tszyn (32)
Language worth learning? NPR (14)
Joel On Software - LinkedIn group Jurriaan van der Laan (1)
good free testing tool which don't need admin id Alvaro (4)
Reading data through USB port into my program Joe (15)
Wall Street: Too risky right now? Matthew Thomas (8)
Persist is an intransitive verb Steve Hirsch (27)
Version Control Systems for Website Design, any suggestions? Philibert Perusse (12)
Points of Interest Maps Chris (6)
Need FREE spellchecker library for C++ app treehouse (16)
converting a shell script to a windows batch file. someone_stole_my_stapler (3)
SICP: still relevant for practicing programmer? Avid Reader (11)
Oracle - How Quaint! Anton (37)
To the software developers out there. Sprite (61)
"adjustable-height workstations for everyone"  SOLD! Crimson (18)
Spoofing IP Addresss in Packets nutmeg (6)
java web hosting AG (3)
Working for Netflix! Mr. Smith (6)
development schedule no use for a name (11)
Dealing w/ brokers:  specifying rates on first-contact fair to middlin (16)
Fog Creek sales figures revealed? Bill (33)
Louisville, KY Job Market east cost dev (7)
Good, Cheap & Trusted Website to Buy Server Components Online? (9)
Component construction and error handling VR (14)
new office Pete (11)
PAYG Mobile in Florida Odysseus (12)
Demonstration over the Internet Tarek Demiati (8)
Product companies and employee reallocation... Brajesh Srivastava (14)
Do you still write code? OP (13)
job offer games Jason (58)
Programming is so BORING!  Part 2 Maxwell (21)
$250/hr consulting rates here we come. Woohoo!!! Milton (23)
start in the financial field carl E. (16)
Decoding Cookies notHappy (8)
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